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Trick Or Treating Out Of The First Trimester

Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick or Treat! Halloween has come and gone, but I can't seem to get the kids to stop trying to put their costumes on. Campbell went as a very cool Tigger this year (even if his costume was a little big on him), and Taylin went in his bear costume from last year. You could say they were almost Tigger and Pooh, and we didn't even plan it.

Anyways, after gallivanting around town all day with them in their costumes, its finally time to go hit up the neighbors for free candy. We brought the umbrella stroller for Camp and the larger stroller for Taya, since she can't walk yet (at least not on her own). We get to the first house, and Camp jumps (no kidding) out of the stroller and bolts to the door, bucket barely in hand. Well, we didn't see the point in taking Tay out of her stroller just to walk 5 feet just to put her back in, so she and I stayed on the sidewalk, and waited. So the first house, the people were nice and were waiting outside for everyone, so there really was no point in knocking on their door...I think that bothered Camp slightly, because at the next house, once he got to the door, he tried to break in...didn't even bother ringing the doorbell-had to remind him that the saying was "Trick or Treat" not "Break and Enter". He did better after that.

House after house, the pumpkin buckets each of them had were slowly filling up, so much so that Camp was having a hard time not dragging his along the ground. We were only out for less than 2 hours (when you aren't gaining the candy afterwards, that seems like an eternity), and around the last house or so, we had a little bit of trouble. Grabbed Campbell's bucket, which at this point was filled to the top (they both were), and the handle broke...candy everywhere! He was not a happy person at the point, so we had to move quickly to gather it back up. Quick tip...if you are looking to get rid of candy, Whoppers explode upon impact with the ground. So we get them home, and they may only be 1 and 2 years old, but they knew they wanted a sweet treat before bed, and they did pretty good, so we succumbed to their wishes...and it wasn't the sugar crash that made us regret that decision, it was the fact that they turned into true children "just one more..." anyone who has kids knows its never "just one more". So we wrangle them upstairs and get them into bed, and as we shut the door to Campbell's room we hear "peease..." he was still asking for candy.

As if that wasn't occasion enough, and temptation enough for anyone trying to lose weight, but the next night, Matt and I left them with Gramma and Grampa and went out to celebrate our Anniversary (it was the 2nd). First we head out to dinner...an Italian place, and while it was awesome, they withheld my salad...the sad realization is, I didn't notice until we were done eating dinner. From there, we went to the movies...I should point out why this is a big deal...in the 4 years we've been together we've never seen a movie alone, just the 2 of us, plus the last movie we saw was Dark Water and that was a few years ago. So my movie rave of the century (cause who knows when I will see another one again) is definitely Zack and Miri Make A Porno...funny movie! We are still quoting from it, and laughing hysterically.

So that was my weekend, and now to complete the title of this blog and give everyone the update on the pregnancy:

"Your baby is now the size of a peach, measuring just under 3 inches and weighing approximately a full ounce! The most remarkable thing about week 13 is that his little body is finally starting to catch up to his head in size, as his head now only accounts for 1/3 of his total size. If you are having a girl, she will have more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries by week 13. Her teeth are in place under her gums, waiting to come out during teething, which can start as early as three months, or as late as twelve months. (Note: Some babies can even have one or two teeth showing when they are born!)

Baby's face is more human like now; eyes that started out at the sides are now closer together on the face. External genitalia have developed enough so a male can be distinguished from a female baby. Your baby's vocal cords have begun to form. Your baby's hand is structurally complete and consists of 27 bones held together by a complex network of ligaments. Similarly baby's foot is also completely formed with the toes, heel and bones all in place.

Veins and organs are visible through your baby's skin, which is still paper thin and transparent. Her intestines are forming villi, which aid in peristaltic movement and digestion, and her pancreas has even begun to secrete insulin!"

Stay tuned for Week 14, coming soon.

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    Tigger rules...Pooh drools...As my students say "whinnie the poop!" lol.


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KRYSTLEKLEAR 11/4/2008 11:05AM

    First of all, big congrats on the pregnancy! The kids look adorable in their costumes.

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    Fun Halloween!

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SMOX12 11/3/2008 1:35PM

    Sounds like Halloween was a success!

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Week 12

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not too much has happened this past week, other than being so sick I was stuck in bed...I'm thinking with a stomach bug. And taking the kids to a Halloween Costume Party, that was so much fun for them, we couldn't tear them away to leave.

I am now in week 12 of my pregnancy, and for those who have never been pregnant or may have forgotten, here is what is going on...

"This week your baby is now almost the size of a lime, weighing almost an ounce and measuring almost 2.5 inches! The eyes are now positioned in the front of her face and the ears are in position on the sides of the head. Most notably, reflexes have begun! Your little one's mouth is making sucking movements, the eye muscles clench, the toes curl, fingers and hands open and close, and it may even begin to suck it's thumb. Though it is still too little for you to feel, it can feel you. If you were to apply pressure to your abdomen, your baby would squirm in response!"

"It's brain has been developing rapidly too. Nerve cells are multiplying, and synapses, or the small junctions across which nerve impulses pass from one nerve cell to another, are forming at an impressive speed. A little lower, the intestines are developing and will soon be moving into the stomach cavity. It's incredible to think how far the baby has come in just a few short months!"

*Planning Family.com Pregnancy Week By Week is where I got my information.*
The image above is from the GE Medical Systems Ultrasound...week 12 (not my ultrasound picture)

Next week: Week 13 and Halloween Trick or Treating with the kids.

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    How cool, thanks!

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DEBULACLARK 10/27/2008 8:57PM

    OOOOh a new baby. Congrats!!!

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CANNOTFATHOM 10/25/2008 5:22PM

    Thanks for sharing!


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SMOX12 10/23/2008 12:24PM

    Hope you are feeling better!

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A Day In The Life Of The Pregnant Chick

Saturday, October 18, 2008

As I'm sure you have noticed, the title of my blogs has changed slightly, and as promised I have included the picture of my first ultrasound. So onto the blog. I went to my doctor's appointment on the 14th and was told that I was down another pound...go on and cheer, it's a good thing. I was also informed that my blood pressure was looking good again (it was high, for me, for some reason at my last appointment), and everything else is moving along nicely...even though I did get sick. I went ahead and asked my doctor about calories, just because I'm pregnant is no excuse to abandon everything I've worked so hard to achieve. I was all geared up to hear her say "stay around 2500" since that is what BabyFit recommended...yea she didn't say that, she told me instead to eat around 1700, and to walk if I can. Before jaws hit the floor, allow me to explain what all that means. Back in 2006 when I was pregnant with my son Campbell, I started having pain in my legs and back, but we couldn't figure out why, it got to be so bad that I was put on bedrest for fear that I would fall and hurt myself or the baby. Back in March of this year, I was finally diagnosed with why I had pain, lower sensory peripheral neuropothy...don't know what that means? Don't feel bad I didn't either, all it means is, the nerves in my legs are shot and will never heal, so I have limited movement, hense the "walk when I can" So there ya have it, my recent doctor's appointment, and an ultrasound picture, doesn't get much better than that does it? Just kidding. To end this, I will let all of you know that as of this blog entry, I am now 11 weeks, 3 days along and still due on May 7th 2009.

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CANNOTFATHOM 10/20/2008 7:54PM

    Thanks for sharing!


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JESSALOU 10/20/2008 12:11PM

    coolieo to learn what your dr has to say about cals and stuff! and the pic is super ! thanks for sharing! :-)

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KAS_41 10/19/2008 2:27PM

    How wondeful!! Thanks for sharing the picture. When I got pregnant with my third I was at the weight I was when I was full term with my second. I just freaked out. So I ate healthly - exercised (just walking) throughout my third pregnancy and gained only 12 pounds. Jacob came - being the biggest of my 3 at 8 lbs 8 ounces. I DID NOT diet - but decided I would not "eat for two" and when I did eat I made healthy choices. I felt great and had a very healthy baby.

Keep healthy - and REST - you will (and do) have your hands full!

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WOWEETOO 10/18/2008 5:28PM

    YOWZEE!!!! you go girl !!!!! YEEHAW!!!! and think how well it wqill be for you at the end of all this you sure are blessed!!! hugs mary emoticon

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Photo Coming Soon...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I know it's been awhile since my last blog entry, but I'm back now, and better than ever. Since my last blog, I've become pregnant, and celebrated a huge milestone in my daughter's life. Shock and awe right? Well I'm now about 9-10weeks along, and have given up smoking for the baby...I can hear the cheers now from everyone. I've also had my first ultrasound, and was able to hear the heartbeat...my other kids were with me, and it startled them silent...I loved it. I'm sure many of you have figured out that my weightloss is on hold for now, but with doctor's ok, I will hopefully be able to continue some lightweight activities. I have walked a little bit now and then, and somehow, managed to lose five pounds...so there is a good possibility that I might get out of the 200s soon anyways.

Moving on, for those who haven't heard, my daughter Taylin just turned the big 0-1 this past Friday. I will include the link to the awesome birthday pics at the end of this blog. We had her party on Saturday, and once again...I was Queen Do-It-All, and I am so ready to renounce my title. Someone else paid for the pizza, yet Matt and I had to be the ones to pick it up...why we had to leave our kid's party is beyond me...but anyways, it was a huge smash. We had three cakes, one store bought (cupcakes) for everyone to eat, one homemade (my gift to my daughter), and then another store-made cake, which was given to us for free, which went to Taya to devour. She was pretty dainty with it at first...take off a little frosting and then lick her fingers, but after a while she got into it.

So there it is...a recent blog entry from the former fat chick and newly pregnant chick. I hope to keep this updated better, just bear with me if I miss a week or four again.

P.S. If anyone else out there is pregnant and sitting over at BabyFit, you can find me there as well, under the same screen name: LONIMARIE

And as promised here are the pics:

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    Thanks for sharing your pictures..adorable children you have.

emoticon on quitting smoking as well as being pregnant.

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CANNOTFATHOM 10/8/2008 11:10AM

    Glad the party was a smash!


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OSTERA15 10/7/2008 10:59PM

On both your pregnancy and your quit!
Cute pics and of course cute kids too!

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QTCOLEY 10/7/2008 9:28PM

    If I miss a week or four... girly, you kill me! LOL

Kay, here's me pretending to know this for the first time:

OMG, you're pregnant congrats!!! And Taylin's 1st is such a wonderful milestone to celebrate... sucks that you had to be so crazy busy and leave to go pick up the pizza, but I am glad you have the occassion to celebrate and the pics are just beautiful! Both the little ones are too cute... I just love her dress. Glad to hear your are quitting smoking... don't pick it back up after baby is born either young lady. You quit and stay that way... you will thank yourself. Big round of applause for you! (claps hands in a circle)

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I Double Dare You

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back in May, I posted a blog entitled "I Dare You". Some time has passed, and it needed to be upgraded, so now I'm double daring you, but this time it's a little different, so are you up for the new challenge?

I double dare you to set big goals
I double dare you to dream big
I double dare you strive for what you want out of life
I double dare you to be happy (no matter what your size)
I double dare you to make a new friend today
I double dare you to wear a smile all day
I double dare you to hug your kids more
I double dare you to be different from everyone else
I double dare you to laugh often and cry less
And Finally
I double dare you to love yourself enough to look in the mirror and have the self confidence to know you are worth it

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ALIAGOGO 9/8/2008 4:13AM

    good one! will the next be a double dog dare? cuz those are hard to resist! LOL

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CANNOTFATHOM 9/7/2008 5:13PM

    Something to think about :)

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CHEEKYMUNKEY 9/7/2008 4:55PM

    I love this! You are so inspirational.

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MOLLIEMAC 9/7/2008 8:41AM

    Many thanks for this...MJ

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~*SHINING*~ 9/6/2008 11:35PM


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QTCOLEY 9/6/2008 7:59PM

    awww that is such a good message!! emoticon

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