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Officially Day 3, Unofficially Day 2

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Here I am at the end of my day, day 3 if you want to be official, but day 2 for what really matters. I started off Sunday not so great, but Monday was awesome! I was able to do what I wanted to do and make it work for me!

Today, today was one of those days that everything seemed to frustrate me, not sure what it was. Between my family, my husband, my co-workers, everything was just getting to me. I was more then ready to leave work less then 2 hours into it. Usually....at this point in a day like this....I'm ready to stuff my face with whatever 'snacks' I can find at my desk. Thankfully, I don't carry cash on me, so I can't raid the vending machines. I felt the stress creeping up on me this morning, and I swear, my stomach was screaming at me to eat all the little sweets I could find! BUT....let me say, I'm quite proud of myself.....I ate NOTHING!! Victory dance for me! I filled up even more on my water and kept my head held high and moved forward. Lisa: 1, Stress and Sugar: 0!

I made it to the gym tonight, which is a normal Tuesday night for me. I did the treadmill for almost an hour and a half. I don't know what it is when get on the treadmill, but my mind drifts away to places I normally don't have time to think about. I don't run, I only walk. I know running is good for you, but since I've had 3 knee surgeries in the past few years, I'm not confident in myself to run. Plus, growing up, I was always made fun of when I ran because I have 'knobby' knees. I guess being made fun of when you are little sticks with you for a lifetime. I did pretty good though with my walk, I was able to keep the faster pace up a little longer this time and I kept the incline up a little more as well. Everyday time I go, my goal is to make those moments longer and longer.

By the time I was done on the treadmill, I was so tired that I didn't do weights. I usually focus on them on the weekends anyway. I made it home in time to shower and enjoy a chicken salad for dinner. But, I'm sitting here now realizing the time and how tired I am and getting more frustrated. I had things I wanted to get done tonight, I have a dog sitting at the door wanting to be walked and papers that need to be gone through. I swear, there is never enough time in the days that I go to the gym to do anything else but work and gym. I try not to let it get to me, but it does sometimes. I know it's worth it, but in moments like tonight, I keep telling myself, I can't get so 'lost in thought' on the treadmill and cut my time down. But, if I do that, then I feel like I'm cheating myself. I think it's a battle I will always have.

My eating was great today, I stayed away from all Easter Candy, and all candy in general. I must say, I'm on a great streak so far! I'm a little worried though, Thursday is 'Birthday Treat Day' for the month at work and there's always soooo many good things. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this one!

My goal is blog 4-5 times a week, we'll see how it goes. I'm on my 2nd for the week.

My dog is calling for the walk and my bed is reaching out to me. Good Night!!


Here we go!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Well, here I am.....again.....embarking on this journey to get myself healthier and happier. I'm ready to start over, start new and fresh. I have decided this is the time for me, the time to become a better person, a better wife, a better friend, a better sister, a better aunt and a better daughter. I want to be happy and be comfortable in my own skin.

I've never blogged, never really shared my goals and experiences with others, let alone people I've never met. I'm hoping that blogging will allow me to open up more, experience more and hold myself more accountable. I may never post exact numbers or share absolutely everything, but I promise I'm going to be honest to myself and honest to whomever may read this.

What brought me to this point? Well, I've never been happy in my own skin......or maybe just never been comfortable. Either way, I've always talked about wanting to lose weight and get healthier.....I get started, do fantastic, and then, it just goes downhill. A few years ago, I was in great shape and was healthy. I went through a divorce, something that was unpleasant, but something I had to experience. I moved to Key West, Florida for a few years with one of my very best friends who went through a divorce at the same time I did. I met and married my wonderful husband Aduke....or AJ as we all know him by. He has been an amazing part of my life, yes, we've been through bad and good, but it's all a growing experience we having on this journey of marriage. I'm sure I'll talk more on our marriage later.........and maybe.....the divorce that brought to where I'm at today.

Today....today was day one of what was supposed to be my journey. I woke up this morning and was ready for this and excited! I was set to go! I wish though, as I'm sitting here this evening typing this, I could say I was successful and amazing and all I wanted to be today. I was a massive let down to myself today. I'm not sure exactly what happened, I started drinking some wonderful lemon-lime infused water and enjoying the nice weather outside replanting some plants. My first major mistake is that I forgot....or just didn't want to....eat breakfast. Lunch didn't go well at all.....I ate leftover's from last nights dinner out with my mom. That wasn't so bad, half a chicken wrap with lettuce and tomatoes with no dressing. It was pretty darn good, I really did enjoy it. BUT.....when I finished, I was still hungry! Sooo...I proceeded to eat leftovers from a dinner I made a few nights ago. I was starting to fill full, but I finished off my lunch with two pieces of Weight Watchers String Cheese. I was finally content.

I enjoyed sometime with my husband before he had to go to work. Then.....all of sudden, the Easter Candy my mom brought when visiting was calling my name and before I knew what was happening, I was opening the bag and digging in! I then decided I needed to eat a brownie cupcake that I made earlier in the week....at least it was all using sugar free and reduced fat items, but seriously will I ever stop?!?!?

I stopped and decided to fill up with lemon-lime water......I had to stop what I was doing....this was supposed to be 'DAY 1'. I went outside and sat in the sun for a few minutes and enjoyed the warmth on my skin. It sure made me sleepy, so I thought, when AJ went to work, I'd take a little Sunday afternoon nap. It sure felt good! I awoke and continued working on laundry and finally brought myself around to getting everything set up for SparkPeople.

I got my account set up and was ready for a 'good' dinner. I knew I could do this! I realized I had to change the laundry and do a few other things which I handled first. I washed grapes for the week, boiled eggs for the week, and cleaned up a few things around the house. All of a sudden, I found myself making cheese quesadillas for dinner........AHHHHH!!!! Ok, so they were really good, but it wasn't the 'good' dinner I had in mind!

So I'm sitting here, listening to the t.v., have my cats and dog laying around enjoying the fact I turned the air on for a few minutes for relief from the heat today, listening for my dryer to go off so I can continue to do laundry, but I'm disappointed in myself, I fill empty. What did I do with myself today? Why couldn't I just do what I wanted to do? I'm not even satisfied hunger wise.

Despite all that's happened, I'm going to continue to drink my lemon-lime water, finish laundry, take my dog for a little walk around the block, water my newly planted plants and go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, and while I'm not looking to make excuses and am hoping that I will not have many days where I look to 'tomorrow for a better day'. I know I'm not going to be perfect on this journey and I'm going to make plenty of mistakes and fall often. I just have to make sure I have the strength to pick myself and try and find why it happened and move forward with my head held high.

Here's to my journey........

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ARIZONA33 4/3/2012 1:24AM

    Thank you for sharing your first day on SparkPeople with us. For never having blogged before you express yourself very well; reading what you wrote made me feel like I was a friend of yours and we were just talking about your day while drinking our lemon-lime waters as we sat in the sun looking at your newly planted garden.

We all have days that make us wishing that tomorrow will be better and I promise you it will get better. I have found the tools this site to be very helpful in helping me set better limits as well as teaching me to have a better understanding about what I am actually eating and more importantly why I am eating the foods that I am eating. It takes time to make lifestyle changes. Be patient with yourself and you will reach the goals that you set for yourself. You already know what you need to do and now with help from SparkFriends and all the wonderful articles, tools and your own daily decisions--you will have many better days filled with positive changes.

You can do this! We are all here to make changes in our lives, to help support each other and to reach for the goals that have eluded us sometimes for years...together we are stronger than we are on our own.

Also, good luck with the tame your sweet tooth challenge.

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KATI5668 4/2/2012 5:11PM

    First ..welcome to the New Members Team
Second..yes be kind to yourself, ok so yesterday was not perfect..ok..learn from it.
You kinda sound like me ..a grab & go eater..I do plan,,but end up grabbing what there is & going over board! Yes we are all human!
Use the tools the site offers..the meal plans, the portion ideas, that is a biggie with me..American Portions are huge!..we have been taught to clear our plates, & those plates are big! Hint:use a 9 inch or smaller plate to eat on..& never ever just eat out of the container or in your hand..put it on a plate! That makes you see what it is that you are eating!

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