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Revival in Lakeland

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anybody out there in Lakeland, Florida? Have you felt the impact of the revival with TODD Bentley -- at Ignited Church there?

Tonight I drove home from my friend Nancy's house crying and praising God. I have been watching the revival in Lakeland all week on God TV today it wasn't on so I went on the Fresh Fire website for the first time, and listened to Todd teaching. What God resonated to my spirit was the part about laying hands on the sick and they shall recover."Of course I've known this scripture for 30 years, but I never thought it meant me.

My friend Nancy has been diagnosed with lung cancer since about a year ago. She has had chemo and radiation but had started to cough again. They saw a shadow on her scans, but she decided to delay a decision about more possible chemo until after she went to the Grand Canyon with her daughter. She is now back from her trip.

Nancy was not an on fire believer like me before, but she has said that she feels closest to God through the majesty of His creation. She brought back stacks and stacks of photos she took of the majestic scenery in Colorado. She was excited to show me a certain picture but she couldn't find it in all the stacks. The Lord led me to pick up one of the many, many stacks and I went right to the photo, although I didn't know it. It was one of the many pictures of the mountains, but in this one, there was a cross in the sky. A realistic beautiful wooden cross in the sky in perfect perspective, not attached to anything, floating in a view, kind of reflecting the light. She had not seen anything when she took the picture, but when she saw the developed print, she was so moved by it. She said "only you will appreciate this" and knew I would see how miraculous and supernatural it was. As I stared at it, I almost passed out, because I saw the face of Jesus in the sky above that glowing cross . Very subtle, but I could see the love in His eyes, the shape of the face, the nose ....after she looked for a minute, she said she saw it too, and she saw His purity.

As we both looked at the photo, I put my hand on her shoulder and prayed "Lord, you said if I lay hands on the sick, they will recover" I just pray that back to you now. The presence of GOd was so powerful there in her kitchen. I praised Him all the way home, and couldn't wait to get to my laptop, and watch the live webcast from Lakeland.

So this is a praise report, and a prayer request too. I believe God is saying Nancy is healed, I thank Him for her miraculous healing. Please agree with me for her healing. Healing through a photo taken in Colorado, through anointing from a revival in Florida, manifested in Indiana!

Last night my dog began limping, and one of his legs was just dangling pitfully. I knew the problem would require an expensive operation, because I had to have one for him 2 years ago. I called him over, and laid hands on his leg and "decreed" his healing based on scripture including the fact that God gave us dominion over animals. This morning he was NOT limping.
What has been happening to me this week has never happened to me before, I have been a believer since June 1, 1978, and have not had this kind of anointing, although a man in a prophetic group spoke the word "healer" over me some months ago, and I thought he was crazy.

Tonight Todd said as Jesus gets closer to coming back, there will be more and more shaking on the earth. There was an earthquake here Friday morning.

I am going to Lakeland for this revival. I want to be where this mighty move of God is happening, and bring more of it back home. I will get another print made of that picture to take with me!


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BLESSED3061 5/3/2008 3:50PM

    Praise God, and thank you for stopping by my page

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DEBBEV 4/21/2008 12:14AM

    Amen to that sister. I will join hands with you in agreement that Linda is healed. For HE says .. "Where 2 or 3 are gathered together,in my name, there am I, in the midst of them"

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SPEAKLIFE 4/20/2008 12:30AM

    Amen Linda. Isn't it great when we learn more of who we are and more of who he is, in us? I agree with you in Jesus name that Linda be healed through the mighty Love of Jesus. Thanks for being a good friend and being willing to minister to her! Enjoy the rest of the revival!

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Loving the Low Carb Life

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How would you like to eat till you're full, have lots of energy, be excited when you get up in the morning, because you know you'll feel good AND you know you'll get something yummy to eat for breakfast? How would you like to know you'll be free of the cravings that ran your life.... and you'll be making progress toward your goal....instead of 2 steps forward and 5 steps back? And you'll be free of the guilt that always lurked behind your thoughts and dreams, because you secretly believed you were hopeless, unable to control yourself, and sentenced to a life of failure and overweight?

That's my story. Is it yours? If so, you'll be glad to know that if you are carbohydrate addicted, or carbohyrate sensitive, you can be free. And it's SO simple.

Just keep your carbohydrates to a level that doesn't trigger your cravings. For me it's 20 to 30 grams a day.

Learn to make yummy meals and treats that don't have to be low fat, just low carb ... so you never have to feel deprived.

Be willing to go through a few days of transition that will be a little uncomfortable, as your body learns to switch over from carbohydrate fuel to fat burning.

If you ARE willing, and you would love to live this life of freedom, the low carb lifestyle is for you.

Just say yes, start asking questions, and choose a low carb food plan that suits you... whether Atkins, protein Power, Suzanne Somers Somercizing, Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, or another. (South Beach and Sugarbusters are good too, bur too high in carbs for me.) Then turn around a few months from now, and be amazed at how far you've come.

Be encouraged! When do you want to start, and on what plan? Whichever one it is, get the book!



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Friday, March 28, 2008

Now let's see if t his one works

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PANDAZERGZ 4/7/2008 11:12PM

    Hmm not seeing anything there.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Let's see if this works. The actual image is in vibrant colors -- here it seems to have a pink screen over it.



Carb Cycling

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Note from Linda:

I'm pasting in a post from another website explaining carb cycling. Basically, it is cycling between Atkins induction phase and Atkins maintenance phase, I think. I did something like this for much shorter periods, but this is NOT MY experience. I did something like this: Stay down to 20 carbs as long as weight is coming off, then as soon as there is a stall, go to 40 or so, and cycle calories too (500 difference between carb up and carb down). Stay here for a day or two, then back to carb down. THe danger here is that some people can never get back to carb down!

This is what Anita did, and her explanation. Her other posts, plus a long thread about this can be found at: http://forumlowcarbert.org/showthread.php?

Anita's post:

Carb Cycling Works Like Magic for Me


I wanted to post this so that anyone struggling like I have been can see what I've been doing. Perhaps it will help someone else. I've done three full cycles of this now and I am thrilled with my results.

Like so many here I stayed on Atkins Induction level carbs for weeks, barely losing a pound a week, stalling, losing a pound, stalling. It was so frustrating! I tried upping carbs, upping fat, upping calories, lowering calories, eliminating dairy, supplements, but nothing seemed to work.

I kind of fell into this by accident after looking over some other diets that had metabolic tune-ups built in, where you up your calories for a certain amount of time to rev up your metabolism, and then go back to the stricter phase. This is all my plan, and it's working for me. You can see my results in my signature line. I don't keep the "weeks" necessarily to exactly 7 days. One of the carb down "weeks" was only 6 days. Week 5 carb up was actually 9 days long because I was on vacation. I stay on Carb Up until it's convenient to go back to carb down, or about 6-7 days. I stay on carb down until I've weighed in at the same weight for three mornings in a row. That seems to happen after 5-7 days. That happenned this morning, so today I started Carb Up.

This is nothing like a refeed or some of the carb orgies I have seen. I eat no grains, sugars or starches of any kind, even on carb up. This is all healthy, good stuff. Here's how it works:

Carb Down: Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, salad for dinner, low carb dairy, protein shakes - I've been keeping the carbs at 10-15 and the calories around 1200

Carb Up: Add fruit, more veggies, higher carb dairy (like yogurt), higher carb salad dressing, and nuts, I let the carbs go anywhere from 40-80 (net) and the calories about 1700. I'm basically eating the way I intend to on maintenance some day.

I would think, if you want to try this, that you should adjust the calories up if you are larger than me, I'm not sure anyone should go much lower.

I'm really not sure why this is working, I'm no scientist. I think what may be happening though is that on Carb up my metabolism gets really juiced, so that I am able to lose weight on Carb Down. After being Carb Down for 5-7 days my metabolism slows down and I stop losing, so back to Carb Up.

Expect to gain a few pounds on carb up. If you keep it within the limits I've set, you certainly shouldn't gain a lot.

It's so nice being able to have higher carbs half of the time; AND the carb down section is so motivating because just about every morning the scale gives me a lower weight. Woo Hoo!

I hope this helps someone. I wish I had discovered this months ago!


http://> main low-carb diets forums & support > low carb health & technical forums > tips and stalls

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PANDAZERGZ 4/7/2008 11:11PM

    I'm doing carb cycling but a bit different. I go about 3-4 days low carb...no dairy if I can help it but I don't worry if I have one protein shake early in am but strictly speaking I just do meat, veges, nuts and seeds-no sugar, not even splenda....then on day 4 or 5 I eat more of the fruit or dairy if I want it mixed with a protein and at one meal have a potato or a rice BUT I do not eat the fats that day. My rule...if eating fat-stay clear of sugar or starch...if eating starch-no fat. I drink lots of water and get the sleep and typically I either still lose a pound OR I maintain and do nothing. Body's acclimate to what we do and so we have to change things up now and then. I also have a totally free days every 2nd saturday (in moderation). I do this mostly so I don't get baggy elephant skin and lose a bit slower. I lose fast if I am not careful.

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POOHSME 3/3/2008 3:24AM

    Thanks for sharing this. I think it would come in handy for many. :O)


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MARIADALE 3/1/2008 2:31PM

    Thank you, this sounds like a good way to maintain as well.

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SPARKNMOM 3/1/2008 7:52AM

    Thanks for posting this. I, too, have found success in raising my carbs on occasion. My initial plan for maintaining is to build in a couple days/month when I lower carbs back to my losing numbers, but keep them at my high number the rest of the month. I'm new to maintaining, so we'll see how it works out : )

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