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Eat Healthy on a budget.

Monday, October 07, 2013

I've seen my share of complaints about how expensive it is to "eat healthy". Having gone from a $900 a month food budget to being able to comfortably eat for less than $120 a month, I know this is pure hogwash. Eating healthy is cheap. Its eating fast, convenient, and socially that is NOT.

If you need some tips, here's a great article on the subject:

7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget

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ECHAVEZ2 1/5/2014 8:41PM

    I see your point and am looking forward to reading the article. I'm starting again and I'm looking for all the support I can get!!!!

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CHANTENAY 10/9/2013 5:55PM

    Very true. I eat very well and it doesn't cost much.

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MAMAJAHMAI 10/8/2013 2:56PM

    Nice LFF! ....it goes to show we can achieve anything if we are determined and put our Mind to it

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IRP1114 10/8/2013 12:19PM

    Great article! Thanks for sharing. Totally agree! I can't imagine how much more we would spend on food a month if I didn't prep and cook so much. emoticon
I think it would add up to way more than having another car payment! Or even another mortgage emoticon

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DEBJAE 10/8/2013 8:59AM

    Thanks for this! I do pretty good buying lots of veggies, mixing fresh & frozen. I have looked into the co-op thing but was concerned it would go to waste since it's just me...and I'm not always into cooking and storing/freezing for later.

I had a friend whine to me recently about how it's cheaper to eat out and expensive to eat healthy...she hates to cook, lol. I just told her I wouldn't even bother getting into that debate with her since she doesn't spend much time in the kitchen, ugh...DUH!!!

Great blog, great info!

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K-GETTING-FIT 10/7/2013 5:04PM

    Very cool! I was going to pin this one. I have another I will send over to you too:)

I agree with you. We are really tight with our budget and do just fine eating healthy. I think for us we buy in bulk and the initial can be surprising, but it last for a long time. We are crazy with the numbers and do stuff in our head for things like how much a gram of protein costs. It is fun for us:) All the other junk costs a fortune in my book and it seems like such a waste. Dead calories!

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One Week kickstart - opinion and results - and Next Steps

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Well, one week into the fall plan and things are going well. 4 ½ weeks until my cruise and motivation continues to be high.
So, as a recap to last week’s plan and goal post, I’ll remind you to say I started Lee Labrada’s Lean Body Trainer – it’s a 12 week plan which I intend to follow until my cruise and then I will decide whether I’ll continue that or go back to LiveFit when I return. I will say that I am LOVING the trainer program so far.
I also followed the “Belly Fat Cure” kickstart, a program by author and diet “expert” Jorge Cruise. I only intended to follow the 7 day kickstart and not continue with the BFC lifestyle. I’ll write a summary of the concept, the basic kickstart plan, how well I followed it, and the one-week results (granted, I worked by tush off at the gym as well). Lastly, I’ll summarize what I’ll be doing for the next 4 ½ weeks.
Summary of Belly Fat Cure (BFC): The Belly Fat Cure is a DIET based on limiting sugars and balancing that with carbs [S/C]. The basic formula is 15/6 , that is 15 grams of sugar (or less) per day and 6 “servings” of carbohydrates per day. A single serving is considered to be 5-20grams of carbs(that’s a maximum of 120g per day). The plan gives no regards to fat or protein or really serving sizes, in many cases. It also basically assumes you are NOT working out.
The “Kickstart”: This 7-day plan sort of seemed reasonable when I looked at the ingredients for meals; seeds, nuts, eggs, whole wheat breads, cottage cheese, chicken, turkey, salad. Other than the bacon and cheese, it seemed close-ish to my normal clean, lean and green style of eating and didn’t seem lacking in food. However, I soon realized how low-carb/low calorie it really was and was frustrated with the lack of normal veggies. With less than 120g of carbs and has no consideration for pre/post-workout nutrition, the kickstart is more extreme than even the normal BFC. I counted the sugar/carbs ratios for the kickstart and it seemed to be closer to 11/5, or 11g of sugar and 5 servings of carbs. Following the diet exactly (the same plan every day for 7 days) was under 1000 calories, only about 50g of carb, 46g of fat, and 79g of protein daily.
Still, I wanted to try to try it out, especially since I’d bought the food, but knew I probably couldn’t do it exactly. First there was a option of some alternate “every day” meals. I figured if I could trade the same S/C meal with a kickstart meal. Also, it had coffee and red wine every day, neither which I normally drink. I forced a coffee with cream the first day but did not continue. I had bought a bottle of red wine and drank a glass 3 of the nights, the other nights I opted for blackberries- the alternate ‘snack’. After the first day and a half, I caved and added a half an avocado a day. It wasn’t breaking the S/C formula and I preferred it to the mayo and butter included—however, it increased my fat intake dramatically (one day I went up to a whopping 72 grams of fat—still not breaking the S/C rule, but Ugh!). After 2 ½ days, I caved further and added my post-workout protein shake on weight training days. The carbs didn’t count towards the number of servings, but it was 3 added sugars for a 3/0. I compensated by not having the wine (2/0) OR berries(3/0) those days. My counts went from 11/5 to 11- 13grams of sugar and 5-6 servings of carbs—still under the 15/6 of the ‘standard’ BFC plan. Ultimately, I got bored- even with the alternates, it was only a total of2-3 different options per meal and I only had ingredients for a couple of the extra larger meals. I also did not enjoy the bacon- I have lost a taste for it and its far too salty. As were all the luncheon meets (even freshly sliced at the deli, they were full of sodium. And the cheese. Now, don’t get me wrong- I actually love cheese. But one string cheese or one slice of cheddar by itself is pretty darn boring.
What I *did* learn: There’s a lot of sugar in foods that I hadn’t considered. I think it was a good exercise to try to track it and I might try to continue to be aware of it and even try to limit it (15 grams actually seems doable, but some days you just have to have a banana![10g of sugar!]). I had also discovered some new carb and protein options that will work well for any lean & clean diet, so that was nice. A couple of the alternative recipes were REALLY good and I’ll keep them around to rotate into my normal meals. Also, I found a red wine that I like, which I know will be healthier than my normal cocktails. I never felt the urge to drink a second glass(which is an issue with me), but it was nice to have an option to have *something*.
The Results: I lost weight, I gained weight-TWICE. I generally do not see this behavior on my scale (the gains always seemed to be after a cheddar cheese day] I have not yet done my final weigh in, but I’m guessing I am only down 1 pound in the week, if that. Not overly dramatic, but I’m fine with a pound a week. Plus I’ve been hitting the weight training pretty hard (Labrada is 2 days WT, 1 day cardio, continued with no “off” days). So at least some of my weight is converting to muscle as evident by my body fat percentage- down to 25.9% even if I weigh the same or 1 pound down. This is the result of dramatic reduction in inches in this short week. Another inch off BOTH my hips and waist. In a week! So very interesting.
However, I still do not think BFC is for me. I do NOT enjoy eating the types of fats included- if I’m going to eat fat, I’d rather most of it be from healthier fatty foods such as olive oil, avocado, olives and nuts instead of bacon, cheese, and butter. Secondly, it was really HARD to keep track of sugar and carb ratios. Even when I added up the meals prepared from BFC recipes, I was not getting the same S/C values as the recipes had listed. I was constantly in doubt. Lastly, I *really* need fuel to support my workouts and muscle growth, including more daily calories, more daily carbs, and definitely a post-workout shake!
What’s Next: First off, I had to revise my inches goals as I already hit 5 out of 9 of my October 10th goals. So I’ll be going for ANOTHER inch and a half off both my waist and hips. Next, I definitely wanted to go back to a clean, lean & green nutrition program. I looked at Labrada’s nutrition guide for the Lean Body Trainer and feel it is too skewed in portions to men. I did print several recipes as some of them looked very good. I didn’t want to go back to LiveFit nutrition guide exactly as while I followed it previously, I was often having trouble fitting in the starchy carbs and often would not even get a minimum amount of fat in a day. Right now, I want to follow something a little more planned out, which includes more carbs on a regular basis and more healthy fats on a regular basis. So I chose to follow 2 different ‘fat loss’ nutrition programs- both clean,lean, and green- from Bodybuilding.com. They are very similar to each other but just provided more total weeks of meals planned. One is a one-week fat loss plan from Jamie Eason and the other a 2-week fat loss plan from another BB author. I will start with Jamie’s, then go to the 2 week plan, then repeat Jamie’s again until my cruise.
I’ll post final results after the next 4 weeks.

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K-GETTING-FIT 9/14/2013 9:49AM

    Finally getting over here to post. Sorry for the delay!

WOW! As usual, you rocked it. Yeah, not sure I could go that low with sugars with the fruit I eat. I am however cutting my fruit intake in half next week to see if that helps the scale bulge. I would also have a tough time with the meats now. I am figuring out that my body does much better with protein. This higher carb (more vegetarian based) diet is not good for loss on me. Bloat big time. Even with the lower cals. Way to go on the plan. You have such dedication to all you do!

Congrats on the inch loss! That is so cool and is motivating me to mix it up again. Thanks!

Rock on LFF!!!

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LINDAJOYWK 9/13/2013 5:55AM

    Interesting! I checked out Jorge Cruise a while back,but decided it wasn't doable
for me...I need to get back on BB.com,& I need to get a plan. Sounds like you've pretty much figured it out!

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GMO_JEN 9/10/2013 5:51PM

    I am not sure I could have kept up with that diet- it looks very complicated. It also seems like it would be very low to do with weight lifting- sometimes the extra calories seem to give extra energy. The workout plan also sounds pretty hard core- no rest days. But you are doing awesome! You will totally hit your goals :)

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IAMSHE-RA 9/10/2013 3:41PM

    You're doing great!!! I struggle with my diet too, so I know how hard it is to find a nutrition plan that works for me. Trial and error right?

I'm doing Lee Labrada’s Lean Body Trainer too! I'm on Week 3 Day 16. I've done Labrada's program before and I find it really easy to follow. I also baked his yam muffins which are really good. If you like brown bread, you'll like these.

Keep up the good work!!!!

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MAMAJAHMAI 9/10/2013 12:38PM

    So so many interesting things in this blog....You exposed a very important key thing when it comes to nutrition, ----we have to do what fits into our life and can be maintained. Kudos to you for trying the bacon, but then you knew it was not for you. Plus with the intensity of your workouts, your body was asking for more. For that says it all. Dropping bodyfat is a big deal, and definately waaaaay more important than scale loss. To me you are successful, because you tried it and you are carving a identity in fitness and nutrition, which spells PERMANENT success.

It's like we find our way home,(fitness and nutrition) now, we can never be lost agin, even if we stray sometimes.

Very insightful and informative. I will re-read this again.

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DEBJAE 9/10/2013 8:12AM

    Wow, you're doing great! I am horrible at tracking, especially keeping up with macros...more power to you :) I know you meet your goals!


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Initial results and Plan for Fall

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Well, I got through my initial push back to forward momentum (after the summer 'slide') and had the results I wanted.
If you missed the plan I made, here's the link:

Still, I am looking forward to a different eating plan, as the super restrictive diet (800-1200 calories/day) had me a little loopy at times.
So, results after 2 weeks were 3 pounds lost. Additionally, I lost an inch around my navel, 1/2 inch on my hips, 3/4 inch around my chesk and 1/4-1/2 inches off my arms, neck, thighs, and calves. An unexpected surprise, actually, as I had forgotten to measure a week ago.

Today, I decided I would move on to the Lee Labrada Lean Body trainer (laid out at BodyBuilding.com). Its a 12 week program and I'm not sure I'll do all 12 or if I'll move back to LiveFit- but I have an evaluation point after my cruise in October. For now it fits well, 2 days of weight training, one day of rest (cardio), repeated. 2 of the weight training days are short (25 minutes or so), so two more days of cardio are added. Hoping this helps with quicker fat loss.

Nutritionally, I am going to try the Belly Fat Cure kickstart for the next week and then move into either Lee Labrada's nutritional program or Jamie Eason's Fat Burning program (which are very similar) or a combination. I would just go with Jamie's but it seems BodyBuilding.com doesn't have the full 12 week's laid out and one week's worth of meals as examples will get boring.
I'm not sure I quite understand the Sugar/Carb calculations in order to do the Belly Fat Cure diet longer term, but the kickstart is laid out- eating exactly the same thing for a week.
Mostly, I'm just curious if it works better short term than the normal clean & lean I've been doing for so long. And since I desperately need to lose inches around the middle to fit my clothes, it also looked appealing short term.

I *do* know that I need to work harder at eating more BALANCED meals. I am doing fine eating clean and plenty of protein, but I still have a hard time fitting in complex carbs.
In fact, I bought a carb supplement to help on the days I am not cutting it on the carb counts.

After the BFC kickstart week, I'll be adding a thermogenic fat burner supplement to my traditional BFAAs and protein (and the carb supplement for days I fall short).

My goal for my cruise is to lose most of the remaining summer-added weight. Down to 128# or less. I'd also like to look okay in that bikini again since I'll be at the pool and the beach a lot. So, I'm hoping to lose at least another 1/2 - 3/4 inch off the arms, thighs, calves, forearms and neck. And at least another inch each off the hips and waist.
I leave in less than 6 weeks.

I had hoped to start everything today- and although I did complete the first day of the Lee Labrada program. Yay, I even used the free weight area of the gym for the first time. Tomorrow, I am doing the workout at home as I have all the weights needed for the sets and I don't have cardio on the schedule.
I was not exact on the diet portion today as I had to go grocery shopping for missing items (bacon, sunflower seeds, string cheese) mid-day. I tried to stick to the S/C counts of BFC but again, not sure I have that right because even when I calculated it with the example meal I had (dinner is steak, ceasar salad with croutons and parmesan), I had it figured at 2/1 instead of the 4/2 that the kickstart said it was (and what I needed). I ended up only eating about 1100 calories. Tomorrow, I'll be perfect- just using the meals exactly as defined.

(Addition 9/3)
If you read my previous post, you'd know that I hadn't planned on a super restrictive diet for long and that I mostly was trying to break a cycle of extreme over-indulgence. My normal weight loss intake is 1200-1700 calories, to which I have returned, which even by Spark standards is correct for my height, weight and activity level. No lectures required.

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GMO_JEN 9/4/2013 7:44PM

    sounds like a solid program. i agree- sometimes trying to calculate carbs is tricky! Its always so hard to stay on track with eating, but so much of it makes or breaks everything. You have a great plan, and can't wait to see how you do and congrats on what you've accomplished thus far!

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INGMARIE 9/4/2013 7:32AM

    emoticon woohoo girlfriend, emoticon
That is a solid plan.
Congrats on the weight loss too. emoticon

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K-GETTING-FIT 9/3/2013 5:18PM

    Dang girl, you got a solid plan in place! That's our LFF:) Congrats on the two week test. I have the Labrada plan bookmarked. I believe it was Libbie you turned me on to it in one of her blogs. Who knows, I may even join you if i start getting antsy in the last phase of LiveFit. Never heard of the Belly Fat Cure, will check it out. I am just starting to really add more protein in. Tough without all the meat.

I get what Debbie says about the running, but I happen to be one of those people who does better with the sprints and longer runs do NOT mean lean legs for me. I have naturally bulky legs and there is just no stopping it. Funny thing is in high school the track coach said I was built for sprinting (never joined up though). Trails have helped me with the running, but I like the short bursts the most! Will say that my butt looks better with sprints. That is one area that has flattened since the longer runs:( I miss my short-lived booty. Hopefully ST will get it back.

So I took up your blog with my rambling. lol

You WILL rock it and I will be listening to what you think and what works for you!

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MAMAJAHMAI 9/3/2013 2:18PM

    What a solid plan. I honestly like it. And I still have a problem fitting complex carbs into my diet as well, but I intend try that again . It's just so hard when we are creatures of habit you know?....

You are naturally active, and that is something your body knows and recognizes. I really think you are going to be pleasantly surprised at the end of six weeks.

My diet needs a overhaul....- this is a mental kick to get my house in order

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CHANTENAY 9/3/2013 10:32AM

    Your plan is very interesting. It all sounds good and I hope you enjoy getting ready for that trip. Have a wonderful trip!

I'll check out Lee Labrada, Belly Fat Cure, and Jamie Eason to see exactly what you're doin'.


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DEBJAE 9/3/2013 9:13AM

    Wow, you are so inspiring! I am so proud of you!

Have you heard of James Wilson? He had something to do with Jamie Eason before he went out on his own. He has a 12 week trainer also but it's $55 and he has both at home and gym versions. It's through a PRIVATE facebook page but it is super active and 100% supportive; complete with nutrition & exercise feedback from him, his admins and the group members. Anyhoo...I learned through him that sprints = more muscle in your thighs/butt area and regular running/joggin = lean muscles. Compare an olympic sprinter to a long distance runner's looks and you'll get what I'm talking about. I only mentioned this because I saw in your last workout schedule you were doing sprints. But hey, if you're aiming for a bootylicious look, then more power to you ;)

I know you are educated on exercise & healthy eating so I'm not trying to be "right" about anything, just passing on some learned info :) It also seems like for the amount of exercise you were doing, the calories were too low. I know you called it a restrictive type but I bet your body was storing fat since you weren't eating much.

Awesome job on the 3 lb loss! I hope this next round of fitness gives you the results you're searching for. You can do it! emoticon

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WEARINGTHIN 9/3/2013 2:00AM

    Just remember, you're going to be eating meals for a very long time. That is why the sooner the better to start eating just as you think you should permanently. You probably won't use a gimmick for very long before you'll have to move on to something else. Take it from one who knows. Glenn

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Back to Basics and Making Friends with the Scale

Friday, August 23, 2013

Yep, I'm back. Well, really I never totally went away, but let's just say I haven't been the best example and haven't been committed to a healthy lifestyle for the last few months.
I was doing quite well last spring- measuring only inches and body fat (I only used the scale every 2 weeks to calculate this), coming down to 25.6% body fat and the lowest I've weighed since my 20s - 126lbs - by the time I did my mud run and (mostly) completed another round of LiveFit by early May. I actually liked how I looked in a bikini at the time.

But then summer happened. And a social life. And even more friends who like to drink and more parties to drink at. Even my yoga retreat seemed to be full of HEAVY (every night) drinkers and when I thought I'd have a week of detox, what I got instead was an extra 3 pounds added to my body- mostly from drinking. Of course, I also experienced the typical healthy eating sliiiiiiide, where you think you're eating okay, but little by little you're eating more and more crap like fries. This all culminated in a gluttonous orgy of eating on my last trip- a camping trip with my sister who is grossly overweight and all we did was eat and drink. Not just eat- but I ate nearly every single craving I had. Nachos, Pizza (multiple times), burger after burger. And not just drink, but drank A LOT. As in, I gained 4 lbs in about a week and easily the calories in what I drank accounted for 3 lbs (3500 excess calories to create a pound of fat).

In fact, it didn't stop there. Even though I recognized a problem, I couldn't stop. I came back from this trip and for days after, engorged myself. Buying candy, eating full restaurant servings, drinking way to much when I drank. All told, I had gained 10 pounds since early May.

I knew I needed a plan and needed it quick. I needed goals and I couldn't stress about how far I'd fallen or where I was in May.

I decided I would kick these last 4 lbs back off before they 'stuck' around too long. I don't want to care about inches or body fat right now. I simply need to lose this weight. I need to see a RESULT quickly to keep me motivated right now. Which means going back to basics: tracking my food religiously, bringing my water intake back up, and being Scale-centric for a while.

I planned out a 2 week, nearly boot-camp level workout and eating schedule.
And that is what works for me. Having a goal and having a schedule.

I stocked my fridge with my healthy 'clean food' meals and brought out the supplements, including several boxes of meal replacement foods. I decided I would eat a combination of the small meals (4-6) that I learned in LiveFit and Nutrimed and Protidiet meal replacement products to bring my intake down very drastically-- under the minimum recommendation of Spark, but above the levels used on a Nutrimed or Protidiet plan (those are 500-800 calorie diets for Doctor-monitored programs). I planned out my snacks and meals for the first week.

I wrote down an exercise schedule. I decided to buy a punch card for a new yoga studio so I could include my beloved Yin yoga for at least a month. I am in a golf league that plays once a week until the end of the month. And I decided I would go to the ACTUAL gym and use the full-body circuit workout area to kickstart until I'm feeling more motivated to plan out my own weight training workouts. I'm alternating between weight training days and golf + yoga or yoga + cardio days.
Here's how it looked:
Sun: 60 minutes Full Body Workout + 10 minute Tabata Sprints
M: 90 minutes of yin yoga (great recovery from WT), and a round of golf
T: 60 minutes Full Body Workout + 10 minute Tabata Sprints
W: 90 minutes of yin yoga and 30 minutes cardio
Th: rest (but I went dancing that evening, so 90 more minutes of cardio)
F: 60 minutes Full Body Workout + 10 minute Tabata Sprints
Sat: I have cardio on the schedule and luckily, I also have a friend who needs support while doing a LONG (12 hour) walk- so I will go walk 2 hours with her.
Sun: 60 minutes Full Body Workout + 20 minute Tabata Sprints
I have the option to do Vinyasa yoga in the morning, so if I do that, I will skip the sprints.
M: 90 minutes of yin yoga and a round of golf
T: 60 minutes Full Body Workout + 20 minute Tabata Sprints
W: I knew I couldn't make the morning yoga class, so I had physical therapy training + Cardio. I may change this to a Pilates class as I see an option at the yoga studio that night.
Th: 60 minutes Full Body Workout + 20 minute Tabata Sprints
F: Physical therapy training + 40 minutes Cardio
Sat: 60 minutes Full Body Workout + 20 minute Tabata Sprints. I'm also going dancing that night.
I plan on resting fully that Sunday and coming back for a new 12-week weight training program on Monday (maybe Jamie's Fat Burning plan).

So far, this is working. I have lost a pound in less than a week and hope a couple more slide off by Labor Day. More importantly, I seem to have my mojo back. Just getting to the gym the first time made a huge difference.

I'm an all-or-none type person. I needed a specific and drastic plan to kick me into action. The food hasn't been very hard. I had one relapse in drinking on Tuesday- this day I went over my restrictive calories by about 1000. I declined drinks 2 other days this week when I was offered. My issue is, once I start, I don't always stop. All-or-none. If I drink, I will NOT make this goal, so I am trying to stay focused on that to push it away.

One more week of being highly restrictive and then I hope will be fully committed to healthy eating (using food for fuel) and a regular program. I was able to stop drinking entirely the first time I did the LiveFit program, so I'm hoping to build the willpower up to do it again. I've already set up goals leading up to my next trip (losing the rest of the summer weight), and then more leading up to Christmas (back to the body fat and inches).
If I have a plan, I'll work the plan... even if I stumble, I'll make more progress than with no plan at all.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

A-STRONGER-ME 8/27/2013 7:45AM

    WOW!!! More drive than I have - wish you could bottle it and send it my way. I do have a new plan and an alone "sta-cation" planned (I crave alone time and am gonna get it). Hoping to pull it all together and get headed in the right direction.

What an inspiration you are!!

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LINDAJOYWK 8/27/2013 6:54AM

    I too,am an all or nothing type & yes,I get the "recognized the problem-powerless to stop" bit. I haven't been in a good place with it lately & I don't like myself as
much-thanks for putting it out there & opening my eyes again.

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MAMAJAHMAI 8/26/2013 6:11PM

    You can do this, for real. We are with you all the way.

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IRP1114 8/26/2013 2:39PM

    Love your plan! You are going to rock your goal. I hear you on how easy it is to let a little gain slip and turn into more. I did the same thing exept I have no one to blame but myself. Working on getting rid of it so I can also go back to focusing more on building and bodyfat like I was last year. I am on the last week of a 6 week plan right now. Going to start another 6 weeks right after and hopefully be back where I want to at the latest by mid Oct! Let's do this girl! Those drinks just kill us don't they? So easy to say we will just stop and not have any until at goal but actually doing it and staying away from it 100% is much harder... Just got to stick to it and keep going even if we slip right!?! (I know I keep slipping...) LOL! That is life. We just have to put it behind and keep moving. Never give up! We CAN do this!!!

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SPARKLINGME176 8/25/2013 7:05PM

    It is all about balance, RIGHT! Welcome back!

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K-GETTING-FIT 8/24/2013 10:58AM

    You are fabulous LFF! Your drive and determination is incredible. I have no doubt that you will exceed your goals. What I think is wonderful is that you recognize the tough spots and you are doing it NOW. I know for me, what wasn't all to long ago, I would have sunk back into it. Not you! Love it!!!

I am having a tough time of it right now. Spirit is there, the will is there, but the body hasn't changed a bit since my little spark hiatus and I had gained back so much when I was away. I am not quitting darn it. I think, like you, I have to keep readjusting. Afraid of the restricting and getting caught up in it, but it may be time for me. It may be slowwwww for me, but I am worth it. You are worth it:)

(((hugs))) So proud of you girl:)

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CHANTENAY 8/23/2013 9:09PM

    This was really interesting. I've seen more committed, successful Sparkers having problems this summer! It's amazing what beverages will do to you. Your plan is great. Congrats to you - you're on the road. Looks like people and situations are not repeatable any time soon, a big plus.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/23/2013 9:14:15 PM

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Almost fell victim to the Scale-fakeout (again)!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

grrr! I said as I got on the scale this morning. Lost progress, I thought-- had been down more than 3 pounds and now it looks like I'm going back up- not all three pounds loss, but definitely the wrong direction.
Berating myself for not being perfect on food...

Then I took the tape measure out... its been about 10 days since I last measured and since I am officially starting on LiveFit again today- wanted my starting points anyway.

oh, wait-- what is that I see? an inch off my waist (2 inches since Jan 12th) and 1/2" off my hips. My biceps are hard (and arms down 3/4 inch since I measured them last).

Body fat down to 25.86% (about 1/3 of a percent since Jan 12th).

oh yeah... I forgot again. Building muscle, losing FAT- it doesn't always translate to a number on that darn SCALE.

Stupid scale, Tricks are for kids.

Plugging along and now 12 weeks to get to 21% BF. Its going to be a Fantastic February!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ECHAVEZ2 3/16/2013 12:27AM

    emoticon Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest love of all....that's you sexy lady. Leave those trick for all the kids. Go! Sexy Lady, Go!

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BEACHGIRL76 3/7/2013 6:50PM

    Hate it when that darn scale doesn't match the work we put in but, good for you for tracking inches! You are doing great!!

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DEBJAE 2/27/2013 3:08PM

    Woo hoo! Great job on inches lost! Yep, that darned scale is misleading when you strength train.

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ROCKINMOM776 2/7/2013 4:21PM

    Woo hoo!! Way to go on removing those inches!!

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SEEINGCLEARLY53 2/5/2013 8:53PM


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RSTM99 2/5/2013 5:17PM

    I struggle with the same - 'trained' for too long the scale meant more than the measuring tape when one is strength training. Thanks for the reminder and GREAT JOB on your hard work and closer to your goals. Love LiveFit!!

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DIANER2014 2/5/2013 3:33PM

    Way to go! emoticon

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PURPLE180 2/5/2013 3:30PM


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VERONICAVW_140 2/5/2013 3:12PM

    Way to go! Keep up the good work. And give that scale the ol' heave ho!

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CHERRYTOMATO 2/5/2013 2:58PM

    Wow, nice work LFF!!! You are kickin butt!

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IRP1114 2/5/2013 2:30PM

    Wooohooo awesome progress! I totally agree. Tape measure is way better than the scale for measuring progress! I measure probably as often as I weigh in.

Keep it up girl! We are making February super fabulous ;-)

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MAMAJAHMAI 2/5/2013 2:22PM

    Stupid scale, tricks are for kids!!! -love it!! I totally agree with you LFF. Me and the scale don't talk that often, the tape measure keeps it real.

Your numbers are awesome!!! The 21% BF goal is getting closer!!! Nice!!! emoticon

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