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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have been "off" spark people for a while, but haven't stopped trying to lose weight. Today I hit my 20lb mark!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It is a little late, but better late than never. I was so excited. I can actually zip up my skinny jeans from high school, still need to lose a lil more weight before i am seen in public in them ! HAH! but at least i can get em on! 20lbs ago i couldn't even get a leg in! :) My next goal is to lose another 20 and keep it off. I just take it day by day. I have had to cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet recently and it has really helped take off the weight. I am allergic to something, just haven't figured out what. My guess is dairy.....But I feel amazing with such a fresh diet. Veggies, some fruits, protein, nuts! Its amazing how a diet change can help you! Just need to make it through the holidays and avoid all the festive food lol. I am just excited that I am losing weight! SLOWLY BUT SURELY!

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LIZZYBETH7208 11/16/2011 11:59AM

    YEs! closet shopping is the best! :) Thanks!! :) emoticon

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DAYHIKER 11/16/2011 11:44AM

    Way to go Liz! emoticon Doesn't it feel so great to be able to shop in your own closet? emoticon I hope you track down what is causing you trouble but whatever it is, it has been a blessing in disguise for you.


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Clothes Dilemma

Monday, April 04, 2011

I HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES~ lol....i dont know what to do. Some of it is too small....some if it is just plain out of style. We are getting ready to move and i am trying to down size a bit...first thing to go is stuff that is outta style...but i guess that is where i have to stop for now. Sooner or later the too small clothes will fit again and it is motivation to see that shirt and say oooh i wanna wear that. I did get rid of the stuff that is too big~ YAY cause i am never going back to those :) I love love love to shop...its so hard to not go buy clothes now...cause i want to lose weight. and dont wanna waste money...ugh..decisions decisions lol. I tell you what though, it is motivation to lose weight soon... i wanna shop and love how i look trying on all those cute clothes :) and smaller sizes :)

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LIZZYBETH7208 4/4/2011 1:07PM was mostly just a random vent :) But comments are always welcome. Yes i love bargain shopping ! I try to never pay full price :)

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DAYHIKER 4/4/2011 12:42PM

    So...are you talking to us or are you talking to you? emoticon (It's kind of fun to "shop" in your own closet as the weight goes down!) Thrift or consignment stores are good to fill in the gaps until you get to your goal. emoticon


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh my word what a difference. My husband and i went to Gazelle Sports today to get some running shoes. He bought the new five fingered shoes lol....i thought they would look ridiculous, but they are actually pretty cool looking. I myself got fitted for normal running shoes. We immediately went for a walk...and i could tell a huge difference. My shins didn't hurt at all :) and I actually wanted to run! Im definitely excited about running now. Today has been great :)

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MEGS4148 4/1/2011 7:34AM

    I'm so glad you decided to start c25k and shoes definitely make all the difference! I got shin splints in the ones I started in, but switched and usually don't have a problem anymore. Stretching is also key in not being sore after a run. I totally agree about the way working out makes you feel, it may be hard to get going, but the feeling after is always worth it! Good luck as you progress in your running!!

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DAYHIKER 3/28/2011 6:58AM

    emoticonon being down 3 pounds, Liz!! emoticon emoticon

The right running shoes make a huge difference! When I started running back in the late 70's they did not make many running shoes for women so my first actual running shoes were men's shoes! They spoil you for "real" shoes though because they are so comfortable. emoticon

Keep up the great work!

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BEEBEA 3/28/2011 12:29AM

    OMG, new shoes are the best! They really do make running a dream!

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Couch to 5k

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today was the first day of my 5k was was freezin outside...and i am just plain outta shape ....but it felt good when i was done. :) that is one thing about a workout i love....before you start you think "ugh..i dont really wanna do this"...then you get started...and its like "ehh this isnt too bad" and when you are done...the feeling of accomplishment is amazing :) I cant wait to be able to actually run a 5k. Main thing shins....idk if im not stretching enough...or if my muscles are just weak. But my shins are the first thing to start hurting. to do some strength training and make dinner.

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ADHINTON05 4/5/2011 9:18PM

    I just started the C25k too! I thought I was going to die. lol but you're right it feels great!

emoticon My boyfriend is running with me and he likes to show off so I'm just itching to be able to out run him!!! haha

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    I just started my first week of it too! i love it so far and i just hope i can keep it up! good for you for going out in the cold, i've been doing it inside but i will be starting it outside on saturday! good luck shoe shopping, i got new ones last week and a new watch, love them :) good luck hun!!

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LIZZYBETH7208 3/27/2011 11:11AM

    Thanks...I think i will go shoe shopping today :) My shoes could definitely use updating.

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DAYHIKER 3/27/2011 6:54AM

    Good job! Coach Nicole has a great video stretching routine for runners posted under Healthy Lifestyle -- Videos which should help with the shin splints. You can also do a SP search for shin splints for other ideas that might help. emoticon


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KRISTINKP 3/26/2011 7:44PM

    Do you have proper running shoes? I did C25K last summer and started with my old athletic shoes...some Pumas I think. I got shin splints so bad! I went to a running store and had them fit me and I haven't any problems since. I now run around 10 miles or so a week! Good luck with your program - some weeks seem pretty daunting (like when you look forward and see running for 25 minutes straight!!!), but you can do it! Even if you have to repeat a segment or two, keep it up! Good luck!

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ALISHAB3 3/26/2011 5:25PM

    emoticonI'm in the last week of couch to 5k and I can honestly say it still blows my mind!

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lovin life

Friday, March 25, 2011

Currently I am a housekeeper at a retirement home. I absolutely love working in the retirement community. Although i would rather have an office job, there are soo many benefits to being a housekeeper...usually I do custodial work...clean carpets, and clean the main lobby areas . But lately I have been doing more apartment cleaning...and i tell you is a good workout. My shift is 8 hours a day 4 days a week...and i am constantly moving and sweating. A typical day is 8 apartments to clean. I just started this job a couple months ago...and i love it. With exercising regularly and getting the workout at my job i am hoping to drop this weight fast ! :) My only thing is i am soo exhausted when i come home from work...i am thinking maybe i should do my strength training and cardio on my 3 days off....rather than wearing my self out trying to work 8 hours then come home and least till my body starts to get used to all this physical work :) Love my Life, Love my Job...and soon...I will love my looks :)

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GLMOM2 3/25/2011 9:32PM

    I'd say it sounds like on your work days you are getting in plenty of exercise. I'd do your strength training on your off days. Especially if you are on the move 8 hours a day. You must burn a ton of calories a day! Good for you!!


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