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Day Eighty-eight - Sleep Is Good - 3/30/10

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I can hardly believe it's been almost THREE months!!! I would like to be further along with my weight loss goal, I'm so near twenty five pounds, but it's just going soooo slow these days. I guess that's okay though. I'm still getting more and more fit, again, more slowly than I would like. I guess the best progress that I am making is in being kind to myself and not setting unrealistic goals.....or giving up when I can't achieve those unrealistic goals. I am finally beginning to learn to be content with doing the best I can and continuing to move forward.

I finally made myself get to bed and slept nine hours last night - only woke up once. Felt really good! I should try to do that more often. I'm a little disappointeed not finishing W6 yesterday, especially because I know that I will likely fall behind or at least stall in m fitness progress this week. I'm just trying to accept that and get some circuit and weight training done today, and if I can do more this week then great, and if not.....well, acceptance.

I am getting some extra stuff done to prepare for the next few days though...I know I will eat healthy, at least until Easter, and will do what fitness I can between work and other activities. I hope to be able to keep in touch with you, friends, but if it seems like I've disappeared, don't worry, I'll be back. Probably just working on that getting enough sleep thing. Wish me luck! Have a marvelous and BLESSED EASTER week to all of you!!!

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WINNINGSPARK 3/30/2010 10:43PM

    Enjoy your holiday celebrations and your sleep too! I'm headed to sleep shortly myself as soon as I dance for a little bit. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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MIMIKK7 3/30/2010 9:34PM

    emoticon on your 3 months with SP, your FABULOUS weight loss, and your increased stamina! You have done an OUTSTANDING job!! emoticon emoticonI am so glad that you are getting some sleep! emoticon Remember to be kind to yourself, this is going to be a busy week. Take care of yourself and get your running done when you can. You are an outstanding woman and be proud of that my dear emoticon!
Happy Easter to you!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BE_STRONG 3/30/2010 6:31PM

    You are doing an awesome job. You have lost almost 25 pounds! That is a huge deal.

I really need to make getting 7-8 hours of sleep as one of my goals. I just haven't set that as a priority for me right now. Too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

Happy Easter to you! This is such a busy week. Be kind to yourself. You will fit in your fitness when you can. The running will come. You have extra time to train for that 5K you plan to do. You can do it. emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AAKROYD 3/30/2010 5:43PM

    Fantastic progress! Be proud of what you've accomplished so far! I envy the sleep!

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    You have a great Easter week too!!!

I hope you REALLY are ok with getting a wee bit behind on your running. You were sick! You can't help that! You're doing so great...so you BETTER be nice to yourself! Or I might have something to say about that!

Jealous of you with the sleep...I slept 4 hours last night! I always get atleast seven...that four has slowed me down! Keep getting sleep, and I'll try too!

Get to your running when you CAN. Again...have a great week!

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Day Eighty- What's Up??? - 3/29/10

Monday, March 29, 2010

This is going to be one of those short and sweet blogs. I worked all day from 7-4, and when I finished there, I got home, I fixed dinner, ate, got in a run W6D2 of C25K.

I was supposed to do D3 today, but I'm still not feeling at 100% from last Friday.

Take care of yourselves....

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MIMIKK7 3/30/2010 9:41PM

    emoticon emoticonon getting what you have got done done! You are AWESOME and you need to take it easy for alittle while. emoticon

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LKEITHO 3/30/2010 9:32AM

    Congratulations on accomplishing all that you did!

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ANGELFMABV 3/30/2010 8:35AM

    Great job on what you did accomplish considering how you are feeling. I hope to see that you are feeling better soon! emoticon

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PAM1864 3/30/2010 5:01AM

    You too take care. All the best. Have a nice day!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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WINNINGSPARK 3/30/2010 12:21AM

    Thanks for the get well wishes on my blog and you keep getting stronger also. I'm not hugging you tonight because I don't want to get you sick all over again. We need to have this bug go bye bye. emoticon

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CONNAIR 3/29/2010 11:51PM

    Yeah... day 80!!!

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Day Eighty-six - Tomorrow Is Another Day - 3/28/10

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm not usually like this. Don't know what is the matter. I usually LOVE Sundays, LOVE church, I had it planned though and saved half of my sandwich (and half of the fat). That left me some calories to get in my protein and carbs this evening, basically non fat cottage cheese, baked potato, okra and fruit. I actually had to struggle to get it in and it left me way nearer the top of my calorie range than I like to be, but I know that I need the good nutrients to be healthy. I think its mostly all the heavy fatty food has left me feeling dragged down.

I also met up with some friends today that I haven't had much time with recently. Mostly they were very complimentary towards my wieght loss, but a little put off because I wouldn't eat brunch with them, when they and I all knew that I had this lunch planned with sis for a week now. Plus one of them, the running "buddy" who has yet to make a run with me, wants us to "get together soon" and she didn't seem happy that it would have to be after this week (unless of course she wants to meet me for a run), but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

I think I'm jjust needing a little extra quiet "me" time this evening. time to regroup, refocus. Get me head out of wanting to please other people or letting their actions control my moods.

All in all, " I " had a good day...not great, but successful and that's all that I can ask for....and tomorrow IS another day.

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PAM1864 3/30/2010 4:59AM

    I hope the rest of the day went well for you Lorraine. You did right, you needed that "little me" time. Last week was hectic for and you were not well, So enjoy yourself and with positive talk, 'All is well and I am happy". emoticon
Take care. We are here for you and love you unconditionally. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MIMIKK7 3/29/2010 10:43AM

    Lorraine, I think alittle quiet time for you is in order. Your pace is mind boggling! This week has been alittle on the rough side for you with some sleep issues due to your hormones and then getting sick. emoticonfor sticking to your plan for the day and not letting well meaning friends sidetrack you. You are on the right path and you are doing a fabulous job my emoticon! Have a blessed day and take care of yourself! emoticon emoticon

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ANGELFMABV 3/29/2010 7:33AM

    Now there is nothing wrong with a "little quite time for Lorraine"! You have been doing, doing, doing and today was your day to take time out for yourself! Keep up the good work my friend. Have a blessed day and Relax! emoticon emoticon

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BE_STRONG 3/29/2010 7:17AM

    It is hard to make plans with people who have never had to think about what they eat or who don't exercise regularly. We have to think about everything that goes into our bodies and how much fitness we get in if we want to reach our goals. It is hard when people you count on to be your supporters kind of fall short. It is a combination of my expectations of friendship and their lack of persepective (just being able to see things in a new way).

Try to set a date to get together after this week. Then it is something everyone can look forward to. Maybe you can explain your goals, how you are going to achieve them and your incredible successes so far over a cup of coffee of something.

It is so hard to put yourself first, but you have to...no one else will. You are on the right path. Your friends will come around. Sometimes they will say things without thinking, but that is why we talk to each other.

Good luck. We are here for you.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DONNAGRACE1164 3/29/2010 12:49AM

    It is important to spend time with friends... But if your friends aren't supportive- or you just feel pressure instead of feeling the enjoyment of being with them... that "me time" is probably best for you... But sharing your experience with them -that you feel so much better after exercising... or eating right... or that your clothes are fitting better... or whatever gets you excited over "your lifestyle changes"... you can start to tell them about it and suddenly you're taking over the conversation with your excitement from everything that you've learned from SparkPeople... instead of focusing on "what you can't do..." - They'll be much more drawn in to join you in your efforts if you can tell them with "excitement" how much better you feel, etc... Good job sticking to your plan though! It's not easy making lifestyle changes when your friends are not part of those changes...yet... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LKEITHO 3/28/2010 10:40PM

    Good for you for sticking with your plan and not letting your friends sway you from your course!

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WINNINGSPARK 3/28/2010 10:34PM

    Ya know, ya just can't make 'em happy all the time but if you end up happy and feel successful then you're a winner! That running friend that never runs with you is rather entertaining - she seems to just like the planning aspect of it and not the follow through. Well, we know the follow through is what gets us where we are so leave 'em in the dust and have a wonderful evening taking care of you.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Day Eighty-five - Bouncing Back - 3/27/10

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whoa, I never, hardly ever get sick, and when I do it really ticks me off. I have a hard enough timekeeping up, but being nearly flat on my back for a whole day really throws me off. I guess there is a message in all this thouogh. I slept through the night only waking up briefly twice, AFTER sleeping away most of the day.

Waking up this morning I felt much better if not just a little worn out, not tired really, just drained. At least coffee and food are tasting good again. I also got in my W6D2 C25K. I almost thought of just skipping D2 and doing D3's 25 mins straight, but my getting smarter self said "no" follow the plan and don't overdo. The race is not until May 8th so I still have over a month to get ready with only 3 weeks and one day of training left. Next week will probably throw me one more day behind....but that still leaves me time.

Well got to work tonight and still want to do lunch, strength training and get something packed for dinner and get showered before work. Promised my sis we would do Red Robbin for dinner tomorrow, so I need the extra calorie burn today and tomorrow and the next day to make up for that.

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MERRYLYN 3/28/2010 8:10PM

    Glad you are feeling better. It always stinks to get sick, but it always seems worse in the Spring. Hope you continue to get your strength back. It always surprised me how much strength an illness takes out of you. Hope you have a fantastic week.

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PAM1864 3/28/2010 5:35AM

    I am so glad you are fine and did your usual run. Resting is good. Today must be your off day. You have come so near to your goal. Keep it up. Have a great Sunday. emoticon

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WINNINGSPARK 3/27/2010 10:32PM

    Glad you're feeling better. That must have been really icky. And good for you for getting in your exercise even when you thought about skipping it. It's hard to get going again after being that sick. You have to have faith that if you start the motion the energy will follow and it sounds like it did.

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MIMIKK7 3/27/2010 9:32PM

    I am glad you are feeling better! emoticon emoticon

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    So glad you got your run in, and glad you did the day you were SUPPOSED to do!!!

Happy you're feeling better!

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BE_STRONG 3/27/2010 6:27PM

    I'm so glad you are feeling better. You must be feeling much better to get your run in today.

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NELLIEC 3/27/2010 4:55PM

    I'm glad you are feeling better. Yep, don't overdo!!!

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Day Eighty-four - BLECH!!! - 3/26/10

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm not sure what hit me...feels like a baseball bat to the gut. Was up a good portion of the night and so sick with a burning, churning stomach and chills, I couldn't even work, much less work out. I just laid on the couch or in bed for most of the day, tried to keep in fluids and eat whatever I could that was high in nutrients to get my strength back up

The up side? Had the chills so much of the day I was bothered very little by hot flashes...ok, that's the best I could come up with. Now, going back to bed and praying I feel better tomorrow....need to work and work out. Lost a whole day that I'll never get back and that ticks me off.

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    So sorry you were ill! Hope you are better now. Do you think you ate something that was bad?

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LORIAPO 3/27/2010 1:32PM

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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MIMIKK7 3/27/2010 10:57AM

    Oh my goodness I hope you get to feeling better very, very soon! My first thought is what a woman!! Even with you being sick you still have that drive to get things done! What dedication. So please pencil into your schedule time to get well and get some much needed rest please. lol. I always wish you the best and a speedy recovery emoticon emoticon emoticonKenna

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WINNINGSPARK 3/27/2010 1:18AM

    Oh that just sounds awful. I hope you feel much better tomorrow and that you get plenty of rest tonight. Sending you healing energy and a flash free speedy recovery!

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LOSINWEIGHTJEN 3/27/2010 12:31AM

    Please get better...and get those hot flashes back!!!

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AHEALTHIERME9 3/27/2010 12:16AM

    Well, first of all, please feel better and get well soon... I know you're always on the run (no pun intended :) , but please do get the rest your body needs.

On a light-hearted note, this line made me laugh:
"The up side? Had the chills so much of the day I was bothered very little by hot flashes...ok, that's the best I could come up with."

LOL! You know, I LOVE that, even when you are not feeling well, you're looking for that silver lining! THAT is the spirit and attitude of a winner!!!! YOU GO!!!!


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