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Day Twenty-five - 1/26/10

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked to today, but I didn't go crazy and kept my meals balance better than I have probably ever....I also made sure I took the time to do my meditation and prayers and since I have to be up for work at 5Am, I am cutting this short to plan for 3 meals before I call it a night.

Unfortunatly, I will have to get all my fitness in when I get home, I really don't see myself getting up any earlier to do it before work.


Day Twenty-five - 1/26/10

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I choose to make to day snd POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE day. I've got a lot of stuff to do, chores etc., but I will take time for me. This week my goal has been to better manage my time, so I'm working on fittiling little things in here and there so that I can get more accomplished by the end of the day.

This is not my stong suit, because, although I can multi-task, I like to concentrate on one thing and get it done instead of flitting between a bunch of different tasks. Seems when I don't focus on the one thing, nothing ever truly gets DONE and I get discouraged. But, on the other hand, if I feel a task is too large to complete it all at once, sometimes I just procrastinate and never get it started at all.

I know there is a happy medium, and this week I am trying to find it. Wish me luck!

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KITTY005 1/26/2010 8:28PM


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AHEALTHIERME9 1/26/2010 4:12PM

    Good luck!!!

I tell myself, "Focus." It grounds me to say it out loud when I really need to get something done.

So... to you I say... "Focus."

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Day Twenty-four - 1/25/10PM(VERY)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am so very grateful for all the wonderful gals in my life - both here at Spark People and in my closest circle of friends.

The girls and I at church tonight laughed till we had tears in our eyes and my sides literally hurt - due in part to the extra crunches I've been trying to do this week, but the laughing only made it worse....it was worth it though!

Got home around 8:30, and, hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen...I set a new personal best for my cardio day! I did 95 mins...straight...almost 5 miles and a calorie burn of 633!!! emoticon emoticonI'm still in shock. I don't think I'll be doing that every cardio day - I know I wouldn't find the time, but maybe once a week? No promises, but it wasn't bad.

Tomorrow is strength training and I have some new goals for myself there too. I'm making a little progress, but not as much as I have on the cardio end.

I think the big goal for the end of this week is to try and remain mentally and emotionally as stable as possible while learning how to deal with the PMS. My new favorite treat - within my plan - will be playing a big role I'm sure. It's 1/2of a deli-flat(50cal pc of bread) spread with 1 TBLSP reduced fat pnut butter, 13 M&M's (.33oz) and 1/2 sliced banana. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

Well tomorrow's another day...better get some sleep.

Good night friends!

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PAM1864 1/26/2010 11:09AM

    You are great inspiration. No matter how your day goes or how busy you are, you always make time for your exercises.
That's emoticon.

emoticon Keep writing.


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IZZYBEBOP 1/26/2010 11:07AM

    You're doing emoticon

Yumm is right! A peanut butter, banana, M&M sandwich! Never thought of having that. Hmm, maybe that'll be my first treat when I can eat real food!

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SLIMGRAM2 1/26/2010 5:52AM

    I am so proud of you. You are doing an emoticon job. You sure are stepping your routine up. That's great motivation. Thanks girl friend. Keep it up. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    You're really kicking it!! Woooo Hoooo!!!

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WINNINGSPARK 1/26/2010 12:56AM

    Wow! That is wonderful - 95 minutes and 5 miles. And I'm certain that all the laughter burns some, too. That's part of the journey I just love - the laughter.
Enjoy your treat and sleep well.

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Day Twenty-four - 1/25/10 - Aaaarrgh PMS?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Okay, I'm praying that this is PMS without the comfort of copious amouts of food and chocolate. It's either that, or I've gone starck raving mad and am in grave danger of killing someone.

My previous coping skills, as stated above, are not an option, and I'm trying very hard to remain sane. Did some cooking, a veggie lasagna w/o noodles etc. Did some crunches, did some chores, anything to keep my mind of of it, but I am feeling a great deal more irritable and stressed. And I ache, especially my back which could be PMS or the number of crunches I've been doing.

At least tonight I have a Bible study get together with the girls...they can always make me laugh.

Now, I'm off to fold some more clothes, put a load in to wash, and then eat a small meal before I go so I won't lose control on the goodies tonight.

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EKKING 1/27/2010 8:36AM

    Well, another great thing about Spark People - you are bound to have many spark friends who are suffering from the symptoms of PMS & TOM at the same time! It's certainly something my husband does NOT understand, as I continuously lost my temper last night for no real good reason.

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    I'm feeling the same way! I wanted so badly to eat earlier...so I went to sleep! I like your idea better...actually get other things done and keep my hands busy!

I'm going to try that next time PMS attacks...probably tomorrow!

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Day Twenty-three - 1/24/10

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today started out as such a great day. I felt full of energy and really looking forward to the day...and untill about 1pm, the day lived up to my every expectation for a wonderful day.

I'm not sure what happened after that. Moods, I guess, but those can be contagious and soon I found myself preferring to be alone than put up with them, but that was not an option.

The concensus was to go out for lunch (not mine), and the decision was made that the location was Portillo's...okay, nevermind that they refuse to divulge their nutritional information to anyone. The VP of the company has even gone so far as to say "they(the customer) knows that its fast food and not healthy. If they want healthy food they should eat at home." The beef sandwich alone is 57g of fat and small cheese fries are a cool 1000 cals...and the salads are no better. I found a website where an independant dietician had analized some of the more popular items and the safest (believe it or not) was the chicago style hot dog,
So, my dining decision made we headed out the door....1/2 way to the restaurant someone chimed in, "or we could go to Chili's"...aaaarrrgghh.

Last night I managed and manuvered around my sister's fried chicken breasts for dinner and today it was this...enough....does no one understand that I need to think about what I am putting in my mouth (hence on my hips)!

Okay, enough wining. Thanks for understanding and letting me vent.

I did manage to make a couple of simple recipes when I got home. Labeled and vaccuum sealed w/nutritional info on the bags, so I proud of getting that done. I also forced myself to get some fitness in tonight. In my not so pleasant mood that was the last thing I wanted to do, but I convinced myself not to break the momentum. Not much a half-dozen strength exercises...some crunches and twenty mins. of cardio.

I think I need to do just a little catching up on mail and get to bed early. They say that "tomorrow is another day, maybe if I go in without expectations, it won't disappoint."

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PAM1864 1/25/2010 1:03AM

    You are right,there are bad influences around us. Good you stick to your nutrition and nobody can influence us now. When they notice the changes in you, they will follow your lifestyle.
You are doing emoticon

Keep up the good spirit. emoticon

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