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best broccoli ever

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I found this recipe on the Daily Spark Blog under, Our Favorite Healthy Living Links

And it IS THE BEST Roasted broccoli recipe I have ever tasted... emoticon

I have made roasted Asparagus (which I love) and potatoes, sweet potatoes, but none of those are as scrumptious as the roasted broccoli. It was drizzled with EVOO and a sprinkle of sugar - YES SUGAR. It was hard for me to add the sugar - I don't use sugar unless I bake and then only half as much. I didn't use as much as it called for and I thought about leaving it out - but I did sprinkle it. I may try to make it again leaving the sugar off and see how it is. It was so good....
It was colorful, fresh tasting, a little crispy around the edges, and so flavorful. It was best right out of the oven. DH was home late and his was not as flavorful as my taste right out of the oven. emoticon

I will say it again IT WAS SO GOOD! emoticon
I have steamed and boiled broccoli but this will be how I make it from now on - it was so bright green - I know it was healthier with more of the nutrients remaining than boiling it... emoticon

I also made the Sesame Soy Chicken - very good - my whole meal was scrumptious!!

Have a great week! emoticon

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 4/20/2010 2:47PM

    Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out.

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BUTEAFULL 4/20/2010 2:07PM

    I have never heard of roasting broccoli, I too love roasted asparagus so I will have to roast the broccoli next time I get some

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BARNABABY1 4/20/2010 10:14AM

    Thanks... can't wait to try it! emoticon

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another walk

Saturday, April 17, 2010

emoticon Yesterday afternoon we decided to get a walk in. Gotta keep trying to work on endurance for the 12K next month. We walked a path we usually bike on, Coyote Creek Trail. It is paved (rough pavement) and goes under and over roads - so we had some hills. There is one big hill and probably several smaller inclines along the 12K path in San Francisco. City on a hill - actually I read that there are 127 hills in the city of SF. I think our path will not take in all of them though emoticon

We saw some good sights we don't usually see when we bike because we are watching the road and going faster. It is along a creek with turtles and little varmints running across in front of you. There is a park with a lake where there are lots of ducks, etc. Families were out with strollers and little bikers. The trees are flowering and it was enjoyable... I really tried to push it with my short legs trying to keep up with the long legged dh again.

We were so ready to stop and turn around after 1 hour - we stopped on a bench had some fruits & nuts mix and water before heading back. My hips and legs were feelin' it from the uneven pavement I think. All terrains are different and your body feels it when not used to it. I tracked it on SP fitness maps tracker and it said we walked 7.8 miles round trip. I wasn't sure on the exact spot where we stopped so I figure we did at least 7.5 miles. I had a bandaid on my toe and no blisters emoticon

Hey I think I can do this 12 K - it figures out to be about 7.6 I think miles or around there. Now we just have to do it without stopping and resting in the middle. AND in the morning... I am not a morning person. The race starts at 8am - gotta be in line at 7:15am and it takes a little over an hour to drive - then find the place and collect stuff before.
We may have to leave at 5am, Oh My! emoticon emoticon

We looked into public transportation - caltrain & bart subway - the train doesn't run that early on Sunday morning and they do have a special early train - just not early enough for participants to get there on time. So we decided to drive. It will be an experience we are looking forward to. emoticon

Have a great week! emoticon

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BUTEAFULL 4/17/2010 9:42PM

    keep us informed how it went, I hate mornings myself
my tip put on bandaids anywhere you MIGHT get a blister and it prevents it in the first place

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USFBULL 4/17/2010 9:33PM

    It is getting close, really looking forward to the B to B Woohoo!!

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Monday April 5

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Today didn't start as I had hoped - but it ended well... emoticon

I have had extra time off this weekend. Saturday - laundry (doing it out) really breaks up the day and hard to get much done inbetween. Not only laundry but stuff just seems to pile up when I worked long days all week - when I come home - just crash... So Sunday we got up early for church and then to daughters for lunch and stayed till evening - another day gone.

I also had today off- I really wanted to just get my house cleaned at my own pace and go to the gym. Then dh decided he was going to take the day off too and wanted to go for a long walk to prepare for the b2b's 12 K. That was ok but I wanted some me time... I really like to clean at my own pace without having to work around someone sitting at the computer emoticon

So he ended up cleaning outside on the patio and I got my stuff done inside - clutters picked up and floors cleaned - ahhh! so glad its done! We had lunch and then off to a place along the bay that we like to bike.

It was a nice day we layered up because it was a little cool but sunny. We had it planned how far we had to go - the goal was get to the lake. Dh started out at a longer stride than me so we parted pretty quickly. I jogged up to him almost, then walked - again I jogged almost up to him but decided just to relax and walk it out. I hadn't exercised for a week and my knee and ankle was popping - the ground was rocky and not level and I didn't want to damage myself and not be able to walk so I just walked it out even though I was left behind in the dust. emoticon

I got up to the lake and didn't see him - we were on 2 different paths, ha! finally found each other and found we had walked 4 miles in a little over an hour. So back we went - this time he stayed with me although he really wanted to walk faster. His longer legs just didn't want to walk slower and my short legs were about at capacity already! I did some stretches along the way and that seemed to take care of my ankle & leg issues - but the toes were beginning to feel the strain. When I do a lot of walking I usually put bandaids on a couple of my toes to keep from getting blisters between the toes. Why did I not think about it this time? emoticon I haven't really had to do it lately but I will from now on ...

After our walk we were near my daughters house and stopped to see the Grandkids for a while. Emma is 1 year old now and walking - she is doing some of the cutest things and a joy to watch. So my day ended well - it was so nice to come home to a clean house and feel good about our long walk and getting ready for our 12K walk... calories in check... just need to get my toes healed up now...

Ready for a soak in the tub - ah! - and I will sleep good tonight! emoticon

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USE2BWILD 4/11/2010 3:21PM

    Oh I just remembered, liquid bandage for blisters. It hurts like the dickens the first application but protects after that. You will need band aids too, possibly. Go for it!!!! (Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!!!)

Comment edited on: 4/11/2010 3:22:03 PM

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USE2BWILD 4/11/2010 3:06PM

    Congratulations on preparing for your 12K!! How exciting that you are able to do that. Also equally exciting is having someone to prepare with! I noticed you and your spouse are good at compromise which many cannot do so well. Wonderful!!! Let us know about your progress. emoticon

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SHUCG1004 4/7/2010 4:26PM

    Wow! You got a lot done on your day off. Way to go. You are really doing well - both exercise and nutrition wise. I am really impressed with you because you seem to have found balance, which is something I strive for.


Thanks for your post on my blog.

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 4/6/2010 12:13PM

    Sounds like a wonderful day. Keep it up!!

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Hollywood Farmers Market

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our weekend at my daughters started Sunday morning with her weekly trip to the Hollywood Farmers Market. Sometimes if you go early enough you might see a celeb but it is usually just normal folks getting their weekly healthy foods. One usual celeb of sorts Nathan Lyon who has a show called 'A Lyon in the Kitchen, on Discovery Health and Fit TV', has a vegetable stand there. I didn't take a pic because I didn't want to act like a stalker... emoticon

Strawberries and Asparagus seemed to be in season now, although in CA we have lots of veggies year round. I got some purple carrots that I haven't tried yet.

Some were perfectly displayed and some were piled up on tables with samples for all.

There were flowers to fish, and the biggest artichokes I've ever seen.

Quail eggs and mushrooms as well as breads - cheeses - craft items and food vendors that smelled so good.

Food choices were pretty good - when I tracked the calories were still within range which was good. Of course we didn't get to the gym for exercise but got lots of walking exercise and playing on the beach, even some running on the beach - chasing kids, emoticon
We had a great weekend in a day and now back home to work and normalcy... emoticon

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LOVETOPLAY2 4/19/2010 10:25PM

    Now I'm hungry for some of those strawberries!

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USE2BWILD 4/11/2010 3:12PM

    Thanks for the trip to Hollywood Farmer's market!!! I enjoyed this. Also LOVED the pictures!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEWAGAIN 4/4/2010 11:17AM

    I love your photos and those veggies and fruit are about ready to jump out of your blog. Glad to read that you have a wonderful time.


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GABY1948 3/31/2010 6:05AM

    What a great trip! Wish I had been there!

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BLAZINGPHOENIX 3/31/2010 12:06AM

    Wow - looks like it was a good time!!!

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Todays trail ride

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is here - today was beautiful mid 70's and sunshine - perfect day for a bike ride.

Well it seems in California we go from winter to summer and it seems to be here - so glad the overcast rainy season is finally over and we did need the rain this winter since we were in drought for 3 years and got enough rain in this area to be close to catching up in our rainfall.

We drove just a short distance to a parking lot at the north end of Los Gatos Creek trail. It is about 7 1/2 miles to the south going through a couple of community parks and long stretches of of trail with some hills as the trail crosses over the creek and under streets and the highway alongside. There are lots of walkers, runners, strollers, bikes and picnickers along the trail and benches as well as the ducks, geese, and dogs around too.

DH has an app on his new Google Android phone called Every Trail. With GPS it shows where he is at and maps the trail where he goes and as he takes pics it shows where the pics were taken along the trail. The link below shows the map of the trail and where the pics were taken.

He just took a few pics - when you are on the bike you just ride. But we do have a tendency to stop along the way and take in the sights. We always ride back a lot faster because because we stop more starting out and then we are ready to get back.

We stopped on the way home and stocked up at the grocery with lots of fruits, veggies and nuts - lots of healthy food to keep us on track.

As I was Sparking I ran across an email to join a SP team to walk/run in the Bay to Breakers 12K in San Francisco. I have been thinking of doing something like this but thought I'd never do it. I am not a runner - but I could do an endurance walk I think... DH has always wanted to do a mini marathon and has been in local 5K's back in Indiana. I suggested it to him and it looks like we probably will do it. Now we need to set the bikes aside and do the long walks instead of biking... He wants to do the walk/run and I will stick to the walk part.

So that is what is new with me - any words of wisdom for training for this?
emoticon emoticon

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USE2BWILD 4/11/2010 3:19PM

    Yes, psyche yourself up to keep to your training like watching Rocky movies. If it is a strenuous workout, rest the next day. The day before the race, eat pasta and potatoes. That will give you a much needed reserve of strength. Even if you can't sleep too well the night before, just rest. Drink lots of water, of course. Enjoy the process!! Great that you can train together!!

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SHUCG1004 3/26/2010 10:42AM

    Wow, I am impressed! Slow and steady... well, steady anyway! And kudos for getting healthy food. My acupuncturist said that I actually do better with cooked veggies than raw since I seem to have some digestive issues. Do you do better with raw or cooked?

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love that you are getting out and enjoying the weather. Things are going well on the eating front for me -- I didn't finish my meal yesterday because I looked at it and said "If that goes into my belly I am going to feel SICK!" and stopped. Then again, I did have breadsticks.... one day at a time!


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NEWAGAIN 3/22/2010 11:37PM

    Great idea for you and your DH to do the marathon together! There are training programs all over the internet to help. WTG and wishing you both luck and much success.


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SIMPLE_TAILOR 3/18/2010 9:38AM

    Slow and steady. You might want to look at a 10K training regimen so that you can build yourself up for it.

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