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Friday, April 25, 2008

Today I was featured in the sparkpages spotlight and I'm blown away from all the responses & comments I've been getting. Thank you all for your supportive comments to me. They couldn't have come at a better time. I've been really stressed out for the past couple of weeks and feel like I've been making bad decisions food wise. So this has inspired me get back on track before i start undoing what I've worked so hard for. My ultimate goal is a little over 20 lbs away and I know I can reach it. Thank you all for being such an awesome supportive community. I would have never come this far without such a great support system.

Thanks again! Sparkpeople rocks!

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4KIZZIE 4/26/2008 3:15PM


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All the More Reason to Stay on Track

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My dad is not in the best of health these last few years. He's smoked his entire life and has been morbidly obese since before I can remember. Well he ended up in the hospital the other day due to his chronic lung infection. But during this stay the doctors diagnosed him as a diabetic. So that is a double whammy on my part. Until now my mothers side is the only one that has had a history of diabetes and now I have connections to it my father's side. It scares me a lot. I'm going to do everything in my power to not end up like that. I need to focus on putting my health first so that I can have an active, happy and healthy future. When i look at him I can tell that he's not happy with his state. But I can also see the denial he has been in of himself being the one who has control this fate for himself. I read a quote recently in the book "Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin and it really resonated with me and how I want to pursue the rest of my weight loss journey. "Love yourself enough to do whatever it takes to be the best 'you' you can be!" I feel if everyone said this to themselves before making any decision whether it be food or anything at all it would help to guide you to the best one. I love this quote so much I even made this my signature for my message board posts.

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CATHM26 5/27/2008 9:32AM

    Good for you for making a change that will affect future generations in your family! How great do you feel knowing YOU are the one ending the 'family tradition'? You should be so proud, your children will be able to see your great example!

Best wishes to you and your family and I hope your Dad is feeling better.

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*CAPOPPY* 4/24/2008 12:45PM

    Congratulations on your spotlight today! I bet your dad is proud of all of your success, maybe he will learn from your endeavors. You look fabulous! Keep up the great work. Everyone is rooting for you to succeed!!

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    Wonderful quote! Gonna think about this one for a few days - writing it in my agenda right now! What a warning - diabetes on both sides of the fam! DoesnŽt mean youŽll get it, does mean you must stay in control! Looks to me like a worthwhile goal for you! It is a hard thing to watch those we love make bad choices. But we do need to give them space and keep insisting on making our own positive and healthy choices hoping that perhaps we spark a few people here and there.

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Am I the only one that feels this way?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

So I've always been the quiet/moderately shy type person. That's fine I've always got along well and no one ever really questioned it. No one has ever pushed me or tried to coax me to be anything else. But I've really tried to become a little more open towards people and be more outgoing. I feel I've made progress but I have a long way to go. Well anyway I'm rambling a bit so let me get to the point of my post tonight. Here it goes: I've never really had to deal with being the "center of attention" or have the spotlight on me. And everyday that passes I feel like more and more people are now paying attention to me. This makes me feel slightly nervous and scared because I'm just not used to all this attention. I've noticed lately that when people center their attention on me I try to sway their focus in a different direction. I really have no idea why I do it. Is it because I'm self conscious? Is it because I feel judged? Perhaps its both or really deep down I feel it's because I feel like I don't deserve it. I don't feel like I'm good enough for others to treat me as though I'm important.

This was just something that has been running through my head today and I just felt like I need to get my thoughts written down.

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SNACKSHACK 3/24/2008 12:05PM

    I used to be this way as well, and I still have my moments for sure. It got better when I went to college and better still when I started waiting tables. When I was super shy and self-conscious I ended up attracting needy and self-centered friends (I knew that I would never be in the spotlight as long as I was with them, they wouldn't allow it). I can't tell you how or when my shift in self occurred, but I know that it was something that I worked at. I forced myself into new situations and eventually got rid of the toxic people in my life. You have to learn to treat yourself as you would treat a friend (I will admit that it is way harder than it should be). I wish you much luck on your journey!

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TKDCHIC78 3/23/2008 5:19PM

    I used to be the same way. Before I went to college and got super involved in a lot of organizations, I was really shy and self conscious. Even now I still occasionally shrink back into the limelight so that the spot light isn't fully on me.

Somethings that helped me is realizing that people are really selfish, it's human nature. By saying this, I mean that people are more concerned with their own flaws than yours. We judge ourselves 100x harder than anyone else ever will. You have to view strangers as potential friends. I have met some of my best friends by being random and suddenly talking to them when I never had talked to them before. You never know if your future best friend is sitting beside you in class or waiting in line at a grocery store with you.

On that note, never ever judge yourself out loud, it's true when they say people view you how you view yourself. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward or think your hair isn't right...don't mention it. More than likely the other people didn't notice until you said something.

Just be positive and positive people will be attracted to you.

Enjoy the spotlight!

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Update Time!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I figured now is a good time to update as any. I've been really busy working and dog sitting over the past couple a weeks so I missed my weigh in this week. I believe I have lost a little bit though, my clothes seem to be getting a touch bigger so we'll see on Wednesday if I'm right or if I'm just imagining things. I did buy a new swimsuit at Sears the other day. It's pretty cute and only a size 10. I figure this suit will get me through the season. In a few months when I need a new one they will be on sale for crazy prices. Let's hope for the best! I update my page a bit with a few new pics. I think I'm gonna add even more photo action this week. Well its late so i should go get some rest.


Weigh in Gain (again)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've hit a bit of a plateau this month. I've been hovering around 166-168 lbs for the last few weeks. I think this plateau has been a bit oif toirture because I'm so close to my next mini goal weight of 165. Through this whole weight loss journey I've always been extremely consistent so I'd have to say this is my first real "rough patch." But I intend to push through it and stay on track. I've come this far and giving up would only make me feel miserable and put me back into a place I never want to be again. So hopefully this plateau will be over in a short time and I will be able to see more positive results in future weigh ins.

I've decided to change my next mini goal date to March 12th because I just need a little more time to reach my goal this time around.

And even though I've had not the best weigh in today I still intend to go swimsuit shopping today because mine is way to big! So woohoo!

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PITUFINA 3/7/2008 1:55PM

    You've done an amazing job!! You're such an inspiration :-)
Enjoy shopping! I hope one day I can do the same!

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HEALTHY4JEANNE 2/27/2008 11:56AM

    You can do this.
Have fun shopping!

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