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coastal ride

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yea, motivation is back, but time... We have been getting out - this past couple days went on a bike outing to the coast again - last weekend19 miles from Los Gatos to San Jose along the Los Gatos Creek trail. Pics of the coast - we biked up on the top of the cliff then walked down to the beach - we had the beach all to ourselves - this is where we stopped to rest and then headed back. It was quite a workout - not the paved path we had on other bike trails. It was a dirt path between tire tracks, grass, high weeds, nettles (O my), to rocks along RR tracks, but the view was amazing. I never get tired of the coastal views. My speedometer needs a new battery but I think we did around 16-17 miles round trip.

This is how we celebrated 38 years of marriage. I would never have guessed 38 years ago we would be doing this. We are in such better shape than we were even 5-6 years ago.

It seems sometimes I am so wore out from working and fun stuff - the exercise is lacking on half the days. Yea I'll get it together- I have been walking more in the nice weather - but when it gets too hot - I'm done, and summer is just beginning.

Sounds like I am complaining or making excuses doesn't it? I just need to get back to that consistency I know - on the diet and exercise. I tried the zig zag (calorie cycling) I do have trouble planning higher calorie days - and may be getting too low calories on the low days. The highs may be too high and the lows too low ????? I just sort of let things happen within range - o well...

I am maintaining well though emoticon

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MARINEMAMA 5/30/2009 8:02PM

    Gorgeous pictures!!! Congrats on your anniversary!!! emoticon I love that you 2 are getting and staying healthy together!!! emoticon

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Yes emoticon finally I got off of the 143 (where I have been since the end of January!) I did gain a couple in Feb (super bowl party) and lost that but have been stuck ever since.

What happened? I think I ate more protein this week (seems like I am always low). We went on a bike ride that was going up most of the time. And I started using the resistance band for strength this week - before I was using dumbbells and a ball - I am on and off the weight machines at the gym (depends on how much I do at home whether I do it at the gym or not.

The weather has turned nice - I got outside for walks. I have been working extra hours at work and sometimes didn't get to the gym these past few weeks. But schedule changed this week and I have day tine hours to spend on strength at home and walking.

So that was my change up - I feel better about getting out there now. Funny what 1 (one!) lb can do when I was losing pretty good the first 5 months and then just stopped. emoticon

Motivation is back! emoticon

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RUTHIEBEAR 5/9/2009 8:57AM

    Oh boy - can I relate! I was losing so well since last MArch. Then 6 weeks ago I stopped losing. In 6 weeks I lost only one pound. I am exercsing more than I ever have. I am staying on track with my eating. I just do not get it. My dietitian banned me from getting on the scale because I was letting it dictate my feeling of success.
I am adding some COach Nicole videos to my workout routine and hoping that will get the weight coming off again.
emoticon on losing that pound! Keep up the great work!
RUthie emoticon

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new challenges - new month

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I can't believe it is May already. 3 months with no weight loss - well I was teetering on gaining and none of that, I am a back to a solid 143 - which was my new weight after loss after the last boot camp challenge - - - don't know what happened.

I am keeping up with the exercise - staying within calorie range - sleep.
I start out real strong in the beginning of the week - then get lax in the end with busy-ness but still burning the calories per week. Sometimes I wonder if I am eating enough and sometimes I go over a little - still no progress. I tried the zig zag calorie plan but I seem to eat in the same range and can't seem to vary it as it should.

So I am starting the new sweat suit to swim suit challenge - keeping the consistent exercise and challenges. I want to see the scale move once again and get the flab firmed up.

So starting weight 143
Lets do it!


Grama duty

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I went a whole week without exercising again. We had one great work out last weekend then the new Grandbaby came on Monday and I haven't stopped running yet. Picking up siblings and helping out new Mama in between working and laundry - no extra time. I am so tired looking for a normal day this week. I have been able to track most food and was doing well in that area until this evening - Chinese Orange Chicken. I shouldn't have but one indulgence a week is not so bad - it really tasted scrumptious and I have the other half for another day...

I feel taking time off is working for me - I feel flatter - hard to explain but better. And the scales are teetering again - starting to move down - I can feel it. Although I am not using the scales as my gage.

So I am just keeping on. emoticon emoticon emoticon


new start

Sunday, March 22, 2009

OK - so I have taken a week off from everything - all tracking that is - of food and exercise.

I made right choices but I didn't keep track of calories and I felt good about it - sort of took the stress off it. I think I was within a pretty close calorie range - at least not way over.

I didn't go to the gym for a week or do any strength exercises at home - but I did get exercise in small ways - parked the car a long ways away several times - took stairs - walked at the mall and to the corner market instead of driving.

I have maintained - and haven't gained. But that break is over. Time to start again fresh. emoticon

I have not lost anything in a couple of months. In fact I gained a pound and have maintained that weight for the last month. I have been thinking what is changed why have I stopped losing - what am I not doing or doing - and how do I get back on track. Am I eating too much or too little? What should I do to change the exercise? I do different strength exercises, some are the same but with many others at times. Cardio - is always elliptical and treadmill - different times, different programs so what now? And we have started biking - that should have helped!

New Plan: I have decided to start zig zag calorie counting - instead of the same everyday I will have a couple low days - high days - and low days through the week. It will stay be in the weekly range but mixing it up over the week. I have thought about this for a while but never really made the commitment or plan. I have a plan now what days and how many calories on those days. It is worth a try... a real change up.

I thought about the exercise - what I did in the beginning was usually the cardio program on the treadmill - so that is where I started today. I am in so much better shape now than when starting that the elevation went up to 12 and higher in order for me to get my HR up to level. I increased the speed in order to get the elevation down. Finally I switched to random. Wow! what a difference from 6 months ago. emoticon

When I started 6 months ago - I couldn't use the elevation over 3 - my calves and ankles cramped and ached. I could not walk over 3.4 and I could not (would not) run. It was awkward and I just couldn't do it. Today I ran for 5 minutes without stopping!
What a change. emoticon I felt really refreshed when finished.

So that is my plan. The weather is turning nice to get out and do more and the fridge is stocked with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. emoticon

I am ready for the next phase of a new me... emoticon emoticon

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CLADY326 3/23/2009 8:10AM

    Even tho you took some time off, it looks like you are still headed in the right direction. Plus, you didn't take "complete time off". Like you said you just eased your schedule a little and still had some focus and conscious about what you were doing and eating.

Very good idea, take a breather, so to speak, and re-think and re-plan your strategy to get the scale moving again. It sounds like you have made great accomplishments and strides in the last 6 months. emoticon on your 6 month Spark People Anniversary!! emoticon

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