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New Number

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WooHoo! I'm out of the 210's....Yesssssssssssss!. Today I weighed in at 209 lbs and I'm absolutely thrilled. Now my focus is to get out of the 200's and into onderland. My goal for Onderland is set for 11/30/07 and that means that if I just lose a little over a pound a week that I'll reach my goal in time. I'm so proud of myself. I know that in past posts I've said that I never thought I would stick to this but I proved myself wrong, and now I'm more determined than ever to reach my goals.

Here's to a long happy and healthy life for the rest of my life. I'm off to go work out now.

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LCARP203 10/4/2007 11:23AM

    Good For You! We are all so happy for you in the Over 200 club! Way to set your goals and stay strong! You can absolutely make your goal for Onderland in November! Keep focused you can do it! Once again, Congrats!

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Rethinking things

Monday, September 24, 2007

Alright well I feel that I've been doing very well on my weight loss journey but I feel I've been cheating myself a little bit. I've been slacking on strength training for quite a while so today I had an orientation on the strength machines at the gym. Hopefully now I will be motivated to get my butt in gear. I plan on beginning my strength regimen on Wednesday. The trainer who worked with me today was very helpful and motivated me a bit so I'm excited to begin!

I'm also rethinking my weigh in date. I think the weekends are getting to me so I want to move my date to either wednesday or friday. I'll see how this week goes and decide from there on out. It's good to know that this lifestyle plan is not so rigid and can be tweaked from time to time. It just seems like life is happening so quickly and I really need to make some adjustments.

Oh in my last post I mentioned that I'd talk about my newly adjusted goals. Well...I decided to go one at a time. So my next mini goal is to be 199 lbs by 11/30/07. That is less than 2 lbs a week so I think its doable and reasonable.

This week brings a few changes in my routine. I pray that I can handle them.


Changing My Goals

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've already completed two of my weight loss goals and I'm truly excited about that. My first goal I met a week early which is wonderful. I'm glad that I was able to meet it and then some. But my second goal I met a whole month early so I think it is time to reevaluate them, I'm thinking they just might be too easy.

These are my goals as of today:
G1: 235 by 8/2/07 (met 7/25/07)
G2: 220 by 10/01/07 (met 9/1/07)
G3: 205 by 11/30/07
G4: 199 by 12/24/07
G5: 190 by 1/29/08
G6: 180 by 3/9/08
G7: 165 by 5/08/08
G8: 150 by 7/07/08
GW: 145 by 7/27/08

I think I may cut out a few and try to put some non-scale oriented goals in as well, but the non-scale oriented goals may take me a little longer to figure out. It's funny, I made these goals reasonable yet very flexible because I didn't want to discourage myself if I didn't make them. I'm now realizing that I am doing much better on this plan than I thought I was going to, so I feel quite proud of myself. It's not everyday that you can prove yourself to yourself. (If that makes any sense) Well my next post may just be about my new goals and what I will expect for upcoming weigh ins. I'm off to evaluate.

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SEXYCOOL* 9/4/2007 7:26AM

    congratulations on meeting your goals early...i am over here dancing a jig just for you...keep on keeping on...miracles and blessings...

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ok so even though official weigh in is weekly, I've still been weighing myself everyday. I've heard it's not mentally healthy to do so, but I'm very guilty of it. The reason why I'm writing this is because I completely forgot to do this this morning. I usually get up weigh myself directly and go about my day accordingly. Today I just up and forgot. I think that's a positive direction for myself. I've really begun to see results and I'm beginning to feel better about myself.

I realize that the number on the scale is not what should matter, rather how you feel about yourself or how health is being impacted is a greater measure than a weighing scale can ever be. Yet, I still put so much passion and emphasis into getting the number to lower itself. I'm actually grateful that I forgot this morning I didn't feel that pressure of "getting a better number." Perhaps I shall actually wait until my official weigh in day to weigh myself again.

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MARIEL27 8/29/2007 9:35PM

    I have to say that I relate completely! In fact, just today I searched online and then drove to a store to get a NEW scale bc I want it to KNOW my weight in .2 increments, as opposed to the .5 scale I currently own. LOL!! Isn't that crazy obsessive?

Like you, I know that we're not supposed to focus on the "number"... but I can't help it. I sometimes weigh myself EVERY TIME I WALK in the bathroom. So, you see... you're not alone... some of us are even MORE addicted to that damn scale than you are.

I look fwd. to the day when I forget too!!

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GYPSYGOTH 8/22/2007 2:51PM

    there's a spark article that says weighing every day is healthy and allows you to make small adjustments to your routine when you see a slight gain! i weigh every day too-- but JUST ONCE... none of this "see if i've lost since breakfast" nonsense ;)

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LOLA9882 8/19/2007 7:20PM

    Hi Jen! I'm just like you! I weigh myself every single day - it's the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. Why? I'm not sure. I think it's just a reality check to keep myself on track. If it goes up instead of down, then I know I have to be really good that day or make sure I get some extra cardio in. It's great that you are comfortable about not getting on today. Your attitude is awesome - hopefully it's catchy! ~Laura

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OMG, 25 lbs Gone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So even though I had a bad week last week I stuck to my guns, trying to lose the weight that I gained. Though today is not my official weigh-in day, I decided to weigh in anyway to give myself some encouragement that I was making progress. Heck Yeah I made progress, not only did I lose the 2 lbs that I gained, but I lost one extra one as well. So now I've officially lost 25 lbs since joining SP. This is such a huge accomplishment for me. I'm so proud of myself! It's so good to know that I'm finally doing something good for myself and it will make a huge impression on my future health and overall quality of life.

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DONNAEWMS 8/15/2007 7:51PM

    Congrats, Love! I cannot wait until I experience the same accomplishment. I'm taking it one day at a time and so far I'm doing a great job.

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