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Shake it! A Weekend of Belly Dancing and Party in Pink! (Pics)

Monday, September 20, 2010

A year ago my ideal weekend would include lots of couch time, lots of fried foods, and lots of drinking. Perhaps a nap...or two.

The way I have changed not only physically, but mentally as well is just a true testimony to the things that are possible when you decide to make a change. And also the things possible through Christ, as He is truly the one who gives me my strength.

This weekend was chock-full with FUN and MOVEMENT! It started off Saturday night with a girl's night out at a local dance studio where belly dancing was the main event. It was a 2 hr. class of shaking our bellies and truly sweating in a sexy way :) My sister Kris and I went and I meant to take a picture of us in our coin skirts, but I forgot...perhaps it was the two bellinis that are to blame for that.

Then Sunday night I headed to the city with my cousin Kim and my sister Kris for the Party in Pink! Zumbathon at my friend Jenn's (KITHKINCAID)'s dance studio. Now she is a good spark friend of mine but we hadn't met yet. She is the person who inspired me to try Zumba, and so it was truly awesome to finally meet her in person AND zumba with her! I also realized that my Zumba class is nowhere near as intense as hers, I think I'm in the beginner's Zumba, or as Jenn so rightly said "No, you're just in Zumba in the Suburbs". LOL, so true! She rocked it and danced her butt off, and while I had a few missteps, I had a lot of fun. Thanks for a great time Jenn!!! You are an amazing, inspiring person and it was so nice to meet you and I'm looking forward to running with you in the Hot Chocolate 5k! You look Awesome by the way, my friend!!!!!!

I burned so many calories this weekend, and yes, my eating wasn't the GREATEST (I did have a taco party to attend Sunday as well), and I had a FEW drinks, BUT I tracked it all, and I think I came out even. Actually I still had a deficit for both days, Sat. I had a calorie differential of -345, and Sunday I had one of -172. And I had a ton of fun, so it was all worth it!

Here are some pictures of me with Jenn from last night. The first picture was accidentally taken as a video, but I was able to convert it into a picture :)

Before Zumba- me (right), Jenn (left)

After Zumba - me (left), Jenn (right)

After Zumba - body shot me (left), Jenn (right)

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TEMPEST272002 9/21/2010 11:32AM

    I hear so much about Zumba... but no classes in my area. It looks like it would be a lot of fun. I have taken belly-dancing classes (even have my own coin skirt)... and I find that to be a great workout.

I can totally relate to what you said about the changing mindset. I used to think a great weekend was staying in with greasy food & a movie... and now, hubby says I'm turning into the energizer bunny... doesn't it feel fabulous?!

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MOMFAN 9/21/2010 12:42AM


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PEPPERLEAH 9/20/2010 11:00PM

    You look fantastic! Keep up the wonderful work!

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KSGROTHE 9/20/2010 4:40PM

    emoticon on being so active over the weekend! And how awesome that you got to meet another Sparker!

Keep up the good work! emoticon

- Karen

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DAISYDIVA74 9/20/2010 4:10PM

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! So much fun!!

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TITALADY 9/20/2010 2:48PM

    emoticon So awesome!

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SHERLYN-WILL 9/20/2010 11:22AM

    SOUNDS LIKE A BLAST. YOU guys are so cute in your pictures!

YOU are looking SO SO SLIM!

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JMEPAYNE 9/20/2010 11:14AM

    I've been dying to try zumba! looks like fun!

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KARVY09 9/20/2010 10:48AM

    Sounds like a blast. And you two look so happy!

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ESBELL 9/20/2010 10:45AM

    What a fun weekend!

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AMBER281 9/20/2010 10:43AM

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

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LOSING107 9/20/2010 10:41AM

    Sounds like a great time =)

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STARLIGHT615 9/20/2010 10:28AM

    Your weekend sounds fantastic!!

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PAULACOLLINS 9/20/2010 10:24AM

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Jeremiah 29:11

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D_K455 9/20/2010 10:21AM


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Lucky number 13...Can I lose 13 lbs. by Halloween? Why, Yes I Can!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I just checked my "Fun Goals" and my next goal is to reach 88 lbs. lost and dress up like Marilyn Monroe for Halloween. I have 6 weeks to reach this goal. That is about 2 lbs. a week, plus 1 pound. The end is in sight, I think I can do this! No, I CAN do this! (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can).

I am going to be ON MY GAME the next 6 weeks and I am determined to make that fun goal a reality!

And 13 IS my lucky number. That's the date I was married, and I LOVE scary movies. So the number 13 just makes me giggle.

"The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up."

~ Marilyn Monroe

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PAULACOLLINS 9/14/2010 10:46AM

    You go girl!! emoticon

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MUSTANGMISSY 9/14/2010 9:02AM

    That is totally cool! You can do it! Love that Marilyn costume too!

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MOMFAN 9/14/2010 12:03AM

    Keep the focus!

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THENEWDARLENE 9/13/2010 10:10PM

    You KNOW you can do it!


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CARILOUIE 9/13/2010 9:22PM

    I love the Marilyn goal! And what a great quote...

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DAISYDIVA74 9/13/2010 8:12PM

    You go girl!! You got this!!

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GODSCLAY47 9/13/2010 6:13PM

    emoticon emoticon

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AMBER281 9/13/2010 5:30PM

    You totally got this!!!
What a great goal!

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YATMAMA 9/13/2010 4:49PM

    Yes, you WILL do it!! Your determination is such an inspiration. I love the Monroe quote!

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ZURDTA- 9/13/2010 4:47PM


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SERENITY44 9/13/2010 4:46PM

    Woo hoo!!


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KITHKINCAID 9/13/2010 4:31PM

    OMG you can TOTALLY do it! I want to see pics of that costume!

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COLT2008 9/13/2010 4:11PM

    emoticonYou are on a ROLL!!!

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TEMPEST272002 9/13/2010 4:04PM

    Absolutely, you can do it! 'Cause you ROCK! Halloween is my very fave holiday... creepy, scary... bring it on! And like you - I'm already planning this year's Halloween Costume. Previous years I've gone with gory/scary... but this year, I'm thinking sexy/funny. Hubby & I are going as Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers. I can wait to see you as Marilyn - you're going to be HOT! emoticon

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CKAY22 9/13/2010 3:45PM

    Woo Hoo, i LOVE it!!! you can dooo it!

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JENJESS48 9/13/2010 3:42PM

    Great goal! emoticon

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KSGROTHE 9/13/2010 3:27PM

    What a fun goal! You've been doing so great, so I have no doubt that if you keep up the good work: emoticon

- Karen

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    Oh this is definitely fun!!!!! YOu can so do it! I have faith in ya!! Just look at her, isn't she beautiful?!!!! I totally know you can be there too!

BTW, 13 is an awesome number for me too! I even have 13 tattooed on the back of my ankle. Friday the 13th was the when one of my divorces was final, and ever since then I liked it. My favorite is 33...but 3 and 13 are just as fun to me! TOO CUTE :)

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August Progress Report

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Start weight: 230
End weight: 228
Weight lost: 2 lbs.
Weight lost since the beginning of the year: 29.5 lbs.
Total weight lost: 70 lbs.

I reached over 70 lbs. total LOST!!!! emoticon

Measurements: (not measuring today due to TOM)

Grade for the month: A for effort, C for weight loss.

Fitness accomplishments:

emoticon I graduated from C25K!!!
emoticon I ran my 2nd 5k and ran THE WHOLE THING!
emoticon I reached 1,000 fitness minutes!!! (Actually 1,210 but whoís counting?)
emoticon I reached my YEARLY fitness goal early; I set it out at the beginning of the year as 5,935 fitness minutes and reached 6,630 fitness minutes in August. Now my goal next year will be twice as much Ė 12,000! Based on 1,000 fitness minutes per month. Itís cool/crazy how much more you can do when you put your mind and body to it! (ďYou can do it, put your back into it.Ē I ~ Ice Cube)

emoticonI didnít lose the 8 lbs. I wanted to in August. In fact, instead of my typical 4 lb. loss, I only lost 2 lbs. I am trying not to let this frustrate me.

But I'm not gonna lie...it hurts. emoticon

I did follow my plan to lose 8 lbs., my body just wasnít on the same page with me. I did some awesome work in August and stayed within my calorie range. I tweaked some things on Spark, lowering my calorie range and Iím looking for a large loss in September.

Non-scale victories:

emoticonBeing able to wear a size LARGE pant and size LARGE shirt during my Elvis 5k run

emoticonFitting in a run on a hard day and closing down the gym

emoticonMy awesome Threadless Tee that my husband bought me for Christmas finally FITS!!

emoticon I bought myself a Goddess dress for my birthday!

emoticonI held a Luau for my birthday just so that I could wear a tank top!

emoticonI seriously didnít recognize myself in the mirror at my gym. I had put my contacts in and was in a new top (that didnít fit me before) and had to do a double take!

emoticonIím starting to like how I look naked.

emoticonTurned down a gooey slice of TURTLE PIE and opted instead for my very sensible rice pudding snack pack.

emoticonJoined a new awesome team that is motivating me! Love the Sunny Gals!

emoticonStarting to see a more defined tummy and therefore seeing my cute belly button.

emoticonMy new(er) pair of sexy panties were falling down! Need to go lingerie shopping again!

emoticonMy size 18 jeans are starting to fall down, I need to wear a belt now!

emoticonI had to tie a knot on the side of my XL t-shirt for the 3k Fun Walk it was SO HUGE on me! Guess Iím officially a Large! Iíve come a long way from being a 2XL!!

emoticonBeing able to fit into these awesomely cute pink workout pants that I bought 3 yrs. ago and still had the tags on them. Size XL, but they were made small. They were an impulse off the rack buy because they were so cute. Now they fit!!

emoticonRunning a sprint with my daughter, Lucy. I never would have done this a year ago.

emoticonTurned down a pre-made ice cream cone (again) from my husband. Talked to him about how yes, sometimes I have an ice cream cone, but only if itís planned and in my calorie range for that day.

emoticonStarting to find healthier alternatives, for example instead of shredded cheese on tacos (turkey tacos vs. beef) I add shredded carrots. They add color plus crunch!

emoticonMy wedding ring, that finally fit me last month, is now LOOSE!

Me in my 70 lb. reward Spark shirt.
(Now I just have to tackle those love handles!)

My August Spark calendar, green means I did good!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GREGOBR8 9/13/2010 10:58AM

  AMAZING! emoticon

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    SWEET!!!!!! What an awesome month August was for you!!!! Congrat's on the 70lb mark! OMG that's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love your non-scale victories!!!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LUNADRAGON 9/7/2010 7:17PM

    Looking great!

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NANCY1BE 9/5/2010 6:04PM

    This was so motivational to read! emoticon Keep up the good work!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KEAL48 9/5/2010 4:56PM

  Im so proud of you. Good job. I love doing progress reports when they are good.

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POSITIVE-FORCE 9/5/2010 3:30PM

    Great Job on all your accomplishments!

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KITHKINCAID 9/2/2010 6:31PM

    Great job Kathy!!! You look amazing!

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HUZZAH39 9/2/2010 3:49PM

    Wow! What a incredible, introspective, and motivational blog!!!!!!! Keep up the great work! You have taught me much in little time and I so appreciate! You are looking great!

Hugs, Christine

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SHERYLDS 9/2/2010 7:09AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
The scale number is insignificant compared to the light years of progress you've made in your whole attitude. You look terrific and your smile beams. congratulations

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TRAVELGRRL 9/2/2010 7:02AM

    It works if you work it! You should be soooo proud of yourself and sharing your successes, big and small, are an inspiration to all of us. WTG on the 70 pounds!

You are beautiful.

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    You really are doing awesome!!!!!!!

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TEMPEST272002 9/1/2010 11:06PM

    Congratulations on crossing the 70lb lost mark! What an accomplishment! I really enjoy your non-scale victories list... it motivates me to reflect on my own as I cheer you on for yours.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENJESS48 9/1/2010 10:54PM

    emoticon Amazing work!

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GOGOMAMA 9/1/2010 10:46PM

    You have accomplished so much! You are truly victorious! You look fabulous! Congratulations! emoticon

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LOOZINITNOW 9/1/2010 10:07PM

    You are truly amazing and the picture says it all...beautiful!

Report Inappropriate Comment
AMBER281 9/1/2010 4:55PM

    Keep up the great work!! Your success is truly inspiring! I love how you celebrate the non-weight accomplishment. I find we get too hung up on what the scale says sometimes. I am probably one of the worst for that.

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KSGROTHE 9/1/2010 4:42PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

I love all the positive things you found to celebrate in this blog even though you were disappointed in your slow weight loss! You have a lot to celebrate! I also love how you track your daily progress on your Spark calendar! I had intended to do that and then didn't.

Keep up the good work! emoticon

- Karen

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CYCLINGSANDY 9/1/2010 4:07PM

    You have done a fantastic job! You rock in the non-scale victories. 70 pounds gone forever! You are one motivated lady.
Keep up the pace and those love handles will be history.


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YATMAMA 9/1/2010 3:32PM

    Looka you!!! I am SO proud of you. You blow me away. *applause*

Report Inappropriate Comment
MISSANTHROPY15 9/1/2010 3:26PM

    You are AMAZING and this blog has the AWESOME!! I hope it gets a 'popular blog post' award, because it SO deserves it! I just adore you and I am so inspired by your progress! My scale was also stubborn this month, and although it is bothersome, we need to focus on the bigger and better victories that we experienced... the 'real life' victories!

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DAISYDIVA74 9/1/2010 3:09PM

    Way to go!! I think you did great in August!!! I mean 70lbs that is amazing!!

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NICOLEMC2 9/1/2010 3:05PM


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HAMMLIN 9/1/2010 3:01PM

    I love your recaps! Way to go!

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My Reward Will Be Giving Back

Monday, August 30, 2010

Yesterday in church the Pastor talked about how being a Christian means that we don't look to serve ourselves anymore, but rather to focus on others and to serve others. This really struck a chord with me. He said that by filling ourselves up all the time with material things we will never truly be full. But that by serving others, our cup is always full.

As Christians, we are directed to serve (I Pt. 4:10) and this is one of the ways we worship God (I Pt. 4:11, Rom 12:1). When each of us does our part and uses our God-given gifts, we help to build up the local church and the larger Christian community (Eph. 4:12, Eph. 4:16).

I want to apply that concept to my rewards. Currently I'm at 70 lbs. down. My next rewards include a portable DVD player, a night out, a makeover, a party. Can you say self involved?

So I am going to switch it up. I'm going to reward others instead of myself. In doing so my reward will be tenfold. It will be the gift of giving back. That will be my makeover. In the process of doing this I will not only change physically on the outside, but also on the inside, I will learn to have a heart more for others than myself. A giving heart.

I would still like to take a trip with my family hiking in the fall. I think I'll still do that. And I will need new clothes along the way. But do I need the other material things? Nah, I don't think so. I'm going to look forward to helping others as I travel on this journey. I've discovered so much about myself along the way and about God. I can't wait to learn more through this mission of mine. Of God's.


253 = 45lbs - NEW CLOTHES - DONE!
248 = 50lbs - HEART RATE MONITOR - DONE!
243 = 55lbs - FACIAL - DONE!
238 = 60lbs - NEW BIBLE (GLITTER PINK) - DONE!
233 = 65lbs - PEDICURE - DONE!
228 = 70lbs - BREAST CANCER & SP SHIRT - DONE!
223 = 75lbs - BOOK
218 = 80lbs - DATE NIGHT! SUSHI & SAKE!
188 = 110lbs- MAKEOVER


198 = 100lbs - CLEAN UP THE PARKS
178 = 120lbs - DONATE $120 ($1 for every pound lost) to FAMILY SHELTER SERVICE

"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." ~ I Peter 4:10

"...to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up..." ~ Ephesians 4:12

"For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." ~ Ephesians 2:10, NLT

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KEAL48 9/5/2010 4:59PM

  I love your rewards. Great Idea. Keep up the good work.

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MARCYNA 9/2/2010 9:36AM

    Yes. This is great. When you're happy, you want everybody else to be happy.I have already started donating, and will continue to donate to African children who are on the street.
They will be fed and go to school, thanks to my reaching my goal. Ain't it enriching emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/2/2010 9:37:30 AM

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CATLADY_56 9/1/2010 12:15PM

    Awesome goals. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
YATMAMA 9/1/2010 12:02PM

    What an awesome, awesome thing to do, my friend. This is SO much the heart of God. You inspire me!!



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POSITIVE-FORCE 8/31/2010 1:07PM

    I love your new reward goals! Great Job!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEDDYBEARGIRL 8/30/2010 10:43PM

    Awesome ideas! It really helps to live in or near a large city to be able to help with many of those things so you are blessed!

One other thing I have heard of doing was for every pound you lose donate 1 can of food to the local food bank.......they would be shocked if i waited till the end and came in with 250 cans of food LOL.......but doing that as you go would bless them all year long.

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COLT2008 8/30/2010 10:41PM

    emoticonideas!! I have not yet figured out my rewards, though I did get my last one (wii fit plus) I have been alternating my rewards so whe I reached 10 and 30 pounds lost it was something my family would benefit from and/or enjoy (10 lost was our state park stickers and camelbacks for hiking and 30 pounds lost was wii fit plus to prepare for winter indoor workouts) at 20 pounds lost I got some new clothes (but not to many, I'm thinking that at 40 pounds gone it'll be 1 pound of food for every pound lost donated to the local food pantry.

Report Inappropriate Comment
TRAVELGRRL 8/30/2010 6:07PM

    Could you do BOTH sets of rewards?

Report Inappropriate Comment
CYCLINGSANDY 8/30/2010 4:53PM

    What a great turn around in your choices and your rewards. Isn't our true reward waiting for us in heaven? And isn't serving others as Christ modeled for us what He wants of us?
Yes! Yes! and Yes!
You are really on the right track. What a great idea!

Blessings for your journey,

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEMPEST272002 8/30/2010 4:29PM

    Those are great ideas for celebrating as you meet your weight-loss goals! What a wonderful plan.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SHERYLDS 8/30/2010 3:20PM

    I think one of the best rewards you can give is to share your inner beauty with as many people as you can and spread some of that warmth around. Smiles are contagious. Make it an epidemic

Report Inappropriate Comment
MOMFAN 8/30/2010 3:01PM

    Love it! Would love to come to your party when you reach Onderland, you can count on me being there in Spirit!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KITHKINCAID 8/30/2010 2:41PM

    This is so great. I find that there's nothing really that makes me feel as good as giving back to someone in need. Maybe I need to look at my own goals too. I want things for me, but buying a new iPod (though nice and all) isn't really what it's cracked up to be in terms of celebration. When you get out there and interact with people, it just feels like more of a party for the hard work that you've done!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MISSANTHROPY15 8/30/2010 2:21PM

    Volunteering IS sexy!!!! I am so impressed with your dedication!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOOZINITNOW 8/30/2010 1:50PM

    Oh my gosh! You almost had me in tears. What a wonderful reward plan! Sometimes we do become to self involved and forget what a great impact doing little things like that will make. This is a great plan and very selfless. emoticon emoticon

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I Once Was a Fat Girl, Who Knew Nothing of the Thin Girl I Would Become.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today I am celebrating being one year older.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Normally this might be a cause for being sad. One more year has passed, I am getting older, and with that comes more wrinkles, less energy and more hair dye.


This is not the case.

Not for me.

I am 36 now and feel BETTER than I did at 26. emoticon

At 26 I weighed in at 298. Once I saw that number on the scale I stayed away from the scale for a long time. Who knows it I went over 300 lbs. It doesnít matter. Not now.

At 26 I was depressed, I was tired, I had no passion, no direction in life. I lived by my past and my past said that THIS was the girl I had become. THIS was my destiny. I had a husband who was devoted and loved me Ė no matter what my size or what the number on the scale said. Life was good. Right?

At 26 I had no kids. I lived like a hermit, staying indoors whenever possible. I could totally relate to those people who are seriously afraid to leave their homes. I actually envied them this disease because it was a valid reason to stay indoors, and had I truly suffered from this disease I would be medicated.

I had seen therapists, counselors for my depression Ė they all recommended drugs. Drugs that I tried and may work for some, but in my case made me feel, well, not like myself. Not that myself was great, but it was better than feeling NOTHING.

I tried every diet known to man. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, diet pills, diet scams, fad diets. I once ate nothing but chicken soup for a week and another time starved myself to try to cleanse my system. I even visited a Chinese healer and took pills he gave me that looked like rat poo. I have no idea what they were, but at least they gave me energy. When I was younger I was anorexic and bulimic and messed up my metabolism and body with nothing but Slim-Fast and pretzels for two years of my life. Sure, I looked good. I looked sick, but I could fit into size 6 jeans no problem.

Fast forward four years. I am pregnant with my first child, a daughter. I know now that things need to change. I canít give her anything, any love, if I donít love myself. And I needed to face the fact that I didnít love myself. I began to eat healthy, began to work out. My daughter changed my life. She saved my life, actually. I discovered Sparkpeople and all the great tools and starting sparkiní Ė slowly, but surely.

Then three years later I have another daughter. I was motivated and driven and determined to be a good mother to these precious girls. I began to LOVE working out and eating right. I began to FEEL GOOD about myself. I began to love more, love myself, my husband, my daughters. I embraced Christ into my life and felt his love.

So today, 10 years from the worst darkness of my life, I see the light. I see that hope that Iíve always heard is at the end of the tunnel. Iíve lost 70 lbs. and have 50 lbs. more to lose to reach my goal weight. And I know Iíll get there. No rush, but by my next wedding anniversary would be nice. And that girl from long ago? WellÖ

THIS is the girl I was supposed to be. I can see her emerging from within. THIS was Godís plan for me all along, I just needed to believe it. And you know what? I kind of like THIS girl, this strong, inspiring, motivating, determined and kind girl. THIS girl has amazed me with what she can do. Running 2 5ks when previously she had never left the couch, never even liked going outside in the summer as a child to play. THIS girl who has shed 70 lbs. of her former self, breaking through any stigma of being morbidly obese. THIS girl who didnít listen to doctorsí recommendations to perhaps get bariatric surgery because the amount of weight I had to lose was just TOO MUCH.

I ended my last day as a 35 yr. old with a run. Today I started the day off getting up early with my baby, now 1 yr. old, and danced.

And I canít think of any better way to start the day. Or the year.

So to sum the story up, this is a story about a girl who was once a fat girl, who knew nothing of the girl she would become. Then, she met HOPE.

Thank you everyone, for your support. If you are where I was, please know that there IS hope for you too. There is enough hope to go around.



Me and my husband on my birthday 10 yrs. ago vs. today.

A different view: me and my husband on my birthday 10 yrs. ago vs. today.

The Girl I would become (298 on the left, 228 on the right - 70 lbs. down)

The Girl I would become (298 on the left, 228 on the right - 70 lbs. down)

Me this morning with my daughter, Lucy, now 4. The girl who changed my life. OR rather, helped ME change my life.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TINNATEE 9/15/2010 11:45AM

    Great Pictures and great blog! Comparing your pictures, you can tell how much healthier you look and feel now, you are positively radiant! Way to go! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
VIRGOGURL4 9/14/2010 10:04PM


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TRABOLD8567 9/7/2010 12:14AM

  emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JULIENURSE 9/6/2010 6:32PM

    AMAZING... Congrats on your hard work and lifestyle change.

An inspiration... thank you very much!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HELMS321 9/6/2010 4:53PM

  I can totally relate to staying indoors all the time. I used to spend my entire day laying on the couch watching TV, only getting up to eat or use the bathroom.

I am proud of and inspired by you!! We choose this life instead! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MARTELLA3 9/6/2010 4:08PM

    Jesus said, "Behold I make all things new." Congratulations on your spiritual rebirth as well as your physical rebirth. You are experiencing His abundant life.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SOPHIETR 9/6/2010 9:10AM

    emoticon continued Good luck! and many blessings on your journey to success.

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANGELIKI110 9/6/2010 7:41AM

    Need I say that you also look ten years younger!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LADYBUG1061 9/6/2010 1:21AM

  Nice ...good for you!!Great job

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANNROBERTS54 9/5/2010 9:37AM

    What a blessed journey. With out it, you would not be who you are today. A great woman, wife, mommy and all around human being!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LIBBYL1 9/5/2010 1:08AM


Report Inappropriate Comment
SACGIRL 9/4/2010 9:24PM

    You are true inspiration!! What a beautifully written blog and what a beautiful family you have. Thank you for sharing your story :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
ASHLAU2403 9/4/2010 8:29PM

    I just got chills reading your blog! My daughters changed my life for me also. They continue to be my biggest source of encourgement and motivation. Great Job! I know that you will meet your goal.

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K__IERRA123 9/4/2010 6:09PM

    Congratulations! You have worked hard, and it is nice to see you can see aging positively!



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A-M-CARDIOCAT 9/4/2010 5:16PM

    Congratulations on finding true happiness and the strength within yourself to do what you are doing.

Keep up the emoticon work!!!

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INTOTHESOUTH 9/4/2010 3:45PM

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LAURIE404 9/4/2010 8:15AM

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your uplifting story. You have inspired me. Wow you look younger in your today picture!! I look forward to reading more.. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CAZADORES 9/4/2010 7:46AM

    A very touching post. Congratulations! I have no doubt you will reach your goals!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHICAT63 9/3/2010 9:52PM

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday !!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CAROLYN1213 9/3/2010 9:47PM

    You are amazing!!!!! My transformation started in a similar way in that it was a spiritual journey and realizing the girl that God created me to be and I never want to be anything less than the beautiful, fun loving, joy sharing woman he designed me to be. Happy Birthday beautiful!

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CMAXSON 9/3/2010 9:30PM


Report Inappropriate Comment
JEREMY723 9/3/2010 8:42PM

    You should be soooo proud of your self! What a wonderful life change. Keep enjoying it!:)

Report Inappropriate Comment
WEMINICH 9/3/2010 8:13PM


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SIA33444 9/3/2010 4:34PM

  That is an amazing transformation. I am so proud of what you have become the last ten years.

Report Inappropriate Comment
POLLKAT 9/3/2010 3:16PM

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday

Report Inappropriate Comment
AQUABUNNY 9/3/2010 3:05PM


Report Inappropriate Comment
JCWATL 9/3/2010 2:00PM

    You look not one day older! In fact, you might look younger this year than you did pack then. You also look healthier. I can see it in your face.

Congratualtions! What a great birthday.

Report Inappropriate Comment
KIMH239 9/3/2010 11:37AM

    So so so so happy for you! For you and your family! You and they are trully blessed. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I love a happy ending!!!!

Good luck on the rest of your journey!

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KARENE10 9/2/2010 6:52PM

    Happy Birthday! Great Blog! You are doing awesome:)

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOTTIE41465 9/2/2010 12:13PM

    Really great blog and congrats on your weight loss! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
FINDING_MELISSA 9/2/2010 11:09AM

    Your blog really hit home for me. I have two little girls- a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old. I want to be healthy for them. I lost 25 lbs. from January to June but really stalled out over the summer. Your blog reminded me of why I chose to take this journey. You reminded me that my two beautiful little girls are counting on me to be healthy. THANK YOU!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SKINNYMINNIE25 9/2/2010 10:27AM

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. The future starts w TODAY! (my new mantra). Keep up the work and the writing. You are inspirational and will have many followers.


emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MISSANTHROPY15 8/30/2010 1:45PM

    Lovely blog! Thank you for sharing and thank you for loving yourself!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEDDYBEARGIRL 8/27/2010 11:48PM

    Happy B-Day!!!!!!!

What a great blog!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEMPEST272002 8/27/2010 12:56PM

    What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday - by remembering and recognizing how far you have come! I think it's wonderful that your daughters were the inspiration to be fit and fabulous! You love your daughters so much & now you can express that love more fully with them. Play with them, run with them, laugh with them. What a wonderful gift you have given to them & yourself. Bravo!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    beautiful and inspiring. God is good :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANGELWENDYMAMA 8/27/2010 11:18AM

    Happy Birthday!! Love your post! Congrats on your progress and success!!! :)
If it wasn't for wanting a child so much I might never have started on a weight loss journey I needed for my own health, too. Now he's 3.5 and I have more to lose so I'm at it again. Never stopped trying and did maintain off 40 lbs of the 60 I lost before conceiving.. and then I went up 10 lbs this summer and had to stop it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SIDKROSE 8/27/2010 10:56AM

    You are so amazing, your blog actually made me tear up! Thank you for sharing your journey and just know, you inspired me!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SHERLYN-WILL 8/27/2010 9:35AM

    You are an incredible person... I love your smile. I love your energy you convey on your blogs and your status feeds. You are the woman God intended to be and His love shines through you!

What an absulutely amazing journey you have been on. You have a wonderful supportive daughter and 2 beautiful children God has blesses you with. You are doing this for them and God used Lucy to get you started.

BUT YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR YOU and you obviously have learned so many things along the way that you WILL keep this weight off. Praise God for his sweet love and ways that he uses to change us.

We serve an awesome God.

You celebrating your birthday morning by dancing with you baby is just so sweet!

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PRETTYPITHY 8/27/2010 1:49AM

    This is awesome! Congrats and happy birthday! Thanks for the inspiration.

Report Inappropriate Comment
TRAVELGRRL 8/26/2010 11:26PM

    You look AWESOME, and your daughter is beautiful. She is lucky to have a Mom who cares enough about her to take care of HERSELF. You will be around to see Lucy's children, and maybe even her children's children.

What an awesome birthday you had, and a perfect time for a look back. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Report Inappropriate Comment
SGTSUNNY 8/26/2010 10:12PM

    Great blog, wonderful story, looking forward to seeing the blog where you are at goal! Best wishes, hope you get there for your anniversary! And your DH reminds me of mine, sounds like a real sweetie. And Lucy is so very cute.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MOMTO6PLUS2 8/26/2010 9:08PM

    Fabulous blog! Thank you for sharing :)

and happy birthday to you, dear!

Report Inappropriate Comment
UNICORN212 8/26/2010 8:50PM

    I have tears in my eyes. Awesome story.

Report Inappropriate Comment
KATRIONAH 8/26/2010 8:39PM

    Happy Birthday, wonderful pictures. Sure was a lovely uplifting blog. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOOZINITNOW 8/26/2010 8:20PM

    Truly inspirational! You look fabulous and glowing!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SONGOFJOY27 8/26/2010 8:08PM

    Happy birthday! And congrats on how far you've come! Not just the weight loss (amazing!) but also how much you have changed from the inside out! Keep it up! You can reach your goals!

Report Inappropriate Comment
_COSMOPAULATAN_ 8/26/2010 7:58PM

    Yay! Congrats :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
DAISYDIVA74 8/26/2010 7:40PM

    That is a AWESOME blog!! Congrats on your sucess. You deserve all the happiness. This is a journey we are on and no the weight is not going to come off over night. God knows we put it there one bite at a time. You will reach your goal!! Happy Birthday again....And just think how many more you will have now that you are active and healthy!! What a wonderful gift for your husband and daughters!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KAYLAP101 8/26/2010 7:21PM

    Amazing, so inspiring! :)
Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

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