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Experiment of a Lifetimer!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm doing an experiment with my Plan. I'll 'splain.

I've been a 'lifetime” Weight Watcher for what seems like a lifetime. I started back in the early days of it's beginning, when we had to eat fish three times a week (tuna) and liver at least once a week. Being a determined soul, I lost lots of weight and was at my smallest weight in my lifetime (114) So I know a little bit about weight watching.

The motto for awhile was, “If you work the plan, the plan will work” or something like that. After the meeting, we would be enthusiastically dismissed with, “ Bye now, and we'll see less of you next time!!” I'll bet lots of you remember those times.

Through the years, I've lost and regained my weight many time over with WW and numerous other diets. And like the motto said , most diets work if you work them. I'm not saying all of them was a good way to lose, just that I did lose, until I'd get discouraged , or hungry for certain foods or the cost was too much or... (fill in here) and quit. Again.

So now I'm at a point where I can go to the meetings free! I'm within two pounds of my set goal. So naturally, I take advantage and attend group meetings, and I do get motivated by other successful losers, get many tips and great recipes.

The new PointsPlus program is a far cry from those early days. I like parts of it, like the free fruits and most veggies, but that's tempered by the higher points for most of the other foods on program. But I'm allowed more points, (29 points) so it probably evens out. It's got it's good points, but some don't like changing a plan which worked for them. It does seem easier to me, but expensive for people who have to pay each week, which I thankfully don't have to right now. That's not to say I haven't spent a fortune on it and other diets in the past.

Oh, my experiment. Since beginning with SparkPeople I no longer count points, but calories and nutrition, as the Plan suggests. But my inner “Curious George” has gotten the better of me. I want to know how my calorie range and my PointsPlus figures compare. A few days this week they were ridiculously far apart when my points were much lower, and then vice-versa. Crazy. This experiment may be short lived.

But after all that, I have to say how much I appreciate SparkPeople, from which I can get so many tools and resources and motivation, meal plans and recipes and on and on. I'm spending tons of time and energy perusing the website and The Spark. And we all know that it is a comprehensive, generous, giving program which is ours for the taking, no strings attached!

I'm now in my 4th week today of my 28-Day Breakthrough Plan. I know the weight will come off as it is supposed to, very different from when I was younger. I believe it is the right way to lose weight because it is a beautiful lifetime learning process. I'm working the Plan and the Plan will work.

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HAPPYMOM8 3/25/2011 11:34PM

    I remember a few diets myself and not fondly.I really appreciate the SPARK method .It is so much easier now with all the tools we have at our disposal.
thanks for posting and reminding us of the "good old days " :)

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AURORAMILLET 3/23/2011 11:44PM

    I have not tried alot of diet plans out there. I have tried a few, but have seen little results. I have never tried the weight watchers plan. I guess I didn't think that program would work for me. So, far SP has encouraged me and has given me the boost I need to make a difference in my life.

I weigh about 140 lbs right now and I'm 5'3''. Most health charts indicate that I am a little chubby, but not yet overweight. I definetly don't want t weigh more, so I have to make changes now.

I am seeing a difference so far in tracking my calaries. Too many late night snacks. I would love to be 115lbs again.

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LMMIMI 3/23/2011 2:39PM

    I think I have tried every diet plan that exists, but find that SparkPeople works the best for me. Every plan I went on I lost mega pounds, even appeared on TV because of the amount of weight I had lost. But, it always came back and finally I am not on a diet I am changing my life style. emoticon

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The First Day of Spring...

Monday, March 21, 2011

... and the end of my 3rd week on The Plan! I am thrilled to be staying under 140. 139.6 today.

About 2 and ½ pounds are gone since my first day on Plan. Not spectacular, but nothing to sneeze at either. My smaller clothes are beginning to fit me just in time for Spring.

I've learned a lot. Enough to know that a long journey means putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. If I don't stay down when I trip and fall, I'll get there.

I'm trying to do the right things and make the right choices. Experience and reason tells me that if I continue to be consistent that good results will follow.

Spring is in the air, so let's breathe it in and welcome it!

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LMMIMI 3/21/2011 11:54PM

    Still waiting for signs of spring. Sounds as if we are in for more snow and rain.

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AURORAMILLET 3/21/2011 3:14PM

    I, too am at 140lbs. I would like to lose 25 lbs in the next 60 days. How do you keep motivated?

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"It's A Good Day From Morning To Night"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Sunday everyone. Even though I usually don't blog on Sunday, I had a few minutes so thought I'd just have a quick little conversation about a little bit of everything.

We started out the day earlier than usual. First I did a short devotion and then I had a few minutes at the computer to log in and thank a couple people for commenting on a recent blog. I read over my goals which I'm sorry to say I have neglected to read as often as I should. It did bolster my resolve, which was good .

Then we attended our early church service (8:30 am) followed by the Sunday School hour. Those are always good times of getting the Word of God inside me, and the fellowship of our friends.

And afterward? Afterward, we went back to a Buffet that we hadn't frequented in some time, and was I disappointed. Why? The big salad was very good and I piled on the greens, mushrooms and some beets, and was careful with the dressing. Good.

But the reason we really went there was to get their baked salmon and a nice baked potato, and they didn't have either one! I settled for baked chicken which was good, and veggies and fresh fruit. Good. But I still felt disappointment about the 'salmon' thing.

Now we're back home and I'm reading SparkPeople, tracking, catching up on other internet news and emails. Where does the time go? Since we've retired, it seems we are just as busy as before, but of course, with different priorities and responsibilities.

We have the evening church activities yet to attend. BTW, I'm feeling quite good and seem to be over my 'silly bug' problem.

Tomorrow is the last day of my 3rd week of the 28-Day Plan. I know I have done well on my nutrition, and whatever the results of the week, I am pleased about that. I'm not going to sweat it.

So, I've done as I said and rambled about a little bit of everything, and I thank anyone who jumps in here to listen and comment.

In spite of a minor disappointment, it really is a GOOD Day.


No IFS...Ands...Or Buts--I'm Going The Distance

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I feel so ashamed of myself. Some of the blogs I have been reading tell of those who have had such obstacles---so much weight to lose it seems an impossible dream, but they're doing it--going through the loss of the illness or impending death of a loved one and yet keeping the faith.

And here I have been whining about how slow and hard it is to lose my last 10 pounds. Well, maybe it is hard for me, but not that hard! No more of that, my friends.

When I read about the courage and fortitude it takes to overcome such serious challenges, yes, I'm ashamed.

It's Saturday, and how easy it would have been to just relax and stay home from the Y. Don't even think about it!

Its not IF I go to exercise...I go
It's not IF I track...I track
It's not IF I make the right choices today...I make them

And IF it takes me longer to reach goal than I expected... then I go longer than expected.

Come with me or not, I'm going the distance .

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LMMIMI 3/19/2011 9:54PM

    We all have our obstacles to conquer - some more than others - but the important thing to remember we are and will do the best we can to overcome.

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YICHE12 3/19/2011 8:02PM

    Good for you! It is always difficult to lose those last few pounds but you can do it if you really need to. Why I say this is because sometimes we over-reach ourselves and think that we would actually look better but would we? Initially, I wanted to go down to 110 lbs but after discussing with my husband, he said that if I reached even 125 lbs that I would look and feel great. You know something? I decided to go down to 120 lbs and that will be a realistic goal for me at this tender age of 62. I will be happy and healthy at that weight. Hugs.

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DIDMIS 3/19/2011 6:43PM

    Good attitude.

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    No need to feel ashamed. We are each of us on a different journey and we are not identical in any way, shape or form.

Your last 10 pounds is as real as another person's need to shed 100 pounds.

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Riding High -- On My Third Week Of The Plan

Friday, March 18, 2011

I may not be doing all that spectacular weight-wise, but I'm having tons of fun doing the things that it takes to do spectacular.

I wouldn't dream of not tracking my meals or my fitness. We were back walking at the Y today after some down time being out nursing our persistent 'bugs'. I love to log in and get all the points I have coming to me for reading the e-mails and spinning the Wheel.

I always go to my Spark Page to see if anyone has commented on one of my blogs. Nothing lifts me any higher than that. A 'Thank-you' is always in order for that special occurrence.

The blogs so far today spur me on. And I spent several hours in the kitchen baking Chef Meg's Zucchini Muffins. They looked BIG and smelled scrumptious when they came out of the oven. I told DH we'd have one with an apple for an afternoon snack.

He deserves it, too. He follows me around during my cooking sprees cleaning up my cooking mess. He can't stand a messy kitchen, thank goodness---what would I do without him? You know, I notice he is slimming down some (he already looks good) because of the more consistently healthy meals he's getting.

Talk about food... I can't wait until snack time to try out one of Chef Meg's muffins.

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MARAHAB 3/18/2011 5:55PM

    Wish my DH would follow your DH's example!

You're doing really well! It's fun following new recipes and creating new tastes!

Kepp on!

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DIDMIS 3/18/2011 5:40PM

    Wonderful. DH is slimming down also. emoticon
I also like it when I receive comments on my blogs.

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