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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blah is just how I feel - although I know this too shall pass!
I started the week very well and then... maybe it is the rain, maybe it is stress at work, maybe I am overworking my muscles or maybe I need to eat more for a while. I have no energy and am tired. Maybe all of the above.
My plan: Due to extra inventory assignment at work at another store I will get that done and time for exercise will be limited so that will take care of that. I plan to have a high calorie day - yes it will be healthy but more - sometimes it is what I need to get over a hump. Since I have been doing the boot camp videos - plus my normal weight routine at the gym I don't think I am letting all muscles rest - so I will chart which muscles I work with the videos and also work only those muscles at the gym so I may be working either upper or lower muscles everyday and not both - I will be letting them rest in between instead of working them all a little bit. I will have a good day and a rest day for both being more balanced. I may sound rambling but I think it is a plan that will help.
I am continuing to lose about a pound a week and I am good with that - although sometimes it seems like I am not losing and then a lb will just drop. I am getting a little ancy since my goal is getting near and I want to see it NOW! emoticon
Earlier this week on Sunday we borrowed a bike and went for a ride along the SF Bay - just a 6 mile trek. Oh my legs were rubber when I stopped - but only a sore (bruised) bottom, thanks to the elliptical working those muscles every week. It was a beautiful day - next time I will get me some of those pants with pads in them emoticon
Well I must get on to work and on with life... emoticon

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KITRAE1 1/22/2009 4:35PM

    Hang in there!!!

Congrats on your bike trek!!!

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Starting New You Workout & Challenge

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I am ready to start this New You Workout & Challenge Team. This will be a first for me to follow through with a daily habit of exercise. I usually do a few exercises most days but have trouble following through with a video or a regime of exercise. I do go to the gym in the evenings with husband 3 - 4 times a week and get a good work out. It is the constant cardio at home that will be a test... I have videos that I can't seem to keep up with in my cabinet.

I have been on a Team Staying Fit through the Holidays that has really kept me on track - but I overdid it and really hurt my knees so I layed off and did some of the suggested exercises but going easy on the lunges and stairs and stopped tracking when I got too busy at work and with family around. Then I didn't continue after getting out of the habit of tracking. This team is continuing on and incorporating the video and challenges from the New You Workout. I am back to tracking every exercise and tallying points for it other than SP exercise tracker.

So I am starting a new exercise program this week - hopefully to start a new habit... and kick it in gear for the new year. My goal was to lose 40 lbs by the end of Feb. There was no special reason why I picked that date. It seemed hard but I began to drop the weight and was on track. Then I slowed down a bit - still losing but not as much as quickly and I would get stuck and it seemed like I was gaining but then it would drop a bit down. I can't complain because the plateaus have been short for me.

I am hoping to get below 140 by the end of January when this challenge is over. Then 10 lbs in Feb would be tough but I know I am on my way to goal. I will surely be at goal for the spring.

My starting weight on the beginning of this January challenge is 146.

I have gone from bursting out of a size 16 pants to a lose size 12 and a tight 10, lol I am hoping to be comfortable in a 10 or even an 8. I have gone from a 1x,2x top to a size L and I am hoping to get rid of my side bumps and have a smooth waist - no lap over. I have come a long way and hope to tone up. I now can at least see a waist line, lol.

So these are my new goals for this month - a new kick start for me...


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RUTHIEBEAR 1/3/2009 9:07AM

    Keep up the great work! You are doing amazing!

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MARINEMAMA 1/3/2009 8:20AM

    WOW!!!!! YOU go girl!!!! Great job on the weight loss!!! I am with you on the bootcamp challenge.... emoticon

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Merry Christmas - Happy New Year

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We spent a quiet, non food Christmas this year - no temptations. All of the family is visiting family away and we had an early gift exchange a week ago, so it was just Rick and I this year. We did meet our son and went to church on Christmas Eve right from work, so hungry after church. Most places were closing early but we found Japanese food - hot noodle soup. It sure filled us up.

Then on Christmas Day we just took it easy and I put together a new recipe for Spinach Quiche - only 160 calories for one (1/8 pie) piece. Check it out on my page. It rained all morning, It finally stopped and we decided to drive to Monterey Bay. It was a beautiful sun shiny day but cool and windy, We walked along the wharf at Monterey - not many people and free parking - it was great. We also drove along the coast between Monterey and Carmel getting out to walk along the beach. So we got some exercise and didn't eat all day - we looked for Italian in Carmel but most places were closed and we decided to drive on home. It was a good low calorie day - feeling good about getting through the day.

Not so good the next day. I worked and it was the day we celebrated Christmas at work since everyone was there. It was a busy shopping day - my day started at 6 AM! I was hustling around customers. The staff decided to order breakfast at Denny's I was so hungry I said whatever anyone wants I go along with. Well they went for a Grand Slam for everyone. I didn't eat the pancakes - took them to my husband, ha ha. Of course I wasn't hungry for lunch and when dinner time came - we decided to go out. We ate at a new Mexican place - big burrito - Oh it was so good. I should have stopped at half but thought - it is so good.

Well after I got home and figured what it was, it over 2000 for the whole day - if I figured right - so I guess you could say my Christmas day was the day after. lol Of course we got back to the gym the next day and back on track with food. I just counted that as my high calorie day.

I got on the scales after Christmas Day morning was 145 (the scale was tipping on the under side of it) wow! I recorded a conservative 146 which made me at a 25lb total loss since beginning. But then the next day after the burrito in the evening 147 ouch! Oh the roller coaster of weight loss. LOL

So still keeping on - still losing every week - - - emoticon

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RUTHIEBEAR 12/29/2008 10:43AM

    I congratulate you on keeping track of your food, even though it may have been high. When we realize what we are putting into our bodies, it really helps us do better in the long run. It is really hard to stop eating something that tastes so good and to bring half of it home.
Keep up the good work you are doing.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

And it continues on... I was surprised to see I have dropped more weight. It hasn't seemed like I have lost every week as before but I am seeing a difference about every 10 days now. That is OK as long as it continues - I don't mind slower as long as it continues. I am back to the weight machines at the gym - pushing myself on the elliptical and started the stair master a couple times this week - so that is why the loss showed up this week. emoticon emoticon So far the knees seem normal and are not bothering me.

We had an earlier Christmas dinner with family last weekend - stayed on track with food - except for the marzipan - Oh! it was so good... I received $ for Christmas for new clothes - Hey, I got a pair of jeans size 10 - I am packed into them pretty good - just like I was in my size 16s a few months ago --- made me feel pretty good. They will fit looser in a few weeks. I haven't worn a 10 since high school - I really do think they are changing the sizes now a days... I weighed a lot less in those 10's than I do now... So the jeans were on sale and they are skinny leg jeans - not what I would normally buy - but I just had to, to say I could. lol

We are busy at work - full swing of Christmas shoppers - that helps keep the metabolism up. I do try to get more protein - but it is hard for me since we don't eat red meat, and I don't like fish all that well unless it is fried crispy and that is no good so don't eat it. We do eat chicken a couple times a week - but mostly veggies. So I am grabbing protein bars for breaks during the day. It is harder to keep up with the water at work - but I do what I can. emoticon

So it continues...

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RUTHIEBEAR 12/20/2008 9:00AM

    I am a vegetarian and there are a world of new protein choices out there for people who do not eat meat or fish. Take a look - I think they are improving in taste all the time. ALso nuts are a good protein choice for on the go, along with protein bars. South Beach makes some good bars with 10 g protein and only 15 carbs.
Those jeans make me envious. I have never, ever been able to wear a size 10!!! Good for you! Enjoy them - you deserve it!

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coming back

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow its been almost a month since blogging. Since before Thanksgiving I have had visitors (family of 5) in my apartment - a trip to LA, Disneyland over Thanksgiving with family - and extra hours working. I haven't gotten completely back to normal since all that.

My time and space has sure been interrupted. Even though there was no time or computer to track food or exercise, I continued to lose slowly and not gain - hurray! I had been doing extra exercise before I stopped tracking and feeling pain in knees and hips so I have have stopped strength training for a season to heal my body. I didn't go to the gym for almost 2 weeks - but got lots of walking and stairs over our vacation time to help out. I didn't track any food for a week and still maintained - must have made right choices without knowing exactly where my calorie range was for sure. I have learned...

I have since started back to the gym working really hard on the elliptical and treadmill but still not doing strength training. It is like when I first started exercising I took it slow to start - trying to burn calories and fat before adding muscle. I think I am changing it up and expect to drop more lbs when I get back to strength training. I think this is a good change that will benefit me in the long run.

I have been feeling a little blah and overwhelmed at times but pushing myself to keep it up. Must be the season. We were with all our children and family (a rarity since there are many miles between) and Christmas coming up there will be no one but a son to be with. It is OK - it is just a let down and with uncertainty with the economy it is just blah... No big deal really - just the way it is... but I am keeping on, expecting to continue the weight loss and new clothes for Christmas! emoticon

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RUTHIEBEAR 12/11/2008 11:11AM

    Sounds like you have learned to make good choices. Probably a good idea to take things slowly when starting back at the gym. Glad you had good family times. I like the idea of new clothes!

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