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Missed one day

Saturday, October 12, 2013

For 390 days I walked a mile every day outside and then I missed a day. Basically my horrible work life caught up to me, I went out with friends and came home to tired to walk. I literally completely forgot to do the one thing in my life that is my constant just because of a stupid bad day. That's not really true. Actually everything is terrible right now. As of now I am failing my physiology course simply because I am either working or too tired to study. My weight loss and personal goals crumbled away weeks ago and I am sad to write this but in all reality I am not taking care of myself. My house is a disaster. Car really needs to be cleaned. This is day two with out my medication (normally I never miss). My office looks like a paper bomb went off in it. I'm doing everything in my power to perform right now and coming up short every single day.

I am trying to take the attitude that it's one day out of almost 400 which is less than a 1% error rate but I still am so disappointed. All I can do though is start again. I am not going to quit walking just because of one day. The thought of being back to zero though makes me feel heinous.

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BARBANNA 10/13/2013 6:16PM

    I am very sorry, but you are awesome to write it down and take accountability for it. I bet once you put it in witing it was not as bad as you perceived it. It may all sound like a lot but it's all small stuff. If you are still breathing, you have all your body parts, you haven't already flunked your physiology class you can rectify the situation. Get back to your walking, eating healthy and let the cleaning wait until the other is done. Your job is important and your class. You can get back on track with your diet, exercise and better use your time so you are not as exhausted. Some times the stress of not doing what we know we need to do can make up exhauted. Just get back on the horse and ride it.! emoticon emoticon emoticon We all fall down but some of us get up and some don't!

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LJOYCE55 10/13/2013 4:32PM

  Breathe slowly. You are not back to zero. You are on part II, day 1.

Congrats on your truly major achievement in walking every day for 390 days.

I look forward to seeing what you can achieve next.

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RYDERB 10/12/2013 3:56PM

    emoticon I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much right now, and missed a day. But you're right, you CAN start again. Sometimes fresh starts are blessings in disguise.

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Shame on you physiology, shame....

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well really it's me who deserves a bit of the shaming. Water challenge and cleaning challenge still in tact but I broke my streak on drawing everyday due to studying for physiology. I am not completely heart broken over it. It's just there is so much I am trying to accomplish in a short amount of time that my "slow and steady wins the race" attitude might not lend to success in the limited time frame I have to excel. For instance my next physiology exam is in about a week and half. To most students a week and half is grand amount of time but most students don't work full time as a department head and are a care giver at home. I desperately need to start studying for the MCAT, but how can I when I am behind in physiology? Epic fail on my part.

Well I suppose it will either come together or choose to fall apart. Either way Lord knows I am putting my best foot forward.

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YUDEL6024KA 9/29/2013 7:57AM

    Hi sounds like your plate is full, but you are focus that's a good thing emoticon

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BARBANNA 9/26/2013 4:56PM

    I am with you on stress overload. emoticon I am preparing to take an exam for Hand Certification and the amount of study is like the enclopedia on steroids. I do as much as I can an everyday I feel a litter better! Hope the same is true for you! The previous suggestion is great! Take it in chunks and keep it simple!

God bless you! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LJOYCE55 9/26/2013 2:54PM

  If drawing is what you do for pleasure, then forcing yourself to do it will not be pleasurable. Also, sounds like you have an immense amount of stuff on your plate. I wish you luck.

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YUDEL6024KA 9/25/2013 11:35PM

    Well take one step at a time, plan an approach to cover the material by dividing it in sections and plan well the time you'll spend on each, ask a friend to help you, make cards, go to the library find a quiet spot

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Easing into it

Sunday, September 22, 2013

If I know anything about me it's that I don't do hard and fast, as evident by my inability to really kick start a solid weight loss routine over the past year. On my walk tonight though I realized the rest of 2013 may be spent easing into a healthier lifestyle. One little change every week. That's it. No drastically sophisticated, overly structured plan detailed down to every minutia. Just small adjustments I already know should exist in my daily or weekly routine. For instance I managed to keep up my water and drawing challenge over the past week (Chinese lasted a day since I already study every waking moment). I even subconsciously added cleaning daily to the list and kept that up for a week. Maybe tomorrow another little addition or subtraction will take place. The point is in my heart and mind I am so much more than what I am now. The reality is it's not going to happen over night and there's no reason to rush things. So here's to tomorrow and all the little things. For every bit of excitement and possibility is cupped in your vast potential.

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BARBANNA 9/24/2013 3:53PM

    Hope today was a good one! Just hang in there and use the tools available via SP. To rephase JFK "Ask not what SP can do for you, but how you can use SP to change your life". As a person with a long history of eating disorders anorexia/bulimia and overeating I can verify the methods here are perfect! Just do what they suggest and you will win the game! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BARBANNA 9/23/2013 1:40PM

    Take it one day at a time!! We all eventually get where we want to be... All of us have issues and that's how we can support you! I like your positive outlook and hope that continues!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LJOYCE55 9/23/2013 10:45AM

  Love that you are so positive while facing the life changes you have planned. Keep it up.

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RYDERB 9/23/2013 12:50AM

    I think you're on the right track. Progress not perfection. All those small changes add up, and before you know it, you will have reached your goal.

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859320 9/22/2013 10:04PM

    I like your post. I use to think it was all or nothing and guess what I usually did nothing. Since that hasn't worked out well I am going to do like you said and just keep moving forward even if it is slow. emoticon

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Celebrating a new year with family, friends and new challenges!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yesterday marked the start of a new year to commit to my walking challenge. Unfortunately I started with failing my physiology test (ruined my mood for a good part of the day, oh and this is after I stayed up till 2am studying for the damn thing) but managed to celebrate with style the rest of the day. First off I got a pedicure for my rough (and I mean really rough) feet! Second I bought new walking shoes! My current shoes took me so far but needed to seriously be replaced. Thirdly I finally got some walking clothes that are bright in the dark so I can stop darting away from cars in the street at night.

My final celebration ended so special. Before whisking away to one my favorite restaurants with family and friend, I took a very important moment to consider more challenges for the next year. Walking everyday positively influenced my life in dramatic and profound ways. Over the last few weeks I took small, silent seconds to myself to count the undeniable good changes since September 16, 2012. From that I decided about two weeks ago that it was time to add other small meaningful challenges: one for physical improvement and one for personal improvement. Lists were made for both and my decision is to first drink 64oz of water everyday (something I am really terrible about). For my personal challenge I couldn't decide between taking 15 minutes of Chinese lessons or drawing everyday. My answer then is I will do both starting today and see which one sticks. These relatively minimal but important additions to my daily routine will certainly add to the momentum to excel.

After dinner and live jazz at a local club the day ended with hope for new beginnings. I am so excited to see what this year will bring. I feel ready and content for a little more challenges each day. Most importantly feeling of becoming whole sticks around like a warm blanket on a cold night. It's a welcomed new friend along this journey of adventure and success. Last but certainly not least my gratitude sneaks a smile on my face from time to time, no matter if anyone's looking. It's going to be delightful year!

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LJOYCE55 9/17/2013 9:48PM

  I really love that your rewards were all related to your walking achievements. Congratulations.

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BARBANNA 9/17/2013 7:11PM

    Congratulations and major accolades on your major achievement. I feel a strong connection between my cognitive and physical functioning. I use that as I good excuse to exercise. It's my favorite way to break up my mundane study. Glad you compartmentalized the bad grade. That's the first important attribute of a good physician. My husband was an ER physician and he is a master as it. You must be able to put the bad stuff in a different section of the brain and live your personal life. I am not as good as I need to be, but as I get older I can't remember the bad after a couple hours, so I do better LOL.

You should be very happy for this great achievement! It takes discipline, endurance and tenacity to reach this goal. emoticon

Hope you have more opportunities to raise your grades!! emoticon Physiology is really hard, there too much math and not enough to keep the average brain engaged to retain it, at least that's how I felt 36 plus years ago. Maybe is's more exciting now, LOL! emoticon

Best wishes for the next SP year!! emoticon emoticon

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DUBLINROSE 9/17/2013 1:35PM

    Sorry to hear about your test but well done on reaching your one year goal. Sounds like you are really making positive changes. I hope you had a lovely day.

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Day 365!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today is the final day in my one year challenge, DAY 365! After I take my walk to today I will have completed one solid year of walking outside for one mile every day. It's a proud moment because in the past year my life changed dramatically for the better since I took the time for self improvement every day. In celebration I am going to take stock in my major accomplishments:

1. I got promoted to administrator of my department
2. I lost 25 pounds.
3. I started school again and got my dream of going to medical school back on track.
4. My finances are under control.
5. Most importantly I feel more whole and complete than I ever have in my life.

Granted there so much work left to be done but after looking at this list, I will remain ever hopeful for the future. Tomorrow as I start a new year of my challenge, I am going to add two more: a personal goal and a physical goal. What's going to happen? I am going to take my physiology test in the morning then spend the day on myself. First on the list, buy new walking shoes! Second is to spend as much time as it takes seriously considering what two new challenges to tack on to my daily routine.

You can't see it, but I am smiling. More like beaming internally and coyly grinning on the outside.

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BARBANNA 9/15/2013 5:22PM

    emoticon Time for a happy dance!! We are in very similar situations. I lost 28 lbs, exercised almost every day and started SP in August. I am studying to take the Certification Exam to specialize in hands as an Occupational Therapist. This is something I have put off for many years and SP gave me the confidence to do it.

Good luck with your medical schooling! I can't image all you need to study. The amout of information I am studying is overwhelming, but yours is even more. I have 49 days until I take the exam so I have been really hitting the books. SP is my quick escape between study!

Have a one year party with all the food and ETOH or buy a new medical book. The reference materials are ridicously costly.

God bless you and say a prayer for Anna (me)! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LJOYCE55 9/15/2013 1:05PM

  Congratulations on your achievements! I hope you have a wonderful reward planned for your day to yourself. emoticon

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JOURNEYTO149 9/15/2013 10:54AM

    Wow proud of you and smiling with you.

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EWDZIIIII 9/15/2013 9:57AM

    Big congrats!!

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