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August WUB #1

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Here it be! I may have had a rough week, but there are still a fair amount of "goal met" icons. Plus, I lost a pound. All is not lost!

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SHRINK_U 8/5/2012 10:04PM

    Looks like you met many goals. Way to go!

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    Good job at meeting goals! And losing a pound!

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LAZAR2 8/5/2012 8:35PM

    You are setting great goals and even if you can't meet every single one, you are definitely making progress, and that is what matters! emoticon

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SONIA260 8/5/2012 7:52PM

    all of that pound is lost though!!!!!!!!!!!

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Another One Bites the Dust & Week 23 Weigh-In

Saturday, August 04, 2012

So I've noticed that there has been a fair amount of negativity in several of my posts lately. I always try to balance it with positivity, but I still hate posting less-than-happy things. I know you all understand that we all have rough times from time to time, but still...I want to do my best to focus on the positive. So I suppose that's a warning. One of my posts today does have some negativity in it. It ends on a happy note, though!

Anyway, thank you SO much to all of you who comment and are so supportive. Sparkfriends truly are great people!

Week 23 Weigh-In:

Another One Bites the Dust:

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SONIA260 8/4/2012 9:22PM

    Congrats on the loss!!!! And shaved over a minute off of your 5k....that's fanfreakingtastic!!!!!!!!!

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SHRINK_U 8/4/2012 1:17PM

    Congratulations on the loss and the 5k!

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BETHIEBOOPS 8/4/2012 12:47PM

    You know, I feel the same as you- I hate posting negative things. But sometimes you have to be real and honest. And this is a HARD journey we're on. So don't worry- post away. This is your safe place :)

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LEN_VERSION32 8/4/2012 12:10PM


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Saturday, August 04, 2012


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CANDIGIRL4K 8/4/2012 7:43AM

    I agree with RCW0442EHS and Sonia---it's clear that you've learned your lesson and the best thing is to get back on the wagon and keep going. We all fail and fall sometimes but it's staying down that keeps us from the goals we've set. You haven't stayed down but you continue to keep going! You've got this!

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SONIA260 8/4/2012 7:32AM

    woohoo on the soda discovery!!!!!! I'm so happy that you have bounced back, it seems that you have taken this as a learning experience...don't let that salt get in, you're too good for that!

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RCW0442EHS 8/4/2012 1:18AM

    I think we've all had days, weeks and I know I've had months like that so really when that happens you have to have patience with yourself and understand that mistakes will be made and chances are good you're not always going to handle them in the "correct" way. As long as you learn from them, then they served a purpose and you shouldn't be too down on yourself for it. I love the quote of the day, that's an awesome way to look at mistakes, you can never go wrong thinking like that.

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Week 22 Weigh-In, WUB, and MGB!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

So I haven't been posting my weigh-ins in this blog, but I figure if I'm going to be linking to my "real" weight-loss blog, then I might as well let you guys see everything! So here's my weigh-in for this week:

Here's my WUB for the last week of July: passionlifelovehealth.blogspo

Aaaaand here's my MGB for August! It's more structured than last month's, which makes me feel a little better. Heaven knows I need my structure! passionlifelovehealth.blogspo

Also, I just wanted to thank you all for the love and encouragement on my last blog post here (I think I replied to you all individually, but I may have missed a person or two). By the time I finished writing that post, I was already feeling a little better after having found some positives. But of course you guys made me feel even *better*! I'm kinda a pretty determined person (if you haven't noticed by now, lol), and I REALLY want to conquer spinning someday. A couple of people suggested I try doing some biking on my own to build up those muscles, and Jamie had the genius idea of using a bike with a bigger seat. I'm going to see about doing that--will keep you all updated on how it goes!

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SONIA260 7/30/2012 4:39PM

    love love love!!!!!!!!! You got your 1.5:3.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's sooooo awesome....and I know I already freaked out about the mile on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SWALL84 7/29/2012 9:00PM

    Loved your WUB. You are such an inspiration!

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I've Never Felt More Frustrated

Friday, July 27, 2012

...but at least I found the silver lining!


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VALKYRIA- 7/29/2012 1:53PM

    You did try something new, and that is awesome. Don't hate yourself or be embarrassed about that! I think it's a great goal to work toward in the future, perhaps you could practice on the LARGER seat bikes at your gym? (This is what I do, as I could never last on those narrow seats which is why I have not tried spinning yet--but want to eventually).

We can't expect our bodies to be awesome to start.. but we need to start somewhere in order to become awesome!--you STARTED and that is much more than 95% of the population. Don't give up...... you will conquer a spinning class someday!

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  It's awesome that you can see that experience as some positives. Just because you struggled with it doesn't mean you will never be able to do it. Consider doing some bike riding on your own without a class. Perhaps it was that you aren't used to using those muscles in that way. Stretching prior will probably help as well.
emoticon emoticon

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CANDIGIRL4K 7/28/2012 3:26PM

    After reading your blog I became quite nervous about trying a cycling class, but I love and was inspired that you could see that it's not about failing but recognizing your weakness and overcoming despite not finishing the class---atleast you tried! So I'm going forth and with some research I hope to be prepared for it---I hope you're going to try it again too! Some sites recommend bringing your own gel seat, or biking shorts with padding, water and perhaps the night before some really good stretching of the muscles that were hurting as well as a good warm-up (even a warm-up class before the cycling like yoga?). I know you can do this and look forward to hearing more about your journey (loved your blog site and the page of inspirational quotes!)

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SONIA260 7/28/2012 9:42AM

    go you!!!!!!!!!! The realizations are the best part of the journey...defeat's butt kickiers....that's what I like to call them :)

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SHRINK_U 7/27/2012 8:38PM

    I think it is good that you listened to your body... I also love that your fiance is so supportive :)

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MCJULIEO 7/27/2012 4:56PM

    That was an excellent set of observations and resolutions.... you can SO DO THIS! (I think you are ripe for another spinning class, which will be a major breakthrough!)

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SHRINKING_SARA 7/27/2012 2:47PM

    You can do it -- there's no way I'd be able to survive a spin class either! You can do it! Don't compare yourself to the other women who have been doing it for months -- just track your progress until you become one of them.

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RCW0442EHS 7/27/2012 2:45PM

    Everytime I read one of your blogs I become more and more connvinced you have the best attititude ever.

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TORAMPAUL 7/27/2012 11:06AM

    Great attitude!

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