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Day Fifty-seven - RELIEF and Gratitude - 2/27/10

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aaahhhh! It's finally over! I got to sleep in (8 full hours sleep) and got up without an alarm clock this morning....leisurely breakfast, got the furry family members taken care of and have started the routine of catching up. Daunting task!

I have missed all of my friends so much. Both here at Spark and those in my circle who don't Spark (yet). It's not that I didn't know that you all were there. I am so grateful for all your comments and encouragement, I can't thank you all enough! You just don't know how encouraging it has been to have you all in my corner, cheering me on, even if I wan't able to keep up with all the well wishes and comments and updates. So, that's my project for the next couple of days, getting caught up with friends and fitness etc.

But for now, I've got to get dress and get to the store. The dogs have managed to get into (and eat), my healthy english muffins, deli flats, 3 apples and a couple of protein fiber bars.
I guess it's good that they are eating healthy, but moderation has not rubbed off. I'm going to have to find a better spot for the fresh foods and put a latch on the lower cabinets.

Got to get moving for now...more time for catching up later.

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NELLIEC 2/27/2010 9:44PM

    The mention of the apple cores is because the seeds have a poisonous substance. Hopefully, if they ate any seeds, their digestion will just pass them on through without breaking down the seed coat!

I am tricky and have my dishes and pots and pans in lower cabinets and the food up high! The only food type items I have in a lower cabinet are dog and cat treats and canned foods.

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WINNINGSPARK 2/27/2010 5:11PM

    All my lower cabinets are dog proofed with childproof latches. FYI I learned in here that apple cores can be poisonous to dogs. Who knew???? So, hopefully the fiber they ate will soak up anything not so good for them! Enjoy your time off - I am sure loving mine. I needed the weekend really badly.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MIMIKK7 2/27/2010 3:07PM

    emoticonDogs,they are funny little creatures! emoticonYou made me emoticonwith your humor! I am glad to hear that you got some much needed rest and are getting things caught up.
Have a emoticonSaturday! emoticon emoticon

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LKEITHO 2/27/2010 2:17PM

    Funny what the dogs will get into, isn't it?! My wife caught one of ours coming into the bedroom with a granola bar she had thought was put away the other day. They always seem to be able to find a way to get at them. Glad to hear you got a good sleep and are off to an enjoyable day!

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Day Fifty-six - It's Starting Out to Be a Beautiful Day! - 2/26/10

Friday, February 26, 2010

Yeah!!! Last day. and it's starting out to be a beautiful one! Got eight hours of sleep, which is always nice, and even woke up one minute before my alarm went off. Since I work this afternoon/evening, I had the chance to enjoy a little extra quiet time this morning. Still a little sore from two days ago (nearly two hour workout session), so only got in another twenty minutes of some light circuits. I try and make that my minimum workout for the crazy days, but today, I am just really in coasting mode. Just doing what needs to be done so that this next few days I won't feel wiped out and like in trying to recover.

Got a little laundry done while doing fitness and eating, and a little bit a sparking, and I know it's getting old again, but the twenty point streak continues...how crazy is that?!?!? To top of this extraordinary morning, I entered 150's-land!!! I haven't been there in a long, long time, and I'm a wee bit bloated, so I'm pretty sure that it's a good reading...I checked three times, even moving the scale (159.5).

So, now I'm going to go pack lunch and dinner and do my hair and finish getting ready to go in to work. As good as it has been going, I am sooo ready for the day to be over and my "easy" week to begin.

Of course, just because I'm the way I am, I'm already filling up my schedule. Lots and lots of fitness, Saturday: two plays - one that a friends boys are in (wizard of Oz) and another that a different friend is in "The "M" Word". Sunday, doing lighting at church (hours) and in the afternoon and evening I'm treating myself to a wonderful drive out to one of the local State Parks for a hiking/picnic trip and dinner at the lodge. It don't have to work untill Tuesday and then again on Friday and Satuday, so this should be a nice week to catch up and get ahead.

Looking forward to catching up with all of my Spark friends!!!

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WINNINGSPARK 2/26/2010 11:08PM

    Wow! How cool about the 150's land. Your fitness minutes in the midst of this week you've had is just incredible. Have a wonderful time with all you have planned and remember to take some good old fashioned down time as well - you earned it!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SPARKIE1964 2/26/2010 9:53PM

    I can see you smiling at reaching you 150's which goes hand in hand with 20 points on wheel for 3 days in a row! Way to go...Enjoy the weekend...

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MIMIKK7 2/26/2010 2:42PM

    emoticon emoticonon your weight loss! emoticonThat is emoticonSounds like you have got the next couple of days worked out. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it! emoticonKeep sparkling! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Congrats on your weight loss!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you! And congrats on making it to the easy week!

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LKEITHO 2/26/2010 12:31PM

    Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up! The trip out to the State Park sounds fantastic! Have a great time!

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Day Fifty-five - ONE MORE DAY! - 2/25/10

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aaaahhhh, I can almost feel it, just one more day and then some time "off". Well, at least I don't have to go to work. Tomorrow is a late day, so actually, I even get to sleep in a little and go in at 1pm and work till 10pm. That will give me time to do my fitness before I go to work and maybe get in a little sparking.

Boy, I'm looking forward to this next week!!! 10:45 now though, so off to bed I go!!!

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MIMIKK7 2/26/2010 10:33AM

    I hope you have a wonderful sparking day and weekend! emoticonYou deserve it. That is emoticonon your streak of winning 20 pts. on your spins. emoticon emoticon

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PAM1864 2/26/2010 9:22AM

    emoticon for 20pts. Really great start. Happy weekends ahead. Sleep well. Sweet dreams!!!!!

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WINNINGSPARK 2/26/2010 12:22AM

    Sleep Well. And have a great weekend. You earned it!

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Day Fifty-four - Ready to hit the showers!!! - 2/24/10

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two days and counting till some time off... emoticon It's late, I have to get up early, but I've got to get back on my streaks...Yesterday was one day, but I can't let that become habit. Got all my food in, my tracking done, all my water - plus some and 100 Mins of running, walking and circuit style training. I think I'm going to feel it tomorrow, but I work 7-4, go home for dinner and then to church for lighting practice by 7 till about 10, so probably little or no fitness tomorrow.

I am figuring out the watch though. The heart rate monitor works well, as long as you are standing or sitting still when you use it....it is watch style only...no chest strap, but a very good guide. It also serves as a pedometer. I checked it's accuracy at home and it seems pretty good. So, I guess if today is any indication, my work day gives me around 10,500 steps for almost 4.75 miles and 363 cals. Plus I get to lift doors and windows and molding etc....so, I am getting in some movement.

Got to go get a shower and to bed now. It's after 10:30, I stink and I have to be up early...can't wait to catch up with you all Fri. am before work and or Sat/Sun....missing all my spark friends!!! emoticon


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BE_STRONG 2/25/2010 9:35PM

    You are so focused. You can do this. All of your hard work will pay off.

Hope you get some rest soon. We all need a little down time to recharge ourselves.


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MIMIKK7 2/25/2010 9:26AM

    Wow, what a workout! Keep up the great work! Keep sparkling! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PAM1864 2/25/2010 6:53AM

    WoW!! great going friend. This way you will reach your goal by next month. emoticon
We are proud of you. You are great inspiration.
emoticon emoticon


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ANGELFMABV 2/25/2010 5:46AM

    Wow that is a large workout. Way to go! Keep up the good work! emoticon

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WINNINGSPARK 2/25/2010 12:14AM

    Wow! Working with no break and still getting all that fitness in. Over 10,000 steps. That's wonderful. I am so proud of you and I can tell you're proud of yourself as you should be. Sleep well!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOSINWEIGHTJEN 2/24/2010 11:36PM

    circuit training is SO tough! Good for you for doing it! I can't do it unless I'm in a gym and I'm in a class...then I feel the peer pressure to keep going!

Sounds like a busy day tomorrow! Hope it's a great one for you!!!

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Day Fifty-three - The Plow Is Out of Gas - 2-23-10

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's 9:23 and I just got home 1/2 hour ago...been going non stop since 5:30 this am. I am tired. I've got my food logged for the day, and I'm short, In all areas except water, which I'm drinking the last of now. Normally, I would go downstairs and try and snack on whatever I was short in, but it isn't happening tonight. I even ate at Panera tonight, gues I must have made too good a choice - Mediterranean Veggie Sand (1/2) and cup of Low Fat Black Bean Soup and Apple. I had breakfast and a light lunch too, and a girl scout cookie, so I find it hard to believe that I didn't hit my minimum in any category, but tomorrow is another day. That's the first time this has ever happened.

I also got zero fitness in, other than walking at work, which I actually do quite a bit of - of and moving doors around, which I am getting better at. It is still early in the week though and right now, I think sleep is more important than anything else. Tomorrow is a lighter day schedule wise, so I eat a little more and do extra fitness and well get back on track.

On a good for me note, however, I got a new watch today - equipped with heart rate monitor, pedometer, mileage and timer. Can't wait to use it!!! I thought it was time to reward myself for being half way to my Spark goal...although I think I'm personally shooting for six pounds lighter than my Spark goal. I'll see when I get closer. Right now, bed time..... emoticon

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ANGELFMABV 2/24/2010 8:31PM

    Congrats on your successes! Interesting purchase you have made there. Did your watch come with a chest strap? Ooo you will have to do a blog on it one day! Get good rest! emoticon emoticon

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LDSMALL 2/24/2010 11:55AM

    Half way to your Spark goal!!!! That is awesome!! Congratulations and wonderful job buying yourself a great present to celebrate!! Hope you had a great night's sleep.

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DONNAGRACE1164 2/24/2010 11:00AM

    Great job on your successes!! emoticon
It's not easy to keep up with it all... But it sounds like you're getting the hang of eating the right foods and watching portion control, etc. Walking around and being active at work does seem to really work at burning calories -in addition to the exercise that you do... I find the same thing and really want to get a pedometer myself... might be my next "reward" for myself... (...and I've found that the "healthy choice" foods from Panera are very good too...that's one of my favorite places to eat when I get a chance to eat out... emoticon

I've had the same issues when I'm working at JCP though with getting "enough" food/calories - and the balance - for my day... I'm actually really glad for the Nutrition Tracker on SparkPeople because I probably wouldn't be as aware of it as you're noticing for yourself too.. I made myself a peanut butter sandwich (with the serving size of peanut butter -and serving size of bread...etc...) and drank 4oz of milk last night before I went to bed... knowing that my calories, etc were "under" and my "balance" was "under"... and I was still a little hungry and knowing it wouldn't "hurt" my efforts to eat it...

Great job!! Keep up the great work!!! emoticon

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PAM1864 2/24/2010 1:23AM

    emoticonfor being half way to your Spark goal & for the pedometer. Let me know how good it is, I too want to buy it.
You are doing great and well into it. emoticon

emoticonfor me


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WINNINGSPARK 2/23/2010 10:55PM

    Wow what a long day you had. Sleep well. Soon you will be able to use that pedometer for all that walking at work you do and log it in for fitness points! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and congrats on being halfway to your goal even if you do want more.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOSINWEIGHTJEN 2/23/2010 10:42PM

    I'm with you on thinking I need to lose more! I feel like I've got a lot more than 11 pounds to go! But I guess we will both see in a short time :)

The watch sounds awesome! You'll have to blog all about it...I want to know about the heart rate monitor part!

Have some good sleep! See ya on the Spark tomorrow!

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