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UM, WOW. Just wow. And thank you, Lisa!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

That would be LisaN0415, who said WHY DON'T YOU POST SOME PICTURES ALREADY???

Okay, she didn't say it like THAT. emoticon But she did get me thinking!

But I was thinking, well, I don't really look THAT different, and I never took a "before" photo, so how can I really and blah blah blah...

So I was checking myself out in my size 18 pants on Thursday and thought, hey, I could take a picture with my cell phone. So I took some photos in the work bathroom (ha! It's the closest I can get to a full-length photo...).

Then I was flipping through pictures on my phone yesterday and found this one:

That's me, riding a carousel giraffe at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, April 1 2012. I am about 300 pounds here. Upper 290s at the lowest. Size 22 jeans. This was before I started my halfhearted attempt at Weight Watchers again in late spring/early summer, and before I started SparkPeople June 23rd.

Here I am on Thursday, at ~256, 44 pounds lost. (In my size 18 pants. Have I mentioned that I have some size 18 jeans? That fit? I feel like I should let everyone know about that. I have a pair of size 18 jeans. That fit. Rather nicely I happen to think...)

You guys??





Side by side:

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JENCANTA 1/9/2013 5:53PM

    Kate!!!!! Look at what a difference! You are doing so well. I'm glad you put up the pics because I think it helped you realize even more how AWESOME you're doing. Keep it up girly!!

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LEB0401 1/7/2013 11:44AM

    What a difference! Amazing work :)

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JUMPINJULIE 1/6/2013 10:06PM

    Awesome. You rock and the size 18 look amazing. emoticon

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SENIMMO 1/5/2013 9:34PM

    You know exactly how I felt when I pulled those old jeans out of the closet a few weeks ago. The ones that never fit before? They are not 18's. I freely admit they are 28's-but they are 15year old 28's! Which is equal to what, a 20 or 22 now? Another reason we can't always rely on size numbers. Plus I think I'm a foot shorter than you! Roflmbo! But hey, WE ARE DOING THIS!! I looked at the receipt for my CPM, and the medical supply co had my weight as 327 from the last time I had ordered equipment (my walker before I joined Sparkpeople last spring) so I've actually lost even more than I thought! Yay for us!

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_MOBII_ 1/5/2013 5:56PM

    Fantastic job!

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LISAN0415 1/5/2013 1:12PM

    Great work, Love the smile!!!


Look at the progress!

Take a picture for yourself from the front, from the side and the back and then in another 10-20 pounds do the same!

Take care!
Love the post!

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ADARKARA 1/5/2013 11:22AM

    You're looking fantastic! emoticon

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CASEYSAUER 1/5/2013 10:54AM

    Keep up the excellent work! emoticon

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Fractional effort: 2012 food tracker review

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I’ve made big changes to how I eat since June of 2012. That plus adding regular exercise, and I’ve lost 44 pounds and 2 pants sizes. I wanted to go back and see how this happened.

If you look at the difference between what I ate “then” and what I eat “now,” it sounds like a lot!

But here’s the thing: I don’t do all or nothing anymore, because that ALWAYS led me to fail. I didn’t even take my weight loss efforts “one day at a time.” More like, 1/3 of a half of a baby step at a time.

In order to change my eating habits, here are the things I needed to change/deal with:

Lunch - Buying lunch at work. Usually pizza or chicken fingers and fries.
Breakfast - Portion sizes too big. Coffee with LOTS of sugar and milk.
Eating out - I always ordered what sounds best and cleaned my plate.
Takeout/Dinner at home – Portion size. And too much takeout from the deli/grill around the corner, Chinese, or pizza. This was getting to be multiple dinners per week.
Snacks - Too many trips to the work vending machine for Cheez-its or chips.
Candy at work - My coworker has a communal candy box. It is 2 cubicles away from me. Plus the vending machine, or worse they sell cups of M&Ms that are about 2 bagfuls at the cafeteria.

Weekends - I’d sleep late, and then be really hungry and unable to decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch. Plus it being the weekend and wanting to relax, I interpreted “relax” to mean “treat yourself to whatever you want.” I’d eat takeout in even bigger or fattier portions than weeknights, plus sweets sweets sweets.

Trigger foods - Things I eat too often, have a horrible time with portion control on, or can’t seem to resist when they are around. The burger and fries definitely falls under “too often”, things like ice cream (I pretty much always ate the whole pint), pasta and especially mac and cheese = big portions (I once made two boxes of Kraft mac and cheese and hid the second empty box in the trash instead of the recycling before my husband got home. That way when he went to dish some, he wouldn’t be able to tell I’d eaten close to an entire box.) Having chips or snacky foods and candy around I’d eat them “just because they’re there.”

What was I eating before, at my heaviest? Probably ~2c of cereal for breakfast (or Dunkin Donuts drive through!), pizza or something with fries for lunch, and double or triple portions of pasta or mac and cheese or the ever present single serving chicken pot pie, or a big fast food meal for dinner. Ice cream or cookies whenever I wanted, bit servings. Multiple pieces of candy (2-3 “fun size” bars and such) every day.

What do I eat now? Plain greek yogurt and a baked sweet potato for breakfast, black coffee or tea. Leftovers from dinner, soup (lentil or split pea usually), or chicken salad for lunch, with leftover veggies or salad, and usually a piece of fruit, and for dinner, soup, stew, turkey burgers, steak, fish… something pre-checked in the tracker, portion decided on and measured, with veggies on the side. When I get takeout I get grilled chicken. On the much rarer occasions I have a cheeseburger, I usually don’t get fries. Fruit, veggies, and nuts or seeds for snacks (sometimes a fiber bar) and I stay out of the vending machine and candy box.

Oh those big changes!! How did they happen?? I started tracking my food on Spark People on Saturday, June 23, 2012. Here is my breakfast:

Instead of pouring a big bowl of cereal like always (probably 2c), I measured and ate just the 3/4c serving called for on the box. Food I already had, measuring cups I already owned. This was free and took approximately 46 seconds.
Did I eat perfectly healthy meals that would make a dietician cry and kiss me from there on out? HAH. Let’s look at my lunch:

475 calories for lunch is not THAT bad, for the calorie range SP gave me at the time.
But. It’s a huge bowl of pudding with whipped cream. PUDDING FOR LUNCH.
But I tracked it!!
What did I have for dinner? Takeout. But I got a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a cheeseburger.
Then I ate a big bowl of buttered popcorn, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.


This is what I mean about baby steps. I measured my cereal. I got chicken instead of cheeseburger. I tracked what I ate.

This is where I began. It’s not fancy. It’s not perfection. But it’s a TINY BIT BETTER than the day before. Eventually all the tinies add up to the big deal.

Sometimes I struggled with even that, but I kept going. Just track it. Whatever it is, sure, eat it. But 1) measure it, and 2) track it.

On June 24, I ate a mere ONE serving of vegetables – a cup of salad greens at a family party. “Lunch” that day was potato chips and beer.

That last week of June got better, as I got into the routine of the work week. I packed leftovers for lunch. My next lunch fix was to stop at the grocery store on the way to work and buy soup and frozen veggies. (Thank you, Tabatchnick and Green Giant.)

I bought frozen burritos or frozen “for two” meals for nights I was too busy to cook (I read the labels to pick the best ones.).

When we did get takeout, I started getting chips instead of fries.

Then I got smartfood cheddar popcorn instead of chips. Then I got just the sandwich.

I had days “on the road.” I went on vacation.

Not perfection, better choices. One at a time.

The first week of July I basically was figuring out how to track my grandmother’s cooking (and constant availability of snacks!) and eating out. I went over my calories, most days. I kept. On. Tracking.

Looking through my tracker is eye-opening to the changes over time. And the incredibly WEIRD habits I have had to break in order to get here!!

On July 5th, I had cheese, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, and diet Dr. Pepper for lunch.
On July 6th, I had ice cream and a Hershey bar. For LUNCH.

This was me, at my parents’ house, falling into old habits of indulging in cravings, secretly eating “treats” if no one else was home.

July 9 I started getting the egg white veggie flatbread from Dunkin Donuts, instead of egg and cheese on a biscuit if I was out of “breakfast food” at home. July 10 I had 2 slices of pizza for dinner instead of 4.

July 20 I started getting a small DD coffee instead of a medium.

(One night in July I had a leftover enchilada, a bowl of cereal, and ice cream for dinner. That’s not so much relevant to my point, as just plain hilarious. )

Black coffee first appears on August 1!

I also ate a lot of Oreos in early August… (trigger food) Clearly I bought a package and then once they were in the house I had trouble staying out of them.

I was ALSO having trouble wanting to snack on chocolate at work (oh that candy box) so I bought ginger candy and ate that instead, slowly savoring one piece whenever I felt like snacking. It is sweet, but also spicy so I can’t eat it fast and I can’t gorge on it. I forgot about that until I saw ginger chews in the tracker every day.

I experimented with smoothies for breakfast a lot in August. With and without protein powder, fruit, fruit and veggie, etc.

And hey, just to show that everybody falls down on this road, here’s August 17th:

The day after that, I had peach pie for breakfast. August was one of my “best” months on Spark People, up until my December challenge! You can see how “perfect” I was…

The beginning of September was rough – I had trouble getting back on track after Labor Day weekend which included a wedding, staying with family, and my husband’s birthday. I can see I was trying different things to get into a routine – protein shakes for breakfast, soup or stir fry for lunch, often falling into take out/burgers for dinner, and candy from the candy box most days. Also at some point I made brownies, and I ate them with breakfast more often than I remembered… hahaha.

But this is where I start to see, along with the more questionable dinners, I added a serving or two of frozen veggies, and if I bought lunch at work I added salad.

I fixed my lunch issues, not buying from the cafeteria, first. Then breakfast got better. Then my choices at restaurants. I’d look things up in the tracker app on my phone before ordering, and make sure to stop after half, then drink water and see if I am actually hungry or not before eating more.
Snacks, candy, weekends took longer to fix.

The greek yogurt for breakfast, frozen soup for lunch habit seems to have fully kicked in around the second week of September.

I started adding chicken to things for more protein, and having nuts and seeds for snacks.

Weekends were still a challenge through September. I would eat well for 1 or 2 meals and poorly for another. One great day from late September: scrambled egg with cheese and spinach for breakfast; frozen microwave veggie risotto with added chicken for dinner. Sounds good! What about lunch? A chocolate chip cookie, a piece of cake, and a butterscotch pudding cup. Heh heh.

I started tracking right away after vacation on Monday, October 8.

The greek yogurt breakfast established firmly in October. Meals got better through early October, but I still struggled with snacking.

For reasons I don’t remember, at all, I stopped tracking October 17, for three days. Tracked the 20th, stopped the 21st. Tracked 22nd, not 23rd – 27th! I started again on the 28th, only to stop again on the 30th. I didn’t track all through Sandy, the power outage at home, or the much longer power outage at work. Started again on the 5th of November.

I did pretty well through that first week of November tracking, but struggled with the weekend again.

My first breakfast sweet potato appeared on November 10!

Wednesday, November 14: Trigger foods; the first time I made boxed mac and cheese and actually measured and ate a SINGLE serving.

In November I finally stayed out of the candy box for an entire week.

The week of Thanksgiving, up to Saturday, was practically perfect!
Saturday I skipped breakfast (slept in), had a cheeseburger, fries, and oreos for lunch, and pie, cookies, and beer for dinner. WEEKENDS. Are a problem.

Sunday I ate my usual weekday breakfast, which was a step in the right direction. But then in the afternoon I learned a valuable lesson about mug brownies. (That lesson being “Holy crap they are almost 700 calories”)

In late November I made from scratch macaroni and cheese, and successfully ate it in moderation. Small servings as a side dish to healthier foods, and it took a while to eat up the batch.

Thursday, November 29 I wanted a cheeseburger – and I bought ingredients and made a healthier one from scratch, instead of getting takeout. I did the same for grilled cheese the next day. Both trigger/comfort foods!

December was Kick August, and I think my biggest issue was sweets and treats around, from a party early in the month and then holidays later. Beyond that when I struggled it was due to running out of go-to foods (like yogurt for breakfast, chicken salad or soup for lunch) or not packing snacks to bring to work.

Up until December I was doing pretty well at cleaning up my breakfast, lunch, dinner, eating out, and snacks. Kick August helped me dust off and really solidify those habits, plus finally kick the candy box, start to clean up my weekends, and have trigger foods without bingeing.

Weekends started to look more like weekdays! On December 8, I had my usual breakfast, leftovers for lunch and dinner, and fruit, veggies, and plain popcorn for a snack. Getting out of bed before 2pm & having a normal routine is a huge help…

Dec 14: trigger foods – I made *half* a grilled cheese to have with lentil soup

January - I’ve been having ice cream all week, in half or even quarter cup servings. I don’t eat the whole pint anymore; in fact I don’t even have to remind myself to put it in a bowl and not eat out of the container. It’s automatic now.

If you’re just starting, you might feel like you can’t take all the steps you need to change your habits That’s okay! Take *baby* steps. If you can’t take baby steps, take part of a baby step. One tiny thing at a time.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

_MOBII_ 1/5/2013 6:13PM

    What a great and honest analysis!!!! Keep up the great work!

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JUMPINJULIE 1/4/2013 4:16PM

    Awesome job. And great advice. emoticon

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LEB0401 1/4/2013 10:06AM

    Fantastic work.. this should be emailed to new Sparkies when they signup. I'm inspired to do some data analysis of my nutrition tracker now. Great...truly, truly great.

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BROOKLYN_BORN 1/4/2013 7:55AM

    I LOVE this blog. If everyone looked at themselves with the same honesty, society wouldn't have an obesity problem. Good for you!

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SHRINKING_SARA 1/3/2013 6:27PM

    Good job! Recognizing the food aspect of this journey is the hardest. Slowly subbing in healthier options is easier for everyone (myself included) until the changes all stick and fast food tastes weird.


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SENIMMO 1/3/2013 5:31PM

    emoticon amazing, incredible. You are making it work. You make me SO DANG PROUD OF YOU! You keep right on with those steps, no matter how small they need to be, in the right direction. emoticon

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LolaTurtle's Big Dang Results Show!!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Well here it is!

January 1!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone is happy and well and ready to have a great year!

I had a pretty good year for the most part. Losing 40 pounds was certainly nice. (haha) Some other personal stress and difficulties I was having have been resolved. But we did have some difficult times with my husband’s family this year – illnesses, injuries, and deaths – so we are looking forward to a new, happier year.

In SparkNews, I've finished my challenge to Kick August in December. Soooooooo, how did I do?

~*~***~KICK AUGUST~***~*~
August vs. December, 31 days each!


Aug: Tracked all 31 days – Dec: Tracked 31/31 days emoticon
Aug: In calorie range 24/31 days – Dec: 25/31 days emoticon
Aug: Over 2000 calories 6 days – Dec: only 2 days emoticon
Aug: Fat in range 25/31 days – Dec: 26/31 days emoticon
Aug: Carbs in range 29/31 days – Dec: 30/31 days emoticon
Aug: Protein under range 4/31 days – Dec: 0 days!! emoticon
Aug: Protein over 90g 12/31 days – Dec: 13/31 days emoticon
Aug: Cholesterol in range 25/31 days – Dec: 25/31 days emoticon
Aug: Fiber in range 19/31 days – Dec: 22/31 days emoticon
Aug: Fiber over 40g 4/31 days – Dec: 9/31 days emoticon
Aug: Sodium under 3,000mg 24/31 days – Dec: 28/31 days emoticon
Aug: Sodium in range 12 days – Dec: 15/31 days emoticon
Aug: Took vitamins 23/31 days – Dec: 31/31 days! emoticon

Intake (other):

Aug: cups of water 152 – Dec: 246 emoticon
Aug average 4.9 cups/day – Dec average 7.9 cups/day emoticon
Aug: fruits & veggies 137 – Dec: 186 emoticon
Aug average 4.4 fruit&veg/day – Dec average 6 fruit&veg/day emoticon


August: worked out 3x a week – Dec: worked out 3x a week emoticon
August total worked out 13 days – December total worked out 14 days emoticon
August 569 total fitness minutes – December 582 total fitness minutes emoticon
Aug strength training days = 0 – Dec strength training days = 4 emoticon
August total calories burned 4720 – December total 8980 emoticon
August average burn ~1005 calories/week – December average burn ~1755 calories/week emoticon

It was never possible to exceed the tracking # of days, since there are only a max of 31 days in any month. But otherwise I only matched 1 goal, the rest I exceeded.

SAY WHAT. Sad there is only emoticon, no goal exceeded sticker!!

Gold stars for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


What was the match? Cholesterol. And it was a close race, I wasn’t sure I was going to match even. It was tough with the holidays and all the rich foods. The other one that was close was fitness minutes. I burned a lot more calories in my December minutes than I did in August, but I was very close to not beating that 569 minutes. I went for an hour long swim yesterday, which pushed me over the edge. Not cheating, exactly, but a hail mary right at the end of the game, hahahaha.

I'm kind of amazed with myself right now. I figured I'd do okay and meet or exceed a few goals, but I'm kind of surprised I met Every. Single. One.

Because I love them so, LOOK, CHARTS!

This is the chart that started it all: the calorie differential. Those August weeks used to look so impressive, with their exercise calories burned bars getting bigger and bigger. Now they look so weeny compared to December, hahahaha:

Actually, this is probably the chart that started it all. I was still losing, but my weight loss felt so stagnant through October and November.

Here is the differential shown monthly. December is the clear winner.

Like I said, fitness minutes was a close race:

But calories burned is no contest!!

I'm doing SO MUCH BETTER at drinking my water:

Fruits and veggies are better too, though because I'm a crazy perfectionist, I think there's still room for improvement when I look at my average per day of 6...

I'm so happy I did this challenge. It was fun, actually, keeping track of everything and updating every day, and having something to work for BESIDES "maybe the scale will go down this week" helped me make better choices. I can remember a number of times where I made a point of refilling my water, or going grocery shopping when I didn't feel like it, or getting a salad, because I knew I needed water/healthy breakfasts/fiber/veggies/whatever.

If perhaps you have had enough of me waxing poetic about my motivational improvements and patting myself on the back, I'm guessing you want to know how much weight I lost?

I hadn't weighed myself precisely at the start and end of August, but based on the weights around those times, I lost ~7 pounds in August. From ~287 to ~280.

I started Dec 1 at 266.6.

I weighed in this morning at 256.4.

So I lost 10.2 pounds in December.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

I also did measure myself on Dec 1 and Dec 31.

I lost 2" off my waist and 3" off my hips.

Oh, remember my size 18 pants I bought a few weeks ago just because I could get them on? The first time I wore them (a friend's pre-holiday holiday party) they were okay to get on and be standing but uncomfortable to sit for more than an hour. They were actually COMFORTABLE while I was home visiting family. I wore them twice, all day, sitting down, driving the car, etc.

Best. Christmas present. EVER.

The only thing left to do now is think of a challenge for January. emoticon

(something besides "kick December", hahahaha.)

I think a month is the perfect amount of time for me. Long enough to see results, but not so long I get distracted or bored. I have two in mind, I just have to choose and decide on the rules/parameters. I will let you know soon, probably after the weekend. I may make it a Jan 10 - Feb 10 challenge.

Finally I just want to say that I'm proud of myself today not just for losing weight or getting smaller pants, but because I set a goal that seemed daunting, and I did better than I ever expected of myself. I exceeded my own expectations, and that feels really good. For a long time I've had a pretty low opinion of me, and my ability to accomplish, well, anything. And I've just proved to myself that I Can Do It, whatever IT may be.

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and hopeful today. If you gained weight over the holidays, please take a deep breath and put it behind you. Today is about beginnings and looking forward, and a perfect time to remind yourself you are so much more than the number on the scale. Don't make New Year's Resolutions that you'll just beat yourself up about later; go do something that makes you feel great about YOU.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LISAN0415 1/3/2013 2:02AM

    I LOVE the charts- you are quanitifying your results too!
wow 10 lbs down in December- the big Holiday month- that is impressive!

Great work!

2013 is going to be great!

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LEB0401 1/2/2013 10:13AM


I'm so proud of you :) :) :)

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BROOKLYN_BORN 1/2/2013 9:02AM

    Wow, you love data as much as I do, and why not when the results are so wonderful! Good for you!!

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JUMPINJULIE 1/1/2013 10:07PM

    I'm so happy for you. You are awesome and you rock. I can't wait to see your next challange. emoticon emoticon

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SENIMMO 1/1/2013 1:52PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon SO DANG PROUD OF YOU!! I'm back up to 285, but it's a pretty safe bet its just swelling in the leg. I am not worrying about weight. As long as I am hitting my protein or at least getting close, that is my only goal for now. Eventually I will have your ambition, but not yet emoticon Have a wonderful New Year! emoticon

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The Home Stretch; Days 24-26

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey! I hope everyone is well and happy! And warm and safe, if you're somewhere underneath the huge crazy storm that's whopping half the country with snow, half with tornadoes...

We're okay here. We've got a nice pile of snow, but the roads are getting plowed and it's safe to move about. Pretty used to dealing with snow in NE Ohio!

So, I haven't followed all of my plans from my holiday challenges post EXACTLY. I have eaten some candy here and there, and I have eaten more than one cookie, and stuff like that.

But overall I'm pretty happy with how it's going. Obviously I went over calories (and planned to!) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Rice stuff is worth every freaking calorie by the way. YUUHHM.

I put all the recipes into the calculator & added the foods to my database so I can track treats. I count that as a win!

Christmas Day was the worst, but mostly because of breakfast and snacks! I did really well at dinner, ate a little of everything, only had seconds of turkey, very small portions of dessert and no picking at cookies and candy. Totally proud of me!! I just was hungry and let my eyes get bigger than my stomach for breakfast, and for "lunch" (which was cheese & crackers type stuff) I was just stupid and didn't bother to go fishing in the fridge for veggies. So I wasted a few hundred calories I didn't need to, but whatever. It's Christmas. I'm not remotely upset about it, I'm just analytically thinking "Oh, I could have done X, Y and Z a little better."

My cholesterol Christmas day was amazingly high. hahaha. We had, basically sausage & cheese casserole PLUS EGGS for breakfast, and more cheese later with snacks, so... Probably should not surprise me. But still. It is the first tracker number that has ever literally SHOCKED me.

The day after Christmas/yesterday it was hard to get back on track! It wasn't my healthiest day ever, but I pulled through and stayed in range. I almost didn't at the end of the day, I really wanted a little sliver of pie, but I just said, you know what? I can have pie tomorrow. So I made it!

Today is looking good so far! Here's my Kick August update!

Dec 24-25 I was over on calories and fat. Over cholesterol on the 25th. Over sodium EVERY day. Under fiber just on the 25th. I've been eating turkey like a madwoman so I've met stretch protein every day, hahahaha. Veggies were super low on the 25th, acceptable the other 2 days. Water also very low on the 25th but good the other two days. We did go to the gym both Monday & Wednesday, and I did do ST on Monday.

So it's really not bad! I'm happy with what I ate, satisfaction-wise. I ate some treats but I really enjoyed them, they're things I don't have very often, and I don't feel remotely guilty about it. So my mental health related to food is also good.

According to my parents' scale I'm at least holding steady. It's hard to tell, because it's a manual scale, with the spinny dial with the super tiny tick marks for each pound and I wasn't wearing my contacts the first time I used it. Pre-holiday feast weight read blurrily on that scale was at or just under 260, and I was 259 this morning so I'm not even sodium-bloated really. I did have a TON of water yesterday and TOM is on its way out, so I think that helps. I'm very optimisitic for my post-holiday weigh-in on the 31st.

~*~***~KICK AUGUST~***~*~
August accomplishments - December progress so far (December 1-26)


Tracked all 31 days – 26/26 days so far
In calorie range 24/31 days – 20/26 so far
Over 2000 calories 6 days – 2 so far
Fat in range 25/31 days – 21/26 so far
Carbs in range 29/31 days – 25/26 so far
Protein under range 4/31 days – 0 so far
Protein over 90g 12/31 days – 13/26 so far
Cholesterol in range 25/31 days – 21/26 so far
Fiber in range 19/31 days – 18/26 so far
Fiber over 40g 4/31 days – 9/26 so far
Sodium in range 12 days – 14/26 so far
Sodium under 3,000mg 24/31 days – 23/26 so far
Remembered to take vitamins 23/31 days – 26/26 so far

Intake (other):

Total cups of water 152 – 209 so far
Average of 4.9/day – average of 8/day so far
Total fruits & veggies 137 – 162 so far
Average of 4.4/day – average of 6.2/day so far


Worked out 3x a week – 3x for weeks 1-3, 2x wk 4
Measured another way, worked out 13 days – 12 so far
569 fitness minutes – 477 minutes so far
Strength training days 0 – 4 so far
Calories burned 4720 – 7317 so far
Average burn ~1005 calories/week - 1910 avg wk1-3, 626 wk 4 so far

I think this will be my last update before the Jan 1 Big Reveal!

So where do I stand??

Back in November, I set my goals to "meet or exceed" what I had done in August, for the most part. So if you don't feel like doing the math, here's what that looks like:

There are FIVE DAYS remaining in December, including today. Which goals are going to be easy, and which will be close? Actually I will have quite a few that will be a photo finish! August is not so easy to beat on some things, it turns out!


Tracking - I have to track all 5 days to meet August!
Stay in calorie range – 4 days to meet, all 5 to exceed!
Over 2000 calories – 4 days or less to meet, 3 or less to exceed. zero to meet the above goal!
Stay in fat range – 4 days to meet, all 5 to exceed!
Stay in carb range – 4 days to meet, all 5 to exceed!
Stay in protein range – 1 day to meet, 2 or more to exceed
Protein over 90g – emoticon , but that doesn't mean I'm giving up!
Stay in cholesterol range – 4 days to meet, all 5 to exceed~
Stay in fiber range – 1 day to meet, 2 or more to exceed
Fiber over 40g – emoticon !
Stay in sodium range – emoticon !
Sodium under 3,000mg – 1 day to meet, 2 or more to exceed
Take vitamins – emoticon !

Water and veggies, total and per day average: emoticon , but that doesn't mean I'm quitting now!


Work out 3x a week – need 1 more for this week! And Monday, technically, counts as part of working out MWF each week that has a day of December in it.
Worked out 13 days – 1 more to meet, 2 to exceed
Fitness minutes – I need 92 to meet! Planning on 45 tomorrow, then I'll still need 47 on Monday to meet, more to exceed!
Strength training days - emoticon but I'll keep at it
Calories burned – emoticon , but I'll have more in order to meet or beat minutes!
Average burn calories/week - This week is low so far, so I need a good burn tomorrow!

CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT???? Kick August is better than the Super Bowl! Hahahahaha.

Everyone enjoy the last little snip of your year. I hope the new one brings you wonderful things!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LEB0401 12/30/2012 3:41PM

    Rob Schneider says "You can do it!!!!"

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JUMPINJULIE 12/29/2012 4:32PM

    I can't wait. You can do it.

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REDDBETSY 12/28/2012 1:41PM

    Way to Kick August!
It IS better than the Superbowl-- because football is silly, and watching us meet and/or exceed our goals is stupendously exciting!

I am glad to hear that you are not being mean to yourself about Christmas food indulgences-- I have been reading too many despondent blogs about that this week. I agree with you-- it is good to stay mindful about your food choices, but it is acceptable to loosen up and enjoy eating less-strictly with your family for a special occasion.

Being less-disordered about food is the name of the game for me. I have to remember that it is not all-or-nothing. Way to Go!

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ADARKARA 12/27/2012 12:27PM

    Well done!!!

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SENIMMO 12/27/2012 11:34AM

    Good for you! I get to go Home today!!!!!!!!

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Merry Christmas Eve!! Day 23

Monday, December 24, 2012

Doing okay! Not 100% on all goals, but I knew being home was going to be challenging.

We made 1/2 of the cookies yesterday, the rest as soon as I'm done online! Not eating dough is really, really, REALLY difficult for me. Haha. Like every 2 seconds I have to remind myself, "Don't eat dough. Don't eat dough. Don't do it. Don't eat that scrap. Don't. Stop." I did eat a piece about the size of a tic tac. Most years I eat at least 1 cookie worth of raw dough, probably more like 2.... But otherwise I think my self-control was pretty impressive.

I did eat candy - chocolate covered almonds. I need to have an actual better snack when I'm hungry. It's okay to be like, you know what? I'm eating because I'm HUNGRY and therefore not eat garbage. (If I hadn't eaten stupid candy I could have had a piece of fresh baked bread with dinner. Booo!)

I met half my goals yesterday; yes to calories, carbs, protein, and sodium under 3000mg, and water and veggies. No to fat, cholesterol, fiber, stretch protein and fiber, and sodium range. Eh. It could be worse!

Tonight will be my favorite dinner + awesome rice stuff, so I have to be especially smart for lunch and snacks. We did go to the gym, hooray!

Merry Christmas! I'll probably not update tomorrow, but I'll update on the 26th for today and tomorrow.

~*~***~KICK AUGUST~***~*~
August accomplishments - December progress so far (December 1-23)


Tracked all 31 days – 23/23 days so far
In calorie range 24/31 days – 19/23 so far
Over 2000 calories 6 days – 0 so far
Fat in range 25/31 days – 20/23 so far
Carbs in range 29/31 days – 23/23 so far
Protein under range 4/31 days – 0 so far
Protein over 90g 12/31 days – 10/23 so far
Cholesterol in range 25/31 days – 19/23 so far
Fiber in range 19/31 days – 16/23 so far
Fiber over 40g 4/31 days – 9/23 so far
Sodium in range 12 days – 14/23 so far
Sodium under 3,000mg 24/31 days – 22/23 so far
Remembered to take vitamins 23/31 days – 23/23 so far

Intake (other):

Total cups of water 152 – 185 so far
Average of 4.9/day – average of 8/day so far
Total fruits & veggies 137 – 149 so far
Average of 4.4/day – average of 6.5/day so far


(Same as Day 22)
Worked out 3x a week 4/5 weeks – 3x for weeks 1-3
Measured another way, worked out 13 days – 10 so far
569 fitness minutes – 406 minutes so far
Strength training days 0 – 3 so far
Calories burned 4720 – 6691 so far
Average burn ~1005 calories/week - 1910 avg wk1-3

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SENIMMO 12/24/2012 5:50PM

    SOO proud of you!! I'm amazed at your control. You wouldn't believe what the SparkTracker did to me. I put in my new weight and the darn thing UPPED my minimum intake again. Wish I could give those extra calories to you, but I don't think that would help either of us emoticon. So now I'm trying to figure out what to do with a fridge full of low-cal foods when I have a 2k minimum. Well, it will balance out.

I'm glad you are having a wonderful trip! Big hugs and kisses emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENCANTA 12/24/2012 2:49PM

    I'm so proud and impressed, you don't even know. Rock on with your bad self and enjoy!!! =D

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MUNCHNIT 12/24/2012 11:45AM


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BRADIA 12/24/2012 11:42AM

    You have made such accomplishments that I can only congratulate you.
I am visiting my daughter and she loves me so much, that to help me maintain on track, no cookie cooking this holidays. Ok, I kind of miss doing eat and specially eating them, but I have to discipline myself and understand it is for my own good. I am 62 and she wants her daughters to have a healthy grandma.

Merry Xstmas and a wonderful 2013
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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