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Party went well!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Doing pretty good, my cold is on the downswing.

Last night, I went to a birthday party after we took my mother-in-law to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I don't have much appetite so I ate very little. This is a good thing because I didn't work out that day. I didn't quite reach my calorie goal.

I saw a lot of friends that I haven't seen in a year. It's kind of a strange thing that I went to this party, but it was for an old friend who I used to be close to. She turns 50 today. The reason I haven't seen these women for a year is that I left their church. Not on bad terms with any of them, so that part wasn't awkward. This is a pretty tight knit group. I felt welcome. I really miss these people. Has some nice conversations and enjoyed myself. I felt more confident in myself because I am close to God and knowing he loves me is all I need to feel confident in life.

I wasn't tempted to graze at the table out of anxiety as i would once have done. So I hope this trend continues throughout this party season.

It made me feel great to have two women say out loud in front of the whole group as we were sitting around watching Patti open her gifts,"You look great, Lori" and one of them said it again about 10 minutes later!


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_JODI404 12/8/2011 12:45PM

    So glad to hear you are conquering the cold!!

Glad you had a nice time at the party, visited with dear friends, and triumphed over the food table!! Way to Go!!

Those compliments are so wonderful to hear!! My boss just noticed my weight loss this week, and gave me several nice compliments. She seemed surprised she hadn't seen before... but was quite complimentary.

Hope you can enjoy your walk today! Take care! emoticon emoticon

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KARIDIAN1 12/8/2011 10:05AM

    Sounds like you had a great time!

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What do I do?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What do I do?

I just started a cold last night.

I've heard that you don't exercise the first few days of a cold, unless you feel up to it. Not to exercise when you have a fever. But in general there's no harm in working out when you have an upper respiratory infection. Anything below the neck, don't exercise. is that what you've heard, too?

What do you do when you have a head cold?

I have such a hard time not exercising for a few days, but my husband believes I should cool it for a few. I really don't feel up to exercising, is that ok?


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_JODI404 12/6/2011 11:33PM

    Hope you feel better soon!! I do not exercise when I am sick. I take my food down to a low level for being 100% sedentary and rest, and sleep as many extra hours as I can.
If your body doesn't want to... don't force it. That's my 2cents.... but you're a smart cookie, so I know you will figure out what is best for you!

Take care and feel better! Tons of water & tons of rest!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JUST2MUCH2 12/6/2011 9:44PM

    Someone mentioned taking medications for your cold. I'm assuming they meant OTC medication (over-the-counter). Please check w/your meds provider if you are taking any medication, esp. psych meds before taking any medications, even herbal ones or supplements as they can interfere w/the effectiveness of your current medications or have a bad interaction.

Just call your meds provider to double check before taking anything not prescribed!

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BABY_GIRL69 12/6/2011 9:01PM

    It depends on how your head is feeling. I would do something light but get your rest. Don't push yourself int doing something that will make you worse...

God bless & enjoy everyday!


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HDHAWK 12/6/2011 7:35PM

    Listen to your body and rest if you need to or do some easy exercise. Keep your food in check and a few days won't hurt.

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BLUE42DOWN 12/6/2011 4:11PM

    One extra thing to bear in mind - if you take any medications for the cold they can have effects on your body. The one I quickly see mention of is decongestants, which can increase your heart rate. Working out, and increasing it more, could mean your heart works extra hard and you end up light-headed.

The other thing, of course, is respect for others. Heading to the gym means potentially spreading germs on every surface you handle and into the air, and if you're at a contagious point, that's not very nice.

So be as active as you physically feel you can be. Maybe that's just getting up and walking around the house rather than hiding under the blankets all day. (And if you do end up in bed most of the day, do note that your BMR is based on normal levels of activity. Eat well for health, but keep the calorie range more in keeping with being completely sedentary that day.)

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MARTHASPARKS 12/6/2011 2:58PM

    Listen to your body. Rest some and get better. emoticon

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POOKASLUAGH 12/6/2011 2:48PM

    Completely okay to rest if your body doesn't feel up ot exercise. I've pushed through illnesses before and made myself worse, and you don't want to go through that! Take a few days to recover, drink lots of liquid, and only get back to the exercise when you're ready. Take it easy!

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JQUIBELL 12/6/2011 2:42PM

    As long as you feel you have the energy, go for it!
But if you don't, take a couple of days off and jump back in refreshed when your energy returns.

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FLAXEN 12/6/2011 2:37PM

    I would listen to your body - take a day or two until you feel better, but just get right back to it after you feel better. Hope you feel better soon!

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Dragging today

Monday, December 05, 2011

I have felt draggy again today. I think I am starting a cold. I did walk in the morning and also did my circuit training DVD this afternoon. It's not good for me to get sick because my one job is being a companion/driver for a 90 year old woman. I can't expose her to illness. I've always loved this job but lately I'm bored with it and am having a hard time putting my heart into it. I guess if I have to take off work for this cold, I won't mind at all. That is, if I am really getting a cold.

Hubby and I had our weekly date tonight. I find I've started automatically asking for the whole wheat roll for my sandwich. I also have hung on to the mayo in my Firehouse Hook and Ladder sub, but tonight I tried it without and it was pretty good. Saved myself a couple hundred calories that way. After we ate at the mall, we walked around for an hour and did some decision-making about what to get for our children and grandchildren for Christmas. We didn't buy anything yet, but we got a lot of ideas.

Tomorrow is my swimming day. I hope I feel well enough to go.

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CALICO_CHLOE 12/6/2011 11:23PM

    Good job on the sandwich, especially when you arent feeling well

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MISSLISA1973 12/5/2011 9:05PM

    Get well soon!

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POOKASLUAGH 12/5/2011 8:50PM

    I hope you're not getting sick. :(

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_JODI404 12/5/2011 8:19PM

    Hope that you are not getting sick!! Take Care!!

emoticon emoticon

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Reality check. . .extending estimated date for final goal weight

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Dragging today. I just realized i didn't have any protein for lunch. Only Tomato Basil Bisque Soup and a tomato/cucumber/red onion salad. That's probably why I'm dragging.

I enjoy keeping track of my food and exercise on my iPhone App for SparkPeople. I usually have accumulated over 25 points before I even log in to this site. So first thing that pops up is the bonus spin wheel. Fun!

Today I finally got real about how slow I'm losing weight. I'm doing as many workouts that I feel i can in a week, and eating the lowest healthy calorie range. But I lose only about a half pound a week. I'd started out with my goal weight reached around mid February. But it's taking twice as long, so, I entered my info again into my app and it turns out I may take until at least mid May. At least that is Spring and I'll be able to shed all the bulky clothing of winter and show off my new trimmer self. I may even be able to buy a new one-piece swimsuit with the racer back, The kind I can't wear yet. I wear board shorts and a tankini top. But May sounds so far away. In the scheme of things, that really doesn't matter because this isn't like a diet that ends when the last pound is lost. It's become a way of life and I just happen to be losing weight as time goes on.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_JODI404 12/4/2011 8:21PM

    In the big picture, Feb / May ... not a big difference to me at least. (Speaking only for myself.... I know we all want results!!). I don't believe in timelines, but it's fine if it works for you. I just believe in making the right choices, doing the right thing, and letting the results come whenever they will. Sometimes it's snails pace, and sometimes it's so fast I can't figure out how it happened! Even though it's supposedly calorie in/ calorie burned simple math -- it is deceptively mysterious when it comes to that scale.

I just believe in doing the work, and also trying to focus on all those wonderful NSV's.
Quoting from one of today's Sparticles: "Even if the scale isn't budging, that does not mean that you're not making major progress toward losing weight and getting healthier. You can lose inches, get fitter, gain lean muscle mass, drop body fat, become better hydrated, look better and feel more energized without the pounds budging at all.. Remember that the scale tells you only one thing: the total mass of all your body parts at a given moment. Don't put too much stock into it.

You are so right -- It's a lifestyle!! And you are doing great! Hang in there, that crazy scale will show you the numbers you want as long as you keep at it! Keep on Sparking and don't be discouraged. I KNOW you can do it!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HDHAWK 12/4/2011 8:18PM

    I know what you mean. I swear I can't seem to get started because I feel like it will take so long to lose. That's kind of silly considering the first time I lost this same weight it took 3 months to lose 28 lbs. Not too bad in the scheme of things. At least you're losing and are more likely to keep it off because you're losing slowly.

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Holiday challenges and goals

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Fighting to keep a tight reign on my schedule for exercise this challenging month of December.

Yesterday I had to work both jobs. I made a decision to walk in the morning, which was a good move since I was short on time between jobs.

When I got home at 10 pm we had company. My husband had watched Emily's babies while I worked. Ajax, 2 1/2 and Daisy, 10 months old. He had them in bed sleeping and Em and her hubby were back. They all slept over and in the morning they left for a brunch with artists. (they are artists, too.) So we were babysitting again.

I had planned on getting my walk in sometime today. But I started fretting about how was I going to do it with our responsibilities. I wanted to spend time with the little ones. They live in our city, but I see them about once a week. Not enough. They grow up so fast. My hubby wanted to go to the mall to let them play in the children's area. I thought, oh, no, I want to stay home and walk, but I should go, too. Then it occurred to me that I could leave them with Duane to play, while I took a few laps around the mall. At least I was being flexible. I quickly took a 20 minute walk and then joined them back at the play area. We wandered through the mall for another hour. That didn't really count, but the 20 minute walk was brisk. It was early in the morning so there weren't other shoppers to dodge, making for an easier chance to keep up a good pace.

We ate at the food court and I did like they do on the Biggest Loser...I had Subway. We went home and I waited for a chance to get a longer walk. I was behind on my minutes to reach my goal for the week, since I only exercised 5 days; I was determined to make up for it today.

When I got my opportunity, I hesitated. I felt bad leaving him with the kids again, but he knew how important it was for me and encouraged me to go. He knew I'd be happier if I did it. I'd felt like crying. I get an anxiety when we are babysitting any of our grandkids. I have no idea what I'm anxious about, but it makes me want to feed my face. I kept drinking water and diet soda so I could be putting something in my mouth that didn't have calories. I finally just put on my hoodie and shoes and set my timer and took off walking. The air was brisk, and so was my walk. Walked an hour, and I got over that urge to cry and urge to eat. I now have a pleasant fatigue that comes from exercising in fresh air (which I also feel after taking a swim in cool water) Em's little family has now gone home and I have time to Spark for a while.

My goals for the month are:

1. to increase my daily activity by 10 minutes. I read on the calendar called 31 Days to Healthier Holidays, posted on SP, that 10 minutes of extra intense exercise added to each session of exercise you usually do, can ward off the weight gain associated with the holidays.

2. to treat this like a regular month. I allow one sweet a day usually, and that will continue to help me in navigating through the days I'm exposed to the cookies and candies that are around. Which leads into number

3. I will drastically cut back on the usual baking I do for Christmas. I figure that the reason I bake is out of a sense that I don't want to lose the tradition my grandmother and mother taught me; Christmas isn't Christmas without certain cookies and candies. But I've noticed that the things I find to be meaningful end up in my mouth and around my waist. My kids aren't partial to any of my Christmas favorites that are tradition for me. None of them really eat a whole lot of sugar. (I'm proud of them for that!) So why should I have all these around?! Only I am tempted by them. One tradition I may continue is the cutout sugar cookies, which my daughters and grandchildren like to make in my kitchen on Christmas eve and they all sit around the table and decorate them with sprinkles and frosting. I learned this from my mother. We would make a triple batch and bring out a tray of them for dessert after supper every night before and after Christmas. We made them a couple of weeks before Christmas. Sadly, I have a real weakness for these cookies. My cookie cutters are the big ones, so one cookie has who knows how many calories! Maybe I'll invest in some smaller cutters. My kids would be content if I reduce and make only 1/2 batch. Not too many cookies. Then I can send them home with their families. I'll have to keep a couple though. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them!

I don't have a weight loss number in mind. I don't want to stress about that but just focus on getting my exercise and eating my new usual healthier way. The weight loss will come, that's become my attitude now. My work will pay off.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BABY_GIRL69 12/3/2011 6:05PM

    Sounds you have a plan of attack for the month of December. I don't back but did buy some cookies to decorate with my son & grandson. They don't want to eat them but they like to have something to do. I might start but like you said, we still have almost half of the caramel cake we had for Thanksgiving. Made 4 pies, only 1 left I froze that one. So I am safe, I did buy some frosted cookies & they were so good! I had one for lunch yesterday & it was so good. I put the rest of them in the frig.

God bless & you can do it!


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CALICO_CHLOE 12/3/2011 5:29PM

    You have a great plan for avoiding the pitfalls of the holiday season. I am glad you do see the value of your exercise to your mood and well-being. You really are doing a great job

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_JODI404 12/3/2011 5:16PM

    Glad you got your walk in outdoors and feel that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction afterwards!!

I think the cookie plan is good. Smaller cutters, enjoy some within the limits you set, and send lots home with them! It sounds like too much fun to miss out on that choice that you've picked!

"just focus on getting my exercise and eating my new usual healthier way. The weight loss will come, that's become my attitude now. My work will pay off." .... SO TRUE. That's my philosophy too!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 12/3/2011 5:17:22 PM

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