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Vinyassa Yoga

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Okay, I take back everything I said in a previous blog about Yoga not being a tru workout. Did a 75 minute Vinyassa Yoga class today. I was on a mat right next to a guy who cycles 500 miles a week...neither of us could keep up. He said he'd been coming for 3-4 weeks and he struggled as much as I did, though on completely different moves. Even those who could keep up where groaning and sweating - and it was quite chilly in the studio. Think I might need to do that one again...unfortunately, it's at a time that I am normally working and that is the only class that she teaches. I WILL definitely make an effort to get to her class again.

Off to bed though. Closed at the HD and up early for pilates and spin before a 1:30 to close tomorrow night. Glad I got in my training runs and miles early this week! LSD on Sunday, and it's going to be cold and snowy/rainy, so that means I have to do it on the track - AGAIN!!! Oh, well, better than the treadmill.

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    Vinyasa Yoga is my FAVORITE! I love to do 90 minute podcasts at home since I've taken yoga classes for years. Yoga is a great complement for your running, too. Glad you tried Vinyasa yoga so you could see yoga CAN be a true workout!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    emoticon Bet there, sister. I've been made to eat my words a few times when I said "something" wasn't a true workout. Good for you for doing, though! Keep it up!


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LLLAWSON 3/5/2011 7:30AM

    Bet you felt great after that class. I'm with ya on the difficulty of it. I know it's good for me but sometime my body doesn't want to move the way they tell ya.
Good luck on your run tomorrow.

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Celebrating Progress and Enjoying Some Time Off

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The fitness streak is continuing strong. I still find myself trying to measure up to the other participants in class (or worse yet, the instructor). but I am improving oin that area as well. Now that I have been at this for over a month, I can better guage my progress against where I was a month ago. It is much harder to see an increase in strength and endurance, but it is there and is showing up in not only in my ability to do more and more in classes, but also in my running. I think the spin is having a great effect on my speed of leg turnover as well as my cardio endurance. Today's 5.1 miles surely didn't feel as long as that and I didn't feel like I was running as fast as I was, though it was still slow, but the majority of the run I did with a friend who usually runs much slower than I do....it was all I could do to keep her running for a full 5K, but she made it!

My worst area seems to be my back strength, and the lower abdominals. I had a abs class today and there are just somse exercises that I can't come close to keeping up with, or that really cause me back pain. If anyone has suggestions for how to strengthen up those areas, I would really appreciate it.

The rest of the day is all about doing some reading, resting, cooking a FANTASTIC dinner of pork chops, cranberry pecan stuffing, FRESH peas w/carrots and a salad and enjoying some time off. I have managed to keep up with a fairlt busy schedule this past couple fo weeks and still stay on track nutritionally and fitness wise. Even the couple of days that I would have loved to have skipped the work out, I did it, and I'm grateful now that I did. I have kept up at least 30 minutes (and usually an hour or more) of fitness everyday since 2/21 - only eleven days, but it's a good start. The whole month of February was a tremendous improvement over anything I've attempted to keep up with since I started on this Spark journey in Jan '10. Last month I ended up with over 40 miles and over 1800 minutes of fitness. This month, I am shooting for 70 miles, a significant increase, the same total fitness minutes, but 1500 of those being cardio...that means that I will have to make much more of my Strength Training count towrd cardio, but I can do it....or at least do my best trying.

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TEAPOT57 3/3/2011 10:38PM

    Wow thats a lot of exercise but if any one can do it you can . Just remember to get your calories and plenty of rest also.

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MDEAL72 3/3/2011 7:15PM

    I wish you all the luck in the world, and I know you can do this!

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March Goals

Monday, February 28, 2011

My focus this month has been on fitness. Though I have decided to lower my weight goal by five pounds, that is not really a priority and if I keep up with my fitness goals, I believe that it will happen, eventually. The priority is to gain muscle and lose fat and tone and get more fit.

I manged to do over 1700 minutes of fitness in February, so I have set 1750 as my fitness goals for March with 1500 minutes of it being cardio of some form or fashion. Which means that much of my strength trainng will need to take the form of some kind of interval training.
In addition, in Feb I set 40 miles as my mileage goal, since I had slacked off so much, I later raised the bar to 50 and still made that goal, so for March, I have once again raised the bar to 60 miles.

I will continue to work on getting the 7-8 hours of sleep and continue to track my food and also try to wrok on that darned snooze button. Awful invention, the snooze button. One day I will conquer it!!!

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PAGATANS 3/2/2011 8:23PM

    Great goals. You can do it!! emoticon emoticon

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SPARKIE1964 3/2/2011 10:16AM

    Hey there....Proud of you for sticking with it and for taking care of yourself...

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KARIENASH 3/1/2011 11:01PM

    Great Job - emoticon You are truly motivated and come a far way! I find you inspiring! emoticon

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CYCLINGSANDY 3/1/2011 11:45AM

    FANTASTIC FITNESS MINUTES FOR FEB.! I like the goals of getting stronger and more toned too. I have about decided to adopt the same frame of mind. Yes, I do need to lose those pesky few pounds I regained this winter. But I am still so much more fit and stronger too. It is all about a different perspective. So, are you! Good job!!!

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    I really like that, your weight goal not totally being your focus, but fitness goals. I think that's where I'm at as well. Looking foward to doing this together!!!

emoticon emoticon

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-PAULA 3/1/2011 9:41AM

    Great goals! emoticon

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LLLAWSON 3/1/2011 9:23AM

    Great goals. emoticon

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PATRICIA4472 3/1/2011 8:05AM

    Great goals! I haven't set mine yet for the month - it snuck up too fast! Thanks for the inspiration!

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MIMIKK7 3/1/2011 7:56AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Slowly but Steadily Progressing To My Next Goal - Now WHAT Was It?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This weekend was busy, but not in the crazy hectic kind of way that my life is normally. Quite a relief, in fact. Of course, I would have liked to accomplish more, but I had some prioriteies in place and was able to make headway in all of them.

I have my training plan (tentative) in place for the next week and today, got ahead of the game on my weekly mileage. I thought that I would be more sore than I am from spin class, but when I got to the center to do a minimum 30 min or 5K run, I wound up being able to log 6.3 miles. That means that Tues and Thurs I can do intervals and some hill work and still get in another good run this week. Have one or two spin classes on the agenda, one yoga and one abs, one pilates and two strength training. That should just about fill up the fitness schedule.

Picked out a 5K to do the first eek of June. Actually, my little sis picked it out as she will be manning an emergency management position for it and she wants me to run it. She dropped off the course map to me and it is a pretty flat and fast course, reasonably priced, and well, she DID buy me my new shoes for my birthday AND my hydration belt for Christmas. I think running this 5K would be the least I can do. So, now, I am currently signed up for a 10K (tough one) on April 16th...the 5K on the first eekend of June and the Half-Marathon on Sept 11th. I'd like to find one more, but I'm trying to choose wisely. Maybe an 8 mile or another 10K at the begiining or middle of July???

Cleaned out a bunch more clothes this weekend also. My sisters are happy...and the local thrift store will benefit from what they don't take. Luckily there are still a couple of pieces that I can stil wear (kind of loose - one size fits all) but boy do they fit and look different now.

Well, can you believe it, that's about all the news...and it's still early. Think I'm going to go eat something else. Even after that long run, for some reason, I'm just not as ravenous as normal and am a bit shy on my nutrition for the day....especially carbs! What's up with that?!?

Keep Sparking everyone....hope you had a wonderful weekend and that next week is even better. Spring is on it's way!!!!!

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MIMIKK7 2/28/2011 1:44PM

    emoticongoals in place! emoticon

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TEAPOT57 2/27/2011 9:41PM

    Wow that some training for the week. You are remarkable women .

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TERRBEAR12 2/27/2011 8:50PM

    What a wonderful sister you have! Enjoy that run and show off your new shoes.

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SPHAPPYHIKER 2/27/2011 8:49PM

    You are doing a wonderful job, and have great goals in place. Best of luck on all your runs. One day I will get there, not running but walking one.

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Learning to Appreciate and to Love

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This blog is not about what you might think. I have never been a very physical (fit) person, so I am as suprised as anyone that I CAN actually run. But as for being physically fit, I'm no where near. Well, it's been nearly a month since I committed to REALLY put my heart and soul into getting fit...more than just running. Out of 26 days, I have managed to get in over 30 minutes on all but 6 days. Two days I only got in 10 minutes due to exhaustion or just NO time left in the day and four days I got in nothing. I have been doing well at keep a variety of activities going. Of course, I still run at least every other day, and if I do double up, I make the extra day a short day with some intervals or incline training. I have been doing mostly ab work and strength training, some pilates and even did a couple of yoga classes and spin. I can't say that I really like yoga too much. It's just kind of slow paced and so far as fitness goes, I think it must rank right up there with knitting. Not that anything is wrong with knitting, but I don't really consider it to be fitness. I think that I can learn to appreciate what it does for my body and the rest of my fitness program though. I certainly feel less tight and more balanced, not as sore as I would have thought that I would be at this point in my training. Spin, also, is an acquired taste...though I certainely appreciate the cardio benefits more. It is much harder than running, at least for me. The instructor said I did well for a first timer...that most people who first join her class leave about half way through....I did have to scale back, but one thing that running has taught me is to NEVER give up. I would have hoped that with over 1700 mins of fitness this month that I would show a greater loss on the scale, but I'm not too worried about that. I have seen a full inch off my waist...now only an inch more than my lowest at the height of running season last year. Also have seen the first loss in my upper arm in months and months and months, so hopefully my bat wings are starting to disappear as I keep working on my upper body and arms strength. Actually had a minimum gain in my thighs and calves, but as long as they are getting firmer, again, I won't worry about it. I do have a LONG way to go on core strength. That is my primary focus right now. My back is weak and totally untoned and my abs are suffering because my back is so weak. I'm keeping the focus though. Changing things up to keep my body guessing and I know that as long as I keep moving forward, I WILL continue to see progress....no matter how slowly!

That's where the appreciation and love come in. When I first started Spark, I can't say that I loved fruit and veggies and water....but now, I don't just like them....I truly LOVE them and when I don't get enough, I miss them and I actually get cranky. So it is, I am sure with these new activities. It is just a matter of doing them....seeing the benefits and learning to appreciate them, acquire a taste for them, what they do for my health and my body and soon, I am sure, I will grow to love and cherish them as I do my time with the road and my MP3.

In the meantime, keep pushing me, hold me accountable ... I WILL see my fat mass decrease and lean mass increase and also see an improvement to my running by keeping my total fitness in balance.

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TEAPOT57 2/27/2011 9:36PM

    You must have so much engery to do all that exercise in one week. I have half that engery .
So glad you like your fruits and vegetables and water. They are very important for your diet for life. Proud of yea keep up the good work.
Hugs Lorraine

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MIMIKK7 2/27/2011 12:03PM

    Your fitness minutes for the month is nothing short of simply amazing! emoticonThe variety of exercises that you engage in is so inspiring! When I started SP I too didn't care very much for fruits, vegetables, or water but I have come to adore them and crave them daily. You will reach your exercise and fitness goals without a doubt! emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticonKeep reaching for the moon, if you miss you are still among the stars! emoticon

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CYCLINGSANDY 2/27/2011 3:07AM

    I totally agree with you on yoga. I don't know that I will ever really appreciate that form of fitness. I also know that the way I gained a strong core in through my bike riding. So, I'd rather be biking and spinning if it is available to me.
I am right with you or how I have changed, much as you have on your appreciation of exercise, and eating right.
Awesome job on the ince off your waist. Keep up the arm work and they will be more firm too. I am trying to lose my bat wings too! Here's to continuing to take on challenges and besting them!!!

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MEADSBAY 2/26/2011 7:16PM

    Yoga certainly has a place in a well rounded program.
Flexibility is a key part of fitness.
I love yoga but don't do it much.
Most of the yoga teachers I have had were in excellent physical shape from yoga alone.
It is slow, though- that's the point!

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SPWHITESTONE 2/26/2011 5:58PM

    What an inspiration you are to me!

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