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becoming vegan

Sunday, September 08, 2013

I am seeing results from seriously limiting meat and dairy. I'm not a vegan but I am eating vegan, or better plant strong. I still like meat and cheese, milk and eggs but choose not to eat them for health reasons. It's working for me. I have lost 40 pounds since January. Not fast but in a way that seems sustainable for the rest of my life. And that's what I am looking for. I have lost lots of weight in the past but have always regained and more. What I want now is a way of eating that promotes loss, is healthy and I can live with forever without feeling deprived. And this seems to be it. I am satisfied enough with my meals that I can manage temptation. Usually that means I have a bite or two of something and that's all I need. a taste of chicken tikka masala, a bite of cheesecake, one cookie. Not ever day but when I feel I can't walk away from temptation. I don't have to beat myself up over these treats which has often in the past led to abandoning any effort to lose as beyond me.

another visit to the gym

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Already I am benefiting from my visits to the gym. I find walking the dog is getting easier to do. We don't go for very long walks but I am doing more than opening the back door and letting her out. I can see a future when I am walking the neighborhood while I am walking the dog. My imagination can' t quite get to hiking or climbing. But if I keep on as I am, before I know it I will be walking wherever I want.

cheesecake temptations

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Tomorrow the rest of the cheesecake goes into the trash. It had been in the freezer and for a while that made it safe but tonight one piece just begged and begged and finally I ate it. So the rest gets the can! I am slowly learning that I must keep my environment clean. Only healthy foods I want to eat should be in my house. Anything else just sends me in the wrong direction.

orientation at the gym

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yesterday was a good day. I went for my orientation to the gym. Ten minute warm up on a recumbent bike. Already an improvement over the last one I used which gave me a blister on my thigh from friction! I could feel the strain in my bad knee but I could manage that. Then on to the Machines. This was always my favorite part of exercising. The strength work. The young man who oriented me was surprised that I knew what I was doing. That for me is one of the pleasures of getting older. The young are so easily surprised! I ended the orientation on the rowing machine which I had never used before. It was easier on my knees and I'll be doing that again for aerobic exercise.

All of this change is showing results. I weighed in this morning at 376.6. And that is after having a housewarming on Sunday and dangerous food left over!

weight waggles

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monday 383.0 up about 2.5 lbs
Wednesday 379.4 down 3.6 lbs
This is why I can't be too concerned about what the scale says because at this weight I can be all over.

I am having cravings. Visions of ice cream, cheese, pizza, fries, chocolate bounce around in my head. I can hear them calling to me. Come find me, I'm waiting for you.... All those hungry mouths. So far I have been able to distract myself but I am stressing about it.

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