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Keeping up the good work...mostly.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So I've been doing really good on making sure that I workout almost every day. So far Tuesday was the only day that I skipped working out completely. I've been doing cardio everyday and strength training Mon, Wed, & Fri. I always feel pumped after I exercise and I think I'm beginning to (I cannot believe I'm saying this) like exercise. It is really relaxing. I feel better knowing that I am doing something about my weight problem. Rather than vegging out and hoping the pounds fall of by themselves I'm working so hard to not only get that scale to a lower number but also to make my heart and lungs stronger. I'm so excited about what the months ahead will bring.

I'm excited when the day comes that I will finally be under 200 pounds (I've been over 200 since the beginning of high school). I know that even with steady progress the day will arrive before I know it.

On the not so awesome side I went a little over my calories today because my family went out to eat, but I'm going to move forward and not worry about it. I worked out a little extra knowing that every little bit helps. I'm not going to beat myself up about it today.

Oh one more thing. I had been weighing myself everyday but now I think I should definitely set a day for weighing in. So my official day will be on Monday mornings. I haven't weighed my self since this Monday so I thought it was a good day to choose.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yesterday I bought a combination lock for the gym so I don't have to worry about leaving my keys in a unsecured locker. So far I love going to the gym . The last couple times I've been there I've just walked the track and swam laps in the pool. I love both exercises though, they are very relaxing. In the poool I focus and reflect on my own personal thoughts and on the track I clear my head and listen to the tunes blasting away on my ipod. It's a great getaway tool. I think sometime next week I'm going to start working out on some of the strength machines, but I need to set up an appointment first so I can figure out just how to use them.

Overall I feel like I made a good decision when I joined and I think that I have enough determination this time for it to make a huge impact on my life. I keep telling myself as long as I keep doing positive healthy things even with a few flubs there is no way around shedding the pounds and becoming a healthier, active person.


Yay for Me!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm so happy I've lost a total of 11.5 lbs. I'm seeing so much progress in myself. I'm also tracking measurements of my waist and hips, so I won't get discourage when my weight loss slows, because of my strength training. I'm still excited about joining my local gym tomorrow. I even switched work shifts with a friend of mine so that I can learn the machines and have enough time to figure out exactly what is best routine for me.

I'm really surprised that I'm still feeling motivated and pumped about this plan. I remember a few years back I had joined weight watchers and it was absolutely horrible. I actually gained weight while I was on it and after a few months I gave up completely. Perhaps now I'm just more determined, but so far this has not been as much of a struggle as I thought it would be. I've had a few bouts with indulgence in the past few weeks. Even so, I keep moving forward and try stay positive. I know as long as I keep trying to eat right and exercise I will end up at my goal eventually, even if it means that it will take longer than I intended.

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RAVCLARE 7/8/2007 4:13PM

    Wow - sounds like you're in a really good place! It's good to hear success stories - something to keep me going!

Keep it up - good luck with the gym.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

I recently applied for financial aid to join a local gym and they discounted my rate a great deal. So on Monday I'm going to sign up and I'm really excited about it. They have a great pool to swim laps, a nice track, and a ton of strength & cardio machines. I would have signed up today but my Mom just had surgery this morning and there was no way I was going to leave her home alone. So Monday it is and I cannot wait.

Oh and I'm extremely happy today because I'm only .2 lbs away from losing a total of ten pounds since I've joined. Even though I've been a part of this site for only a short time I feel like sparkpeople has done so much for me on my journey to being healthy. Yesterday I moved onto stage 2 of them plan which focuses on healthy diet habits. I plan on sticking to tracking everything I eat and properly measuring my servings. I know that this paves the way for me to modify my eating behaviors from unhealthy to healthy, so I'm keeping it a top priority.


One Obstacle down....One to go

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So I'm proud to say I did good yesterday during my father's birthday celebration at O'Charley's. I ate only 1 roll instead of my normal 4. Plus I had a wonderful salad with spring mix lettuce, strawberries, mandarin oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a reduced calorie Italian dressing. It was absolutely delicious. Also my sister and father wanted me to try their desserts so I only took a bite from each because i knew i had enough room in my calorie tracker to spare.

So woohoo for me. I did a great job and thanks to SP for making it easy for me to be able to keep up with living a healthy lifestyle.

Tonight I shall face another hurdle, but I think I have found a way to get passed it without falling off the wagon again. I'm suppose to go over to a friends house tonight to eat (and they never have the healthiest of choices, so I'm going to eat before I go and then I won't have to worry about that.

It's nice to know that I really am gaining control over my eating. I'm actually aware of everything that goes into my body and staying honest about it, even when the numbers reflect that I'm going a little off track.

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SUNSHINE4ME 7/5/2007 9:21AM

    What a great day. That salad sounds delicious! Congratulations on your great choices. Sometime a bite of something heavenly is all we need, and usually it looks better than it tastes. Wishing you many more great days!!

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