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My Story from unhealthy to the present

Friday, October 14, 2011

Of the many times I've dieted, I've had two times that I didn't have a real "diet" mentality. Instead I've had the attitude that this is a lifestyle change. The first time was in 2000 when i got utterly disgusted with myself and weighted 210 pounds. I'd been on some medicine for my bipolar disorder that caused weight gain. I started having knee pain and couldn't get up the stairs without huffing and puffing. I couldn't stand to be out in the heat. I'd had a friend's 3rd grade daughter ask me if I was having a baby. My husband had told me he'd consider divorcing me if I didn't lose weight. That was a low blow and made me depressed. I had high blood pressure and extremely high triglycerides. (1300!)

But in late December 1999 I set a goal to "get smaller" by 2001, a new year's resolution. I stayed away from white stuff, potatoes, rice, flour and sugar. I started doing laps at the mall. Slow but sure. Worked my way up to 1 hour and 45 minute walks. I also used a recumbent bike at home. We even bought an elliptical. The other eating change I did was trying the South Beach Diet. I was determined, and recorded every bite I ate. I have since then continued to keep a food journal. (I only lapsed for a 6 month period which proved to be unwise) I also got off that terrible medicine and started something that didn't effect weight instead.

I started seeing the pounds melt away and by April I had lost 40 pounds.(Then 170) I maintained that for a year and determined to lose another chunk of weight the next spring. In a few months I was down to 145. I felt so good. I got off my BP meds and my cholesterol looked good.

Maintaining the loss wasn't too hard, I kept walking, but not quite so much. I kept eating the 1300 calories I'd eaten since I began in 2000. Kept the off for 9 years.. I didn't have trouble until I got it in my head that I must be obsessing about weight and food. I felt that writing down everything that I ate was causing me to think about food all the time and I thought that was unhealthy, so I quit journaling my food. Slowly the pounds started coming back. Then I hurt my back and couldn't exercise. For 3 months I lay around and the pounds continued to add up. I had back surgery and well meaning friends brought over yummy fattening foods. I ate. Christmas came. This was in 2010. I couldn't exercise. Walking hurt, I had drop foot from the nerve damage on my left side from the ruptured disc. Finally in the Spring we joined the Y so I could swim. The best exercise for me. But I hurt myself in the water!!! Took another break from exercise. Then in July I decided I was tired of the pain and didn't want another back surgery (Which was being recommended for Stenosis.) So I went to a chiropractor who uses the palmer method (No harsh twisting or thrusting) She got me feeling good enough to start walking. At that time I came across an app for SP and started logging food and a week later checked into the site online.

July 26th 2011, I weighed in at 161, started walking 10 minutes a day, slowly! But I found I could tolerate it with the help of my chiro. I started taking baby steps, like including lots of water and adding back some vegetables, which I had abandoned over the last couple of years. I am back to swimming and usually do between 30 and 40 laps. which takes me 30-40 minutes. Slow and steady. I'm also now up to 60-75 minutes each time i walk. If I'm having a bad back day, I will at least walk 15 minutes. But that is hardly the case anymore. ST has also helped strengthen my back. I get advice from my Chiropractor as to what exercises I can safely do with my back condition. She is very encouraging. She's really interested in SP for her other patients.

I have lost 9.5 pounds since just before I started SP. I am proud of my progress and haven't had more than 2 days in these (roughly) 12 weeks that I didn't do at least 10 minutes of exercise. I've only gone over my calorie goals twice as well. My measurements are going down and my energy level is at an all time high. I'm working two part-time jobs...on my feet a lot. And I still have energy for exercise. I spend time on SP every day and have little time to do anything else, but I feel great.

I hope someone is encouraged by my story. I am!

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_JODI404 10/14/2011 6:13PM

    Extremely encouraging, thank you!!! Best wishes for continued success on your journey!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EVRLNGFOO 10/14/2011 6:04PM

    great story! welcome!
i love that you didn't let the pain and lack of movement you were capable keep you down! that's awesome!
congrats on getting off the meds!

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Shaking things up a bit

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm not going to let my swimmer's ear get me down. Since I can't swim for a while, I am trying something new. My new Jillian circuit training DVD is proving to be the perfect substitution. I've done it twice and am feeling muscles I forgot I had. I'm breaking a real good sweat and feel pleasantly exhausted after the 40 minute video. It is definitely going to become part of my weekly plan. Since I have had a little plateau, or at least a major slowing of weight loss, this change-up could be the thing that will jumpstart my loss. . .and I know it will help change some measurements! Most importantly it makes me feel good and feel good about myself.

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WESTERNGIRL87 10/12/2011 9:42PM

    I'm glad this is working for you! I would love to borrow it sometime and try it out if I could! If I like it I could totally buy it! Lol. But seriously. I would buy it. Maybe I could put it on my computer and take it outside. Hahahaha. I'm sure the neighbors would love that. Especially the sketchy Spay and Neuter Clinic employees that just sit out there and smoke. I'm pretty sure they're all ex-convicts. Or something equally disturbing. Anyway...that is a totally different story!

I'm glad you're not letting your swimmer's ear get you down! Keep me posted on how everything is going!

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Am I getting over my infatuation with food?

Saturday, October 08, 2011

I find myself getting all caught up in recording everything. I have an iPhone and the App for SP, so I am constantly pulling out my phone and logging my water, food and exercise.

But sometimes I wonder if anyone else feels so busy recording and measuring food that you end up not even noticing that you even ate something. I am in such a hurry to record stuff, that I pick up my phone and punch in the food and check my totals and figure how much I have left to eat for the day and work on how I will plan to spend my budgeted calories and miss out on enjoying all the wonderful food I'm eating.

Maybe I'm just getting to the point that the food isn't so important to me and I'm seeing it more as fuel to enable me to exercise and live my day with energy. I've always wanted to be that way. I have always LOVED food and eating, but my husband is able to treat food as an object not as something to have a love affair with! Maybe I'm becoming more like him. We've been married for 34 years, so maybe it's about time he rubs off on me!

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LORILEEPAGE 10/9/2011 12:29PM

    Yes, logging works! I lost 70 pounds between 2000 and 2001 when I logged. I started in 2000 and logged for 10 years (!) and kept the weight off, but like you I stopped (because I felt like maybe I was being obsessive about food) and gained 15 pounds. It didn't help that I herniated a disc and had surgery which meant no exercise for months. People also brought over yummy food...then the holidays hit! I'm confident this approach will work!

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NANJET 10/9/2011 11:06AM

    I diligently logged my food for over 2 years, lost 50 lbs & felt great. I was starting to feel like you & quit logging. I've gained back 10-15 lbs even though I've continued working out...I'm pretty sure I would not have eaten those strawberry pancakes at the restraunt last night if I was logging my food. accountability works! Keep up the good work...I'll log breakfast now & maybe get the grip back on the diet!

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Remember the positive and forget the negative

Monday, October 03, 2011

Well, last entry I talked about my temptation to eat out of stress. I was successful in beating it, with suggestions by fellow Sparkers. Thanks. What helped the most was talking about it with my husband and then going for a swim. That really cleared my head.

Today I weighed myself. Though I ate fine and worked out all week, I gained a pound, but I'm not worried about it now that I got over the initial disappointment. I know I ate too much sodium over the weekend. It's hard when hubby wants to eat out for four meals each weekend. I told him I'd rather not do that anymore. He'll work with me on that.

Today after work (I got off at 2) I came home to the merengue chocolate chunk cookies I made for a friend. I hadn't given them away yet so I ate one. Then I reached for another one and caught myself and quickly packed up the cookies and took them to a neighbor. He's not even the person they were intended for but it was the fastest way I could get rid of them. whew.

I know I am probably still feeling a bit bummed that I didn't lose this week, that's why I went for the cookies. But I just felt so good this week and am feeling tone in my back muscles, which is very crucial for me since I have so many back problems. My pants are fitting better and I'm loving that. I've always been quick to remember the negative and forget the positive. That is going to change. i know it.

All in all I feel better having shared this all in my blog.

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OTTERMOMMY 10/3/2011 3:25PM

    I think that your ability to stop yourself from mindless eating and such is a huge accomplishment. So, you gained a pound. You know you ate well and exercised, so don't even think about it. The scale is a just a tool--and not always a very good one. You said your clothes are fitting better--that is a far better tool!

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LANANC1 10/3/2011 3:25PM

    I feel EXACTLY like you. The scale isnt moving but my pants are fitting looser, its just so hard not to see the number going down when you work so hard. I took measurements yesterday finally, and hopefully when I do so in a month, even if that scale hasent moved, I will have a smaller body to feel good about. Good luck in your weight loss. and keep up the good work.

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Help...fighting emotional eating RIGHT NOW!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Oh my gosh . . . I am needing help quick . . . I am fighting emotional eating . . . I just spent 2 1/2 hours talking with a friend who is going through a very emotional break-up and she needed me to say just the right thing to help her feel better about herself. I tried and I felt helpless since I never went through what she's going through myself. She thanked me and said I helped, but it had taken every ounce of energy, mental energy, to find words to help her. Usually I come away from this kind of thing feeling good about helping someone, but this time I feel drained. I am fighting and so far winning against eating right now.

Thanks in advance for any encouragement or words of wisdom you can offer. . .

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YESI1211 10/3/2011 11:25AM

    Hi! I'm sorry you were going through that. I hope that you were able to fight it. I know about emotional eating and how hard it is to control. When you are in this dark place again try eating a yogurt or granola bar and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Try to remember why you're here, how far you've come and how much further you still got to go. Hugs!

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LORILEEPAGE 10/1/2011 5:47PM

    Well the crisis has passed and I am very grateful to each of you for your support and suggestions. Fluids helped and I hadn't done my cardio for the day yet so with a little push I got myself out the door for a swim. It cleared my mind and soothed my soul. I was able to wait to eat anything till dinner. I usually have a snack around 3, but I was swimming at that time and didn't even snack today. I was afraid that if I even had a little something, I would scarf up everything in sight!!! I also thought if I stayed inside and knitted or drew or painted, I'd still be too near food...Had to get out of this house!

Thanks Again! emoticon

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SIMPLE-DIMPLES 10/1/2011 5:36PM

    You don't need to be eating because of another persons stress. You than will wind up stressing because of over eating. Talk about what you just talked about to someone or go shopping for fresh veggies. Go to a coffee bar and take a big breath of fresh coffee bean air and order a small cup of coffee or a chai tea and close your eyes as you sip it. Relax and breath. Take a nice hot shower with candles lit in your bathroom. Relax and breath. Take a walk with the fresh crisp fall smell around you. Relax and breath.

That's the hint ;-) You can do it. emoticon

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SHAKENMA 10/1/2011 3:05PM

    I also eat emotionally. I am working on it.

Some things that work for me--

Drinking water or hot tea instead of eating

Find something to "do" to keep me busy

Practicing positive self time

Good luck! emoticon

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AMANDAJCD 10/1/2011 3:00PM

    Oh dear, my emotional eating comes from boredom rather than stress! Okay, stress takes chocolate I'll admit. Is there a portion-controlled snack that you can have to kind of tide you over? I know mid-afternoon I get a bit peckish anyway, so food isn't out of order. Also, sometimes when you think you're hungry it's really a case of being dehydrated so drink a glass of water and see if that helps?

Good luck!!

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