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A Day In The Life Of The Fat Chick

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here it is, another day in the life of the fat chick, and by now some of you know that I am moving. Well even though Matt works at two restaurants he still finds it hard to bring boxes home, and with (at the time) 2 weeks to pack up everything we own, I needed to get boxes. So one day after I walked home from dropping Matt off at work, I decided to walk back down the hill to a local liquor store. I decided to call first to check if they had boxes, I was told they had about ten. So I get down there and they had a ton of boxes, but unfortunately I could only carry so many at one time. I grab a bunch and start my trek back up the grusome hill. I'm not even home yet and I'm panting like a dog, and of course I could always depend on the kindness of strangers to totally ignore me and not offer to help. I get back to the house and don't even bother taking the boxes inside, I just drop them on the porch, sit down for 2 minutes to catch my breath, and take off back down to the store to get the next installment of boxes. I know they didn't multiply, but looking at how many more I had to grab it seemed like there were so many more. Once again, I grab what I can and head on home with them, and once again all I get from anyone is glares and looks of "how weird is she". I drop off the boxes again and this time I have to sit a little bit longer and take some puffs off my inhaler, damn asthma. I wish at this point I could go inside and kick my feet up, I'm exhaused...but I still have another trip for boxes to make. You would think at this point the neighbors would get why I'm walking by them for the 4th or 5th time in a row, but they aren't acting like it, they are acting like this is the most outragous thing they have ever seen. I pick up the boxes and realize, this is my last trip! WOOHOO!! I'm walking back, trying to psych myself up, pushing myself to get home, and I make it! Finally, I get all the boxes (way more than ten by the way) inside, and I kick my feet up. I wish my venture stopped there, but it never does, does it. As I'm packing, I realize that we don't even have a place to move into yet, so I have to walk back down the hill and get a newspaper so I can search the apartment listings. Finding a three bedroom with semi cheap rent is damn near impossible. But I found a few, so I called...already been rented, story of my life. We are now down to a week to move, and UREKA! we found a place! Too bad they want us to pay first month and security before we can move in, on top of turning on the utilities first...WOW that's a lot of money we don't have. What ever happened to the barter system? Do you have any idea how convient that would be. Anyways, I'm running low on boxes again (too much stuff), so it looks like I'm taking a walk back down to the liquor store, I called first again, but this time I was told they only had a few, and they didn't lie, it only took two trips this time, and again I'm huffing and puffing trying to make it up that hill. I swear that hill and I have a love/hate relationship, I love that it gives me a workout and it hates to let me breathe. I know this blog has become a weekly thing, and I know so many of you look forward to it (just kidding), but we all know how the cable company operates, so there is a good chance that I may disappear for awhile, but I will be back and with tons of fat chick stories to tell. Wish me luck and sanity, cause I am gonna need it.

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SHAUNA1977 6/25/2008 10:07AM

    I have tears in my eyes after reading that. I can only imagine what your new neighbors are going to think when you haul in truckloads of liquor boxes!! haha!!

good for you for walking all those trips, as much as you were probably hating the neighbors for not helping at the time, you got some great exercise out of it!!

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CRISSYLYN2 6/24/2008 9:06AM

    I know how you must of felt on your way back up the hill with those boxes for the fouth and fifth time but at least you were getting something that none of those people were..... a work out that will benefit you for a life tme.
Good luck with your more and can't wait to see more stories show up.

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YOOHOORENEE 6/23/2008 3:19PM

    This is my first and hopefully not the last blog that I have got to read of yours and you are too funny!

Thanks for sharing your storey - it is giving me the motivation to get off my butt and do my own walking!

Good luck with your move!

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GRAMMABENJI 6/23/2008 12:44PM

    hi Loni: OMG you had a workout. i walked down my hill one day hubby was suppose to pick me up on the way home from work he was late getting out so i walked back up it to home. 6 miles round trip!!!!!!!!! i love reading your blogs you are so funny. so i will be looking forward to reading them all when you come back. everything will work out for you in the end. and i love the pic you have with this blog what adorable kids.

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ABUFFKIN 6/23/2008 10:34AM

    WAY TO GO!!!! You didn't let that hill or your move get the best of you!!! I really enjoy reading your blogs, it is nice to hear such humor even in the face of adversity. emoticon

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HEATHERW21 6/23/2008 7:45AM

    You go girl!!! That is motivation!!! I need a hill!! We have moved 3 times in the past 3 yeasr & I plan to only do it one more time in my life!!! It is a great workout though! & I had to do it bymyself because my DH worked too much! I know I'm strong now!!! Keep it up & the pounds will be gone before you know it!!

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WOOLANDWOOD 6/23/2008 3:38AM

    WOW what a day for you... I don't know where you live but in addition to Salvation Army, Volunteers of America may be able to help you out with moving expenses.

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MELLYKELLY5 6/23/2008 12:06AM

    Way to GO!!!!!!!!! Try Waltraud's advise. *huggles*

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~*SHINING*~ 6/22/2008 10:48PM

    I love going to the liquor store for moving boxes! They always have the strongest ones!!!

Maybe your neighbors thought it wasn't empty boxes you were toting up the hill! Heehee...

I hope you find somewhere affordable soon. Did you look into the salvation army? They may be able to pay your deposit for you. They have a rental-subsidy program.

If you need anything let me know! emoticon


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ALIAGOGO 6/22/2008 10:44PM

    haha. great story. GREAT walking! I hope you can find a hill near your new place that you can develop a love/hate relationship with. You might miss the evil hill when it's gone! (but not the neighbors, I suspect...) ;)

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    WOW!!! You have way more gumption than me. I would have given up. Did you happen to have a pedometer on. You could really rake up the points. LOL I hope you get moved OK and that setteling in will not be as hectic. Do something to make it fun. Have a great day. Jude

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HUGGERS1 6/22/2008 6:27PM

    You walked up that hill how many times???? Good for you. I am so amazed by your tenacity. I probably would have given up and waited until hubby got home to send him to get the boxes. I hope everything works out with the move. I know that people want so much money up front now days. I agree, I wish we had the barter system too, I just don't know what i would have to barter some days :)

I am sure your body thanks you for the hard work and it will show on the scales :) I do hope the week is blessed and everything comes through for you that you need.

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SHERYE 6/22/2008 6:21PM

    I can't wait to read how this story ends. You did awesome with your walking back and forth to collect those boxes congrats to you, and as for those terrific neighbours(NOT) I wouldn't worry about them as you aren't staying but they have to LOL Seriously though, good luck with your move to ????? I know you will find a nice place in time for your move.


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JACKJACK91 6/22/2008 4:07PM

    You did it! Things are going to work out, they always do, just look at this time as a learning period, when you come out of this one, look out! emoticon


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BUTTERFLY_MT 6/22/2008 3:50PM

    YAY!!! I'm so glad you found something...I remember moving to town after getting jobs here...we ended up living in a motel "cabin"...not cool, but then it was just us and one cat.

Great job on the workout...and don't worry...they won't be your neighbors for long....lol...Keep up the good work--and of course I look forward to your blogs!

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KIMBERLYD552002 6/22/2008 3:29PM

    Well you did awesome.. so proud of you!!

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DORIS33 6/22/2008 2:49PM

  GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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SEXYCOOL* 6/22/2008 2:47PM

    your post was actually quite motivating...kudos for sticking with the multiple trips to get the boxes...for that alone, YOU ROCK!!!

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A Day In The Life Of the Fat Chick

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This entry will be a little different than the others, because I feel like taking a trip down memory lane. Matt and I had been married for about 4months, when the diabeties bomb was dropped on us. He was only 18 years old and wasn't expecting this at all. We knew right away that his diet had to change, and me being the loving and supportive wife I am, I changed mine as well. We checked every label and counted every carb. Only bought low carb and sugar-free things, we were doing great, and is blood sugar numbers were improving by the day. On another trip to the grocery store, we thought, "hey...let's get some sugar-free treats" so we did. While we were walking around Wegmans, we ended up in the bulk food section, and right away noticed they had a pretty big selection of sugar-free snacks, and the prices weren't bad either. We must have grabbed something out of every container in our excitement, and rushed home to try our new goodies. No holding back here, as soon as we got home we dove right in to try all the goodies, and they were surprisingly good, so why stop now, must keep eating. It didn't take long before we each had an upset stomach, but it wasn't from how much we ate, no...this was something else. Saying that we ran to the bathroom would be the understatement of the year, no...millenium! I'll leave out all the gory details and just say that between the two of us, we were in there for a good chunk of the night. What went wrong? We were eating sugar-free, so it wasn't all bad for us. Unfortunately for Matt, he ate all his gummy fish and wanted more, so the next day we take another trip out to the store, thinking that the night before was only a fluke, and it wouldn't happen again, so might as well give the treats a second chance. As he is filling the baggie up, I notice something on another bin, in tiny letters under the name..."May Cause A Laxative Effect". Oh My God! I point this out right away and down goes the baggie, and we bolt for the exit. Later that night, Matt's sister came over (uninvited as usual), and I'm not a big fan of her, so I didn't talk to her much, well we still had some left over bulk foods and without asking, she just starts eating them like it's her last meal...and finishes off all of it. She didn't really give us time to warn her about our recent discovery, and since she didn't ask first, we thought what a great way to learn a lesson. Too bad that lesson was learned in our bathroom. She left shortly there after. I hope that my trip down memory lane has served as a warning to others to always read every detail before you gorge yourself on anything. Cause you never know, it MAY CAUSE A LAXATIVE EFFECT!

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    emoticon Read all signs before purchasing anything or everything!

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    emoticon Thanks for sharing!

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UNSURE 6/19/2008 1:16AM

    Thanks I need a good luagh, and love the picture too.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FITNESS.CHICK 6/18/2008 5:54PM

    I worked at GNC....and when the sugar free candy came in, we all had this happen :-)

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SEEKER3423 6/17/2008 3:48AM

    emoticon I am not laughing at you but with you!! A couple years ago I bought some hot tea that claimed it was a diet tea. I love hot teas and thought I would give it a try. A few hours later after having to use horrid gas station restrooms I read the entire box and learned it had senna a natural herbal laxitive in it!! never again!! Look out for the teas too they will bite!!

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WYNTER13 6/16/2008 10:17AM

    Loni, that was so funny. I also discovered these side effect the hard way. I had diabetes with my last pregnancy and I had cravings. Well the sugar free candies did me in. Thank god it did not put me in early labor. That is how bad the cramping was. Very funny story!

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MELLYKELLY5 6/15/2008 11:48PM

    Oh my gosh that is way to funny. I love the part about the sister in law. I think my In laws are getting sugar free candy for the holidays. emoticon Insert evil laugh here

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KITRAE1 6/15/2008 6:00PM


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QTCOLEY 6/15/2008 4:15PM

    LOL... too funny.

Um yeah.. sugar free is great, but you have to limit it to like 2 pieces... it which case if you can eat sugar... you might as well eat the regular stuff... all about portion control. Diabetic or not. lol

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SHERYE 6/15/2008 3:17PM

    OMG you to LOL

I think this is a lesson most of us learn the hard way. But oh what a memory haha


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TMROTH 6/15/2008 10:55AM

  I to found this out the hard way. We were on a trip and hubby was just starting to eat sugar free. Well the kids were small and didn't understand that Dad's candy was only for Dad. All three ate it and all three kids were hit. Hubby wasn't.
Bad lesson to learn especially on kids in a car.

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JUICYFRUIT23 6/15/2008 7:35AM

    WOW! lol Now i know i need 2 read labels lol emoticon

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LOSING4KEEPS 6/15/2008 1:43AM

    I am so glad to learn that I'm not the only one that has made this mistake. A couple years ago, when I was undertaking a very restrictive diet and exercise program (that didn't last long), I binged on most of a bag of sugar-free candy while watching TV. I decided to make up for this indulgence by going out for a nice, long run. The fabled "laxative effect" hit me when I was a couple miles away from the nearest bathroom. I ended up desperately waddling all the way home and spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom. Man, that was horrible.

I guess we both have to learn things the hard way - always read the label!

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LAURALEE17 6/15/2008 12:40AM

  haha, serves her right!

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SQUIRRELLYMOM 6/14/2008 11:58PM

    A few weeks ago someone posted that they had bought some cookies that were made with Splenda. Well it turns out that Cookie Company had a disclaimer on the package that eating too many cookies would result in a laxative effect due to the Splenda content!!! The poster then went on to say that the Little elf cookie company should have printed that in BIG letters!! I totally agree. emoticon

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JUSTJUDEATTUDE 6/14/2008 11:12PM

    I think this is rather funny in a "sick humor" kind of way. Not for you and hubby, but for busy-body sil.

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GRAMMABENJI 6/14/2008 10:50PM

    omg what a funny blog

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NEWME36 6/14/2008 10:34PM

    This blog "cracked" me up!!! I laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath. The reason I am laughing so hard is because I have experience this one myself. I was on the Atkins diet and craving chocolate so I decided Sugar Free Chocolate was "THE REMEDY FROM HEAVEN!!!" I first ate two pieces, then two more, even offering some to my kids. After all, it was "SUGAR-FREE". We spend the better part of that day in the bathroom. The bigger problem was that we had only 2 bathrooms and there was 3 of us. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!!! So, I learned to eat it rarely and only in SMALL PORTIONS - only the recommended servings. The ingredient that causes these "LAXATIVE EFFECTS" is THE SUGAR ALCOHOLS THAT THEY USE INSTEAD OF SUGAR. SUGAR ALCOHOLS CAN BE FOUND IN MANY OTHER FOODS AS WELL, SUCH AS SYRUPS, DRINKS, OATMEAL AND A HOST OF OTHER THINGS.

LESSON LEARNED: CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE EATING IT. I would probably have done the same thing you did about the sister-in-law. Maybe I'll keep some in a dish and save them for my "SPECIAL UNINVITED GUESTS". I'm sure that will cut there visits short and save me a headache. LOL!!! (JUST KIDDING!) I'm sure that will be a laugh for you and your husband for years to come!!! - Angela

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A Day In The Life Of The Fat Chick

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Here it is, another day in the life of the fat chick. In the past week, Matt had some free time between jobs, so I took that opportunity to take a 30minute walk around the block. It's a big block, with a couple of hills, and the funny thing is, I'm in the middle of the city, not anywhere near the country. Anyways, I'm rocking out to my walkman, yea I know I'm probably the last person alive that doesn't have an Ipod or Mp3 player, so I'm rocking out, trying to walk to the beat, and doing pretty good. Until I get to the 1st big hill, my upbeat pace starts to falter a little bit, and about half way up, I'm gasping for air and pushing myself to continue on. Only ten more feet and I'm through the hardest part, nothing can slow me down now...unless there is a freak downpour which soaks me in a matter of seconds. I have no umbrella or coat (it was too warm for a coat), so I have no shield from the rain, I see it as I have two options, I can keep walking, or stand still...either way I'm getting wet. I keep walking (something tells me you knew that already though), and YAY the rain stops, not like it matters much, I'm already soaked to the bone at this point. I'm able to catch my breath without having to stop walking, and YAY I didn't need my inhaler (mostly cause I forgot to bring it). I have about 15minutes left in my walk and I see the next hill is coming up, so I brace myself, here I go, gonna keep on moving, and then mother nature decided she wasn't done messing with me yet, and here comes the rain again. Didn't really phase me too much, what I'm gonna get wetter? I don't think it's possible...top of the hill, VICTORY! I made it. It's all downhill from here, literally...I had to walk down a hill to get home. I'm kinda glad it rained, it cleared up a pretty big myth about overweight people, just because we are slightly larger than what society would prefer, we aren't made of the sugar we've inhaled in the past, and surprise, surprise....we won't melt if we get wet.

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ABUFFKIN 6/9/2008 2:49PM

    That was cute!!! Sounds like some of the things this fat chick has gone through during the process. Who woulda thought that us fat folks don't melt??? Amazing...........

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LAURALEE17 6/8/2008 3:44PM

  lol, congrats on making it up the hills, and not melting!!

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    You go girl! Keep on keeping on.

(I too have a walkman (15+ years old)

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SHERYE 6/8/2008 3:05AM

    Congrats on not melting haha

I also don't have an Ipod or MP3 player but so far have survived without them.

Funny how the weather likes to mess around with us as if we really need more aggravation in our lives.

Your doing awesome.

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GRAMMYSKIDS58 6/8/2008 12:30AM

    Congrats on defeating those hills and showing them who is boss. Come rain or shine Fat Chick WILL get her exersizes in!! Woo hoo!!

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KATREENI 6/7/2008 10:12PM

    haha, nice!! i went running in the rain one morning, and it was actually FUN!! and nice because it kept me cooler and i didn't sweat so much :) not that i could tell anyway, cause i was soaked! hehe.... and i bet all the people driving by thought i was crazy, but i had so much fun!!!

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JA1730 6/7/2008 7:27PM

    thats awesome and very cute. All we have a flats around here not sure if I could handle hills at the moment. However I do need to start walking again only to get ready for a 3 mile k walk. ( the humanrace is next weekend) and my whole family is going to be in it I believe which is cool... I am hoping that this will help me kick start exercising again because since I hurt my back (which is fine again) i need to start walking again... again A great blog.

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HUGGERS1 6/7/2008 5:52PM

    No mp3 player here either. Congrats on keeping on walking. I think your dedication is great. I probably would have tried to hitch a ride home or something. I am glad that you didn't let the rain get you down. Hope your tomorrow is filled with sun and the hills seem smaller and less daunting. Glad you made it to the top. Next you will be looking for bigger hills. :) emoticon

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JUSTPEACHY08 6/7/2008 5:34PM

    YAY!! That's great! Goes to show you you can push through no matter what life throws toward you. You have a funny way of telling it too. I could picture you (even though I've never really seen you) trying to walk in the rain up hill with your GIANT walkman (don't worry no MP3 player here either). Great job keep it up and before you know it you can run up that hill! emoticon

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    How hillarious. I am a chicken even though I love the rain. I wuld have ducked for cover if I could have. LOL Glad you made it home OK and it did not "dampen (sorry about the pun), your spirits. I am going for a walk when I get home from work tonight. It isn't supposed to rain....

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KIMBERLYD552002 6/7/2008 5:17PM

    Well you did awesome. I bet the rain felt good! I am so glad you got to go outdoors and walk. Every since I have been trying to lose weight I make my whole family go when I wanna walk outside.

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A Day In The Life Of The Fat Chick

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I've seen roller coaster with less ups and downs. I started out at 214lbs, escalated up to 219lbs, and dropped back down to 211lbs, where I am now. Which means, I only have 12lbs to go to be forever out of the 200s! With that being said here is another day in the life of the fat chick. When we received our tax refund in the mail, Matt and I decided to buy an XBOX 360 instead of renting one. So we head out to GameStop (EB Games) on one of the days we had borrowed the car from mom in law. Get it home, and it stops working, so we head back out in the car to exchange it, get it home again and it works for a lil while and breaks again. Wait a few days for the car again (this XBOX withdrawl is slowing killing Matt in the meantime) exchange AGAIN, and get it home, and as he tries to hook it up, we realize that the cord doesn't fit...sounds like another trip out to the mall. This time instead of waiting for the car from mom in law, I call a cab to take me to the mall...$8.00 later (stupid gas prices), I walk into GameStop to fix the problem. I knew I had to walk to WalMart afterwards, its only about a 15minute walk, so I had the XBOX in my backpack and I'm hiking down the road. There weren't that many onlookers this time, maybe because it was such a busy road, which didn't bother me because I really don't like to be the center of attention. So when I finally get home, YAY the XBOX works...for less than a week. We were getting the car again the next day, so we didn't waste the money for another cab, so the next day arrives and we once again exchange the XBOX. Ran a few errands, so we didn't hook up the new XBOX until we didn't have the car anymore (figures). Plug it in, hook it up and instantly...doesn't work...sounds like its time for a 4th XBOX. This time, I took a cab to WalMart (saved a whole 50cents), and walked to the mall, with the XBOX once again in my backpack, and the backpack, well...on my back, that is definately some strength training right there. This time, I had a few eyes glance my way as I was walking, but I don't think it was because of my weight, I think it was because they saw a 5'1 (had my sneakers on) female, walking with a backpack attached to her that was larger than a toddler. Actually I don't even think that's why they were looking, I think it had to do with the fact that I kept pulling up my pants as I walked. When I was pregnant with Taylin, I bought a pair of capris, kinda large so I could grow into them, well I didn't...atleast not until after I had her, for some reason I gained more weight after she was born, than while I was pregnant. Anyways, now that I'm down to a prepregnancy weight, the pants are slightly large on me, and dumbass me never remembers to wear a belt with them. I've learned that when I walk now, to wear windbreakers...they stay in place better, plus I sweat more. If you are still reading now, and XBOX stories haven't completely bored you to death, I hope that my story has amused you in some way, cause you can't make this stuff up. Moral of the story, if you wear pants that don't fit, wear a belt with them, or go with an even more stylish look and bring back suspenders. So here is to a new month and getting out of the 200s now and forever! emoticon

P.S. The XBOX is currently up and running properly now, and it is a refurbished one. Thanks for the comments.

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    Great to hear that the XBox is working...or you found one that does...That makes me crazy...when you have to return it over and over..My husband and I did that with a TV once. The crazy part was...it was wider then the car door..so we had to take it out of the box each time. Break down the box to fit the box in the car. Tape the box back up, put the TV in it..and return it back to the store. We did the hocus pocus box trick 3 times. Finally it dawned on us to just try it at the store..lol. The 4th one worked. The other's had a red line that would come across the screen.

FYI: place to try for free games that might be gently used... FreeCycle.org (they have groups in all areas..just type in your area..join it is free. So much stuff is saved from landfills. We got a treadmill off of Freecycle. Great program. You can also give stuff that you no longer want or need. Just a thought!

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    You will get out of the 200's and you will feel SO good when you do it. Trust me. : ) Keep it up! My pants don't fit me anymore either! Even my belts too big, it's time for smaller pants, Went from an 18 to a 13/14.


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BUTTERFLY_MT 5/31/2008 9:05PM

    How about giving you back the same exact xbox? That's crazy.

Does it work now?

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FOLGORE 5/31/2008 5:55PM

  Just curious, do you have a functional Xbox360 now? I've never had any problems with either the original Xbox I bought nor the Xbox360 I got some months after it initially came out. Could GameStop be the problem? (Brand new or refurbished?)

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A Day In The Life Of The Fat Chick

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cardio...a great way to slim down...walking, an even better way to get that cardio and save on gas prices (which we all know cost more than the Hope Diamond at this point). We don't have a car at the moment, but instead of calling a cab to take me to the bank, I decided to hike it there, a good hour total, there and back. As I'm walking, every single person who drove by or was stopped at a red light happened to glance my way. Well it wasn't so much a glance as it was staring. I wasn't dancing down the sidewalk, or walking in my birthday suit, I wasn't even singing along to the music that was pumping thru the headphones...so why the looks? I'm assuming it has to do with my larger than life butt and belly flab. I'm not one to wear skin tight clothes either, so it was hard to see my belly, but that didn't matter to these people. I've given up on learning the stats of the overweightedness in America, but the fact remains that there are lots of people who are obese, so why is seeing a fat chick walking such a shock? Is it because I was out and about doing something about it, or because I wasn't shoveling fast food into my pie hole. Maybe the looks would stop if I was inhaling a twinkie and driving a car like so many others. That's another time I get looks, when I borrow a car from my mother in law. I typically park pretty far away from my desitination, and the 4 of us walk (me, Matt-hubby, Campbell-son, and Taylin-daughter, well she gets carried, but you get the idea). The only time we don't is if it happens to be raining, which was the case a few days ago when we had the car. I parked kinda close to keep the kids dry and while we were walking, the judgemental looks could have filled the Grand Canyon...come on, it's not like I parked IN the store! I forgot the grocery store is an exclusive club for skinny people, or atleast that's how it seems to me. Why do fat people need to eat anyways, we have enough "reserve" stored up in our bodies to end world hunger, that is why we are so big to begin with right? Screw them all, screw the looks, screw the digs people try to make, and screw hiding in the corner and giving up on losing weight! I'm not losing weight so you won't have to divert your eyes elsewhere, I'm doing it for me, my family and my health...if you don't like it, simple solution.....DON'T LOOK! emoticon

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    I love your blogs! So true..why do people stare...They seem to stare about everything...go figure..nothing better to do. Maybe they are recalling days that they were fat. I remember one of my friends in HS hanging a sign on her (made from cardboard box) it was on the front and the back..it said "What are you looking at?" Then underneath it ..it said in smaller letter's "Don't even tell me you are trying to figure out what the sign says..." lol. I thought it was pretty funny. A few days later she added to the sign..."If I see you looking at my sign..you owe me a buck..no free advertising". lol.

Just think..you are doing the environment a favor by walking..that's what I think when I walk to work from time to time (never mind walking to better health). emoticon

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SERAPHICSTAR 6/6/2008 4:51PM

    ugh i have the same problem a lot. the receptionist and I at work spend a lot of time complaining about the treatment of fat girls (shes big as well). its absolutly DISGUSTING.
for every 10 chubby girls that walk in... maybe 2 or 3 stick looking girls come in... so its not like fattys dont exist (allthough many people like to pretend they do!)
i always feel like im being watched when i walk, or when i wear low cut tops... and even when I go out to eat.
i guess ill just say what TMROTH said... people are a-holes!!!

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TMROTH 5/31/2008 4:27PM

  people are a__ _es. You are right about walking. I live 30 miles to the closest Wal-mart and i keep saying I'm going to walk- wish I could, but that distance and this heat- I'd never make it. make me wonder why I more out in no-man's ville instead of in town.
Good job for you. keep it up- and maybe next time let them drop and give those people something to look at! he he he emoticon

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~*SHINING*~ 5/28/2008 9:42AM

    Heehee... you are so funny!

I don't think it had anything to do with you being fat! I think they were just awed to see a non-redneck chick in the land of rednecks!!!!

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WOLFKITTY 5/28/2008 2:29AM

    Good for you for affirming that you're not losing weight for them, you're doing it for you!

As a side note, um... I've looked at your pictures, and you're cute. Do you think that there MIGHT, MAY, POSSIBLY, have been people looking over at you to get a better look at your cuteness?

I do.

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CHYNADAHLL 5/27/2008 4:41PM

    BRAVO! Well said and I commend you for taking the initiative to "do you" regardless of what anyone thinks.

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TA2DMOM 5/27/2008 4:34PM

  Well said!

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SEEKER3423 5/27/2008 12:19PM

    Ha, loved it!! I am a devout walker and know all too well the stares. What I love even more is when they ask me if I need a ride. Like the only reason I could possibly be walking is if my car broke down or something. When I tell them I am walking on purpose they look at me as if I had lost my mind!! I think they will stare no matter what you look like. My hubby sure stares at the collage chicks and its not because they are overweight!! LOL when I am walking I have on a backpack that carries my gallon of water ( more weight=more calories burned) my cd player and wallet ( thanks to the cop that gave me a hard time for walking without my ID) If I see someone staring I wave really big and start singing along real loud to my music, they normally turn away real quick!!LOL Have a blessed day!

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FITNESS.CHICK 5/26/2008 11:07PM

    This is very motivational!

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SUZANNEYEA 5/26/2008 3:31PM

    I like to people watch, so I look at people as I drive or as I do my grocery shopping. I think people in today's world and economy are probably thinking about themselves more than your weight. Or maybe they were admiring your children who are very cute.

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ELECTRALYTE 5/25/2008 6:26PM

    you call yourself "fat chick" and assume everyone has negative thoughts about you. it sounds to me like you have the negative thoughts and referring to yourself in derogatory terms is counter productive. concentrate on the positive and maybe you will see more of it coming from others. jmho

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SLSECS 5/25/2008 1:45PM

    I can guarantee you that probably most of those people were thinking that they should be walking instead of driving.....or wishing they could walk instead of drive. I'm one of those people who usually have to drive because of where I live. The older I get the more I realize that most people are fighting their own self esteem demons to worry about me.
DO NOT let other people and their negative looks, words, or attitude bring you down!!! You just keep on keeping on!

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JAMIEHORN20 5/25/2008 12:51PM

    They're probably just shocked because you're walking and when was the last time they did that? You're working for what you want, and that's great! They can't take that away from you!

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TAFODIL24 5/25/2008 11:27AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Who cares what other people are thinking and really, you can't possibilty know what people are actually thinking when they look at you.

You keep your head high and stay focused with your goal.

Who cares what other people think!

be happy, be healthy, and be proud of yourself ~ keep on doing what you are doing!!

emoticon ~ Taffi

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SQUIRRELLYMOM 5/25/2008 11:04AM

    Good for you!! Don't let the stares of insensitive people bother you ever. Just shows they weren't raised right. Keep on walking!!! It's like milk---it does a body good!!


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UNIQUELYJULZ 5/25/2008 10:50AM

    Old Dutch saying,
Do what you are gonna do, cuz people are gonna talk anyway.

Yep! It doesn't matter what we do, someone will be looking, and judging us. It really doesn't matter if it is a positive or negative judgement, it is still a judgement. So, walk, run, skip, or crawl down the road and do ya thing!!

I am so proud of you for walking and choosing to save ya pennies at the same time. Cool!!!

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NORA44889 5/24/2008 10:10PM

    But I don't think that we get as much flack from a girl that is skinny that has had a baby and all those strech marks to go with that wonder bouning baby. lol. I know how you feel been there myself. But the thing that really made me feel good was. My husband exwife saw me at our local Walmart. And she was talking to someone esle later that day. And said I think my ex has a new girlfriend. The person that she was talking to said no she has lost some weight. She said there is no way that could be the same person. Here freind said yes it is. lol.

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    Oh geez... you just put a lot of my feelings into words. Sometimes, when I'm walking a local walk path through this beautiful park, the Skinny Minny workout chicks look at me like "Why bother?" and all the cute, old couples smile and say hello. So weird.

And lol at "Maybe the looks would stop if I was inhaling a twinkie and driving a car like so many others" Damned if we do and damned if we don't! lol

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ADOPTMOM1 5/24/2008 7:30PM

  LOL, I like your attitude. I work out in my yard in a sports bra and shorts and I wear a 2 piece bikini in my pool. My theory is that if people don't want to see my scars or jiggly thighs they don't have to drive down my road. Keep up the great attitude!

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KIKI25GRACE 5/24/2008 7:13PM

    HA HA You freakin' rock! People were looking because they were inspired that you were walking and jealous that you don't have to pay the insane gas prices. :-D

Report Inappropriate Comment
INGEINCANADA 5/24/2008 7:11PM

    Why do you think they are thinking negative thoughts?
Maybe they are envious because you are walking and they are paying thru the nose to drive their car.
Maybe you are inspiring them to walk the next time too.
Maybe they are thinking who is that gorgeous chick walking down the road.
So keep on walking and let them stare and think what they think, because just maybe out of the 20 that pass you by only one has negative thoughts and the other 19 admire what you are doing.

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KITTYCANDOIT 5/24/2008 7:06PM

    I loved this Blog!!! I'm glad I read it cause I get these looks too when I walk my neighborhood in the mornings...I try and tell myself they're looking at my cute dog...but I know better! But you're right who cares? They'll be looking a lot harder once the weight is gone and I'm still walking every morning in my new healthy self AND I'll have the pride of knowing how much I've accomplished. Thanks for the read, I really liked it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TAZIAH 5/24/2008 6:20PM

    That's a great decision to make - putting yourself first! I need to take a page out of your book! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
PAINTFUMES 5/24/2008 6:16PM

    Good for you! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
OMAIZZY 5/24/2008 6:16PM

    They were all looking at you cos you're BEAUTIFUL!!

A couple of years ago I decided I wasn't going to stop living just cos I'm overweight. So I wear a bathing suit to the beach, I swim at a pool, I go to the gym, I do whatever my skinny friends do. You have the right to live, and enjoy life no matter what your size...and especially now that you're on your journey to a smaller size. As someone else said, if you feel people really are staring, just smile and give 'em a wave, and move on.

Nuts to 'em.

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DARCBOOM 5/24/2008 5:33PM

  I agree, people can SUCK sometimes. Here, you're surrounded by people who don't suck. Take us with you when you go, just like the Verizon commercials. Picture us there walking with you. Because we are everywhere. We're in Ontario, Ireland, all over the U.S., we're with you in spirit, take us with you in your mind.

We're proud of you and we're with you... every step!

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KATREENI 5/24/2008 5:31PM

    WELL SAID! i hope one day to lose all this weight and then all those people who have been judging me and making comments about my weight will have to eat their words. that's not why i'm doing this, but it will definitely be a nice benefit. :) Stick it to them!

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TOKENFATGUY 5/24/2008 5:31PM

    Now you are thinking like a token fat guy...er...girl.

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LARGECURD 5/24/2008 5:29PM


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LADYCALLIE 5/24/2008 5:26PM

    This happens to me as well!! Not so much walking in a city, but when I am at the grocery store buying healthy foods and checking calorie labels. I get weird looks.

This is a brilliant blog post.

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INDYBUTTERFLY 5/24/2008 5:26PM

    Good for you! emoticon

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BRNBABY 5/24/2008 5:01PM

    I often wonder the same thing. If obesity is such an epidemic in this country, why does it phase people to see it? Or do obese people really never leave the house? I know it has prevented me from doing as much as I would like to in the past, so...maybe we do hide too much of the time. But isn't this type of thing precisely why we feel uncomfortable in public? It's like one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. If you're, like you said, stuffing your face with a twinkie, people stare. If you're out walking and exercising, people stare. Well, I guess thin people just have us all figured out.

Ugh, that statement..we have enough body fat reserved to live off of for a while. My mother used to say that to me. And, actually, when I went to my general practitioner for an OB referral when I got pregnant the first time, the damn DOCTOR said something along those same lines. "You don't need to gain any weight during your pregnancy. The baby will pretty much have enough to live off of with the weight you're at right now." ???!!! I was very, very glad he wasn't my OB and I never saw him again. That $&&*@!)*%&%$$&^%%^&&$$!!((&#@$!!!! You know, being thin, when I finally get there, will take that kind of focus off of me. But I know what it feels like to be that target. It will be interesting to see what life is like on that side, how people treat you differently and will other people of that kind expect you to join in on the insulting? And what will I feel like? Will I have sympathy because I've been obese? Or will I be judgmental, thinking, "If I can lose weight like I did, there's just no excuse for anyone else not to." I really hope not. But being judged like I have has made me kind of callused, I know that. People should really just stop paying attention to other people's issues so much and should start working to improve themselves.

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TMROTH 5/24/2008 4:42PM

  Good for you . Next time remember to be polite. Wave and smile! emoticon. If the windows are open- yell, walking is better for the air- and for your health- you should try it.
In the store I'd smile and say hi, how are you today, aren't you glad you decided to come shopping today to have more people to stare at! This will embarrass them to all ends.

Then, you get the last laugh.

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