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Starting Fresh

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My husband and I got married January 21st of this year. When we got married I weighed 149...this morning I weight 161. My husband deployed yesterday for 6 months, so when I saw that number on the scale I freaked out a litter - I will admit however I have been eating everything in sight lately.
I went on SP today reset all my trackers, put in new goals and am determined to meet them before he comes home.

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IRISHGIRL3 3/13/2012 2:48PM

    Wow - your gain is somewhat like mine, although I went from 151-170 between Dec 27 and this morning. I'm trying to get on track too - good luck - you can do this!!!!!

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MAUREENIE1 3/13/2012 2:32PM

    Congratulations and welcome! emoticon

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Another Binge...

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Seriously? Again? Gosh. I am so disappointed in myself. I was on my lunch break and needed to throw dinner in the crock pot which meant a lot of chopping veggies. So while I am chopping up veggies for my vegan dinner what do I do? I eat the rest of the jalapeño cheese bread...a whole 1/4 of the round!! I dont even know how many Oreos I ate because I was just mindlessly eating them until they were gone. And one cupcake. I am so frustrated and so disappointed.

I have been doing good for so long, not seeing any results. When I was anorexic I lost weight so quickly! I know the slow road is much healthier for me, but I am so tempted to just stop eating...give up the healthy way and go back to how I used to lose weight.

I don't know what happened to my self control. I have all the self control in the world UNTIL I start eating...even healthy stuff.

I work out. I have done Turbo Fire, p90X, Insanity and Jazzercise. Nope. I stay within my calorie range. I eat my micronutrients. So frustrating.

But more than anything I am disappointed for today's slip up!

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ORGANIC811LFRV 2/2/2012 6:46PM

    It isn't a matter of an issue of self-control. It is a matter of either 1)Your body is trying to tell you that it is starving because you are not eating enough calories in nutritionally dense plant-based food 2)triggered by phakephood/meat/dairy including cheese which is addictive 3)not enough body movement
4)**this one is key: a thought pattern that is surfacing because you are on program. It could be something along the line of fear of who would you be if you didn't have this problem.

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Late night eating

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last night I didn't get my body fat tested - my friend who does it was feeling rather ill so that is okay, I just hope she feel better.
When my fiancé told me he was back on swing shift I thought it might help my weight loss. No more cooking big dinners, I could just make something low cal that I like - I would have zero excuse not to work out and would have even more time to work out more.....nope. I work out when I get home, I have a healthy dinner...but I try to stay up until he gets home after 11pm. You know what I realized is that when I start getting tired, I eat...anything and everything trying to stay awake.
So tonight, that is not going to happen. No more staying up...I will go to bed when I get tired and that will take care of my crazy late night eating :)

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JENBLAKE0 11/21/2011 3:59PM

    Try drinking some decaf tea!

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JQUIBELL 11/18/2011 12:29PM

    Me too!
My stomach starts growling for no reason at 10:31pm! If I'm not in bed before then, I know I'm going to reach for snacks.

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Another Weigh In

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well today puts me at 150.4 which is 2 pounds up from last week. I took my measurements and they are the same if not smaller. This evening I will be getting my body fat tested. So I am hoping those measurements will reassure me of my hard work...but at the same time I ate with complete disregard for calories from last wednesday to we will see.
With the holidays coming up I really want to do more to meet my goals. No excuses. No overindulging. Treat each holiday as just that..a day!
I will update once I know my body fat :)

Happy Wednesday


A little discouraged

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My official weigh in is not until tomorrow when I get my body fat tested but this morning my scale said I put back on the 2 pounds I lost last week. I am hoping my body fat will still be down but today I feel gross. Bloated. Last week I know I ate over my calories a few days but not 2 pounds worth...and I know I ate more carbs than usual. So we will see....I just had to jot something down to get it out of my system.

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DIANAOR1 11/9/2011 4:17PM

    I go through this a lot one week I'm up and the next down. What gives, I say??? Sometimes, I think we retain a lot of water drinking more will help flush out the excess water. emoticon

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ASHAIXIM 11/8/2011 1:50PM

    Tell me about it!! I have one bad weekend and I gain like 7 lbs. I know it's not REAL weight but it's very discouraging.

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MANDIETERRIER1 11/8/2011 1:31PM

    I can relate to this as well. And it can make one feel very blah. I also promised myself that I would never give up. You can do this!

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RODERUNR 11/8/2011 12:45PM

    Shake off the "blahs" and get back on track! Even if you didn't fall off completely, hike yourself back on that wagon and drink some extra water - walk an extra 15 minutes! You'll be A-OK!!

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SUZY1959 11/8/2011 12:07PM

    I relate to this all too well! I promised myself that I will NEVER give up. Make a promise to yourself. You are worth it!

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