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I Feel Like I'm Standing Still (For Once)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This week has been really strange for me. My hours at work this week are a little less, no extra church obligations (just one ladies group last Monday), I've scaled back on the fitness (only three hours since Sunday) and I've relaxed my food intake quite a bit. I've even watched more TV this week than I've exercised.....and that NEVER happens. I've probably watched 5-6 hours of TV since Sunday...my sister even commented on it!

I'm really trying to do everything possible to go into this race rested and nourished and ready to hang in there and hopefully surprise myself. It's supposed to be quite cold and possibly rainy, so I think I have my attire already picked out. I've got a good pair of thicker weight wicking capris, cuddle duds long sleeve shirt which will wick well and will wear the short sleeve race tech shirt over that. I also picked up light weight sweat shirt (zip up style) today at a resale shop in case its really cold that if I have to ditch it, I won't mind and I'll bring along a pair of light $1.50 sstretch knit gloves to keep my hands warm. I'll also wear a pair of zip on/off windbreaker type insulated pants to keep my legs warm before the race and will give them to our friend to hang onto right before we take off. I'll be grateful to have them when we are done.

Tomorrow is a regular work day, but I'll be done by six. No work out planned and fish and baked potato for dinner with spinach salad. Having my peanut butter/banana shake concoction for breakfast with deli flat toast on race day morning and bringing along a nutrition bar that is high in electrolytes and carbs and moderate protein to nibble pre-race. I have some chocolate milk premade and ready to wash down the rest (if there is any) of the bar when I'm done and of course we are staying for the pancake breakfast! I'm a little nervous, but not too bad, kind of restless and feeling unbalanced from what feels like too much food and too little fitness. It will feel good to get back to what has become my "regular" schedule and rhythm. I learned from the race this past fall that trying to do well on that "challenging" course requires you to be rested. I seriously overtrained way to late last fall and I know that I would have done better if I have put as much effort into giving my body the nutrition and rest that it needed pre-race instead of trying to make up for training that I should have been amping up on way before.

Probably won't have time to Spark much tomorrow since I know that I will need to get to bed early and I still have to get everything packed up and ready to go. I'll report back Saturday afternoon. Good luck to all of you who are going to be participating in other events this weekend!!! Spark Strong!

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SOULOFADANCER 4/16/2011 3:06PM

    Good luck sounds lik eyou are physically and mentally ready.
Good luck! emoticon

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GLADGAD 4/15/2011 8:15AM

    Have a great race this weekend! It sounds like you're doing the right pre-race things. Can't wait to hear your race report.

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ON2VICTORY 4/14/2011 10:02PM

    good luck this weekend my friend and have a great race. i have a 10k Saturday. I am less than enthused but I am doing it anyway. I will probably feel better once I am out there. I am just drained. going into it well rested like you. I have not pushed myself since the 12 miler, just cross trained , thats it.

Have a great race!

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The Big Day Looms Ahead - Rewards and Future Goals

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So, I having mixed feelings about this race....when I ran the 5K course last fall it was the hardest race I had run so far. Guess I forgot about the hills. I haven't practiced on the course at all. I've done limited hill work, but have been doing strength training which, based on the small hills Sunday, seems to have helped some, but really no way of knowing untill I face the monster - not once, but twice on Saturday.

I am grateful that a friend of mine from high school will be joining me. He has not been running long, but used to and is in great shape as he rides his bike looonnnggg and quite fast. He has been training and between the two of us, i believe that barring injury, we can do okay. Not well, mind you, but okay. PLUS, he has a few extra bikes that he isn't using, and he promised me that if I get him across the finish line, he is going to GIVE me one to start (to keep) so that I can start using it for some cross training. Not that spin isn't great, but I do love fitness outside sooo much more, and who knows, maybe next year or the year after a tri may be calling my name.

Worst case scenario I think will be an hour twenty run in miserable cold weather (pray no snow)....and afterwards we get the pancake breakfast....yummmmm!!! I'll pack the chocolate milk and protein bars and they usually have bagels and bananas so all is good.

Tried to limit my run today but I felt really good and since Sunday's run got cut so short due to the heat, I did a nice comfortable hour run of 5.85 miles. I'll not run again until Sat. This morning before work did yoga, tomorrow is abs and strength training and then abs and spin early on Thrus. Thurday afternoon and Friday will be rest up time and get fuel up for the race.

I guess if I'm not ready now I never will be and it will be good to have someone to run this one with. Reprt to follow.....wish me luck!

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GREYLOCKES1 4/14/2011 1:28PM

    Good luck on the race. Remember to use perceived effort on teh hills. You want to maintain teh percived effort on running on the flats. You will be slower but at least you wil lnot burnout on them. Use good form . Slight lean forward, pump arms, look slightly ahead, smile and you will be fine

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LKEITHO 4/13/2011 11:04PM

    You're going to do great! Enjoy that bike!

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GLADGAD 4/13/2011 6:58PM

    What a wonderful gesture - giving you a bike to get him across the finish line. Having a friend along with a goal will have you doing better than you imagined. Good luck and enjoy your day!

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RUTHIEBEAR 4/13/2011 1:36PM

    I am so happy you have someone to run with you. ANd to get a bike in the bargain! SOunds like you are doing all the right things to ready yourself. I know you'll do great! Looking forward to the report.

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KANSASROSE67 4/13/2011 11:47AM

    Best wishes! I'm sure you will do just great...the adreneline and excitement will carry you through!

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PATRICIA4472 4/13/2011 6:51AM

    You can do it! You are prepared and - sure - it will be a challenge. But isn't that what this is about? Meeting a new challenge? Go for it!!!

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Not One Of My Better Days - But Not A Blow Out Either

Saturday, April 09, 2011

So, I had high hopes for today, and it started out good enough. Packed a snack and a light lunch and joined some friends from church at a community project. Worked hard, but when it got to be time for lunch, well, let's just say that it wasn't the healthy light lunch I had pack. Instead I joned everyone else for pizza AND cookies. Oh well, such is life, and I HAVE been craving pizza for a while now. I didn't really do too bad, but probably should have left the cookies alone. I did track everything though when I got home.

After the service project, I picked up my packet for the 10K next weekend. The runs at the Aboretum always have the best shirts!!! I also picked up a pair of compression shorts that were on sale (half price) - and RED, and a couple different type of gels etc to start practicing fueling with after this race. For this one, I am going with a good breakfast and then will down a part of a banana right before the run with some gatorade. Hopefully that will be good enougjh to keep the electrolytes up. I'm still debating about wearing the fuel belt. I probably should as its a really tough course, but I hate to be the only wimp wearing one. However, it could very well be an hour fifteen to an hour twenty minutes run, so I may still decide to go with it.

Got home though and the mood was not good. Apparently one of our critters decided that my sisters closet was a good place to leave a present - or two - and on her clothes (which, of course happeneed to be on the floor of the closest). To make matters worse, I was not as symapthetic as she would have liked, not was I going to offer up any solution to her dilema other than, "well, maybe you should hang up clothes up or close your door". I guess that was not what she wanted to hear......oooops. I ate dinner, as she was not going to be in any mood, and then ran to the store for some more yogurt and equal.

All in all it wasn't a bad day, but I didn't get laundry done, as sis needed the washesr and dryer - car still needs to be washed, and, thank goodness tomorrow is another day.

Gonna do the LSD tomorrow and experiment with some fueling during the run. I'm leaning toward the G2 and PowerBar Harvest Performance. I'll have to bring plenty of extra G2 and water as we are supposed to hit the 80's. We'll see how it goes. Going to also be trying a new breakfast combination of yogurt with a tri color rice blend, mashed banana and peanut flout (kind of stirred together into a pudding like consistency). I'm thinking of that for my pre-race breakfast, so, tomorrow I will be trying it for lunch.

Thank God for the beautiful weather....hopefully it will hold through tomorrow afternoon! Hope you all are having an awesome weekend! Have a blessed Sunday.

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GLADGAD 4/10/2011 2:23PM

    I've had critters, so I know all about the closet sneak attack. I hung jingle bells on my closet door so I could hear when my cat would try to open it. She loved using my shoes and carpet as a litter box. Yuk!

It doesn't sound like you're being very hard on yourself for your slip up yesterday, which is good. We can't be 100% one hundred percent of the time, so just do the best you can and move on.

I hope your Sunday is going your way!

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FREECLOUD 4/9/2011 11:31PM

    Isn't this weather the best? Good luck with the arboretum race!

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Finished The Week Strong - And Now For The Weekend

Friday, April 08, 2011

Aahhh, the end of the week, well, kind of. It's almost 9:30, and I'll be heading off to bed soon. got some Sparking caught up tonight. Not totally, but a good chunk. Worked 6.5 hours today and then made a trip to Target, trying to use some coupons for products tht they don't even have (though they are advertised as being there). Got a new running t-shirt for under $2.00 and a singlet w/built in bra for under $4.00, so the trip wasn't a complete waste. Also tried a few running bras since I'll be needing new ones for the season....the ones from last year are a bit big since I've lost 22 - 25 pounds since I bought new sport bras. I've got one that fits pretty well that was a hand me down from a friends daughter who discovered that she doesn't like to run or workout, but that is not going to cut it as I am working out nearly everyday or running. After the trip to the store, I hit the fitness center. I would have liked to do the abs class and strength training, but needed to get in some miles and am learning that running on a class day or vice versa is not a good idea. Next weekend is the race weekend, so I'll be cutting way back on the miles this coming week (after this weekend), so, running got the vote. I logged 6.27 miles (plus warm up and cool down), in 1hr7 1/2 mins. Kind of slow, but consistent splits, so at least I'm not burning out in the first 5K and then finishing the 10K w/13 min miles.

Tomorrow I won't have to be up until after 6AM emoticon. I'll meet some friends at church for a community project and then do a bunch of chores that have been neglected and of course a trip to the fitness center. Sunday, I do lighting 7AM - 12:30 and then straight to the path by the lak to meet with two of my running buddies for my next to the last run before the race. Want to get in a few trips up and down that hill. Of course, if I'm not ready now, I never will be. I just have to keep reminding myself to run my own race and be happy with just finishing that difficult course.

With any luck, by the end of the weekend, Iwill be caught up on Sparking, e-mails, laundry, have a chance to get the car cleaned out. Next week will be an easier week and next weekend .... report to follow.

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LKEITHO 4/9/2011 10:10PM

    Hope your weekend is going great!

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    Girl, you are like a whirlwind! I'm still not sure how you do it other than by God's grace. =)

I really need to look for a 5K around here. I feel so inspired by you and others to do it, officially! I'm now able to run the thing without stopping with no problem. Amazing where I came from....as I'm sure you can probably say the same for you.

Enjoy your weekend! emoticon

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DONNAGRACE1164 4/8/2011 11:53PM

    Good job!! Not easy to keep up with everything ... but worth it!! (your weeks sound as busy as mine...;)

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NELLIEC 4/8/2011 11:12PM

    Phew, it is good next week will be easier! Will be looking forward to your report!

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Putting First Things First

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I made it through the day at work....lots of hard work moving doors and windows the past couple days. After work, made it to the gym for abs and strength training. Came home and made dinner...I had done EXCELLENT on nutrition until then, but the tiredness is creeping in and I am beginning to learn that being over tired really has an effect on my ability to control my eating. I'm still within my zone, have a lot of things I would like to get done, but my better judgement is telling me that I need to get to bed and worry about catching up later.

Forgive me Spark friends....I will get caught up and visit you all soon, but for tonight... emoticon

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CYCLINGSANDY 4/7/2011 1:14PM

    I agree! It's hard to make good food choices when you are overtired. You at least are still blogging. I can't seem to even get that done lately. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sandy emoticon

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DORIS32 4/7/2011 10:16AM

    get rest and start again later refreshed!

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BLESSEDMAZARS 4/6/2011 10:50PM

    Please get some good rest, dear friend!

Comment edited on: 4/6/2011 10:51:47 PM

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LKEITHO 4/6/2011 10:27PM

    Hope you get a good rest!

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