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Go Sugar Free. . .Who Me??

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have a serious love affair with sweetness. Not just sugar, but sugar substitutes. I was talking with my 20 year old son about it and he encouraged me to enjoy my coffee for the flavor of coffee, not for the sweetness of the sweetener I put in it. And to eat my greek yogurt without sweetener. (Yuck, I'd rather go without the greek yogurt) And to drink tea without sweetener. (I think I'd rather not) He said I was too negative without even trying it. That I'm assuming I won't like it. He said I should just enjoy foods for their natural flavor without covering it up with sweetness.

Well, I'm having my first iced coffee sans sugar. I can do this! But instead of greek yogurt for my protein in the morning I think I'll have some cottage cheese with my fruit. (I'll stop putting sweetener on my cereal, too.) I'm going to get some lemon to make lemon water, since I get tired of just water. I'm used to having a bottle of diet Mountain Dew every morning, and a glass or two of diet caffeine free Mountain Dew in the afternoon. I have an oral thing where I have to have something in a glass next to me all day. But water gets boring. I want to think I can get rid of this sweet addiction. Have you been successful with this kind of change? Help me here. . .I'll gladly hear your suggestions!

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SHERIO5 6/18/2012 8:23AM

    I'm with you on loving sweet things! I used to drink the super-sweet international coffees and lattes, but since have found I really enjoy really rich, dark coffee, no sugar, no milk...I love the taste of different beans!!! I'd have never known if I hadn't given up the sugar! The same goes for teas...I like to experiment with different types, and it makes me appreciate the flavors.

I don't do sugar substitutes, they mess with my digestive system...but I still haven't found a good substitute for dark chocolate! Good luck trying out, maybe you'll discover some new tastes?

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POOKASLUAGH 6/17/2012 8:45PM

    The less you use the sugar, the less you need it. The natural sweetness of food starts to come out. That's one big thing I discovered over the last few weeks of eating mostly whole/real foods. I do still add honey to my Greek yogurt (about 1 tbsp per cup), which sweetens it enough that it doesn't taste like sour cream! But mostly I just let the foods do their own sweetening. :)

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GONEWLIFE 6/17/2012 4:48PM

    I am addicted to sugar as well... but for coffee I found it very easy to eliminate sugar many years ago...just a few cups without sugar and then \i found the taste with sugar gross...hope that works for you too ! good luck !

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BRATT6504 6/17/2012 4:46PM

  I am totally the same way. What would i do with out sweetness. I am trying to cut back slowly. I found a lot of the sites recipes are able to satisfy that with the negative things.

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Less of the iPhone more Freggies

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am so excited! Everything y'all said to help me yesterday really helped!Including the HUGS you sent. Partly, I helped myself by writing down my thoughts and coming to the conclusion that I was worried about what my son thought of me. But the real help came when you mentioned that my life is what it is and if I just be myself, he'll love and respect me for it. Thanks for that, my spark friends.

Today, I haven't been snacking and munching over any weird emotions. I've felt like I could be myself in front of him. I'm having a successful day!

Last night, while we were sitting in the living room, my son commented to hubby,"Mom is always on her iPhone." My hubby agreed. But my son said,"that's ok, though." I defended myself saying I needed to track a lot, since I eat several small meals a day. I didn't include how I always check each email as it comes in (my phone dings for every email, and I get emails every time someone comments on my blog or a status post.) I like to text my kids and send emails to friends. I check the temp outside, I check pinterest, I look at Facebook throughout the day, there are so many things to do on an iPhone. But truthfully I feel a slave to it. This morning I had a bad dream that I dropped my cell phone and the screen shattered and I woke up crying about it! HELLO! Wake up call here...I am too attached to my phone for sure! I resolved to just check my emails twice a day, and Facebook once a day. I'm not even carrying it with me to every room and checking the time! I did take it on my walk this morning to time the walk and listen to my iPod. But usually I check every email that pops up or push notification from FB. Today, I feel FREEDOM! I'm finding other things to do with my time. I want to prove to myself that I don't HAVE to do all those things all of the time!

I'm planning on tracking twice a day. Once will be to see how many calories I have left for supper and my evening snack. I know how much to eat for breakfast and lunch, I usually eat about the same thing each day. But I need to be exact at the end of the day. Then after my last snack of the day I'll record the end of the day.


There's a SparkFriend I have who has lost some weight lately, at a quicker rate than she had been for quite some time. She attributed it to the fact she's gone for 3 to 5 freggies
each day. I tend to have 3 myself and am actually not losing. I tell myself I've reached my low and say I am content with that, but I really haven't reached my goal yet. Maybe if I increase my intake of freggies I'll see a difference. My son just started using a juicer. It is at our house for now. I don't like the taste of the juice he's making, but I'm sure if I find a different recipe, I might actually like it. I don't know, I'm just toying with the idea for now. Fact is, he's probably going to take it with him tomorrow. It belongs to my son in Hawai'i. It cost hundreds of dollars so I can't picture my hubby going out and buying one for us, but stranger things have happened.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_JODI404 6/15/2012 11:04PM

    Way to go on deciding to set some boundaries that make you feel better about what you are doing... and feeling FREEDOM!!

That is awesome! It's great to be connected with all this technology, but it can be bad when it becomes consuming. It is all about balance. Setting time limits, or # of times to check is a great idea!

Freggies will definitely help fill you up better! My smoothies really help fill me up and keep my snacking way down.

Best wishes as you continue to work on finding just the right balance in your life!
emoticon emoticon

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YIWEN39 6/15/2012 7:56PM

    Congrats on your efforts to find "freedom" :-) As for the freggies, why not trying smoothies instead of juices? They taste better (I think) and they have more fiber! Have a great weekend ;-) emoticon

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POOKASLUAGH 6/15/2012 4:05PM

    Periodically I feel like I've grown too addicted not just to my phone but to my computer. It beeps at me for every email and such, too. When I was on my cruise a few months ago, there were almost two weeks when I had no internet access except once a day for 5 mins. It was just too expensive to have more than that. At first, it was like itching - I was constantly feeling like I needed to check my mail, but couldn't, which was annoying! But by the end of the two weeks, I loved it. Now, I'm adjusted back to using all my technology too much, but i have a feeling it's always just going to be that way except when I'm on vacation. I'm hoping the two weeks I spend in WI this summer I'll be able to put my phone and computer away except in the morning and evening. I spent too much time with them last year!

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An Emotional Eating Episode

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've been happy today. Mostly. Today is beautiful weather and I'm due to get out and walk. I need to get out of the house so I don't keep eating. My 20 year old is visiting these last couple of days and he makes me on edge, feeling like i want to be liked by him. He can be critical and judgmental, but I know he loves me. I just get all nervous and feel like I need to be available every minute to give him my attention and appreciation for being around. I think maybe I'm trying too hard to be liked by him. I try to make up for all the bad times he experienced when I was manic or depressed and didn't give him any attention. I think I feel guilty for that.

Wow. I was struggling with eating all because of those emotions. I used this blog to air my emotions and was able to reveal these things to myself. It kinda all just came together while I was typing. I hope you all don't mind being my sounding board. If anyone experiences anything similar I hope you can tell me that you have overcome this kind of thinking and attraction for eating for emotional reasons like I have done.

You all are right. I do continue to need my spark family. You all are great for listening to me. Thank you for all your kind and helpful words when you respond to my blogs and status posts. You're the best!

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    emoticon emoticonIts hard to put emotion into a blog and share but you are one of those people that knows we will always be here for you and even if we cant make it better we are here to listen emoticon emoticonluv ya girly it will all be ok!!!

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SHERIO5 6/15/2012 2:43PM

    I'm glad that blogging helped you to learn more about yourself, your reasons for eating...I feel like that is the biggest hurdle for me, and writing about it DOES help.

I think every Mom struggles to some degree with guilt over how she did or didn't parent her kids...we can't do anything about the past, but we can do our best with the present! It sounds like you are trying to do that with your son, maybe you can invite him to join you on one of your walks, or other exercise? I think it can be good to share some of what we learn with our families, if they are open.

I think at some point your son will realize that you love him, and that you did the best you could rearing him, and that's really all anyone can give....we can't give what we don't or didn't have to give!!!

Be kind to yourself, you are making such progress in becoming a healthy person, inside and out!

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LILITHDURHAM 6/14/2012 8:34PM


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AUTUMNBRZ 6/14/2012 7:10PM


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_JODI404 6/14/2012 4:41PM


That is so awesome that writing this blog shed the light on the real roots of your desire to deal with your emotions with food today. emoticon emoticon emoticon

I love it! I'm glad to be a sounding board anytime!

SparkFriends totally ROCK! I am really proud of your breakthrough today!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BLUE42DOWN 6/14/2012 4:13PM


So glad the blogging, even just the stopping and looking at the emotions, helped you out!

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PAULACLARK2009 6/14/2012 3:32PM

    u said it all DATMAMA4!! i too struggle with emotional eating!! sometimes i control it and sometimes I LET IT control me!! hang in there!!

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DATMAMA4 6/14/2012 3:21PM

    Recognizing where the eating struggle originates is half the battle. Sharing with others -- especially here! -- will help you get the support you need.

Try not to allow yourself to feel guilt for past problems. If you're not treating your son badly NOW, you have nothing to feel guilty about. Past is past, and if you are taking care of yourself by eating healthy and doing what you need to be happy, he will like what he sees. You know he loves you, as you mentioned above.

And for what it's worth: without knowing your son personally, I will say that most 20-year-old people are still "kids" in the big scheme of things, and many of them are critical and judgmental simply because they're discovering the world for themselves and somehow believe we adults never went through the exact same discovery. My dad used to say, "I used to be the smartest person around, then you kids got older and I got dumber and dumber. Then you grew up more and had your own kids, and suddenly I was smart again."

No matter what's going on during your son's visit, I'm glad you were able to blog here and recognize where your eating struggles are stemming from.


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Healthy Habit vs. Addiction

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, I decided that if I balance out my day and don't sit around so much, I would feel better about spending some time every day on SP. It is such a part of my life by now, close to every day for 10 months, that I'm attached to it. I will work more on being an encouragement to others instead of doing it all for me and what I want to get out of it. It's important to me to be helpful to others and this is one place that my help is useful and can actually have an impact.

Maybe instead of looking at it as an addiction, I can look at it as a healthy habit. Smoking is a habit (I don't smoke) and also can be an addiction. But it's an unhealthy habit. Eating junk food in front of the tv at night is a habit that is not healthy, but being on SparkPeople every day is a healthy habit, if it isn't excessive. I think what I have to watch out for is those feelings of disappointment that come when I'm hoping for more SP emails or comments on my activity. That's just self-focused and leads to unwarranted feelings of sadness.

Thank you all for encouraging me on my last blog. Each of you had helpful things to say. I hope to help you if you ever need to be pulled along in your daily decisions about your goals and plans for health.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KATD13 6/13/2012 4:46PM

    I have often thought I might be spending to much time on SparkPeople. However, I do have a loss of almost 40 pounds to show for it. Finding SP was extremely important, in my weight loss. But it was only one piece of the puzzle. I did need to actually workout to lose weight. Just being on SP was not enough.

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BLUE42DOWN 6/13/2012 3:55PM

    Very nice way of distinguishing the healthy habit versus addiction for you.

Not just SparkPeople, but for me the two key differences are:

1) How do I feel if I'm deprived? Do I simply do something else or do I get frantic?
2) Can I stand up and walk away to do something more important?

With the first, if my emotions are upset, anxiety, if I'm antsy and hitting refresh often just hoping for a new result - I'm too involved. It's not just a habit, it's an addiction or obsession.

With the second, it's a matter of priorites. If I'm consistently losing sleep, skipping on relationship-building with family and friends, missing or slacking on work (*coughs and gets back to work in 6 minutes when her lunch ends*), then it's not as healthy a habit as I want to tell myself.

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NEWLIFEINBAMA 6/13/2012 3:24PM


I'm very new to SP and right now I am probably in the selfish mode of needing encouragement. I actually posted to my blog today asking for encouragement. I live alone and don't have much contact with the outside world so it is easy for me to procrastinate and I am going to experience some major changes in my life by the end of the year. I am going to graduate with my MS in Emergency Management and I will be looking for a new job in that field which is going to be a career change for me. That is exciting and scary for me all at the same time. I have wanted to begin an exercise program for a long time and have found many excuses for not doing so. I made the decision last week to end that ruthless cycle. Today is my 3rd day of tracking my process on SP and I can see how it can be consuming. I am also going to have to find a way to monitor my time on SP along with everything else I have going on. Perhaps we can help each other. Good luck to you.


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_JODI404 6/13/2012 3:13PM

    I truly believe that being on SP every day is good for me. It keeps health and fitness at the forefront of my mind and I get such inspiration from my SparkFriends and reading some truly awesome blogs.

Like everything, you have to find a healthy balance that works for you. Hopefully when you weigh out pros/cons of your time spent.. your benefits far outweigh any costs. Some days I can put more into it than others.. it's about doing what you can, and being OK with that! There should be no expectations on you.... you just do what works for you!

If it becomes too much, just spend 5 mins to spin the wheel, track water, fitness and veggies and logoff. Take a short Spark break if you feel burn out.

I would hate to see you leave, and hope that you are finding a way to work it out that works for you! This is about community, but ultimately it is about you ~ your health and healthy lifestyle!

Wishing you the best! I think you already are an awesome, very supportive SparkFriend!!

emoticon emoticon

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Trying to make a Decision

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am thinking about cutting out most of my spark activity. Thinking about it. But I find myself in such a steadfast habit, that I couldn't NOT do things that add up spark points for me. I think I'm addicted! I want to let some of it go. My husband urges me to give it up. He thinks I don't need it. The things I'm doing with my sparking don't really influence the good things that I'm doing for my body. Those things have become a part of me. I am driven to do those things. I don't depend on sparking to motivate me though the encouragement I get from you fellow sparkers is something I enjoy and crave. I'm at a healthy weight and I feel like I've gone into maintenance mode. Please pray for me to come to a healthy conclusion. It just might be that I continue to blog, and I definitely plan to track workouts and food. But I know that one thing leads to another and I'll find myself sitting for a half hour trying to rack up points. What harm is there in it, you ask. I'm not sure, but I think just the addictive nature I have is maybe something I don't need to feed.

Input is welcome. I value all y'alls friendship.


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ASHAIXIM 6/17/2012 7:04PM

    Take it down to 15. If you keep at goal weight take it down to 10 etc.

On the other hand it may be that 30 minutes that has enabled you to keep the weight off!

Are you regigious? Do you think 30 minutes a day working on your religion is "too much"?

WHY does your husband think it's "wasteful"? What should you (in his oppinion) be doing instead? Watch TV? Yeah, there's a worthy activity!!

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    I'll miss you on SP if you quit. emoticon emoticon

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SHERIO5 6/12/2012 10:38AM

I hear you! Though there is so much that is good in the Sparking, it can really consume my day if I let it! I agree, pray, see what the Lord is saying, maybe there is a way to balance SP and "real" life and that's what your heart is trying to tell you. I understand whatever you decide. Though, I'll miss your encouragement!!

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BJPENNY70 6/11/2012 5:31PM

    Lori-Lee just pray about it and let the LORD lead you. If it is stopping you from doing your normal daily things and taking away from time with your husband, then maybe it is to taxing for you. Although,, 30 minutes doesn't sound like addiction. Even with maintaining your weight you still need some support. Maybe just let the point thing go. Just do the blogs or read helpful blogs. Read helpful articles that will help you maintain. If you aren't feeling comfortable with spending time on Spark just try what you need and then get off the Spark Web. See how you do by trying different things. Discuss it with your husband and see what he thinks. If you are feeling some guilt about not keeping up with everyone. Don't! Just let everyone know you are cutting back or stopping, then do it. We have to do what is best for our health. I am so proud that you have made your goal. Congratulations!!!!! So happy for you. Work on maintaining your weight everyday. If you need encouragement you can always log on when you need encouragement. I will keep you on my prayer list. You can depend on that. Take care of yourself. emoticon

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TRISSIDAAE 6/11/2012 4:40PM

    If it effecting your life then yes maybe cut back and just do a blog and calories and fitness. Anything can be an addiction, just think about it

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AUDISP 6/11/2012 4:39PM

    Congratulations on reaching you goal. Maintaining your goal weight is as important as losing to get there.
Are you worth the half hour you spend on SparkPeople? I think you are. The points are just part of it. For me the biggest part is the accountability the tracking does for me. The encouragement I get from reading other posts helps as well. I understand about being addicted. I guess I wouldn't classify 30 minutes as being addicted.
Good luck on your prayerful journey to the answer. I'm sure He will lead you correctly.


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