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Day Seventeen - 1/18/10

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am feeling better today than I have in quite sometime. Even though yesterday wasn't the perfect day I had hoped for, I made great fitness progress and am proud of that.
I had planned to make my motivation board, but consistent interuptions kept me from getting it done. So to those of you who are holding me accountable - itwill be done TODAY!
I also discovered this morning that I had totally forgotten how to use a tape measure to take body measurements. That's just plain sad...and don't tell them at my job...I work in home improvements and use a tape every day, just not to measure body parts, and I usually have my glasses on at work. Anyway, to make a long story short....all the measurements I entered to start out are one inch too small. It was kind of scary first thing this morning when all of them were coming out bigger than when I started, and I know that my clothes are fitting better and the jello on my arms is less.

Does anyone know of a way to go back and fix(edit) these?

Well, got to run - literally - still not liking the fitness much, but once I get started it is not sooooo bad.

More later - My best wishes to you all!

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PAM1864 1/19/2010 5:56AM

    Hey buddy, happy to know you are doing well.
I always love reading your blog.
You look emoticon I am sure.
Keep up your spirit emoticon
emoticon emoticon

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NELLIEC 1/18/2010 9:37PM

    Yes, you go back to the date on which you entered them first and correct them.

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Day Sixteen - 1/17/10 - WooHoo and Grrrr

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I don't even know what to say about today, or maybe there is too much and I just don't know where to start. Sundays are my day off at work and I scheduled them as my day off fitness too - I alternate the other six cardio-strength-cardio-strength-cardio-str

Got up and dressed for church in a skirt that hasn't fit in quite some months now- WooHoo...the service was incredible...truly spiritually nourishing. Took some time to do errands and enjoyed a pleasurable morning and early afternoon.

Then I came home - literally every 5-10 minutes someone was wanting me to fix something for them to eat....none of it nourishing. Grrrrr!

I finally escaped to the basement - my retreat, and, on my day off, did 40 mins. of cardio (Yes, me) for a total of 256 calories. That is my new all time record! WooHoo!

After that tried to catch up on e-mails, spark tracking, reading motivation board etc etc etc... again, more of the same - just no peace. Really make me want to go back downstairs and do some more exercising.

Finally got a healthy meal prepared (plus some high fat additives for the other member of the house) and got to have a few minutes before another errand or two.

Long story short, I succumbed to 1/4 cup of Oberweis Peppermint Ice Cream...stayed within my fat and calories and all nutritional guidelines though, so I guess that indulgence wasn't so bad - especially given the extra credit for working out today.

I guess, I'm just suffering a little from mental/emotional stress and after such a glorious morning that is the last thing that I wanted to deal with today. But, deal with it I did, and maybe what the Dr. ordered is just a hot cup of tea, hot bath and warm bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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PAM1864 1/18/2010 12:11AM

    Hey you did well. As usual you are always on track. I took your advice and will do some exercise on my day off too.
Keep up the spirit. Monday is going to be a good day.
Take care.
emoticon emoticon

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DONNAGRACE1164 1/17/2010 11:31PM

    The days seem like they go that way... Good job on staying within your calories and nutritional guidelines - not always easy on our days off... I noticed the Oberweis Peppermint Ice Cream... that quarter cup is one of my favorite treats too.. ;-)

You're right... tomorrow is another day... emoticon

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Day Fifteen - 1/16/10

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's been two weeks, and I really am amking progress, althiugh it is slower than the first week, of course. I am really going to have to take my sights off the scale. I know that I am doing what I need to do and I am staying on track. My fitness program, though not where it needs to be is improving and I have lkost eight punds in this past two weeks.

I really want this to be about a TOTAL change in lifestyle, so I'm going to try to put away the scal for the week - maybe make Sunday my weigh-in day - and come up with some other way to measure success.

Today is rather hectic, but tomorrow I will have some "me" time. My plan is to put to gether a motivation board down in the area where I do most of my fitness. Since that seems to be my weakest area it seems like an appropriate place. On it, I plan to chart my fitness progress for each workout...that should be a healthier measurement than putting all my hope on the scale.

Okay all you buddies and friends - HOLD ME TO THIS - by Sunday night you should see a post that I actually got this done.

Off to workout - Everyone have a great Saturday!

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SLIMGRAM2 1/17/2010 3:07PM

    emoticon On your 8 pound loss, thats awesome. You are doing a great job. I only weigh myself once a week, Sunday Mornings. Your weight flucuates from day to day. It's not real accurate. Thats sounds like something that would benefit my husband and my self as well. A motivation board that is.

Keep up the great job. emoticon emoticon
emoticon Maureen

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    Nice job on the eight pounds!

That's a good idea to put motivation charts where you exercise. I have strength exercises that I need to get done today...I don't want to! Maybe I need to make myself something to put in my exercise area!

I agree on the scale, I think it can be an upper, but it can also be a downer when you retain water one day for some reason and the weight goes up a pound! Once a week so far has worked for me!

Thanks for sharing...it will help me get motivated to do my strength exercises today!

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GOING2LOSENOW 1/16/2010 12:02PM

    emoticon on your 8 lb loss so far. You are doing terrific.

It's true- this should be a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Besides, the scale, take measurements. The tape measures shows up faster than the scale sometimes. Its another good way to track progress! Also, your energy levels, confidence, the way clothes fit. Are all ways to monitor success.

Keep it up. I will check back and see if you got your motivation board done!

Co Leader Facebook Team

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Day Fourteen - Two Weeks In - 1/15/10

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is it...the two week mark. I feel like I really am making progress. I had to get up a couple of times in the middle of the night with sick dogs, so when the alarm went off this am, there just wasn't any getting me out of bed to get my stretching and cardio in before work. I was determined all day though that somehow, someway, I would make myself get it done tonight. There's just no way to meet my fitness goals for the week unless I did. In fact, if I did my average, I would still have to do some catch up tomorrow to make it.

Well, I do still have to do some catch up tomorrow - my strength training day. I'm okay on minutes, but I still need to burn FOUR more calories to meet my cardio goal. THAT'S RIGHT - ONLY FOUR - WOO HOO! Tonight I got walking and when my time was up I just kept going...not much longer, but I did it!

Just had a half glass of milk and two very small ginger cookies for my after work-out snack and now will catch up with all my Spark Friends. This is really working...I couldn't be much happier.

Hope you all are as pleased with this program as I am...it is really making a difference in my confidence and the way I view myself and what I can do if I put my mind to it. emoticon emoticon emoticon


Day Thirteen - 1/14/10

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow, it's been almost two weeks! Yesterday I took a "me" day and I really feel like I got alot accomplished in addition to taking time to recharge myself. If I have any doubt, my muscles are there to remind me. I am quite sore. I did my stretches, both the 10 min tape and some more after my cardio. I think I discovered a whole set of muscles that has gone unused for a long time.

I'm alternating my cardio with walking and stationary bike. That is allowing my weak knee a little rest and I can even get some extra minutes in without too much pain or doing damage. I'm even going to try to add a little extra to the upper body strength training since I am so weak in that area. We'll see. I'm back to the "to do" list today and work the next two days.

I am going to try to use any "extra moments" today to plan well for the next two work days so I can finish the week on track and strong. One of my priorities right now is learning and practicing prioritising so that the important things get done. Curtailing my tendency to procrastinate is a big part of that - so off I go to get stuff done!

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PAM1864 1/15/2010 3:32AM

    emoticon You have the spirit to go on my friend. Keep it up. We will reach the goal. I am with you. emoticon


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