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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I was browsing my list of pages I follow on Facebook that I have grouped as 'Pretty Stuff', and one of those pages had posted a photo that I really liked. Now, I don't follow any pages pertaining to weight loss but I don't recall offhand which page it was from. I like some quite sarcastic pages so it may have come from one of those. Anywho, I liked it and found it quite motivational, and thought I would share it with my Spark friends. Enjoy!

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GAYLLYNNE 11/27/2013 7:49PM

    What a great picture!

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POEDAUGHTER7 11/27/2013 3:41PM

    Great image. :-)

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Making Progress

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I took a chance and stepped on the scales this morning. I know, probably not the best way to start the day right? Well, It was good! I've lost 10 pounds since starting Topamax, Granted, it's probably the 10 pounds I gained when I was put on Depakote, but I'll take it! I know it's a start in the right direction and I'm positive it's not the last loss I'm going to see. It is also that TOM for me so that should count for something as well.

I'm starting to feel a bit better overall also. Just not drinking soda all the time helps. I'm drinking more water too finally. I'm thirsty all the time so I'm reminded to drink more water. I know it still isn't the recommended daily amount but it is much more than is normal for me and I'm getting there. Odd thing is when I was drinking all the Mt. Dew I wasn't so thirsty ALL the time like this. Yes I'm on a water pill for my blood pressure as well, but I've been on that for months.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I tried to drink a Sprite over the weekend when my stomach was giving me problems from food poisoning and got nothing but a mouth of foam. I'm sure that's the topamax reaction to the carbonation. I honestly have had no desire for soda at all but sprite has always helped when I was sick before. Yep, confirmed why I have no desire. lol

I haven't had much desire for too many sweet things and the few things I have given in to have tasted either a little bitter or just a little off so they didn't quite satisfy the craving. As far as remembering what they tasted like and wanting that anyway. And honestly I don't really seek out a lot of junk food, but if it's something that I like and it's in my house I'm going to eat it. I just have to keep it out of my house. I did some Christmas shopping over the weekend and when I went down the isle at Walmart with all the candies none of it jumped out at me. I'm usually trying to decide which one I want. I just kept walking. No idea what will be used for stocking stuffers this year.

I even got a turkey wrap at Arby's the other day and it was soooo good. I'd have never ordered that before. It HAS to be the topamax. Who'd have thought this anti-seizure drug I'm being prescribed for migraines would be such a huge influence on my appetite??? Thank you!

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TWEETYKC00 11/20/2013 12:03PM

    I am proud of you!

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Topamax Update

Monday, November 18, 2013

I am on week 3-1/2 of Topamax and so far I think it's helping with my migraines. I'm still getting them but not daily like I was. Definitely not as severe, knock on wood I didn't just jinx myself. I'm only up to 50 mg per day so far. If you've never taken it, let me tell you how the dosage works. You're supposed to start out with 1 dose of 25 mg at night for a week, then increase to two 25 mg doses, one in the morning, one at night for a week (or however long your doctor recommends), then gradually increase until for me it will be 100 mg per day for now, but some people go higher. I stayed on the 25 mg for a little over a week because I got the prescription in the middle of the week and I am bad with remembering dates, so I waited until the next Sunday to increase. With the increase came tingling in my hands and feet shortly after my dose, so I am waiting another week to increase to my dose to 75 mg per day.

As for the weight loss side effect.... Oh yes that is going well. I have not stepped on the scale since starting it but I am certain I have lost. Of course I did just have food poisoning for a few days but that wasn't that drastic. I have not had a craving for a soda at all for two entire weeks now. I admit I bought a Sprite the other night because you know when you're sick sometimes it helps soothe your stomach. Well to me it was a mouth full of foam. My husband got a free drink though. lol I also have not had a craving for any of the junk food that I normally crave. Two weeks ago when I first started noticing my appetite changing I got a small bag of Cheetos from the vending machine one day. And I had gone to the snack bar in another building on a different day and got mini donuts. I ate them but they did not quite hit the mark as usual. The next week I had gone to get a sweet tea and intended to get a snack as well but nothing looked appealing. I have not snacked on anything other than an occasional cup of applesauce since then.

Anyways today I am wearing a pair of pants I have not worn in over a month because they had gotten too tight and they are a little bit loose on me. I'm still not sure if I'm ready to step on the scale again just yet though...



Monday, November 04, 2013

I have had a few setbacks recently, therefore gaining weight instead of losing, but some were out of my control.

I have started seeing a new doctor since starting my new job in January. I finally found out how to go about being seen by a VA doctor since I am a veteran. Now that I work on an Army base again, and there is actually a VA clinic literally right outside the main gate, that is who I primarily see now. One of my chief complains I've had for many years now is chronic migraines. This doctor put me on Depakote for them. Me being the type of person who always wants to know exactly what I'm taking, I did a Google search on it. One of the side effects I saw many people complain about, was weight gain. And yes, I gained a few pounds from it as well. And it wasn't even worth it because it did nothing for my headaches. I continued the initial prescription, but I did not renew it.

Finally I was able to see him again and get put on something else. We are giving Topamax another try. I am actually excited about this, because I have tried this before and I actually lost a few pounds on it. I wasn't able to stay on it due to it costing so much and my insurance at the time not covering it, so I don't know how long that would have lasted. I have tried so many things for migraine and this was the best results I did see even though I did have some numbing sensations in my feet after getting to a higher dosage. I've talked to many people who swear by it and they assure me the numbing feeling goes away. So I am very hopeful this time around.

I also have now officially been diagnosed with high blood pressure, so I am on not one but two medications for that. Ugh! I think my doctor was hoping that treatment would miraculously cure my migraines. I assured him I've been dealing with those since my early teen years at least, while my blood pressure has only recently started to be a problem. I've been expecting it though since my grandfather has it, so I've made changes to my diet, but I guess it just wasn't enough. Anyway, hopefully now with the combination of all the medications, it will all be taken care of.

And hopefully somewhere along the way I'll find the energy and motivation I need again to actually want to take Lobo for a walk or play Just Dance on my Wii when I get home from work.

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LOBOSMOMMA 11/6/2013 12:20PM

    Thank you ladies. I have tried some of the herbal remedies but have gotten no response, so I've kinda given up hope from that. :(

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SUGARBABY60 11/4/2013 11:10PM

    Hoping the best for you and a solution for those migrains.

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KAT7457 11/4/2013 3:44PM

    I hope the new med helps with your migraines
I heard people on FB use peppermint oil for all types of headaches
Lavender oil helps with relaxing you could look them up
My Neice uses peppermint oil for her migraines and she doesn't get them much anymore
There are many herbal oils you can use for lots of things
Best of luck to you. xx
Check out www.herbalremedies.com
Hope this helps

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MLEHTO 11/4/2013 3:28PM

    Glad to hear you headed in the right direction.

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Missing In Action

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm afraid I haven't been online much lately. Work keeps me pretty much busy most days, and by the time I get home I just don't feel like it. Then add in I'm back in school now, and with the classes only being 8 weeks, that keeps me busy as well. After working 8-5 with an hour commute 5 days a week, and a 6 hour class every Saturday, I don't much feel like doing anything once Sunday rolls around.

I will admit that even though I haven't been trying as hard to work on my goals, I have made a few changes. I've cut back on my unhealthy snacks, and aside from an occasional Snack Pack pudding, it's usually yogurt, applesauce, fruit cups, or fruit that I snack on. Still working on cutting back the soda, but it's not several a day now at least, and usually none at all on the weekends since I've made a bigger effort not to keep any at the house. Haven't been able to cut back much further on my sugar intake with my sweet tea just yet. I may get there eventually, but it will take some getting used to.

Exercise wise I admit I really haven't been doing much. I do try and make the effort to take a break at work and take a walk around the field at least once a day several days a week. Once it starts cooling off I may do so more often. Again, at home I generally just have no energy once I get there. But my dog and I both need it, so again ready for the cooler weather so he and I can take walks a few times a week at least.

Medical wise, we've gotten my blood pressure under control finally. I've been making one month follow ups with the nurse at the local VA Clinic and my last one I was well within the normal range, almost spot on even, and that's never been me. I've always been a little higher, then progressively borderline until I was finally diagnosed with high blood pressure. I did expect it though since my dad (technically my blood grandfather) has it. I'd made changes to my diet with the salt intake, but I guess that didn't matter. Still having the recurring migraines and lower back pain. That makes me even less inclined to want to do anything.

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and not completely lost hope. Hope you all are well!


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