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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am so mad. It's a finances thing. I keep eating cookies trying to stuff my anger. So I thought I'd try writing about it. I can't go into specifics, but let's just say my hubby and I don't agree on how to spend it. (in particular where our grown children are concerned) I'm tight and he's not AT ALL.

I can't even write here all the words I'm thinking in my anger. I better just quit typing for now.

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BABY_GIRL69 6/29/2012 1:52PM

    I think that is in every marriage. You have one, like me that gives my kids 70% of the time. Then my hubby, what is that for, why do you need, will you paying it back, yada yada yada?! I think they do need our help but at the expense of the relationship, I think not. I just normally give it to them out of my monies & end of discussion. No one is upset until he finds out about it. Hey I feel as long as it don't come out of his pocket he will be happy. NOT! lol You both need to discuss it further but it sounds like he has his mind fixed & so do you. You guys need to come to some happy median if there is such a place when it comes to this subject.

God bless & enjoy everyday!


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NUTRON3 6/29/2012 8:55AM

    Sounds like my situation

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SHERIO5 6/29/2012 8:19AM

    Good for you putting it down on the keyboard, rather than your mouth!!

I've really been realizing how I use food to "deal" with emotion...so I can really relate to wanting to stuff the entire package of cookies in your mouth...oh wait, that was me!!

See if you can channel that anger into something productive...maybe take up kick-boxing or Tae Bo? Seriously, I've got some Billy Blanks workouts that are perfect for moments like yours... emoticon emoticon

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ANNEMAC5 6/29/2012 1:52AM

    Hope it helped to tell us. We had similar arguments really hard when money was tight and he gave it away. We had to give and take but I had angry cookie moments too.

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FENWAYGIRL18 6/29/2012 1:39AM

    my husband and i made it a rule before we got married to never argue over money and we've kept that promise and believe me times have been tough, but our love is more important... good luck

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CORNERKICK 6/28/2012 11:21PM

  Hope things get better!

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BJPENNY70 6/28/2012 10:17PM

    Money problems can really cause friction in a marriage. Somehow you both need to find a middle ground. Meet each other half way. Cool off and try later to discuss it again. Tell your hubbie you don't want to fight about it. Tell him that you both need to find a solution that will work. Maybe you should not be as tight, but at the same time he shouldn't be overly generous. Maybe put a certain budget on that aspect of the finances. If it is causing a strain on your existing budget, than a different action should be taken. Just tell the kids you can't afford to keep giving so much to them. Explain it is causing an over-budget for you two. Both of you need to pray together about this situation. Ask the LORD to speak to both of your hearts and help you to find a real solution to this situation. Seek HIS Word for direction. There is power in HIS Word.

Both of you should not let your anger go on. It has a way of festering and eats away at you. You will give the devil a foothold in your relationship. Even something as small as this. There should be God, your husband, and you. Ecclesiastes 4:12 If one prevail against him (Satan), two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. Four is a crowd. Don't invite the devil to cause grief. When you reach for that cookie, ask yourself which will be best for you? Will it be the cookie that crosses your lips or prayer that passes through them. You must remember to always come before the LORD in times such as these for help. GOD is always the answer to all our problems and needs. emoticon

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AUDISP 6/28/2012 9:54PM

    emoticon emoticon Like Jodi said, maybe use the private journal to get it out and off your chest. Meantime, thinking of you.

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POOKASLUAGH 6/28/2012 9:52PM

    *hugs* I hope it gets better soon. I know those days. The anger is not good for eating. It doesn't matter what I get angry about, I attack myself with food. I actually wrote a whole blog about this last spring. Take care of yourself. This will pass.

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_JODI404 6/28/2012 8:26PM

    Hopefully writing in your private journal, or walking will help you "process" the anger.

Hope you can work it out somehow.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WESHAKAT 6/28/2012 8:04PM

    Spouses and finances. Trust me sister, I share your rage.

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AUTUMNBRZ 6/28/2012 7:47PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Rough Saturday, Fresh Start Sunday!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What a messed up day yesterday was! I gave in to carbs and sweets. I know now, looking back over the week that I held back since Tuesday, not counting calories, so I was afraid I'd go over and and am so paranoid about having any weight gain, that after holding back I caved and consumed too much. I need to remember to have moderation. That I'm fortunate to be able to eat so many calories. The amount allowed by SP is more than I ever allowed myself while really dieting and restricting too much which messed up my metabolism.

Today I'm having a fresh start. Not beating myself up over yesterday. Hubby and I went out for Chinese. We get a plate of chicken and broccoli. I eat all the broccoli, and a very few pieces of chicken. He likes white rice, and I don't so I don't have any. For years my hubby wouldn't eat Chinese, but in Hawaii he discovered that he actually liked getting asian food, since we were exposed to it so much there. Everything in Hawaii that my son introduced us to came with white rice. That's the part he liked. Here, the only places that serve white rice with a meal are Asian places. Well, I always loved to get Chinese, and missed it. I hate how now that I'm counting calories, he decides to like it! It's so hard to figure out the nutrition in it. So many hidden calories in the sauces. But it's a treat.

Missing my son in Hawai'i today. (tears) We will probably get on the computer and do FaceTime with him and his little family. I'm looking forward to that!

Hope you all are having a great Sunday. I hope you get off to a great start this week! emoticon

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SHERIO5 6/24/2012 2:23PM

    Yep, just close the door on yesterday, it's finished, and you are off to a great start today, you're Sparking, right?!

Have an enjoyable chat with your son today!

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AAIEE1985 6/24/2012 1:21PM

    forget about yesterday! your doing great!!! one bad day isnt going to rule you! MAKE TODAY GREAT!

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POOKASLUAGH 6/24/2012 1:14PM

    Facetime is so wonderful isn't it? We've been using Skype (similar) for years to talk with parts of our family all around the world. Technology can be a wonderful thing!

Glad you're not beating yourself up. We all have slip-up days (or weeks). You caught yourself quickly and are getting back on track!

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Progress on the Splenda Front...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well, cutting out the splenda isn't as hard as I thought it would be! I just dug in and changed what I was doing. I haven't reached in the cupboard for a single splenda packet in 2 days! So far today I only had a smear of sugar free jam on my toast, and had a bottle of diet Mountain Dew. But, that's it for the spenda today! I haven't eaten any sweets today so far, the kind with regular sugar. I haven't even wanted one. Yesterday I had a piece of banana bread I made for my guys. HAD to make sure it tasted ok. LOL. But at least I didn't go for a second piece. It's a smallish loaf, too. I have another loaf on the counter, (yeah i know I shouldn't leave it out where I can see it) But I'm not tempted by it.

I found a neat recipe today to use bananas. You freeze sliced bananas and put them through the food processor until they become as creamy as soft serve ice cream! It's yummy and not a strong banana flavor. You can add cocoa, or peanut butter and cocoa. I even read of someone putting frozen peaches in with the banana. You can freeze the leftover, and when you want more, just take it out for a few minutes to soften it. I haven't tried my leftovers yet, so I don't know what consistency it will be then. I made two bananas this time. So I ate half of it. A great way to have your fruit! You could even feed it to babies as a sweet treat without the mommy guilt!

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YESLORDIWILL 6/22/2012 7:37AM

  I use frozen bananas every day. I make homemade kefir 2 cups (Like yogurt, beneficial bacteria) then add a frozen banana, a handful of frozen strawberries, and a packet of stevia. Throw it in the blender. It thickens up better than any shake. You can eat it with a spoon. Split it 4 ways you each get a cup, only 100 calories and so good for you. Oh yeah, and cheap. You can buy the overripe bananas when they're marked down, come home, peel them all, stick em in a bag, and throw them in the freezer. I don't even cut mine. I pull one out break it into 4 pieces and throw it in.

Comment edited on: 6/22/2012 7:38:27 AM

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KATD13 6/19/2012 10:59PM

    Great job reducing the Splenda!
And really impressed with the willpower of one slice of banana bread!

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    i have heard about the frozen bannas didnt know if it would be good or not but I guess I need to try it

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SHERIO5 6/19/2012 5:57PM

    Thanks for reminding me about the "soft-serve" banana ice cream trick! I tried that one last summer and it really hits the spot when you are craving a treat!

Great job on reducing the splenda/sugar habit! One day at a time, and I think it's awesome that you only had one piece of the treat for your guys!

You are doing this, I see progress, don't you?! emoticon

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AUTUMNBRZ 6/19/2012 5:30PM

    great job on kicking Splenda so far!

the banana "ice cream" sounds divine!

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BJPENNY70 6/19/2012 3:57PM

    Have you tried Stevia for a sweetner? I swore off Slenda, Equal, and Sweet & Low. I started breaking out in these terrible rashes. I was eating and drinking all things artifical sweetners. It started after I became diabetic. I nervously tried Stevia and no ill affects. I don't use a lot of it, however. I gave up soda as well. I drink mostly water and coffee. Occasionally, tea. I mostly get my sweet on with eating fruit.

It sounds like you have yourselve under control with eating the banana bread. A little will not hurt as long as you have it in your food plan for the day. Thanks for the banana recipe. I will try that. Sound yummy! Hope you are doing very well! Sending a big hug to your grandbabies. emoticon

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Go Sugar Free. . .Who Me??

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have a serious love affair with sweetness. Not just sugar, but sugar substitutes. I was talking with my 20 year old son about it and he encouraged me to enjoy my coffee for the flavor of coffee, not for the sweetness of the sweetener I put in it. And to eat my greek yogurt without sweetener. (Yuck, I'd rather go without the greek yogurt) And to drink tea without sweetener. (I think I'd rather not) He said I was too negative without even trying it. That I'm assuming I won't like it. He said I should just enjoy foods for their natural flavor without covering it up with sweetness.

Well, I'm having my first iced coffee sans sugar. I can do this! But instead of greek yogurt for my protein in the morning I think I'll have some cottage cheese with my fruit. (I'll stop putting sweetener on my cereal, too.) I'm going to get some lemon to make lemon water, since I get tired of just water. I'm used to having a bottle of diet Mountain Dew every morning, and a glass or two of diet caffeine free Mountain Dew in the afternoon. I have an oral thing where I have to have something in a glass next to me all day. But water gets boring. I want to think I can get rid of this sweet addiction. Have you been successful with this kind of change? Help me here. . .I'll gladly hear your suggestions!

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SHERIO5 6/18/2012 8:23AM

    I'm with you on loving sweet things! I used to drink the super-sweet international coffees and lattes, but since have found I really enjoy really rich, dark coffee, no sugar, no milk...I love the taste of different beans!!! I'd have never known if I hadn't given up the sugar! The same goes for teas...I like to experiment with different types, and it makes me appreciate the flavors.

I don't do sugar substitutes, they mess with my digestive system...but I still haven't found a good substitute for dark chocolate! Good luck trying out, maybe you'll discover some new tastes?

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POOKASLUAGH 6/17/2012 8:45PM

    The less you use the sugar, the less you need it. The natural sweetness of food starts to come out. That's one big thing I discovered over the last few weeks of eating mostly whole/real foods. I do still add honey to my Greek yogurt (about 1 tbsp per cup), which sweetens it enough that it doesn't taste like sour cream! But mostly I just let the foods do their own sweetening. :)

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GONEWLIFE 6/17/2012 4:48PM

    I am addicted to sugar as well... but for coffee I found it very easy to eliminate sugar many years ago...just a few cups without sugar and then \i found the taste with sugar gross...hope that works for you too ! good luck !

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BRATT6504 6/17/2012 4:46PM

  I am totally the same way. What would i do with out sweetness. I am trying to cut back slowly. I found a lot of the sites recipes are able to satisfy that with the negative things.

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Less of the iPhone more Freggies

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am so excited! Everything y'all said to help me yesterday really helped!Including the HUGS you sent. Partly, I helped myself by writing down my thoughts and coming to the conclusion that I was worried about what my son thought of me. But the real help came when you mentioned that my life is what it is and if I just be myself, he'll love and respect me for it. Thanks for that, my spark friends.

Today, I haven't been snacking and munching over any weird emotions. I've felt like I could be myself in front of him. I'm having a successful day!

Last night, while we were sitting in the living room, my son commented to hubby,"Mom is always on her iPhone." My hubby agreed. But my son said,"that's ok, though." I defended myself saying I needed to track a lot, since I eat several small meals a day. I didn't include how I always check each email as it comes in (my phone dings for every email, and I get emails every time someone comments on my blog or a status post.) I like to text my kids and send emails to friends. I check the temp outside, I check pinterest, I look at Facebook throughout the day, there are so many things to do on an iPhone. But truthfully I feel a slave to it. This morning I had a bad dream that I dropped my cell phone and the screen shattered and I woke up crying about it! HELLO! Wake up call here...I am too attached to my phone for sure! I resolved to just check my emails twice a day, and Facebook once a day. I'm not even carrying it with me to every room and checking the time! I did take it on my walk this morning to time the walk and listen to my iPod. But usually I check every email that pops up or push notification from FB. Today, I feel FREEDOM! I'm finding other things to do with my time. I want to prove to myself that I don't HAVE to do all those things all of the time!

I'm planning on tracking twice a day. Once will be to see how many calories I have left for supper and my evening snack. I know how much to eat for breakfast and lunch, I usually eat about the same thing each day. But I need to be exact at the end of the day. Then after my last snack of the day I'll record the end of the day.


There's a SparkFriend I have who has lost some weight lately, at a quicker rate than she had been for quite some time. She attributed it to the fact she's gone for 3 to 5 freggies
each day. I tend to have 3 myself and am actually not losing. I tell myself I've reached my low and say I am content with that, but I really haven't reached my goal yet. Maybe if I increase my intake of freggies I'll see a difference. My son just started using a juicer. It is at our house for now. I don't like the taste of the juice he's making, but I'm sure if I find a different recipe, I might actually like it. I don't know, I'm just toying with the idea for now. Fact is, he's probably going to take it with him tomorrow. It belongs to my son in Hawai'i. It cost hundreds of dollars so I can't picture my hubby going out and buying one for us, but stranger things have happened.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_JODI404 6/15/2012 11:04PM

    Way to go on deciding to set some boundaries that make you feel better about what you are doing... and feeling FREEDOM!!

That is awesome! It's great to be connected with all this technology, but it can be bad when it becomes consuming. It is all about balance. Setting time limits, or # of times to check is a great idea!

Freggies will definitely help fill you up better! My smoothies really help fill me up and keep my snacking way down.

Best wishes as you continue to work on finding just the right balance in your life!
emoticon emoticon

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YIWEN39 6/15/2012 7:56PM

    Congrats on your efforts to find "freedom" :-) As for the freggies, why not trying smoothies instead of juices? They taste better (I think) and they have more fiber! Have a great weekend ;-) emoticon

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POOKASLUAGH 6/15/2012 4:05PM

    Periodically I feel like I've grown too addicted not just to my phone but to my computer. It beeps at me for every email and such, too. When I was on my cruise a few months ago, there were almost two weeks when I had no internet access except once a day for 5 mins. It was just too expensive to have more than that. At first, it was like itching - I was constantly feeling like I needed to check my mail, but couldn't, which was annoying! But by the end of the two weeks, I loved it. Now, I'm adjusted back to using all my technology too much, but i have a feeling it's always just going to be that way except when I'm on vacation. I'm hoping the two weeks I spend in WI this summer I'll be able to put my phone and computer away except in the morning and evening. I spent too much time with them last year!

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