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Life Is Good!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First of all, drum roll...... Yes, I am at my ideal weight for my height! Yay! Ya Hoo! Yippeeee!!!!! What a journey! Since being at my heaviest, 180 pounds back in 2002, I've lost a total of 45 pounds! I weighed close to 170 pounds when I started using Sparkpeople 3 years ago in 2010.

As you can tell, it didn't happen over night or quickly by any stretch of the imagination. At first it was all about establishing better habits a little at a time improving eating and getting the body moving. It was frustrating to work so hard and to not see any change on the scale. But I kept going. Then finally, things started working, I had a great year when the pounds kept coming off. I was happy where I was, but knew I wanted to do more. I knew that I had the knowledge and the capability to lose. But no matter what I did, I couldn't lose any more. I had been dead set against any supplement but then heard more about Shakeology and learned that it isn't designed for quick weight loss, it is designed to be a nutrition boost. I am sold on Shakeology! It has improved my health in so many ways and because I'm healthier and my body isn't needing anything more, I'm not craving junk and I've lost 15 pounds! If you want to know more about this, please message me, I would love to be your Beachbody coach and help you too!

And as far as my own weight loss, success! Now to maintain and to make improvements in other areas of my life!

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TIME-4-TINA 11/2/2013 6:52AM

    This is great! Sorry I didn't see this earlier! Congrats!

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SANDYDOLLAR201 10/17/2013 6:43AM

    Hi Michele,
emoticon on your weight loss, that is awesome!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
Would love to hear more about the Shakeology program you are on.
Feel free to message me about it.

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LYNNEBO1 9/25/2013 9:46PM

    Great job L4H!!

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ARUNNINGKAT 9/23/2013 1:25PM

    emoticon emoticon

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WISLNDR 9/23/2013 5:26AM

    Congratulations on achieving your well-deserved goal!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FATTYBOY230 9/22/2013 2:32PM


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GENRE009 9/22/2013 2:24PM

    good for you.

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LOWCARBRENEE 9/22/2013 2:21PM


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25 Days Until Convention & Lots To Do!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Here we are just 25 days until convention! So many things have happened and so many things to do yet. First of all I have to say that I love Shakeology!!! I drink it every day, yummy flavors, love chocolate and the new vanilla too. I have lost 13 pounds since the end of March!!! I've only done a couple days of extra workouts during that time, so it is the Shakeology that is curbing my appetite that helps give me time to think if I really need that tasty morsel or am I just popping it into my mouth because it is there. Usually that extra minute is enough for me to be able to pass on the extra food and I do not feel deprived at all. In fact many people are noticing that the weight is dropping!!! Message me if you'd like info on how to order this! I would love to be your coach!

Now I would like to do some extra workouts too mostly too increase my stamina, so I'm not wiped out at convention and so that I'm not sore while there. I want to get the most out of the experience and feel great while there. A friend and I are planning on trying Insanity. There isn't any way that we can do the full thing at full intensity but we are going to do what we can and encourage each other along the way.

I'm still waiting for the official email from the home office to let us know the final details so that we know what to pack. I've had many things packed for a while now. I will just need to throw in the clothing that I've needed to be wearing these past few weeks. Our team needs to decide yet as to what we will wear for filming. I'm on a team that is working on original choreography for a contest. We will be filmed at convention. I can't wait to actually meet these people in person. We are trying to get to know each other online a bit. With our busy schedules and the time zone differences, it is a bit challenging. But I am confident that we will do well. I'm also looking forward to meeting other Spark Friends that are going to convention!!! Plus some people that are in the facebook groups!

One more week of working for summer school, one week of county fair demos and work, 4 more bridal dress alterations, several Zumba classes to teach, workouts to fit in, a rummage sale with my daughter, dental appts., dances to practice. I think I can pull this off. I know one thing for sure, these last few days aren't going to be spent waiting and wondering, with all that I have to do, it will go very quickly!

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DAISY443 7/24/2013 5:28PM

    You are amazing! Enjoy the convention and tell us all about it! Hugs!

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DISPATCHER04 7/24/2013 5:49AM

    How exciting! :)

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BLAZINGSWORD 7/22/2013 8:01AM

    WTG! You are so busy! Enjoy your trip and all the new + old friends you have made on sparkpeople and fb! Keep us posted and let us know how goes! emoticon

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WISLNDR 7/21/2013 7:39AM

    emoticon on your weight loss! It sounds like you have a lot of activities to keep you busy until your trip, enjoy all the preparations!!


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SANDYDOLLAR201 7/21/2013 7:17AM

    Good for you on your weight loss! Have fun at your convention! emoticon

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Saturday, June 01, 2013

So many things to update!

The Biggest Loser Contest went very well! 40 people in our small community. But it did add a lot of stress to my life and I didn't do very well in the challenge. In fact for me it backfired, I started staying up later trying to stay on top of things to encourage others and I started snacking on M&Ms to keep me going. It started huge cravings for them. I was a bit out of control.

Thankfully, Shakeology entered my life. The first shake I tried was amazing! I had no cravings for anything and lost 2 pounds in 1 day! I started using Shakeology on a regular basis at the end of March and since then I have lost 10 pounds! Now don't get me wrong here, I was very against any type of supplement, and this isn't a magic pill. I still have to follow the guidelines that I've learned from Spark. I look at the Shakeology as my super-vitamin! It does curb the cravings and appetite too so that I can stay on track better and be more successful. My fingernails are much stronger, and I have a lot more energy, so I have proof that it is working. I'm so glad that I have something that is so healthy!

Since it is working so well for me, I took the plunge and became a Beachbody Coach. Which means that you can order it from me and I will be there to support you on your health journey. Beachbody stresses nutrition, exercise, and support. Three very important elements to be successful. If you are interested, please message me and I will give you the web address so that you will be connected to me and I will get the credit from your orders. I'm not sure if I should post it on here or not, don't want to get in trouble for soliciting or anything.

I have to add what else has been going on in my crazy busy life too, so this just adds to the fact that I'm making progress even with extra stress. Throughout the year, I'm normally busy, I work a full-time job in a public school. I also teach Zumba (R) Fitness and Zumba (R) Sentao 4 nights a week. So I am gone from my home for 12 hours most days. What has made this work most of the year is the fact that my DH works a seasonal job at a fertilizer plant. He is laid off during the winter and is home to have supper ready for me when I get home, then I check my email, spark, and facebook quickly, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. But in the spring things go into overdrive. I also do sewing alterations for formal attire, so when spring hits, so does altering for prom and weddings. Also, my DH is working every day of the week and long days at that. He put in a 91 hour work week this spring. So now when I get home, I'm the one that is in charge of the evening meal besides the usual; and my weekends are spent sewing. I don't have any sewing to do this weekend, so somehow I am going to do my best to get caught up on laundry, dishes, the basics when really I just want to do nothing at all. The other cleaning/care stuff will be put off yet again. What we go through just to make a dollar and eat! But that is life for us right now, there aren't a lot of job choices here and we will make the best of our situation. My previous goals were to get the kids through school, encourage them to go to college. This they have all accomplished on their own and are gainfully employed. Now my goal is to stay afloat and not leave a debt for the kids.

On to better news! My wonderful daughters and the wonderful men in their lives have given me an amazing gift to look forward to! They are helping pay my way to Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida! I would not be able to afford to go without their help! I'm so looking forward to being a part of the huge crowds and the excitement and energy that comes with that. It will be great to be surrounded by people that understand how fantastic Zumba is! My sessions and trainings are chosen, my flight is booked, my hotel room reserved along with 1 roommate that I've met only online, I've purchased a couple of swim suits, and am almost ready to pack those bags but I have to wait a couple of months yet. I am counting the days and really need to get away. It will be a blast! Love my kids!!!

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BLAZINGSWORD 6/13/2013 2:38PM

    That's so awesome that your kids are providing a way for you to go to Florida!

I am so glad that you posted and glad that the Shakeology is working for you as well.

Me, I would like to do something like what my friend at church is doing, the weight loss program she is on, but there are two things that won't let me do it:

1) I am concerned about an allergic reaction (I think I may have one to almond milk now)
2) Money

So...that being said, I am just glad that you found emoticon emoticon emoticon something works for you sweetie!

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CECE0330 6/7/2013 3:15PM

    Holy smokes....when it rains it pours! I thought my crazy life got busy!
Not this month, but perhaps in July I might be interested in Shakeology, if you want to send me the link. I have researched it, and the only thing holding me back is the high cost (I still have to buy food for 3 other people, so it's not like I'd save a lot on groceries by even having like 1 meal be a shake)

Not much longer til convention now! Hope you have a great time!

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DAISY443 6/6/2013 11:41AM

    You are amazing! Even back in the day when I thought I was super mom I don't think I could have kept up with you! Can't wait to hear about your trip! Hugs!

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LYNNEBO1 6/2/2013 1:42PM

    Very nice Michelle! I look forward to hearing about convention from your point of view!

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DISPATCHER04 6/2/2013 8:51AM

    Wow! What great kids you have! That is AWESOME! :)

You stay about as busy as I do. Wish I could sew . . . ;)

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WISLNDR 6/1/2013 8:23PM

    Lots of good things happening in your world! emoticon

Thanks for posting and keeping us all up to date; it all sounds so exciting!!


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People in my community want help losing weight.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here is an update. I had shared that I was going to co-host a Biggest Loser contest for people in my community. We did minimal spending for advertising, a few flyers in local businesses of our small community, emails, and a Facebook event. We thought we would be lucky to have 15-20 people sign up. Well, we have 40!!! I am still in awe!!! There is a huge need, the people really want to make changes, and they do want help.

When they signed up and weighed in, I gave them a sheet of little tips, one of the tips was to come here to Spark. I also offered discounts to my Zumba classes. The first night was awesome! Since then, there have been weather issues, busy schedules, illnesses, etc. so I don't have as big of a class but still a nice size. Tonight when I got there, it was so-ooo-ooo cold! The heater wasn't working at all. I let the owners know and was set to cancel class and tried calling people but seemed to just miss them. When they came, they wanted to stay and dance. I left my sweater, scarf, and all kinds of layers as I hadn't changed into my workout clothes. It was so cold we could see our breath. By the end of the hour, my hands and toes were finally warming up. I still can't believe it.

But I have to say that I love, love, love the people that come to my classes! They are real troopers! Thank God for them! And also please pray for them! I have noticed many times when people start going strong, loving the exercise, feeling better about themselves, then WHAM, something knocks them off track. Sometimes it is an illness, an injury (not Zumba related!), a change in work or school schedule, so many things come up. Just in the last few weeks, we have had so many weather issues that have kept people from class, one night the power went off in the whole town, and now tonight the heater is broke. I do feel that Satan would love to stop people from feeling great and enjoying life. Please pray for all the people out there that are in a battle!

Thank you and let's keep going on our own strong fight! Keep trucking along on your own health journey and keep encouraging others! We are meant to have healthy and joyful lives!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JUSTLYLE 2/24/2013 10:55PM

    I think that's great what you have started, I too am aBIG fan of Sparks. Noticed the farming part, not too many of us on Sparks. Much good luck. The ole Farmer Skeeter emoticon

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DISPATCHER04 2/23/2013 3:00AM

    Awesome! Keep going, girl! :) emoticon

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MSKRIS7 2/21/2013 11:36AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WISLNDR 2/21/2013 5:55AM

    How exciting for you! People are willing to defy personal issues, Mother Nature and mechanical challenges to join you in getting fit and healthy!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Life is Busy!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I have enough to do on a daily basis, on days that I teach Zumba, I am gone from home for 12 hours, that happens 3 days a week. But the classes need new people as something keeps happening to my regulars, mostly health issues that come up. So I took another business person up on a suggestion, we are starting a Biggest Loser Contest in a couple of weeks. So I'm busy trying to get the word out so that people are interested in signing up for it and also trying to get other businesses to donate prizes. It takes time, but I'm so hoping that it helps people and increases the class size too. I also might be adding some more classes if there is enough interest to do so.

So if you don't hear much from me for a while, you will know why. I'm hoping that adding more classes will be the extra kick that I need to finally lose a few more pounds myself. I've been at a standstill for a while. Even though I can't win any prizes from the contest, I am still going to look at it as an extra challenge for myself to work at staying in a lower calorie range depending on how many classes a week I'm teaching. Hoping for a few extra dollars coming my way from this too. Money is super tight right now. All of this could be the greatest thing for me in so many ways.

Please pray for a great outcome for the participants and the community to become more health conscience and that all of them are able to keep on track during the contest and a long time afterward.

Thanks Sparkfriends!

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MSKRIS7 2/1/2013 10:10AM


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DISPATCHER04 1/26/2013 1:30AM

    Wishing you the best with this! :)

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ONBEACHSIDE 1/22/2013 2:57AM

    Sounds as f you are busy indeed. You also are on to something making a game out of your workouts. Just get some down time too. We all need some. WTG!!!

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DAISY443 1/21/2013 11:23AM

    You are amazing! What an inspiration! Good luck on getting all those people fit and trim and healthy! Hugs!

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WISLNDR 1/21/2013 6:26AM

    I received some email "affirmations" over the weekend, concepts to put me in a good mental place and I considered them very timely. It sounds like they're appropriate for you too!

From Saturday:
I express my creativity.

From yesterday:
I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.

So here's to increased class sizes, extra income and weight loss! It sounds like you've got an great opportunity ahead!!
emoticon emoticon

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IMREITE 1/21/2013 12:43AM

    people tend to get gung ho at the beginning of the year and go to the gym a lot then quit by the end of january. hopefully a contest where participants can be encouraged will help them keep going.

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