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What can you accomplish in 60 days?

Monday, March 23, 2009

I just finished up the Turbulence Training 60-day Twitter Transformation Contest, and was pleasantly surprised by my results. Well, the finalists have been posted, and I'm among them! So I thought I'd explain about the contest and share my entry. (If you haven't voted yet, please visit by Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 9am EST to do so!)

For this contest, I had to sign up for a Twitter account, and then start "tweeting" my workouts. I was also encouraged to tweet my nutrition, successes, and struggles. I had never used Tweeter before, but it sounded like it was right up my alley. So I took a set of pictures on January 15, 2009, and started tweeting! My contest ran through March 15, 2009, and as you see by the newspaper in the pics above, it IS possible to transform your body in 60 days, even if all you have left to lose are the last five pounds! (More pics in my gallery.)

Twitter is a great way to stay accountable to your goals. There are some really great fitness and nutrition gurus on there that you can follow. Their posts will help keep you motivated. But the key is to find some good people to follow you, support you when you need it, and congratulate you on your successes.

When I entered the contest, my goal was really to become stronger. I did, but along the way, I lost some inches as well. Here are my before and after stats as well as my essay.

Workouts used:
2 weeks of TT for Female Strength Phase II
4 weeks of Gain Muscle/Lose Fat
2 weeks of Buff Dudes Hot Chicks

Weight: -5.5lbs to 111
Body fat: 15.5% w/ calipers (not sure of starting level)
Arm (flexed): up 0.5" to 11"
Chest: down 0.5" to 34"
Waist: down 1" to 27"
Belly Button: down 1" to 30"
Hip: down 2" to 35"
Thigh: down 0.75" to 17"

Total inches lost: 5.25"

Never having used Twitter before, I wasn't sure what to expect when I joined Craig's 60-day Twitter Transformation contest. But once I started using it, I really enjoyed the immediate responses and support from my fellow TTers. In a short time, doing my daily tweets was like second nature for me.

Within a very short time I had built up a network of fitness gurus and ordinary people, like myself, from The daily tips and advice really helped me stay motivated, and seeing other people's workouts and meals helped keep me on task. For instance, when I started Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks (BDHC), I saw two other TTers talking about their times for workout C. Because of that, I timed myself and worked hard to come in with a good overall time. And all of that made it fun, too!

Knowing I needed to post my meals and my workouts in a very visible way really put the spotlight on any poor choices I made. So when I was contemplating eating one of my kid's cookies, I'd just remember how disappointing it would be to have to post it on Twitter. I also had goals around completing my off-day workouts, and when I would tweet that I didn't get them done, people would check up on me to make sure I got back on track the next off day.

I really don't know what I expected coming into this. I started off already below what I had seen as my "goal weight" so I was instead focused on getting a more strong and fit body. I didn't expect the absolutely shocking transformation that resulted. I took a body that I thought looked pretty good and turned it into an even leaner, well-muscled body! My butt is smaller, my tummy is flatter, and seeing those pictures of my back make me so proud of all of the work I did.

Now, I'm hooked! I love using Twitter, and I've actually gained a ton of followers who have been inspired by my progress and dedication to improving my fitness. Thanks so much to Craig and the members at, for all of your support and encouragement!

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JULESGL 3/27/2009 7:08PM

    Great job!!!!

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IRISHGIRL74 3/24/2009 8:31PM

    I made sure to vote for you. It really is amazing how you reshaped yourself. That is awesome. Keep up the great work!!!! We are proud of you! emoticon

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L8AGAIN 3/23/2009 2:20PM

  I can't believe you only lost 5.5 lbs. Your before pictures look great but your ability to reshape your body makes your weight loss look more like 10 - 15 lbs. You have every right to be proud of yourself. Way to go Liz.

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BOUNCERMB 3/23/2009 11:28AM

    Ok, consider yourself voted for!


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TT3 Contest Essay

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Start date - 9/30
End date - 12/14

Beginning/Ending stats:
Age - 33
Height - 5'1"
Weight - 125.5 / 117 - beat goal of 118
Body fat - 21.3% / 15.5% - beat goal of 18%
Chest - 36" / 34" - met goal of 34"
Waist - 30" / 28" - beat goal of 29"
Hips - 38" / 36" - met goal of 36"
Thigh - 19.5" / 18" - met goal of 18"
Calf - 12.75" / 12" - met goal of 12"
Arm (unflexed) - 10" / 9.75"
Arm (flexed) - 10" / 10.5" - met goal of 10.5"

Other goals for the contest:
Running - 5K in under 28 minutes (PB is 33 minutes) - I abandoned this goal because training for it was difficult while maintaining my TT program. I decided to focus on HIIT for cardio and work on this in the spring when I can run outside again.

Strength - at least 30 consecutive pushups (PB is 15 pushups) - I met this goal about three weeks ago!

I have to start my story at the very beginning. My weight loss journey started before I found TT, back in June of this year. I was looking through pictures we took at the beach, and found a picture of my son. My legs were showing in the background, and they looked fat and awful! It was at that moment that I decided to do something about it!

Three months later, I was down 10 pounds, and looking much better (for a mom of two kids). I kept working out, but was having trouble getting any more results. I figured it just wasnít possible for me to look the way I did before I had kids. I somehow never attributed my stalled progress to a lack of significant weight training, or my propensity for Coke Slushees and a weekly treat of a cheesesteak and French fries. Then a fitness blogger I followed kept talking about Turbulence Training. I started to look into it, and thought it might be worth trying, so I signed up. After looking around the message boards, I found out about the contest going on. Unfortunately, I was too late. It had already started over a week earlier.

Then I read a post from Craig that said you could enter late, but just wouldnít have the full 84 days to complete the program. I decided it was never too late to get started, and although I thought Iíd likely not have a shot of winning, participating in the contest would be fun and help motivate me. I made my first post in the contest section of the forum and got started with my workouts! I also began using ESE to create my weekly calorie deficit and help speed my fat loss.

Since then, I have been shocked by the rapid and total transformation of my body through my TT workouts, my clean eating, and the support and advice and support from my fellow TTers. Just nine days into my transformation, I had lost enough fat from my upper body that I was able to button a suit jacket that I had not been able to button just a week

Now that Iíve reached the end of my 75 day transformation, I cannot believe how far Iíve come. My nutrition is leaps and bounds better than it was. Iíve come to terms with my cravings (cured them, perhaps?), and coke slushees are no longer on the approved list of post-workout reward snacks. I've been able to use ESE not just to create a calorie deficit, but also to help me recognize my tendency to snack without thinking. And, I blew past nearly all my goals along the way. My weight is 117 lbs., lower than the 118 lbs. goal I set when I started, and my total body measurements are coming eerily close to the measurements I had as a freshman in college!

Iíve lost over 8Ē from my body, dropped two pants sizes, and look fantastic! I am literally in shock over the decrease in my body fat percentage. Somehow, I managed to gain two pounds of lean body mass while losing eight pounds of fat during the past 10.5 weeks! Iíve also increased my strength considerably. I now can see biceps and shoulder definition in the mirror (I have NEVER had shoulder definition in my life!), and I managed to do 30 push-ups consecutively, which was also one of my goals. I went on vacation and found the right balance between enjoying myself and sticking to my plans. I came back lighter than I was when I left! TT has helped me not just achieve a total body transformation, but a total LIFE transformation.

I leave this contest much smarter and happier than I was when I entered it. I'm proud of what I can do, and looking forward to the next chapter in my fitness journey. I am happy to say I no longer just look good for a mom of two kids. Now I look GOOD! No qualifiers necessary.


Back from vacation

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I just had a great and relaxing week in Florida for Thanksgiving. I didn't enter my nutrition because my internet access was very spotty and I was eating out a lot, so it would have been difficult to approximate everything. I did go back and enter my workouts.

I really am happy with how things went! I got in my regularly scheduled workouts. Of course, I wasn't home for my yoga class on Monday, but we were at Animal Kingdom, and I got in at least enough walking to compensate!

I tried to find the right balance between enjoying myself at meals without overdoing it. We ate lots of fish, and I ordered mine blackened instead of fried, and substituted veggies for fries or chips. But I did let myself have some sweets. I had some awesome chocolate mousse on Thanksgiving at the Halifax River Yacht Club buffet, which was filled with great food. I also had some pudding that night at my cousin's house, and a large oatmeal chocolate chip peanut butter cookie later in the week. It's more than I would have had at home, but still very sensible!

And the final verdict? I got home yesterday, and not only do I still fit into the size 4P pants I just bought myself, but I weighed in at 117.5 this morning...LESS than I weighed when I left! I think this is a good sign that I will be able to do well over the long-term as well. I'm very happy right now!


Goal weight...MET!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is such an amazing feeling. I have been working so hard, and this morning when I stepped on the scale, there it was. No one sounded any trumpets, and there was no cheering. Just a quiet little number on the scale.

118. emoticon

The significance of this number, I can't express. It's been six years and two pregnancies, since I saw this number (at least without the oh so temporary assistance of a nursing baby, that is). I gave away a suit in May that would fit me right now because I thought I'd never see this number again. Being able to look in the mirror and know that I FINALLY got my body back is such a rush. emoticon

I started on this journey a mere five months ago. Five months is all it took to do what I've been procrastinating about since 2002. Maybe it just wasn't the right time before, maybe I didn't have the right support, maybe I had too many other complications in my life. I'm not sure, but I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

But now is not the time to cross the finish line and collapse. I'm seeing arm and shoulder definition, getting stronger and more athletic, and seeing all sorts of other positive changes. From this point forward, though, I can stop worrying about the scale each morning. My results now will be the ones I can see in the mirror and through my ability progression with my workouts.

Maybe I'll celebrate with a coke slushee...NAH! Forget that. emoticon

I think I'd be better off going shopping for some new clothes instead! emoticon

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MORRII 11/20/2008 11:35PM

  You Have no idea how inspired I am.. Thank you... Thank you. It is all worth it isn't it. Good on you... Yes, lets go shopping and look fabulous....

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SHARSEA 11/20/2008 11:00AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

great job!!!!! i hope i can at the very least see my goal in 5 months.
keep it up and go buy a new outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Halfway mark!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This morning marks my half-way point in the TT Transformation Contest. So it's only appropriate that my husband told me great I looked, and how proud he was of my dedication and accomplishments! When I started this journey (back in June, before TT), he gave me three weeks and expected me to quit. I'm proud to say he was wrong!

To that end, I am very proud today, because I am wearing a suit that I had finally "retired" back in May, and hung in the back of my closet because it was too small. It was a size 6 that I purchased several years ago, so it's a bit smaller even that my size 6 suits from the same designer that were purchased more recently. Not only am I wearing this suit, but I'm wearing it with a long sleeve blouse under the jacket, AND with the jacket buttoned.

I am super sore from the group power class I tried out yesterday at the gym. I will have to take it easy on my workout tonight! But it was a great workout and a lot different from my TT workouts -- so it will be a good change and help build endurance. Plus, we get to choose our own weights, so I can always make sure it's challenging.

Starting today, I am have vowed not to eat any more Halloween candy at least until the TT contest is over. I've been snacking on a piece every day since Halloween, and it has to stop. So, if you see it in my nutritional log, be sure to give me a hard time!

Thanks to my friends from who are such an awesome support network for me. I couldn't do it without you guys!