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Trying to Get Comfortable with Higher Numbers

Monday, July 26, 2010

So what I've learned about myself the past couple of days is that when numbers go up, it scares me.....all afternoon, evening, I've been running back to my tracker to make sure I eat what I should, but so cautiously gurading the numbers. Yesterday I ate 1512 and today 1590....it sure seems easier to get in my fiber and calcium when I have the extra calories.

As for the cardio trainer, I decided to put off the second run untill tomorrow. I haven't done 4.5 miles in one day in almost a month, and I could feel it today, not bad, but a second day might have been pushing it, so tomorrow will be the cardio trainer test. Preliminary results from the first day are pretty good, except it had to be reset to auto post my runs to FB. I also am having issues with getting my playlists downloaded to my computer....may have to go to Sprint or Best Buy to get that to happen. Not urgent though.....I still have my old standby MP3. I love that the cardio trainer gives me splits for the miles and will give me my pace per mile as well.

Well, almost ten. Got to hit it to get in fitness in the AM. Short workout this AM since I had to work at 7. Tomorrow and the next day too. Day off on Thursday. YEAH!!!!

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TEXASG-MA 7/26/2010 10:47PM

  Hoping you have good days the next few days. You know how much your body will take when running so listen to it. Would hate for you to get sore muscles because of over doing. You have been doing so good. I wish you well dear friend.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Calming down and Guardedly Optimistic

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have been sparking for almost seven months now. In that time I have lost between 37-39 pounds (given the day and factors). For nearly the past month, I have been at my final goal, adjusted ddown from my Spark goal and have stayed between those two pounds, although my exercise has admitedly taped off (not good). So, yesterday, when my nutritional ranges changed without warning, I nearly went off the deep end.....(see yesterday's blog). My range went up over 200 calories a day and it got me scared. I was pretty much still sticking to the same eating plan and just allowing myself a splurge day here or there or eating more at the top of the range and it seemed to be working.

I may have overreacted a bit, but I've worked very hard to get to this point and I don't want to start gaining. The good point is that it got me out on the road for a nice long run today, and maybe broke me out of this stagnant, bare minimum exercise rut I've been in. I also did my research both on the Spark site and on other web sites regarding what my BMR is and what multipliers should be used and it seems that how or whoever adjusted my range might just know what they were doing. (but don't tell them that)!

I'll give it a week or two and see how that does. It might be nice to have 1500-1600 cals a day insstead of the 1275-1375 I had been taking in....kind of exciting actually....if it works. Hopefully I will keep up the fitness to compensate.

Watch for tomorrows blog.....RE: Cardio Trainer....in the meantime got to hit the sack so I can get the am workout in.

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LKEITHO 7/26/2010 10:24PM

    I'll be interested to see how it works out for you! All the best!

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SLIMGRAM2 7/26/2010 8:22PM

    I'm betting that you adjusting your exercise program will take care of the extra lbs. and also adjusting the calorie intake will jump start things again. emoticon emoticon

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BE_STRONG 7/26/2010 3:38PM

    Maybe "they" are trying to mix your body up, your know...keep it guessing. They haven't lead us in the wrong direction yet. - I've done that on my own, but not following what I'm supposed to. When I follow the plan, it works. When I go rogue (or go out of town or on vacation or whatever) and don't follow the plan, surprise...up I go. Hope this works out for you. :)

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Help! I'm Feaking Out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Okay, I know now that I'm at a maintaining phase, I need to relax a little, and I have. REALLY, once a week or so, I throw caution to the wind and actually go over my nutritional goals. I even eat at the middle or sometimes high end of the range quite frequently. And, it seems that I am neither gaining or losing, so I think I'm okay.....until tonight. I'm doing my tracking and go to run my nutritional report and.....WHAT?!?!?!?......I'm UNDER my goals?!?!?!? HUH???
Yesterday, I know that I was high, not over, but higher than most days, and I have been slacking on the fitness, just getting in the minimums, so I ate at the low end. Balanced, and all nutrients to include the calcium and fiber, but how could I be LOW on almost everything?!? Then I saw it! "THEY", someone, I don't know who, raised my nutritional guidelines, without me asking, just went and did it, and not by a few mind you, but by over 200 calories a day! I even went back a couple of months to check previous trackers and the ranges are up all the way back! GRRRRR! So, what do I do now? Has anyone had this happen to them? What do you do? Why would this happen? How do I "fix" it? Someone tell me to breathe and remain calm. It will be okay, right? I just feel like I've worked SOOOO hard to get to this point, and I don't want to go backwards. I guess I could use to crank up the fitness a bit, but enough to cover 200 calories a day??? I don't seriously think I can do that. PLEASE HELP!!!

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KAKIPOPUP 7/25/2010 6:01AM

    You could always post a question on the tech support boards...

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TEAPOT57 7/24/2010 11:51PM

    I was going to say maybe it's because you meant your goal. You need to eat more Calories to maintain your weight. Two hundred is not that bad. You do have to keep exercising to keep it off. Maybe not as much as you were when you wanted to lose weight.
Keep doing your exercising and eat with in your calorie range.
You will keep it off with all the hard work you put in to get it off. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AEL_RHIANA 7/24/2010 10:34PM

    Have you ever changed your fitness goals? Whenever you make changes to your fitness plan, even something as small as adding a day of strength training, it automatically changes your nutritional goals. It doesn't tell you, and I hate that. If its what I think it is, you'll have to go change your nutritional 'goals' manually.

Edit - You do that by going to your nutrition page and right above your water tracker, it will have a button that says 'Change Nutrition Goals'.

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Maintaining - Making Progress - Looking Forward

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday morning and I have a second relaxing morning in a row! What a treat! Still have to work today, but not untill afternoon and only another short shift. Tomorrow is regular hours, and it's a training day at another store about a half hour or so away.

Got alot of little stuff done around the house...mostly organization, filing, budget work, reading etc., etc., etc. You know, the stuff that needs to get done, but just keeps getting put on the back burner. Getting back at it this morning too, Just lots of little things, but I see definate progress.

Nutrition seems to be right back on track after the questionable week last week and my sis' birthday celebration weekend. If anything, I'm at the low end, but after the higher end and overage days, I'm okay with that. Just need to get back on balance, since I'm really at the maintaining stage and not really trying to lose any more.

Fitness wise, I'm still not getting it. Maybe it's because I have no goal right now, well, I do, but it is too abstract. I'm on a budget, so I have to wait till the first of the month to get registered for this next race, and that has always been my last ditch , go to incentive to keep pushing myself....ribght now I just think I'm missing that. I need to work on self-motivating. Am probably going for the 5K instead of the 10. Those longer runs are still taking way to much of a toll on me....knowcking me on my butt so that I have to take at least a 2-3 hour nap afterwards....and I'll most likely have to work a full shift after either of the races, so I better stick with the 5 unless something changes quickly.

Also am really needing to get some new clothes. I've got some that I've been wearing that were loose, but now are just downright baggy (and they were what I used to refer to as my skinny clothes). Thinking I need to package up the best of them aqnd just give in and take them to a upscale resale shop I know of and see how much they will give me and use that as credit for some better grade smaller sizes. I usually frequent the shops around home, they are less expensive, but generally harder to shop to find the "good" stuff and when I donate stuff, usually to the shop I used to manager, although it is a blessing to them, I see no return on the donation, so in this case, at least for the better quality stuff, I guess I should try this new approach.

I'm trying to apply the sparking principles to my financial state, which really seems more daunting than my physical state was. Maybe I'm just not remembering clearly, but it seems that there are many more variable that ae out of my control financially than there were health wise....but baby steps, slow but steady, I will make it out of this pit! At least now I have a budget, meager though it is and I am heading in a direction. Going to take a lot at benefit packages today too as well as a possible additional savings on the auto insurance.

Still no word on the employment situation. Will plan on going to an employment support group on Tuesday nights, and, this morning will e-mail of the resume to an employment coach. So, with that said, I will just keep on maintaining, keep taking those small steps forward and stay focused on the future as I move ahead.

Thank you all for joining with me on this journey.....it's been a blast!

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MERRYLYN 7/21/2010 2:09PM

    I certainly can relate to your blog today.
Have also been treasuring the relaxing moments and while it has been so rainy, I have been tackling those little projects. I declare, I think paper piles multiply like bunnies when you aren't looking!!!!
I got a bit messed up on the weekend too because we were celebrating my birthday a month early. I wanted a pool party at my daughter's and by next month the pool will be getting cooler already... so we had my party on a nice hot day.

I think you are doing so well in running the 5k.. and rather that beat yourself up because you think you should be pushing harder, maybe just be content with the running the 5k well. Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies too.

LOVE those baggy clothes... like someone else said... it gives one a' hi' just to put them on. But.. the right smaller size feels awesome too. I have a pile I have thought of taking to a resale shop..just haven't done it yet as I believe ours are already only taking Fall items. So... do I save them for next season or hall them to a donation site???
Sounds as though you are taking the right steps in your financial journey. It was baby steps when we began the weight loss journey. I hope your financial journey will be as successful. Keep hoping for an awesome new job for you.. or the hours you are desiring. You can do this...... you rock!!!! emoticon emoticon

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MDEAL72 7/20/2010 1:42PM

    One idea that may help keep your fitness motivation...if you can't afford to sign up for races as frequently as you'd like (I have this issue), then what about finding a running group at one of your local running stores? It's usually free, and there's usually a variety of meeting days and times...so it may help keep you going, as when people are expecting you, you're less likely to skip out. :)

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CINDYCHARLENE 7/20/2010 11:26AM

    Aren't baggy clothes wonderful! I like wearing them occasionally not only for the comfort but the reminder of the fact that I have lost weight. I get an artificial high just putting them on. LOL

You have done a great job with your weight loss. I am sorry to say about the only thing I can exercise much is my mind. So if that ever counts for anything I ought to weigh 100 lbs. LOL. I do have a walk fit video I intend to walk a mile to at least five days a week. Perhaps that will build up enough strength so that I can do more.

Financial concerns seem to be plaguing a lot of us these days, and they are not pleasant. In the mean time keep up your good workouts and inspiring positive attitude.
emoticon emoticon

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HARRINGTON5 7/20/2010 10:58AM

    I wish you the best of luck. I too am in that baby step stage of trying to scale down and budget. Fantastic job on the weight loss.

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Bouncing Back Again

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well, dinner last night was certainely not one I would brag about. At least we didn't have to make the two hour trek for burgers, since my sis decided Red Robin would be okay for dinner. While the other two had burgers, I opted for one of the chicken sandwiches (w/teriyaki and pineapple) - HOLD THE MAYO (according to their own websit nutritional info, that alone reduced the calories by over 200 cal - 24g of fat!). I did however eat the fries, yes every single one PLUS two onion rings. All in all, it put me over by around 500 calories. Not enough to make me gain weight in that one meal, but, will really need to continue to watch things closer until my next sisters birthday on 8/8.

Today I managed to keep things much better in line. The other two went to the drive-in greas burger spot, while I opted to stay close to home. Church this morning then picked up the minii pies I made and headed off to see friends at a picnic. Hadn't planned on eating there, but kept gettin pressured and saw there was fresh fruit and salad, so I had some of each and about 1/2 cup of baked beans and 1/2 of a brat w/o bun.

Had FPU at church after that and when I got home had veggies (spaghetti squash and marinara sauce w/1T parmesan for dinner. Of course, before the birthday girl took off, they decided that banana splits were in order and wanted me to go along. Now, I LOVE oberweis ice cream and their sundaes are to die for...but I made a pretty good choice there too. Small No Sugar Added Chocolate Yogurt cone, and if I had known that a cake cone had that many calories, I would have opted for the dish instead.

So, for the day, I was below the middle of my range and met all my nutritional goals except fiber was 1 short. Not a bad recovery....now to keep that up for the week.

The whole past 4-5 days have just been GO-GO-GO and now it's Sunday at almost 11pm and I'm heading off to bed. Have a short week at work this next week, hours cut to 27 for the next couple of weeks, so I'll have some time to do some catching up, resting, job hunting etc., etc., etc. Hopefully the animals will let me sleep n a little in the am....Who am I kidding????

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CINDYCHARLENE 7/20/2010 12:37AM

    You did very well! You made a great comeback. To choose to eat something different that was better for you, instead of giving into "peer pressure" is amazing and you were more than likely an inspiration to your sister and friends. You are to me. Thanks. Charlene
emoticon emoticon

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NELLIEC 7/19/2010 8:51PM

    Sounds like you did very well.

Animals let you sleep in? HA!

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