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Yay for me!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

today is weigh in day and I am now 214.5 pounds. I lost 4.6 pounds this week. woot!

I did not think I did that great this week, I only exercised once but I wrote down what I ate and dident eat anything particularly bad.

I'm back on track with my goal of being 200 or lower by new years. Happy me.

I know I was having a really hard time the last few weeks. thanks to everyone for all your words of encouragement, you really helped me keep things in perspective.

Have a Great Halloween !



A great day

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yesterday was a really nice day for me. I spent all day with my kids :-) I searched thru the closet and dressed Aiden up like a pirate. He kept running to the bathroom to look at himself and would laugh because I drew a little mustach and beard on him. we listened to spooky music while baking carrot cupcakes.

Yesterday afternoon we went out to a small halloween festival for kids under 12 at a local community center. Aiden got to play games and get candy and go thru a haunted house. There was hotdogs and chips and snow cones and popcorn there and I dident eat anything. I only let aiden have a hotdog because I dident want him to be full of junk and not want dinner.

we came home and I made a really yummy casserole with sweet potatoe, apple, turkey sausage, cheese, onions, salt, pepper, ginger and pie crust. (sounds a bit weird but sooooo good!) ... I knew aiden wouldent eat it so I took the extra pie crust and filled it with whole wheat pasta and cheese sauce, mixed with mashed sweet potatoes. MMMM macaroni and cheese mixed with sweet potatoes has an awesome taste! and the kids dont know the difference, I think I will make it like that from now on. .... We carved our pumpkin while dinner cooked. Lyra helped which was really cute. Then we put lyra to bed and Me, Andrew and Aiden ate dinner and a cupcake a peice while watching Old Halloween Micky Mouse cartoons. :-)

Im glad I got to do something for halloween with aiden. He wont be here this halloween because he goes to his biological fathers house this weekend :-( I have only ever got to go trick or treating with him once since he was born. It makes me kinda sad. In another two years He will be with me for halloween at least because it wont fall on a weekend in two years, So I can look forward to that.

Im taking lyra out trick-or-treating tomorow, that should be fun.


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JUDIA62 10/31/2009 12:32AM

  Precious moments! Thanks so much for allowing me to share them.
You and the children are so adorable and sweet. I can see that you are a good mother and that is wonderful. Your children look exceptionally healthy. WTG! I love it. Hugs, Judy

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FADEDONE 10/31/2009 12:18AM

    Oh my gosh, such a cute pirate! haha. And definitely sounds enjoyable..am glad. :) Hope the rest of your weekend fares even better!

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LOSINGJESS 10/30/2009 10:25PM

    thanks for the comments :-)

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LAURALIANA 10/30/2009 2:46PM

    that is so cute..i love those moments in life where everything is just simple and fun and it makes you appreciate your life.

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LADYHUNTER82 10/30/2009 11:48AM

    What a beautiful family and blog... thank you for sharing... you sound like a wonderful mother... have a Happy Halloween. DJ

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This week :-(

Saturday, October 24, 2009

well I have to admit I did do a bit better with my eating this week. I tracked my food and made mostly wise choices. I only exercised twice but to my credit it was for 40 minutes one day and 60 minutes the other. Its funny I feel bad about only working out two days because if I had of exercised 5 days this week for 20 minutes each time I would have felt good about it.... even though I exercised exactly the same amount of minutes.

Anyway, I ended up gaining 0.5 pounds this week. Its not alot but I want to have a really good week.

As the time gets closer and closer to christmas It gets harder and harder for me to stay on track. You know I dident think it would be this hard on me. It just seems that all the festive good holiday feelings I have engrained in me revolve around food some how. I saw pumpkin egg nog in the store yesterday and I really wanted to buy some but it was 400 calories for a small little bottle. I remember last year I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks from drinking egg nog and eating christmas cookies. I must have bought 4 or 5 gallons of egg nog within that period. It was a bad time for me.

I dont want to blow everything I have accomplished and Im sure if I slacked off a bit I could get away with the holiday season without gaining any weight. I still eat pretty well but there are all the little extras here and there that get ya. I really do want to lose some more weight this year.

Why is it so hard?

I really feel like a failer right at this point. I want to turn off spark people and go hide under a rock somewhere. Its really really hard for me to get up here and write this blog. I like being a success and everyone seeing me as a success and its hard to say, you know what Im doing bad right now, Ive gained some weight, Ive eaten badly. I know if I crawl under the rock.... the thing I like to do when I do badly I will end up back tracking ... I will be under the rock eating and trying to forget I gained weight... which in turn will make me gain more.

well I will try and check in throughout the week... I want to have a good week so I need to make myself more accountable.


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ATHENAFOREVER81 10/26/2009 10:34PM

    Congrats on staying with SP! Dont ever forget that you do have friends to help you stay motivated! What I usually do when I am struggling is read blogs about people's success, and of people who are really into fitness. You learn alot of information and seeing what they do sometimes inspired me to get up off of my bum! I have the same problem with the holiday treats! My weakness if for Hard Cider (apple cider with vodka) I bought a gallon of it this past weekend thinking well I will have a couple of glasses, but I didnt get to ABC in time for the vodka...lol. It still sits in my fridge.. but I know a little treat on halloween wont hurt me as long as its in moderation!

Dont worry about the .5 lb. If you are doing strength training you might have gained muscle and that will cause the scale to go up slightly before it comes back down!

Keep your head up and hang in there!!!

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LOSINGJESS 10/24/2009 3:29PM

    Thanks for all the great comments from everyone, It feels good to have people looking out for you. :-) I think I will start exercising every day for 20 minutes a day. Its not much to do 20 minutes and I think doing that instead of doing 40 minutes or an hour twice a week will be better for me... keeping me more on track.


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LADYIRISH317 10/24/2009 11:23AM

    I've heard it said many times that you're only a failure if you quit trying -- and you obviously haven't quit! Hang in there and let your Sparkfriends support you.

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FADEDONE 10/24/2009 11:15AM

    *hug* you'll do great next week -- plus that might have just been a water fluctuation. If not, at least it wasn't more. :) Half a pound can be dropped quick if you jump up and start moving.

Re: eggnog. I dont know if this is something you'd consider trying, but personally I LOVE soymilk based eggnog. This stuff: http://www.silksoymilk.com/products
/silk-seasonal/nog you can get at most grocery stores around this time of year, and especially in November/December. Now that I drink this stuff I can't go back to the regular. It's not calorie free but it's alot better than the regular stuff and ALOT less fat. If you do decide to try it, let me know! :)

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NEVERFORGET911 10/24/2009 9:59AM

    I have not been eating healthy through a holiday season yet. I started my quest at a better lifestyle in March.

I haven't had too many problems yet with staying with my program, even on my birthday. I think that's because I want this so bad. My biggest motivator is ME and your biggest motivator is YOU.

You can come here for support. You can come here for recipes. You can come here to get nutritional advice, workout plans and advice, but ultimately YOU have to want it.

What do you have within you, Jess? Do you have what it takes to turn away from the eggnog? Do you have what it takes to bypass those holiday cookies? I believe that you do.

It's all within ourselves, hon. Keep your positive attitude. Know how well you've done and how well you will continue to do. Know that he strongest ally you have is within yourself.

Congratulations on passing up the eggnog ... and congratulations on your 54 lb weight loss. That is awesome ... YOU are awesome ... and you are worth the battle ... don't ever forget that!!!!

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SJK1997 10/24/2009 9:21AM

  Something that always helps me is if I stay focused on exercising even about 20 minutes a day I get to the point where I want to eat better so I don't 'undo' my exercise...it also helps me feel slightly less guilty when I have a glass of wine

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Get your head on straight Jessica!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I havent really had my head on straight the last two weeks. I geuss I have just had my head wrapped around other things that I kinda pushed my health to the back burner. I know I cant do that.

I havent gained any but I havent lost any either. Im not saying I totaly gave up and went back to old habits because I dident. I still ate reasonable portions most days and reasonably healthy food most days, but I dident track what I ate, I dont know how many calories or points I ate and I only exercised maybe two or three times in the last two weeks.

My anniversary came around and I was doing alot of sewing because I was altering my wedding gown to wear to the ren faire. My other sister moved into our house so now we have 4 adults and two children living in a very small 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house. My sisters have been getting on my nerves too so there is a certain amount of stress Im feeling at the moment. To wrap all that up money is really tight so I havent had alot of food I like eating around... so I tend to want to eat double of the food I dont like to make up for the fact that I dont like it in the first place (if the makes any sense at all).

I went to the ren faire yesterday and I had a good time... I ate food that was not very good for me. I ate a bread bowl of broccoli cheese soup... I had 2 apple ciders at the faire.... I came home and ate 2 1/2 brauts and 3 cresent rolls and then had two more apple ciders with rum and buttershots.

It was a heavy eating day to end two weeks of not so good eating. I stepped on the scale this morning to find I had not lost or gained. Im ok with that.

I am off to a good start today. I exercised 40 minutes all ready, I ate a healthy breakfast, I already drank 3 glasses of water, and I took my vitamin.

I will reach my goal of 200 or under by new years! I am still pretty much on track to do it, I just need to step up my game and think about why I started this and finally finish what I started.

Im smaller, my pants fit better, I feel really good about me....... but Im still a fat girl, I still cant fit into the clothes I want to wear, I am still at a very unhealthy weight, Im still obease. I cant settle for mediocrity! I wont settle!

Im worth doing this.... I just need to get my head straight and realize it.


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FADEDONE 10/18/2009 11:09PM

    I relate to that last paragraph especially - I know I feel better than I do but I want to do SO MUCH MORE. So yea...lets not settle for less than total success. :)

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BRANDISMARG 10/18/2009 1:06PM


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Reached a small goal

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Well I weighed in yesterday morning and was surprised to find I had lost 6 pounds this past week! wow, I geuss really watching my food and keeping up with the exercised helped alot.

Im am now 218.7..... the 2teens! I have not been this weight since I was around 17 and I went from 180 - 310 in a year. Im 27 now so thats 10 years since I have been this size. ......... wow I feel old as crap now lol.

well anyway, I am feeling really good about myself and very thin...... well I was this afternoon anyway.... I went to the chinese buffet about an hour ago and I am feeling pretty stuffed right now.... even though I only went 10 points over what I am alloted for the day, I ate alot more than I normaly do so Im feeling quite bloated. blah.

Im feeling a bit guilty but I cant really beat myself up over it. You have to be able to work stuff like that in every once in a while.... you cant go on a "diet" and say oh Im never going to have chinese food for the rest of my life. I can work it in..... I did over do it a bit though, even though I was 100 times better than what I did before.... I only had like 3 fried cheese wontons, 1 teeny tiny peice of seasame chicken and 2 steamed dumplings from the fried traditional chinese food. The rest was sushi and hibatichi vegetables. uuuuugh... too much sushi!

well Im going to sleep of the food coma and have a great week! Im ready to make the push to 199! my next goal.


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SHERLYNN43 10/4/2009 6:16AM

    6 pounds!!!! YESSSSSSS! That's great!!!! Wait until you hit 199! We're gonna be doing the happy dance for sure!!! Keep going! You're doing a fantastic job, girl!

Sherri emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FADEDONE 10/3/2009 8:25PM

    Ok I could sooooo go for a cheese wonton right now. It would go nicely with the chocolate I just had. LoL. Chinese food is SO good though. I have to figure out more of how to eat healthy with it though. I tend to end up with lots of fried yumminess.

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MSDIAMOND600 10/3/2009 8:14PM


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