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Hopes for 2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011

WOW! I just wrote a long blog. One false move and it vanished! I lost the whole stinkin thing!
It was a masterpiece! It was something I would love to look back at in the future, to remind me of all that's happened in 2011. I may try to write it again. It had flowed so well. I was excited to share so much with all of you. I don't know what I did, but it disappeared!

This time I'll put it simply. I don't have the energy to rewrite the whole thing. I'm going to leave out all that I accomplished in 2011, and just share my dreams and hopes for 2012.

1) Attain my goal weight of 130. I'm at 144.5. So 15.5 gone, 14.5 to go!

2) Maintain my new weight till 2013 and beyond!

3) Add another vegetable or fruit to my current 2/day. The goal being that I'll be having 5/day by 2013.

4) Exercise 5 days a week.

5) Add biking to my routine. (I started adding it this week. Up till now, since I had back surgery a year ago in September, I haven't been able to tolerate biking.)

6) Write most days in my Memoir

7) Read every day from my new study Bible, with the goal of growing spiritually

8) Talk with my four grown kids at least once a week.

emoticonHappy New Year!!!

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BABY_GIRL69 1/1/2012 12:18AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonGod bless & Happy New Year! Dee

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_JODI404 12/31/2011 11:11PM

    Darn that really stinks that you lost a long, wonderful blog!! emoticon

Your goal list for 2012 looks great!!!

I absolutely KNOW that you will reach your goals!! You've come so far, and already incorporated these changes into your lifestyle.

Congrats on all of your successes to date,and best wishes for much happiness and continued success in the new year!!

Happy New Year!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POOKASLUAGH 12/31/2011 10:03PM

    Good luck!

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RUNNERRACHEL 12/31/2011 9:57PM

    great goals! emoticon on what you've accomplished so far and here's to you reaching your goals emoticon

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MISSLISA1973 12/31/2011 9:49PM

    emoticonBest wishes for a happy 2012!

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A bump comes along with success!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. New Year's Day is just around the corner. My husband and I ordered our calendars off Amazon tonight. We'll have them by Thursday so I can write in all the birthdays and anniversaries of my family and friends. It's a ritual I learned from my mom. I get a chance to overview the events of the past year that I penciled in as they came up, while I read through and find the birthdays, etc, that I copy into the new calendar. We got a National Geographic calendar of Hawaii, since my son and his family live there. Next year we are hoping to visit them. We live in the South East, so it would be a monster of a trip. My husband doesn't like to fly, so he thinks we are going to drive to California and take the new Disney Cruise Ship to Hawaii and stay at their resort. Sounds like it's all a fantasy, so we'll see...
Personally I'd rather fly and then cruise, or even fly all the way. At any rate, the trip would be a challenge for me because of the time zone changes. 5! The problem with that for me is my medicine schedule is very set. I'm on 4 meds for bipolar and if I change them, or get my sleep schedule messed up, I can have problems with symptoms of mania and/or depression. My hubby says, "so what, we'll just deal with that if it happens." He seems to be forgetting how sick I get, though I don't know how he could, since I had put him through hell for 20 years until I got on the right "cocktail" of medicines. We'll see. . .

Well, I was determined not to gain weight as they say the average person does (usually 5 lbs.) over the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I didn't expect to lose, just not gain. But I have had God's help and have lost 3.5 pounds so far in that period, though I have one more week to go. I don't do any partying for the New Year. We don't go out, don't drink, don't have a New Year's Day dinner. So I don't expect any problems. The next big food event is SuperBowl Sunday. But I can make healthy chili for that.

I did have my first binge since I started SP 5 months ago. It happened on Christmas Eve. But Christmas Day I was under on calories. Christmas Eve I got into the cookies and candy. I actually over ate by 1000 calories that day. But on Christmas day I didn't eat any cookies or candy. Had a half slice of pumpkin pie without the crust. This Christmas I didn't bake any cookies but my neighbor sent over 5 lg containers of cookies. I'd placed a big plate of assorted cookies on the counter for guests to graze on. How naughty of me. I stared at them too long and in a moment of stress I gave in. So last night after all the company left, I dumped all my neighbor's cookies into the garbage. No need to keep them around and my kids didn't want to take them home. I only saved a tin of some my husband liked for him. On Christmas Day my girls and their children took over the kitchen and baked traditional sugar cut out cookies, my weakness. I didn't even eat one. My granddaughter decorated a special one for me. A star with a star cut out of the middle. Which she cut out especially for me. I put it on a plate and set it aside. When the rest of my family left today, they took every cookie, except my star, they also took the ones my hubby liked. Today as a planned snack, I ate that one cookie, savored it and was ever so thankful that the rest were not around, because I can never eat just one of those iced, sprinkled sugar cookies!

I hope you all are being successful avoiding the hazards of the holidays!

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CAROLYNINJOY1 12/27/2011 7:16AM

    Bravo for you on your loss & for planning ahead for travel.

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_JODI404 12/26/2011 10:11PM

    Congratulations on losing 3.5 lbs during the holiday season!!! emoticon

That is quite an accomplishment in my opinion!!! Way to Go!!

Well, even though you may have had too many cookies on the 24th, you balanced in out on the next day. I'm sure it will all work out just fine. I read a really good blog on this topic:


I think I did really well overall. The scale has stayed right within a 1 lb range, and that always has a little fluctuation up and down which I don't regard.

I also won't have any real celebration or temptations on New Years. Hubby will be working, which is fine with me. I much prefer a quiet New Years at home these days.

Congratulations on your success! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CALICO_CHLOE 12/26/2011 10:04PM

    Congratulations ON getting back on track and not beating yourself up over the binge. We all have them the trick is how we handle them and you did Great

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It's got to be a gimmick!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OoooKayyyy, My husband heard about P.I.N.K. Method. Said it was on Dr Pil. I don't understand why but he said I should look it up online. He said it's mostly about diet. And there's a video available on my iPhone safari, and he thought if I saw the type exercises they were doing, I may get some ideas for what to do. I looked it up knowing I would not abandon my SparkPeople connection, but I had to educate myself to let him know what I think. He has been supportive, but maybe he thinks I'm not satisfied with slow weight loss. Whatever. I have to now tell him that it's a fad diet. They use shakes and soups as some meal replacements, and you have to spend money to get the program. I think any plan that makes you buy something to find out their method is not a real option for me. Not because I can't afford it, but I think it's a gimmick. I'll bet you do lose weight, but quickly and not permanently. There's an online support network and tracking devices, but I have found something that works for me, why would I even consider another "plan"?

He's just trying to help, I can't fault him for that. I love him for thinking about me.


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CALICO_CHLOE 12/23/2011 12:56PM

    Sparks lets you do things your way . They give you the advice and recommendations but then its up to you to make your decisions. You can on occasion follow hubbys advice if you have researched things and you like what you see without chosing anything over Sparks. Im glad your hubby shows interest, that is nice.

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XRSIZE18 12/23/2011 1:24AM

    I feel like TV shows like the Biggest Loser have been a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they're inspiring, but a curse because now if I don't lose 14 pounds in one week, other people are disappointed in the "slowness" of my weight loss.

Don't get sucked into the fad. Tell your husband you love how he's supporting you but you just don't think it's the right system for you.

You are doing great!

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BABY_GIRL69 12/21/2011 4:05PM

    I mean you could incorporate shakes & soups into your meal plan right now. Spark meal plans even call for making your own soups. I mean if they gave you a trial period I might try it but to come right out the box paying when its all free here its kinda bananas....Thats just me...

God bless & Merry Christmas!


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CHIEF_GEEK 12/21/2011 11:04AM

    I would agree with you too LORILEEPAGE. It is great to have support, even if it is a little miss guided at times.

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AMANDASHRINKING 12/21/2011 10:49AM

    atleast he is trying but I know personaly my loss is slow (now) but it is always a loss becuase this is not a fad it cost no extra money and its easy ...I LOVE SPARKS ( like I never said that before)

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_JODI404 12/21/2011 10:44AM

    I agree. Someone at work is doing this and told me to check it out. I didn't look too far, as I mainly saw it as workout DVD's... of which I have SO many that I already need to use!
People do want faster results -- but they are guaranteed not to last if they are not maintained by your lifestyle-- forever basically! My gym membership is about the only $$ I am willing to spend, and even that I could let go if I needed to.
To each his own I guess.... but not for me!
You WILL get there. The less you have to lose... the slower it goes!! As long as you are trending downward, you are doing Awesome!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I need pointers for goal setting

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm not quite healed up well enough to do aerobics, so I am doing ST. Different parts of my body every other day. I get in a moderate pace walk 4 days a week, too. Just want to keep the metabolism from slowing down. I've been sick for two weeks now and with antibiotics I'm hoping I'll be back in full force soon.

I have a question for you. How do you set good goals? I started SP with a few general goals. But I feel like I should set specific small goals. What are some good goals. I've been in this for almost 5 months, have lost 14 lbs and have 16 to go. Just giving you an idea of my pace. Kinda 1/2 lb per week. I swim laps, I walk and I do a circuit DVD by Jillian. I record my food and exercise faithfully. Since I've been sick and will soon get back into things, I want help to set some goals.
Oh, and my eating has been great during this illness. Even lost 1 1/2 lbs the first week.

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_JODI404 12/19/2011 7:35PM

I hope you are continuing to feel better!

Unfortunately, I'm not really good with goal setting. I just overall try to get my exercise, eat healthy foods, drink my water, and get my sleep : all the basics. I know the results will come if I keep up with the basics.

However, this is a good question, and I know I just read a Spark article on this subject very recently. I did a search and found these three articles, which I hope may be helpful to you:

Are Your Fitness Goals Realistic?
Forget Failure. Set Yourself Up for Success!

Use Smart Goal-Setting Techniques
All Weight Loss Goals are Not Created Equal

Do's and Don'ts of Goal Setting

I think you are doing great! 1/2 lb /week is very solid progress to me. Slow, steady, healthy & maintainable will bring you lasting results!

Take good care ~~ don't overdo it with that bronchitis!! I know how it is to be raring to go for fitness, but not really up to the task. You'll get there!


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BLUE42DOWN 12/18/2011 4:31PM

    I usually start by looking at which habit(s) I want to change or strengthen.

For example, this last month I was noticing that I usually have to struggle to get my protein up over the minimum without going over in fat or carbs or calories. So I set a goal to increase my protein intake this month.

In this case, I really wasn't sure how easy or hard it would be - so I stuck to a simple "increase" which I measure by seeing how my average each week looks to last month's average. Next month I might decide on a number and actually shift my nutrition page to the higher numbers.

Another thing is long-term goals. We usually know we want to get down to XXX weight. But there might be other things we want to aim for - ability to do a full, normal pushup or situp, for example. The best long-term goals can be broken down into specific short-term goals that will help us reach them. A full normal situp might start with just doing 2 sets of 12 crunches every other day. Once we do those with relative ease we can bump up to 15 crunches per set. Then we might try doing 3 sets or doing them 5 days out of 7. And so on.

A last thing is streaks. Many people find them a great way to really have something every day to aim for, something to keep all their actions prominent in mind. I actually try to avoid goals that say "every day" or "streaks" as goals for one reason - if something wildly unexpected prevents me one day, the goal is kaput. It can be heartbreaking to break a streak over being sick one day or because we miscounted. Instead, I personally tend to decide that I will only allow myself 2 or 3 misses, preferably not taken, to doing something every day. (I treat them like sick days at work - bad to take, but sometimes necessary.)

Most important is finding goals that work with and for you. Just because someone else has great success with a goal does not mean it will fit you.

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POOKASLUAGH 12/18/2011 3:10PM

    I like to make daily goals and longterm goals. I have daily goals like "eat two fruits every day" or "eat two veggies every day" or "floss every day" or "eat out no more than twice each week." Long term goals are more like "do the C25K program to run a 5k in March."

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Comfort food tonight. . .

Friday, December 16, 2011

I ought to start feeling better now that I'm on antibiotics and have some cough medicine for bronchitis.

This morning I'd had enough and decided it was time to get to the Dr, but when I called my PCP's office, I couldn't get an answer. Then my husband reminded me that they'd sent a letter informing me that they were moving. I looked at the letter and sure enough today was one of their moving days. Closed. So I decided to get to the Urgent Care place that's five minutes from my house. No real wait. Had a nice Doc. She was thorough and took great care to look up and determine which medicines I can use while on all the Psych meds I'm on. Since I'm on four, there are few options. The bad ones could cause heart problems if I took them.

I appreciate all your well wishes, I'm ready to get well!

When I was at the grocery store getting my medicine, I passed by things like donuts with Christmas sprinkles (I have a weakness for sprinkles) and I saw Red Velvet cookies (red velvet is another weakness.) I passed them by with some effort. I haven't had much of an appetite, but finding out I had an illness other than a simple cold makes me want comfort food. So instead, I bought myself the ingredients for crockpot chicken stew. I came home and put it all in the crockpot in time for it to be ready for dinner. When my husband came home early from work, I needed to go to the mall so I could give my hairdresser her Christmas card and gift card to Starbucks. Once there, we saw that the food court wasn't too busy. No surprise since it was 3:30. I decided that I wouldn't mind eating some Shoney's Canadian flounder and onion rings. I justified the fried dinner with Oh, I haven't had a fried dinner for over 3 months. And Oh, I haven't had enough calories the past few days. SO I did end up with a comfort food after all. I'll have chicken stew tomorrow and for 4 days more.

I noticed something tonight. The last two times my hubby has ordered a sandwich, he's chosen wheat bread over white! He's jumping on the bandwagon. And he drank water with his meal.

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XRSIZE18 12/18/2011 12:40AM

    Hope you are feeling better!

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_JODI404 12/16/2011 6:27PM

    I really hope that the meds will have you feeling better soon!

That sinus infection I had lasted for 6 weeks! I feel the Dr.'s didn't treat it right, and resulted in 4 different rounds of antibiotics (I HATE them too!!) and then with the last round Prednisone, which I should have had in the first place. It was miserable, and I had almost no fitness minutes that whole time! But what can you do other than take care of yourself, rest, and try to get better!

And I also had little appetite, but always ate to have "gas in my gas tank" as I call it when sick. But I did crave some comfort food. Didn't have much, but Chick-fil-A waffle fries (and chicken soup) may have been the first greasy fast food that I've in several years. (That salt did feel good on my throat though! ;)

Take care, and hopefully you will be on the mend quickly. Rest all you can!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 12/16/2011 6:28:52 PM

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