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Friday, July 24, 2009

I had a good day... I woke up early and made my husband pancakes and then I went back to sleep. I had a good day with the kids, I cleaned alot.... got my workout in, which I never do on fridays :-) and I dident even go over my points for the day. I feel like Im doing really well and am going to have a good weigh in tomorow.

This week is my first week not going to weight watchers meetings, I still feel motivated... maybe even more motivated than before.

I hope I have lost a few pounds tomorow. If not its ok, I still plan on working hard to reach my goals. I am really trying hard to get into my size 20 jeans. My belly is being a real bitch though.... this whole area around my stomach, hips, and ass is just hanging on.

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BRONXBABE 7/25/2009 12:54PM

    Hi, Jess!
You've got me craving pancakes now LOL!

SKINNY VIBES coming your way.
Good luck tomorrow.

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Eating Out

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We eat out entirely too much and we have made a vow to not eat out anymore and well since then we have eaten out several times.

I think my main problem is I get lazy sometimes and dont want to cook. Maybe a good perscription for the eating out problem is to have some easy back up meals tucked away so I dont have to complete a huge meal process and still dont have to go out and spend 20 - 50 dollars on take out food that is most likely going to get me in trouble as far as calories go anyway.

There are these voila meals that come in the frozen section at the store... we usually get the garlic and chicken pasta. You just throw it in a pan and add 1/4 cup of water and heat it up for 10 minutes. Its really easy and if I add 2 extra cups of frozen broccoli I can make a 2 serving meal stretch to 4 servings, which brings down the calories a bit more and makes our meal budget go farther.

I think I need to think about this stuff before it arrises so I am prepared with a smart solution.

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CHICKSTER2009 7/22/2009 4:00PM

    I know what you mean about the eating out. It's so easy to get into the habit to run and pick something up, but boy does it create havoc on our wallets and waistlines! emoticon

What type of things to you like to eat? You like sandwiches, casseroles, grilling, pasta? Let me know and I can give you some ideas! I work full time so I don't want to spend forever in the kitchen cooking, but I enjoy cooking, so most of my meals take be about 30 - 40 minutes to cook. emoticon

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So Different

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wow.... I Just was looking through the pictures of when lyra was first born, It was only this past november but I look at these pictures of myself and Im not even the same person. Its so weird because I dont feel any different .... I mean physically I feel great, I dont hurt anymore, I can get in and out of the bath tub with no problem, I can wash my entire back .... I can reach my left ass cheek with my right hand (there was so much back fat before I was having problems reaching the middle of my ass let alone the other side, tell me that wont cause some issues! ).

The biggest thing I think is my face, my cheeks were so full and I had the whole double chin thing going on and just look generally unhealthy. I dident realize it though. I realized I was fat and I realized I dident look good body wise but I never really noticed how big my face was, how bogged down I looked from being so overweight. It makes me sad to think of myself like that, it actually brings tears to my eyes to think of ever being that way again.

I have a long long way to go still but I can really say honestly I have come a long way so far even only losing 35 pounds. I feel better, I look better, I have cheek bones! Im excited to live the rest of my life and Im excited to see how I will look once I get to goal.

Is it weird that I am a bit affraid of what I will look like too? Dont get me wrong, I know I will look good, I know I will be happy with how I look but I cant help but have this small twing of fear inside of me. I dont know why but the closer I get to the 200 pound mark the more the fear grows. The fear of the unknown perhaps.... I have never been thin, I have never known what it feels like, I dont know what I will look like.... its all a surprise.

You know I looked at the pictures of lyra's first bath and my arms and hands looked so different then, alot more rounded.... My arms now are so much thinner... Its weird cause I look down and they dont feel like my arms or hands. I look in the mirror at myself sometimes and go "who is that?" Im starting not to even recognize myself! I think maybe thats what scares me.... its not really a fear more of a suspense, like I dont know whats going to happen next. I dont know what it is, I dont understand it, Im just trying to deal with it.

I wonder if anyone eles has ever felt like this.


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RGIRL86 11/21/2011 7:15PM

    Oh my god I'm not crazy for worrying about how different I will look when I lose weight. Thank you so much for posting this blog. I really did think I was the only crazy person who could have a fear of that unknown and what I would look like. So much of what you write sounds so familiar to my own feelings regarding my weight and life. Reading your story has really been reassuring to me that I can do this.

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6 months in .... Newbie

Monday, July 20, 2009

Someone on livejournal.com recomended this site to me after posting a blog about having to quit weight watchers. Im sad that I had to quit because even though I dident get too much information or support from the meetings (I think they could do better there) I did get the accountablity of being weighed in and the reset button factor. Its weird, I could do really bad for a week and maybe gain a little or maintain, and then once I set foot into that meeting and got weighed in, all the badness and lack of control that was associated with the previous week seemed to be washed away. Weird I know, but I geuss its just another one of thouse mental things that just happen.

Now Im stuck doing it on my own, Im still following the weight watchers plan because it works for me and I dont have to pay anything to keep eating the way I was eating before.

I like Sparkpeople.com so far, only problem is that its almost overwhelming. There is alot of information up here.... alot to do. I think It might take me a few days to discover all there is and exactly how to use the sight. I can use all the motivation I can get though so I will take it. :-)

I want to start doing more strength exercises along with the cardio I am already doing. Im starting out with leg exercises, squats, and crunches every other day. I really want to be able to fit into smaller clothing. My belly seems to be really resistant to everything I do and its making me look kinda odd. Everything eles has shrunk alot more and my hips and belly are just hanging on and looking as bad as ever in my oppion. I know that this is going to be my problem area and Im really going to have to work hard to get it in check. I need to start with getting all the muscle under the fat toned now so I dont maybe have to work so hard when I get all the fat gone.... plus maybe I will be able to fit into the size 20s I just bought comfortably.


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DAISY910 7/20/2009 7:55PM

    Way to go on your commitment to getting healthy! I know spark people is overwhelming at first, but I think you'll find it very useful once you find your way around.

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