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Big update - I got a job :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soooo, I haven't blogged in a while after I gave up on the Spring Bootcamp challenge, but life has been a little crazy lately, so that's why.

I didn't accept the internship I was offered last time I wrote. The hours would have been too crazy, my earnings too low, but most importantly, running around after a bunch of actors wouldn't have gotten me anywhere useful. Turns out it wasn't such a bad decision, as I was interviewed for a different position about a week later - and I got it! I barely got home and there was already an email waiting for me in my inbox that after some deliberation they decided to give me the position! Needless to say, I did a little happy dance around the house that day. It's also "only" an internship, but it will last for six months and it's in an area which I absolutely love. As opposed to having me make copies and get everyone's lunch, this company is actually really investing in me and I am learning so much every day.
The atmosphere in the office is amazing, but at the end of the day it's still... well, work.

My healthy lifestyle is suffering a little bit, as even though the hours are very acceptable, I still spend two to two and a half hours a day either on a train or waiting for a train. On top of that it's so awkward for me to get to the station that I'm always at the office an hour early (which is why I'm typing this at 7.30 in the morning, haha!). So that means getting up at 5am every mornign and getting home at about 6.30 in the afternoon. If I still insisted on my eight hours of sleep every night I'd have pretty much no time left over to get anything done, so I'm settling on about 5-6 hours a night and two power naps on the train.

My body is taking its time to adjust to this new schedule and I do find myself craving sugars and carbs like crazy on some days. I'm hoping that this will sort itself out over time. After all, I haven't had a set schedule for a year and a half! I find that at about 7pm when I'm home, relaxed, had my dinner and a second cup of coffee - that's when I really come alive! I do have to force myself to exercise in the evenings, as the prospect of slobbing down on the sofa just sounds so lovely, but every time I do I feel so much better afterwards that it's definitely worth it! As a matter of fact, today it's Wednesday, my official "rest day" and guess what? I'm dreading it a little bit! I'm thinking of maybe squeezing in a small workout nonetheless, as I'm afraid that I'll just miss my little boost of adrenaline too much!

At the moment I find myself a little stuck around the 68kg mark, but that's blatantly because I'm snacking so much on sweet sugary things (-typing this while eating a chocolate wafer is not a good start....) I've seriously got to work on getting these crazy carb and sugar cravings under control!!

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2BDYNAMIC 7/21/2012 3:50PM

    emoticon ...... Hooray on the new job!! ... Yes, one step at a time ...... I am sure you will get it all lined out ..... You have already lost 25# .. which shows you can do it! ......

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BARBARASCH 6/16/2012 6:28AM

    Congrats on the new job!!!

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DARWHOHOO 6/13/2012 8:04AM

    emoticon on the new job. Adjusting is tough but you will do it!!!


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EZRIN101 6/13/2012 2:28AM


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VIMVIGOR 6/13/2012 1:59AM

  emoticon on the new job. emoticon emoticon one step at a time. Cheryl emoticon

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Spring Bootcamp No More

Saturday, May 05, 2012

I meant to post this blog yesterday, but was way too tired after my long day, so it's a day late instead.

I went to the doctor on Friday to get a perscription for physio which I was meant to get a week ago and when she asked me how my wrist was doing I said that I struggled with exercise that had me leaning on my arms.
I then basically got told off for being a bit over-ambitious. The way things are I might never be able to do that kind of exercise, so I gotta stop my bootcamp programme as there are just too many exercises I can't do. I can still run, walk and cycle, but I have to be very careful with strength training and yoga is pretty much completely out of the picture. Can't say I'm happy about it, but I've got to make the most of what I can do.

I also had that interview for the internship and it turned out it wasn't quite what I imagined it to be. I'd be working 10/11 hour days with a 2 hour commute each way, so healthy living would be completely out of the window. I don't care what you say about using every opportunity - I'd have to choose between getting 8 hours of sleep and having time to wash, so there's no way I'd be going for a run every morning. I would lose weight from running around all day and not having time to eat, but it wouldn't be in a healthy manner.
But then again, it's in television... I hear people would kill to get that kind of opportunity? It's a really tough choice and I'm glad I've got till Monday to decide.
It would probably be good for me to have something to do and not have the time to mope around and be miserable (though I don't do that a lot anymore, anyway), but just thinking about how shattered I was yesterday, will I be able to handle that kind of pressure five days a week? Urrrgh, decisions, decisions!!

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  Hi girl, I also work from 8am to 5pm and a 2 hour commute in a small company. Your fitness goals dont necessarily have to go out the window, i have to remind myself to use my lunch hour wisely, i always make sure i dont skip lunch, i eat for 15 minutes and i walk for another 15minutes. i sneak in seating exercises at work. my friend when life gives you lemons make lemonade. my work is far from ideal. so keep at it, dont quit, before you know it you have adapted

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Spring Bootcamp Day 5

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Went down a little bit today, which was great. That's exactly how I want my weight to come off: slow and steady and then that way I don't have to worry about piling it on instantly as soon as I have a naughty day.


It was soup day again today, which I love, but my mum thought that soup on its own would be too insubstantial so she made some delicious lemon cake for dessert. That would have been fine and I still would have been well within my calorie range if it wasn't for my evening cheese snacking. There was CHEESE in front of me and it felt like I HAD to EAT it!! Of course I know I didn't have to and I shouldn't have, cause I'm gonna wake up feeling all bloated again tomorrow. I seriously need to do something about those cheese cravings.


Bad, bad day. I was out with the dog twice, at least and felt really good and positive afterwards, but the video was hell for me. The first half was just disproportionately exhausting and I have no idea why, as I never struggled with core exercises before. Maybe I was doing something wrong? Then the second half was all leaning on your hands and knees or just hands and it was killing my wrist, so I kind of just wanted to throw in the towel altogether. I kind of struggled my way through, but was way too frustrated to go running afterwards.
I'm not sure these bootcamp videos are such a great idea anymore. I really thought my wrist would be able to cope with these exercises, but it turns out it's not doing as well as I'd hoped. And the truth is that if I modify the exercises it doesn't feel like they're doing much anymore... or anything at all. I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow to get a perscription for physio, so I'm gonna ask her opinion on this.


Started the day off horribly after a night of terrifyingly vivid nightmares which had me scream on the top of my voice and run all the way to the living room at one point. Not fun. I spent most of the morning worrying about my mental health until I went to walk the dog and got some sense back into myself.
Then things took a dramatic turn when I got a phone call in the evening, when I was invited for an interview for an internship at a tv production company. I'm excited! :D This would mean so much for me, as I really, really need to get some kind of work or study routine back into my life and feel useful and good at something again. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Spring Bootcamp Day 4

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I felt a bit apprehensive this morning, but my weight stayed the same since yesterday. That wasn't particularly surprising since I haven't made the best of choices, but it's not like I blew it completely.


I wasn't hungry at all in the morning and seeing as I was on my own (read, no one was there to force something down my throat!) I only had a tiny breakfast which consisted of a coffee and a satsuma. As a result I was absolutely starving at around noon and snacked on some chocolate and some pancakes which really wasn't necessary. Dinner filled me up nicely, though and I haven't been hungry since I had it, which was around 3pm.


Ugh, not good. I was supposed to do some sprinting again today, but just couldn't be bothered and preferred to just mope around being depressed. I went on a walk with the dog though and did my bootcamp video three times.
The resistance band workout was fantastic, absolutely perfect for me with my muscle-less arms and fairly recent wrist surgery. I just had to take it very easy on the pushup section, as I still can't support my body weight with my right wrist.


Big sigh. Spent the morning nervous because I was home alone, then got a sudden burst of complete elation around noon, which then turned into a major teary mood slump towards the afternoon.
I managed to spend my "happy hours" sending off some job applications at least, just in case I decide a Master's degree isn't for me after all and because, y'know, it's nice to earn your own money.
I can feel the energy creeping back now that I've done the workout videos, so it's definitely going to have to be a case of pushing myself to do exercise, because believe it or not, it actually makes me happy!


Spring Bootcamp Day 3

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I woke up this morning feeling rather bloated and unsurprisingly the scales reflected that with a bit of weight gain. I'm not overly worried, but I hope that this doesn't become the norm again now, as I've had some serious struggles with plateaus before. I WANT to get under 70kg so bad!! No more late night snacking on cheese for me. :/


Not so great today to be honest. May day is a holiday over here, so we had cake and a big roast followed by chocolate mousse for desert. To be honest I enjoyed every bite and made sure not to overindulge (read: I actually stopped when I felt full!), but I still went over my daily limit, eurgh.


I did the lower body workout today and was quite happy to be able to keep up without struggling, so I went on and did it a total of three times. I'm quite chuffed actually, that afterwards I had sweat dripping down the side of my face, when it was only such a short little workout! Originally I had planned to do some yoga today, but a) I'm a bit too knackered after the videos and b) I still can't do most poses because of my wrist. Excuses, excuses, I know... :(


I spent the majority of the day outdoors on a little day trip today and even though I really didn't want to I ended up enjoying it and for once I managed to clear my head for a couple of hours. I took my camera with me and got a bit snap happy, reminding me that I love photography and I'm quite possibly not too bad at it either, hehe.
Also spent the time walking my dog thinking about how I really want to go back to university and do a Master's degree. I'm going for an appointment on Friday to see if I can afford it and if there's much point to it, but I just think that it would be so good for me at the moment and for once I'd really be able to focus on my studies as opposed to when I did my BA.


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