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Friday before the event

Friday, December 04, 2009

I took it a little easier today in order to start saving some energy for the half marathon on Sunday. I did my usual walk in the morning, and only 2 hours on the treadmill desk today. Tomorrow I'll do my walk and no time on the treadmill. I'll try and take it pretty easy in the afternoon tomorrow. I have to go and pick up my race number tomorrow morning, and I'll lay out my equipment tomorrow afternoon, but other than that I don't plan on doing too much. I'm going to take the early start for the run, which is at 6:30 AM on Sunday, so I'll need to leave the house by about 5. That means being up at 3 so I can take care of the dogs before I leave. I don't expect to do the half marathon in less than about 3 hours, since I haven't done any real heavy training for this one, but I'm really looking forward to it anyway. It will be quite cool at the start, which I like. And this is a smaller event, so less to deal with getting to the start and getting away afterwards. So, all in all, this should be a great weekend!

Hope everyone else has something exciting to look forward to this weekend! I'll try and get some pictures and post them on Sunday after the run.

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LIMASTAR 12/4/2009 10:35PM

  Good luck on your run. Hope it goes well for you.

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EVER-EVOLVING 12/4/2009 10:32PM

    Good luck! emoticon

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Half Marathon Sunday Morning

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I am going to be doing the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon in Scottsdale on Sunday morning. I haven't done as much running as I would like leading up to it, but it should be a good day anyway. I'm not planning on doing it very fast - more walking speed than running - but I'm looking forward to getting out. The weather should be good - nice and cool and sunny. My longest run in the last month was 9.3 miles, so that will have to do me. I haven't done a half marathon event since February, so it will be nice to get back out there. My friend John will be doing it as well, so that will be good, too.

All the best to everyone running marathons, halfs, or any other events this weekend! Have fun!

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MUVFASTA 12/3/2009 11:49PM

    Best wishes to you! You're gonna do great!!!

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SCUBAGIRL83 12/3/2009 9:50PM

    Congrats and how exciting - I am doing the Las Vegas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. I thought for a second we would be in the same race. No such luck but good luck with your race and I am sure you will do wonderful.

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Off the farm 2

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I wrote an entry called "Totally off the farm" back on November 18. Now I have to admit that I still haven't made it back to said farm - at least with any consistency. I do alright for a day or two, then I'm eating crap again. My weight wobbles above and below 200, but I haven't really made any progress in a couple of weeks. I need less stress, but that doesn't seem likely to happen soon. So, I need some of you folks to give me some good ideas, or to kick my butt, or whatever you think might help.

Thanks for whatever ideas you have, and have a great night!

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VGIMLET 12/3/2009 12:01AM

    Stress can be the straw that makes you reach for the brownies.

My only advice is to make sure you are eating enough protien, and keep snacks that you *like* and want to eat around - close. Bagged, washed, etc. so they are very easy to get - as easy as the other things you are chosing not to eat.

You can get back on the farm - but don't be too hard on yourself when you slip.

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BARB4RICK 12/2/2009 10:01PM

    Maybe the 50% on 50% off would work for you.
Eat 500 calories one day and within reason what you want on the next day, Say 1700 or more. Or what ever combination works with your metabolism. emoticon


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Not the way to start a new month

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What can I say about a day that was as bad as this one? Only "Forget it and move on"! I had to run out to do a couple of errands today, and along the way stopped and got mini donuts and a chocolate bar. I can only hope that the 5 hours on the treadmill desk will have burned off somewhere near the excess calories I took in. Needless to say, tonight I'm feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with myself. Anyway, enough of that. I'll try and get a good sleep, and stay on track tomorrow. I'm working at the office tomorrow, so no treadmill, and usually I find it easier to stay on the diet. I take most of my own food for the day, and buy a salad for lunch to supplement it. So' we'll see what another day brings.

I hope everyone is off to a good start for December!

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HICALGAL 12/2/2009 3:29AM

    hey we all have those days...important thing is to get back on track asap before it turns into a week of ugly choices. i'm betting you'll do great tomorrow. keep it on the straight! emoticon

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VGIMLET 12/1/2009 11:23PM

Hope your day is much better tomorrow.

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LIMASTAR 12/1/2009 9:27PM

  Tomorrow is a new day. Everyone has their days like that, so don't stress over it. Just think tomorrow will be a good day. Think positive.

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GRAMVICKI 12/1/2009 9:22PM

    We all have days like this. You will start fresh tomorrow.

Good Luck. emoticon

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Annual Self Evaluation

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So, I had to do my annual self evaluation for work this weekend. Every year, we get a set of performance expectations, and at the end of each year we have to describe how we think we have done against them. Then, we have to basically give ourselves a grade for the year. This then goes to our immediate supervisor, who adds his/her comments and their grade for us. All of these then go up the chain and get reviewed by a bunch of high level managers and HR people who then basically grade everyone on a curve - there can only be a certain number of 'A' performers, 'B' performers, etc. Then our raises and bonuses are established based on where we fell on the curve, and how much of a pool of money the company has decided to set aside for this. Depending on the kind of year the company has had, there may or may not be much of any money in the pool, and if not, all of the effort you put into work all year, and into the self evaluation, really doesn't mean much. Last year, with the recession and all, there were no raises and bonuses only for the very high performers. Hopefully this year will be a little better. We won't actually find out for a couple of months.

Now, as much as I dislike this whole system, I'm just glad I don't have to do the same thing for my weight loss. If I did, I wouldn't be getting any bonuses this year. While I have done well with my exercise (haven't missed a day working out all year), I have done really badly with my eating. As a consequence, my weight still has a long way to go to get to level that would have been set for my annual goal. Hopefully this time next year, things will be looking better. I'd like to get down to my goal of 165 by the end of next year, so we'll see what happens.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, got back from Thanksgiving travels safely, and is looking forward to a great December!

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MRE1956 11/30/2009 5:56AM

    I understand your displeasure with your evaluation system; when it doesn't work, it is a huge, big-time failure. Ironically, I did my own personal self-assessment of how I behaved overall during my recent job search, and, as per my usual highly critical personality, I didn't give myself a particularly good "grade". And you'd think I'd know better, having gone through this journey before! I shudder to think how I would have approached my weight loss attempt!


I, like you, also have had a similar experience regarding recent eating and exercise trends. My workouts have returned to a fairly normal pace after about two weeks of dealing with intense grief (loss of Mom), but I'm still struggling with my eating plan. As I am now back at work (at least for a few months, anyhow), I'm counting on the activity to help me get back on track in that regard.

Just hang in there - we all CAN do this!



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REBECKY44 11/29/2009 9:33PM

    Good job on the exercise program. I found that I exercise because I love to eat. My goal is the same as yours for next year... here's to us meeting our goals!

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