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People Change Too Much and Too Fast

Friday, June 01, 2012

So, my friend had a great boyfriend, and they broke up after about 2-3 years of being together. He was a great, nice, and sweet guy....But now, everything he does resembles that of a jerk (want to say a different word but i will not swear)

It's disappointing that he changed so much, and I just wish people would stop changing so much, and so quickly. The drama of high school, it really sucks. I want it to be over, but I have one more year left.


Some Poetry

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

*To let you know, these are not my feelings, they are not my actions, and they won't be. These were written when I was in one of the happiest points of my life so far.

~We All Fall Down~

She lives in a castle,
All locked up.
She cries till she can't,
and hopes for what won't happen.
One day,
She looks in the mirror,
and sees herself.
She thinks of disgust,
and anger,
Along with the disappointment,
For what she's become.
She finds a knife,
and returns to the mirror,
She lifts it,
As the tears start falling.
She hopes to get away,
To be happy once for all.
She gasps in pain,
But still smiles,
As her whole world,
starts to fall.
She says with one last breath,
We All Fall Down.

~They Always Leave~

Love for her does not exist,
For the ones she loves,
are the ones who leave.
The ones who do stay,
Just keep pushing her away.
It keeps repeating and repeating,
and coming and coming.
Breaking her heart,
Her mind,
and finally her soul.

~The Way~

The way she thinks,
The way she looks.
The way she smiles,
but still has tears.
The way she wishes,
But knows it won't work.
The way she believes,
That there's nothing left,
She hides in her closet,
All curled up.
She doesn't come out,
For days upon days.
Her mother looks,
and looks,
but can't find her.
She looks in the closet.
She broke down in tears,
Not knowing why.
If only the girl,
had realized.
Her mom was there,
and her friends,
couldn't bare it.
She's gone forever,
And won't get to experience,
The Joy of life.

~That One Sweet Release~

Locked up like a prisoner,
She cries and cries again.
Sometimes she'd stop,
For she has no tears.
No one would listen,
and no one would stay.
She hopes for peace,
or maybe for that sweet release.
For she is alone,
and a broken hearted girl.

~Love that gives~

They crawl along the streets,
They beg for just one thing.
They beg for love,
The love that gives food,
Love that gives shelter.
The kind of love that gives everything,
And the love,
That wont make their worlds shatter.

Thanks for reading (:

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LOVELYWOLFIE 6/1/2012 7:40AM

    Im sorry to hear about your daughter's injury. I hope everything gets better.


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RONNIEHUEY 5/31/2012 10:50AM

    The poem brought back memories of my teenage daughter when her friend died and she went through a very tough period in her life.My child is awesome and in Afghanistan.See my blogs for what's been going on.Very good poems emoticon

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My Introduction to Annabelle

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We live in a world where no one accepts us. We are different, therefore we are the outcasts. We are the freaks, the weirdos, the losers, the crazies, we are even called aliens sometimes. We were beat upon, prodded with needles, murdered, and chased, almost to the edge of extinction. Because of this we are forced to live in hiding, among the humans, and among other supernatural while replenishing our numbers, which is one thing I think we shouldn't do. Why do we need more kids with powers running around? Some call us gifted, but I call us cursed.

I am Lacey, I can make fire, spirit, and water follow my every will along with being able to read the moods of others. It may be a gift sometimes, but when you are being hunted for something you cannot control, it's definitely a curse. The hunters have hunted us ever since we came out to the humans about what we could do. When they find us, they don't hesitate to murder us. I have seen first hand, the emotionless slaughter of an innocent gifted family, which happened to be mine. I was only thirteen and my brother Luke who escaped, was twelve. We were hiding behind my dresser, when a hunter cut the throat of my mother, and another stabbed my father in the heart. Their face, and their eyes telling a story of a gaping black hole. An endless portal to nothing. I had ran out from behind the dresser to protect Luke, and I had been expecting to be murdered. Instead, they offered me something, that I now know is a betrayal. Safe haven, at the Hunters Headquarters. I accepted, not wanting to die, and what I found out, is that they only wanted me to find other gifted, and get them to come back to H.Q. Thats what they do now a days. They use us to hunt others, and then they kill us off. On the night they were going to kill me, Spirit, turned out to be a gift.
Dead gifted others that died on the table had came and attacked the hunters. Letting me run my way through the halls and out the door. Racing outside into the dark, I ran to our hiding spot. And it was that night, I learned to accept what I was, and how to use what I was, to survive.

This was something I just wrote while bored.

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LOVELYWOLFIE 5/30/2012 10:19AM

    Loll, I have been having a rough time writing, but I do try to write regularly. Thanks (:
And I write poetry, but it's very depressing. Most people worry about me when I show my poems, but in reality they have nothing to do with me, it's not the way I am feeling. Ill probably post a couple poems up later. emoticon

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ELIZRN 5/30/2012 7:50AM have a fantastic imagination. You actually had me in your clutches. Are you writing regularly??

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