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Choosing Joy

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well I am down .5 of a lb., so I'm at 270 now. I feel better about that. Also, I have lost 3 inches since starting SparkPeople, so my clothes are fitting better. Yesterday it was so nice out here, like spring, so went on a walk with hubby and baby to the library. It was a good workout. Also did strength training.

Below is a daily affirmation I thought I'd share. I've been having a really difficult time lately at work, I am really stressed out and not paid enough - and recently was told I was getting a bonus - finally- only to be told that it was a mistake! I know I'm worth more than that, and I intend to make my life better.

Anyway, this affirmation made me realize that even though it's a hard time now, I can CHOOSE joy. I can choose to be joyful. I am in the current situation I am in, but instead of grinning and baring it out, while looking for a change I can choose joy, and it will help me deal with the situation.


"Joy is not something you find. It is something you choose to create, to live and to experience.

The experience of joy does not in any way deplete the amount of joy available. On the contrary, the experience of joy makes possible even more profound and sustained joy.

Some would say that joy is not possible, or not realistic, or not appropriate in certain situations. Yet those very situations are the ones to which joy can bring the most value.

Joy requires nothing and gives much. And you have the truly magnificent ability to create joy.

Joy is not the result of success. Joy is, in fact, a significant cause of success.

Make this day joyful by filling it with joy. The more you choose to experience it, the more joy there will be. "

-- Ralph Marston


Back in the 270's...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well I put off weighing myself last week because I felt like the scale was going to show numbers higher than the week before. I had a relatively good week, I just felt bulkier. I felt like perhaps I had built muscle from the strength training I've added to my program, and I didn't want that to make me feel like I've failed, since it's a good thing!

I bit the bullet and weighed myself this week and I'm up 1.5 lb. Which isn't a lot at all, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Would I like to weigh less this week? Of course. But I'm going to continue on this path, and keep it simple. Like Geneen Roth says:

If you want to lose weight, you can do it by eating only when you're hungry and stopping when you've had enough. - Geneen Roth


Almost out of 270-ville!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Well I re-weighed myself this week and I did lose last week - although it was only 1/2 a pound, I'll take it. I'm now at 270. I am very hopeful and I know I can do this. It's a lifestyle change, not a diet, and these things don't happen overnight. I reviewed my week last week and though I felt like I did well - I worked out 3x, I ate healthy, I did go over a few days in calories, and it is a math thing - so, of course, I didn't lose as much as I had hoped.

This week I am focusing on portion sizes. It's amazing how I should really only eat half of what I have been. An 8-oz. salmon fillet is 2+ servings, NOT one. I made a lovely salmon last night and cut it in half, and that was my dinner. I was full at the end of the meal, but not too full. I did not eat after that, which felt great. I usually graze after dinner, but I did not. Instead, I took a nap with my daughter and put her to sleep, read her some books. I felt like a normal person.

I recently read a motivating paragraph from Ralph Marston called "Ready and Willing". I'd like to share some of that here:

"...From utter despair can come brilliant success.

What sets you back also sets the stage for you to move forward. What appears completely hopeless gives you more reason than ever to hope.

The darkness gives your light a space in which it can be seen, and made use of, and appreciated, and truly valued. The challenges give you fertile territory in which to make a positive difference and a valuable contribution.

No matter what is in your past, you now have the opportunity to create the future of your choice. Everything depends on which way you decide to look, and in which direction you make the commitment to move.

This very moment can be the greatest opportunity you've ever known. When you are ready and willing, the possibilities are yours to follow."

-- Ralph Marston



Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well I weighed myself today and the scale showed I went UP 3 lb. I am not sure how that happened, I had a great week - but I did have 2 glasses of wine at a party last night, and I tend to retain water when I have any alchohol. So I'm going to weigh myself again Monday, see what the scale says....I'm a little depressed about it.

A wonderful Spark friend of mine, Lara, encouraged me by saying that she looks at things, especially weight, like a wave. She says that "The wave rises and then it settles. The wave is when we are losing at great heights. The undertow is when we are being pulled under and gaining weight. The calm and settled stage is when we are holding our weight steady. "

I love this metahpor, and wanted to share it. It is so easy to get down on ourselves. One little weigh-in, and I feel like my week was all for nothing, when it wasn't. Those pounds lost will either show Monday, or next week. Big deal, right?

Initially the title of this blog entry was going to be "Weigh-In Disappointment". But I changed that to "Acceptance". I am where I am right NOW. I need to accept myself, and move on from here. From where I am NOW.

In Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, Sharon Salzberg writes that we believe that "if we abuse our minds enough with self-hatred and self-condemnation, somehow that abuse will be a path that liberates us, [but] generosity coming from self-hatred becomes martyrdom."

Geneen Roth says that "The only way to learn the difference between self-indulgence and self-kindness is to experience what self-kindness feels like. Declare it "Be Kind to Me" day, and get out there and start treating yourself as if you deserve every good thing. Because, in fact, you do."

A favorite quote of mine comes from Geneen Roth as well: "I am the same person no matter what the scale says."


Today is a NEW Day

Monday, January 29, 2007

Today I feel better about things. I don't feel so down on myself, and I feel there is hope. I am embracing life, and will embrace the challenges along the way, too. I have my pedometer on and am watching the steps add up. I feel like I am doing something healthy for myself.

A favorite website of mine is www.mythoughtcoach.com. There are meditations to end emotional eating and also affirmations to become a more happy person, to eat in moderation, even affirmations to become a better parent. There is a small fee to join, which I have, but there are also free meditations on this site. Check them out!

Be well and happy,


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CABS*MOM 1/29/2007 4:29PM

    Thank you for the kind comment you left on my page. It made my day. You also have a beautiful baby~
If you ever need anyone to talk to, Im hear, it does sound like we have the same goals. I am going to check out the website too! Have a great day!


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