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Did well yesterday...with food anyway.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

emoticon Streak: One emoticon for every day I have logged my food and stayed under my calorie goal!!

I had a good day yesterday. Logging my food and staying under my calorie limit. I drank my 8 glasses of water too! emoticon I didn't workout though and that is disappointing. Today I plan on doing day one of week one of C25K, and doing 20 minutes of the biggest loser-not sure which DVD I will do. It's time to get this all together and do it right!

Feeling more positive about my weight loss journey. Beginning to think that I can do this! emoticon


Why I am doing this.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I am through one week of Jump start and it's been a bumpy one. I haven't logged my food most days, and when I have, most days, I went over my calorie limit. I haven't worked out and am struggling with motivation-big time! However, today is week two of Jump start and I am determined to get this right this week. I am going to workout. I am going to eat smart and stay under my calorie limits. I am going to workout and work towards the body, the self esteem, and the healthy lifestyle that I dream about. I have been off and on the dieting wagon for years. It's time to get off and just change my life. It's a lifestyle change. It's not a temporary mindset. To lose 82 pounds, it is gonna take a permanent change, perceverence, and a great deal of work. I know I can do it.

I have a few short term goals.
Lose 8 pounds by Valentine's Day 2011.
Run a 3K on March 12, 2011 and beat last years pathetic time of 23 mins. I wanna run every step.

How I will get there...

Logging my food EVERYDAY.
Staying under my calorie goal.
Working out 5 days a week.
Blogging...both here and my weight loss blogs at blogger and 3fc.
Interact with others who understand what I am going through and who will give me support here and in the real world.
Start C25K TODAY!
Attend Zumba 2-3 times a week.
Start insanity workouts on Feb. 1, 2011.

Okay, Day 1...here I go.
Weight today: 230

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TRI_TODAY 1/25/2011 3:33PM

    23 min is not a pathetic time for a 3K. The important thing isn't even to beat your old time (although that is always an admirable goal) but simply to show up and put one foot in front of the other. Finishing is also a plus, but it is the journey that gets to you the race that truly matters.

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KNITTERARY 1/17/2011 11:26AM

  You can do it! And you're worth it!

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A Blueprint to reach my goal of running a 3K on March 14, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Vision

In my mind I see myself obtaining a money order and mailing in my entry for the race. I am a little excited and nervous for doing so, but tremendously happy that I have now set this goal IN STONE, that I am going to do it.

In my mind I see myself arriving, finding parking, and going to the table to get my race packet.

I see myself on the line with many others waiting to begin. I am nervous, but excited. I hear the gun go off and I run the entire distance without stopping. Afterwards I am pleased that I finally set a goal and obtained it.

My plan

I will run 3 days per week. With the weather being colder I will run indoors on the treadmill, run along to walking tapes, and run outdoors whenever the weather is warm enough. No excuses.


March 14, 2009

Action Steps

Each day I will focus on the steps I need to complete that day to make my goal. These I will plan out ahead of time so i know what the plan is and I will make sure that I follow them. It will be my top priority.


This is the first step in a lifelong goal that I have held to run a marathon. The first step is this 3K, then a 5K, then longer races unti lI have lost enough weight, and am strong enough to run a marathon. Also, training will help me lose weight, become healthier, and to live longer.

Lots of Help

I will need to form a support group outside the virtual workd. I already get lots of support from the girls at 3FC, but I need to find others who will be suppportive of me in the real world. I will need someone to take my finishline photo!

Good Resources

I will need to follow a plan and tweak it as I progress. I have new shoes to see me through. I will need warmer clothes to train in as the weather is cold and I will freeze without better clothing. I will need to find my stop watches, ipod, etc to time myself and keep myself entertained as I run. I will need ie packs to ice my knee.


If something goes wrong I need to adapt, change my plan if necessary, and proceed. I will not allow one step back from stopping me from reaching my goal.

Learning curve

Once I was a competitive runner. To be one again I must realize that I donít know everything there is to know about running and I will need to ask for advice. Since I know no runners I will utilize the boards on coolrunners and sparkpeople to find information as I need it.


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