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Back from Vegas

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Las Vegas vacation was wonderful! DH and I left the kids behind (brought my sis and her hubby in to watch them) and stayed at Paris – just the sort of kitschy place we needed. Some people probably think it’s the stupidest place ever but we thought it was romantic. I saw my first Vegas show (Penn and Teller), won at gambling (came home with $25!), hiked in Red Rock Canyon, and ate my way through a bunch of buffets.

I was worried about those buffets. There’s this thing called the Buffet of Buffets, where for $45 you can eat at any of the Harrah’s buffets (7 different buffets), as much as you want, for 24 hours. Well, day 1 we had a big breakfast, a reasonable lunch, mid-afternoon tea, and dinner. Next day was pretty much the same deal. I ‘grazed’ and took small servings of things, but also had waaay more dessert (the thing I was most craving) than usual. Oh, and at the Paris buffet they make crepes to order. Well, by day 3 I was feeling a bit stuffed. I had tea and a few melon cubes for breakfast, 5 shrimp for lunch, and by dinner DH commented that I hadn’t actually eaten anything all day…but my body was telling me that if I *did* eat anything I’d REALLY pay for it (I definitely overdid it days 1 and 2). So I just had my tea and a tiny bit of food and by the next day I was feeling better. DH, however, barely ate *that* day because he was stuffed. Clearly we still have food issues.

BUT, the last 2 days I ate reasonable portions and didn’t stuff myself. I still had way more dessert than usual but I didn’t have any bread, rice, or potato, chose crab leg and shrimp for my protein, and had small portions of everything (including taking 1 bite of a dessert rather than eating the whole thing). We drank one bottle of wine (which lasted the entire week) and I had one beer.

We walked EVERYWHERE. Gosh, just going from the room the buffet was, like, half a mile ;-). We also hiked several hours in beautiful Red Rock Canyon. The weather was mild, and I knew in advance how dry it would be and brought a bunch of creams and moisturizers with me to combat that (and drank water like crazy). So we got exercise and stayed comfortable.

So…I know you’re curious…when I got home, I weighed the same as when I left. Now, I have 4 pounds to lose from the holidays, but Vegas didn’t make things any worse. Perhaps this SP stuff is FINALLY sinking in!

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LORIBBB 1/30/2011 12:57PM

    Since the rooms all look the same it doesn't matter which hotel you stay at, IMHO...and since Paris and Planet Hollywood are right next to each other, they're the same thing! Planet Hollywood had the best buffet food, IMO, but those crepes at Paris were impossible for me to resist...

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DEVANS716 1/29/2011 7:33PM

    Lori--I LOVED Paris!! we stayed at the what is now Planet Hollywood, but had drinks at Paris and felt like I was walking the streets of town there!
so glad you had a great time and I understand the buffet situation and the walking!!
good for you--maintanin your weight:)

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Blogging is good for the soul

Monday, January 03, 2011

The whole of 2010 has been a crazy year for me. I’ve been okay, in general, but a few people close to me have had a really terrible year, and that impacted me at work. In March I had my first arthritis flare-up (NOW I know what everyone’s talking about) and that put an end to the regular exercise and weightlifting I was doing. I wasn’t able to do anything physical until June, when I did some very gentle swimming (at least it was something). The fall semester was just crazy and I didn’t exercise at all.

Food-wise I was on track nearly the whole year, which is a huge achievement for me. If I ate too much I made it up over the next few days. I made generally good choices when faced with food decisions. I cooked healthy meals. I made it through Thanksgiving with only a 2 pound gain.

But then came last week. Visited my family and things were stressful, and compounded by the blizzard, which trapped us all together for 2 days. By the second day I was eating out of control, and also having an ‘out of body’ feeling as I observed what I was doing. I knew better, of course, could recognize all the signs, could have eaten other things (or nothing – I was eating at least twice as many calories as usual), but gave in to those old feelings of helplessness.

Got home last Thursday, bringing the last of the Xmas cookies with me, and proceeded to eat them Friday and Saturday. Yesterday shared all this emotion with DH (he hadn’t come with me to see family, which added to my stress – not because of him, he had to work, but because I didn’t have him to talk to), and together we dumped the last of the cookies (there were still a lot) into the trash and washed all the tins.

Gained 5 pounds in a week, and that leaves me 5 pounds over my goal weight.

Did a SP weigh in yesterday and realized I hadn’t posted my weight in 18 months! Since then I’ve gained 8.6 pounds. This slippery slope (okay, this dramatic plunge over the cliff) will end NOW.

I can’t fix the problems I see in my family – that is out of my control. I can control what I eat and how much I exercise, and that’s where my energy will go.

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BUDDAHBELLY 1/29/2011 7:28PM

    I love reading your blogs...so real!
I am feeling that "out of body" experience today.
Questioning why I am doing this eating frenzie again, it's like there is no tomorrow and I know I am doing it.
Drives me crazy...too many stressors right now and I am caving!
I need to have that talk with myself!

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I need to get back with the program!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I’ve been with SP for something like 2 years now and lost all the weight I wanted to. I was never good at exercising but was sporadically doing enough stuff that I was no longer the human slug, and was doing an excellent job of drinking my water and a very good job of eating well.

Over the summer I went away for nearly a month and came back a few pounds up, which I thought I’d easily be able to lose. But I haven’t gotten back into a routine and I’m worried about this.

This week my eating has been terrible. I was over calories 3 days, way under 1, and although my calories were okay the other 2 days I ate some serious junk, which I’m not proud of.

Help! I know what I have to do – I was happily doing it for more than a year! I have a new wardrobe and THANKFULLY it’s not tight yet. But WHAT the heck am I thinking??? I’ve just been bored-hungry…you know, that stupid habit I USED to have? Oh, boy, I need to get back on track. OK, hoping that blogging about this will help me get motivated…

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FITSTEPH2012 10/1/2010 6:18PM

    You know what to do - and yes, blogging helps! Just start tracking that nutrition and getting some fitness in. Time to get crackin'! You can do this.

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THEWEIGHINN 9/25/2010 7:05AM

    That's precisely how I began to regain all 55 pounds I lost and added another 30. Now I have 85 pounds to lose. Don't go there. Snap out it and get that spark back (no pun intended).


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First trip to Niagara Falls

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Niagara Falls was so much fun. We drove about 8 hours (2 stops) to get to Buffalo, where we stayed in a hotel for the night. I used up pretty much all of my Marriott Rewards points for this and the other hotel, and was bummed to discover that thanks to the lousy economy I was no longer a gold member and had to pay for use of the concierge lounge (I realize how entitled this sounds but I don’t like travelling on business so there’d better be some perks to keep me from being too grumpy). Anyway, we had dinner and breakfast in that lounge so it was money well spent. DH watched some of the World Cup while the kids enjoyed being able to sample lots of snack-y things. DD1 *thinks* she enjoys drinking tea but really doesn’t, but she likes to make it, blow on it a lot while it’s cooling off to a temperature she can sip, taking about 3 sips, and then declaring it too cool and bitter to finish.

Woke up the next morning, had breakfast, and took off for the falls to get there as the park opened. We were one of the first to go down the “Cave of the Winds” steps. At one point on the steps (this is like a big wooden deck system built right at the edge of the Bridal Veil Falls – I have no idea how they built this thing, with the water crashing down…phew!) there’s a point called Hurricane Deck where some of the water can just pour all over you if you want – and of course the kids wanted this – they were soaked! Hung out there a while, went on the Maid of the Mist, had lunch, walked around, and then crossed the border into Canada. Checked into our hotel and checked out the area. Most of the touristy things to do seem to be on the Canadian side – kitschy but fun.

We didn’t do the Canadian ‘walk down the falls’ tour but did walk around and see the view from just about everywhere. DH is a serious carnivore so we went to a Brazilian barbeque for dinner – shocking poor DH with the price ($200 for the 4 of us) as well as the fact that neither kid ate very much, which really just shouldn’t have shocked him but it did…poor guy. We are the worlds’ greatest misers most of the year but our ‘rule’ is that we spend some of that saved money on vacation, but he was still in ‘miser’ mode and that made him uneasy. Been meaning to talk to him about this and work through it. Saw the fireworks in the evening.

We did go to the glass-blowing place. WOW that was amazing. I forget if it was you guys or someone on another board that told me about that but it was fascinating. Walked around Niagara on the lake (had ice cream that day), bought a $50 bottle of ice wine that my husband gave me a look about, but I told him I wanted it and it was the only thing I bought there.

DD didn’t want to go to Marine land (world…can’t remember the name), I *think* because he thought it was too expensive, but the idiot told the girls that each could choose 2 things to do, which of course cost more (the fool…). Both girls decided their #1 thing to do would be indoor sky diving. This cost a fortune ($70 per kid) so DH and I didn’t do it (I’m not sure I would have, anyway – it looked fun but if anything had gone wrong I would have been sore or worse). You put on this ‘flying squirrel’ flight suit and go inside a giant vertical wind tunnel. Turn on the jets, belly-flop down toward the grate, and the wind picks you up and you fly a little. A wiry kid with huge muscles stands on the grate and hangs onto you for dear life keeping you from flying off to the side (if you do you just ball up and hit padding, but if the guy wasn’t there no one would ‘fly’ for more than a second. Anyway, the kids got a little of the hang of it and flew around for a few minutes (they said you got about 3 minutes of flight time) and I got some of it on video I hope.

We played glow-in-the-dark mini golf as a family – it was more fun than I would have thought. Kids went into a funhouse that I skipped because I just didn’t think it would be that much fun, but they said it had plenty of ‘big’ things and they’re sorry we didn’t go with them. All that took so much time that the fireworks were happening as we got out, and after that (it’s only 6 minutes of fireworks) we decided to take the shuttle back to the hotel and skip the last thing. I know they were a bit disappointed but they did see the advantage of shuttle versus walking forever (we’d walked forever earlier in the day and we all had sore feet).

Next morning we drove along the Canadian side to the Peace Bridge to cross back to the US, and then we decided to skip the ‘scenic route’ (which isn’t supposed to be particularly scenic) and highway it back home. Stopped at Costco about 30 miles from home, had dinner, got food and gas (for the car…for the car!), and was home by 10 pm.


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EYEONGOAL 7/1/2010 11:37AM

    What a wonderful vacation! I've never been there, but it sounds like so much fun and so beautiful. I live a frugal life also, but when we go on vacation we splurge. We live without debt, because we are mindful of our spending and saving. We intentionally save the money to splurge and create unforgettable experiences.

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RACHELRB 6/29/2010 9:57AM

    Iniskillin wine is awesome! I was last in Niagra Falls back in the 1980s and I thought the $12 was pricy then I should have bought a bunch!

Glad to hear you had such a lovely time. We want to see photos!

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VELAIN 6/29/2010 9:29AM

    Your blog brought back many memories of trips to Niagara Falls. Keep blogging

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I am SO embarrassed…

Sunday, May 09, 2010

You know how you suddenly know, suddenly, that your youth is gone and you are a hopeless geezer? Here's how I know.

I almost never go to Starbucks. I’m not a big fan of coffee, in general (I’m a tea drinker); I don’t drink caffeinated beverages anyway; I like weak, mild coffee (Starbucks is strong and bitter), and I’m a miser so I’m not paying that much for coffee. I go occasionally with a friend, maybe twice a year.

BUT, I do have a Starbucks card and a Starbucks account for that occasional visit, and Starbucks was nice enough to send me a postcard good for a free drink of any kind to celebrate my upcoming birthday. So I did some research and discovered I could have a light mocha Frappucino for about 150 calories and thought I’d go for it. I didn’t really know what a Frappucino was but it sounded good.

So yesterday I dropped the girls off at gymnastics, dropped off the dry cleaning, and stopped at Starbucks for my free drink. I stood on line, bewildered (as always) at how many people can’t start their day without a big honking expensive trademarked caffeinated beverage, and tried to inconspicuously listen in on all the crazy complicated things they were ordering. I practiced my order in my head so I didn’t sound like I didn’t belong there. There was definitely a system there – everyone looked like they knew what to do except me – and I felt like an outsider. When it was my turn I placed my order, the guy rang it up, and then he just stared and stared at the postcard. I directed him to the side where it promised the free drink, but he just said “oh, I was reading what you wrote”. I told him I had researched the nutrition information on the beverages (and written it all down – you’d need a microfiche reader to understand it) and he laughed, and then enthusiastically wished me a happy birthday.

I needed a quick potty break but ran back out and hoped I hadn’t broken the flow of the customers picking up their orders…no, everything *looked* okay, no one was staring at me…so far so good.

An order was called and the person who had been on line ahead of me went up and picked up her drink. OK, I waited…and waited…and then they called out *something* (I’m really not sure what), a drink was placed up, and no one moved…so I went up, saw a band on the cup that said “Frappucino”, took it and was surprised it was a hot drink, but what the heck. I tasted it…and got a second surprise that it wasn’t sweet. Okay…went and put a Splenda in it, stirred it, recapped it, and went out to my car.

I’d driven maybe two blocks away, on my way to the grocery store, when I decide the coffee isn’t too (temperature) hot and I can take that band off it. At the light I do that, and read it. It says Frappucino but it’s NOT a label, it’s and ad…for a Frappucino…which it clearly states is “Ice Cold”.

Suddenly it hits me…the drink I’m drinking…it is NOT a Frappucino. It’s probably a latte. Without sugar. Maybe with whole milk. It’s not my Frappucino. It’s someone ELSE’S drink. Who knows whose? Not. Mine.

I am MORTIFIED. At some point after I left Starbucks, apparently, a Frappucino was put up on the order table. No one claims it. It sits there. A minute or two later someone asks about their latte. The one they ordered quite a while ago. Which hasn’t appeared. I wonder how long it takes everyone to figure out that some doofus (me) grabbed the wrong drink…a hot drink when it should have been a cold one, of all things!...what idiot can’t even do a simple thing like order a coffee, wait until it’s made, and then get it??? Who, in this day and age, can’t recognize their own Starbucks order? Who, in this day and age, can't figure out how to negotiate her way through a Starbucks? Who, in short, was that GEEZER???

I am so embarrassed I don’t even go back…I mean, what could I do? The Frappucino has melted, probably, the other person given her/his re-made drink…I suppose I should have at least offered to pay for the drink, but I don’t think about this until later. At the time all I’m thinking is THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE IDIOT IS BECAUSE THE POSTCARD HAS MY NAME AND ADDRESS ON IT.

I realize about halfway through the drink that it is most likely caffeinated, and spend the next two hours jittery and anxious either in anticipation of or because of the caffeine.

It will take me a while before I gather the courage to go to Starbucks again.

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OZXIA1 5/10/2010 10:55AM

    Love your story here! Things/trends seem to change so quickly...sometimes you forget until you wander into the "wilderness" - which is definitely an area of Starbucks!

I used to drink the evil concoctions a few times a week...but when the economy started shrinking (and my waistline started expanding) - I gave up the treats. Admittedly, I never did the super fancy ordering (usually picked something straight off the board)...but I learned firsthand just how complicated some people's orders get. At the rest stop during our lengthy travel to another state, my younger sister hurried off into the ladies', but left me with her order for Starbucks....little did I know I was going to have to say something along the lines of, "Yeah, I need a skinny vanilla latte - hold the whip - cooled with ice - make sure it's created using only milk taken from a dancing blue cow milked at seven minutes past midnight..."

I think I may have misunderstood the last thing she said...

Anyways....don't feel like a geezer...sometimes it's better to be unaware of these types of things - think of all the potential pounds you've avoided simply by not knowing it! Hope you had a grand mother's day - and thanks for the giggle!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOONSHINE71 5/10/2010 2:09AM

    Happy Birthday! Loved your story and you are not a geezer!

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EYEONGOAL 5/9/2010 10:04PM

    I have to laugh. This sounds like something I'd do. You're not really a geezer. You're just a mom that is so busy you have no time to keep up with the trends. emoticon

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SUNSHINE634 5/9/2010 7:07PM

    Love the story! emoticon

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LORIBBB 5/9/2010 5:23PM

    Oh, now I'm so glad I blogged about this...I am not along. Thanks for the support...I'm REALLY laughing now!

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CJAC24 5/9/2010 5:02PM

  I loved how you told this story. It was too funny. I remember the first time I went to Starbucks I ordered something and then just stood there expecting them to give me what I just asked for. The cashier is staring at me and I'm still waiting for my drink...the customer behind me then says..."Are you gonna pay?" I was sooo embarrassed cause I didn't know I had to wait for my drink after I paid....derr. And I was like 22 so don't sweat it. Ugh, I agree it is way over-rated. But hey, the Frappacino is really good, you should definitely try one!

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RACHELRB 5/9/2010 4:48PM

    First of all- Happy Birthday! It's my birthday this month too but I didn't get a card for a free drink- I'm getting free underpants from Victoria's Secret- so I can't be a geezer emoticon

I would have to bet that you are NOT the first person to take the wrong drink at a Starbucks. I'm thinking it probably happens all the time- no worries. I think too that they probably are not ready to toilet paper your house because they have your address emoticon

When we turned 40 we got permission to do whatever we want without worrying who is looking my friend. So return to Starbucks whenever you wish.

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GRAMMPAULA 5/9/2010 4:24PM


This is TOO funny. If it makes you feel better, I've NEVER been to a Starbucks. I have no idea what the difference could be between a Latte and a Frappucino. I don't drink coffee. I too am a tea drinker. It has to be fresh brewed because I hate instant hot and iced tea.

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    Wow! Honey you took that way further than it needed to go. You need to just relax. Don't be so hard on yourself. It was just a simple mix up. To tell you the truth I've never even been in a Starbucks before. I'd rather just go to Tim Hortons for coffee. I understand the embarrasment, but it's just coffee. Starbucks is such a busy place I'm sure no one even noticed the mix up. Happy Mothers Day sweetie.

I'd also like to add that you're NOT a geezer.

Comment edited on: 5/9/2010 4:23:39 PM

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