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I hope by next year...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I hope by next year i will have a date and feel confident in myself by Valentines day!! Me and my mom went out to a healthy restraunt tonight and i saw sooo many couples :( Its okay though!! Im still working on myself.. i think i should be where i gotta be in 365 days :) Right now i just gotta do me!!

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CICI510 2/15/2012 12:43PM


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BALDWINJ_03 2/15/2012 10:59AM

    Next year you'll be more positive, confident, happy and healthy. AND you'll be rockin' a hot new outfit and find yourself a cute new guy!!

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WOUBBIE 2/15/2012 10:13AM

    Someone here at SP had a blog commemorating Single's Appreciation Day instead of Valentine's Day! Yes, you could take February 14th as a S.A.D. day. Or you can take the joke literally and positively! Appreciate yourself as you and not just as part of a couple.

It's much harder to figure out who you are and what's important to you when you're in a relationship, so being single for a while gives you the opportunity to do that. And when you DO meet someone special you can be a stronger, wiser, happier person because of it.

I was single until I was 31, and by the time I met my future husband I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and needed. Poor guy never stood a chance.....


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ADZY86 2/15/2012 7:05AM

    You definitely will be. Now is the time to concentrate on ourselves, and get to the point where we LOVE ourselves, to allow someone else to love us. We're gonna look back in 365 days and be like 'HA! Yeah I did!' emoticon

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HONEYFULL 2/15/2012 2:56AM

    Please don't feel down - it's perfectly alright. Its great that you had your mom to go out with. some ppl have just nobody :( Also, you can take yourself out to a movie, and dinner without bothering abt the 'other person' s like and dislike, which can get very cumbersome, believe me, after some years ;)) Wish you all the best in your healthy endeavor.

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1 Thing that WONT change.. and that i accepted...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

That 1 thing is im always going to fall off the wagon.. I did horrible this weekend!! I drank thursday AND saturday..And when i drink i make bad food choises.. AND i didnt work out.. but thats ok.. i had a great time.. Even though i ate bad todayn im gunna go workout because i know that will make me feel better AND keep me on track!! Why stop? It a lifestyle.. theirs ALWAYS gunna be good days.. theirs ALWAYS gunna be bad days!.. You gotta accept what you cant change..

Personally you gotta be bad once in a while! Or else your not making it a lifestyle..

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    Ha, Ha! You are right! We all do things we know, we should try to avoid but sometimes you just gotta live:) Yeah, we will just keep at it until we get it right. Be good to yoursel, take care.

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MRSGARCIA68 2/14/2012 9:28AM

    Good for you! I had 3 really bad days off track, but I'm here. Getting back on to it.. The past is done, you can only change the present and the future! We can do this!

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POETICBLONDE 2/13/2012 12:58PM

    Good for you for getting right back up again. The important thing is to never give up, and it sounds like you have the right mindset. emoticon

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VADAVICTORIA 2/13/2012 9:32AM

    You've got the right attitude for dealing with slight setbacks! Enjoy your workout - get those endorphins flowing!

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JAMER123 2/13/2012 12:03AM

    A new week and a new start over! You can do it and still enjoy life!! emoticon emoticon

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DB1167 2/12/2012 9:53PM

    Just get back on track, we all have these slip ups. You can do this!

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TRIPTOTOP 2/12/2012 8:53PM

    I feel ya on drinking and making bad choices! Love your attitude -- it's happened, get over it, continue with the program! emoticon

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I cant believe Adrian left on Biggest Loser!!!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Adrian had alot of potential!! Personally i woulda let Conda or Kim go.. I would have let Conda go because she immature and worries about everybody else BUT her self.. shes ALWAYS nagging.. AND she talks about people behind their back! Kim needs to go because shes getting smaller and eventually shes gunna have no more weight to lose.. AND shes besties with Conda!! I liked Kim in the beginning.. but shes turning in2 a little Conda!! She really needs to back off before she causes problems with herself and her teammates.. i surprised nobody has said anything 2 those 2 yet!!!!

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DISCIPLINE_DOES 2/10/2012 12:57AM

    I was pulling for Adrian the first week he came back, but he really did start getting on my nerves this episode. I wish Conda would have been voted off long ago. I love this show, but this season has been insane. Even Bob is getting on my nerves...he's so pissy this season.

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FITWITHIN 2/9/2012 8:06PM

    I strongly feel that Conda and Kim will be gone before makeover week. Can't wait to see their faces when they get the boot and totally change the game. Adrian sister will be time enough for Conda.

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FLORENCEANN06 2/9/2012 7:48PM

    Whether the Red Team was right for voting off Adrian or not--he dug his own grave. If I were there, I would have voted for him, too. His potential weight loss would be an asset to the team, but his constant mouthing off was not.

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MAGA99 2/9/2012 5:57PM

    it really pi$$ed me off when Kim sat there & said HE DIDNT DESERVE 2 COME BACK 2 THE RANCH
but he did deserve to come bac he lost the weight that he had 2
I really do hope that he wins the @ home

as far as Conda & Kim I cant stand either 1 of them

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BALDWINJ_03 2/9/2012 5:26PM

    I'm not a fan of Conda at all. I can't believe how much she was talking back to Dolvett even. Ugh! emoticon

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CALAMITYJANE53 2/9/2012 4:27PM

    Unfortunately, poor Adrian didn't listen to the advice he was given and try to fit in instead he made the mistake of continuing to butt heads with the others and they voted him off. He did have potential - much more so than Conda in my opinion and yes, Conda should go but sadly she had immunity this past episode. Perhaps, she'll be voted off next week! We can only hope.

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Theirs this guy...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I knew of this guy in high school.. He moved to AZ when he graduated.. we never really hung out but i thought he was cute :) Im sure he would know the old me.. if he saw the OLD me :) Right now?.. He wouldnt even know who i am.. Yea i lost 70 pounds.. but im still heavy. But anyways, He added me on facebook.. We have been talking for a few months now..Hes coming home in July and he really wants to hang out with me..Im excited because i always thiught he was cute.. im just nervous.. I really wanna drop 40-50 pounds b4 July 18th!! I need all the motivation i can get!!! Well thanks for listening!!

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NAYPOOIE 2/8/2012 1:41PM

    strength training. even if you don't lose all the weight, you'll look better.

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BALDWINJ_03 2/8/2012 9:42AM

    Now that's motivation!! (Not to mention the $$ your mom is willing to pay too!!) YOU GO GIRL!! You can do this!! Stay focused. Take each day as it comes. And most nice to yourself! emoticon

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ADZY86 2/8/2012 6:33AM

    That's soooo cool! What a great motivation to keep on track. I'm sure you would blow him away if he saw you now, but just imagine his face when he sees you in July! emoticon

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SLFGOLF 2/8/2012 1:00AM

    How fun that will be. And another great motivator. 70 pounds so far is already great, but imagine another 30 pounds to hit the 100 pound marker. More on top of that is just a huge plus. Set yourself some targets, and focus on your goal. You can do it!!!

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XSENCIX 2/8/2012 12:34AM

    that's awesome!! your doing awesome with your work out .
can't wait to hear updates

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Monday, February 06, 2012

So, today was my weigh in... My mom said every month i get 10$ for every pound i lose.. and that money is gunna go towards the money i got saved for a big shopping spree when all my weight is off... For the month of jan. i lost 7 pounds!! so i get 70$ towards the 400$ i already got saved!! PLUS today i saw my grandma for christmas because she was in alaska for about a month.. i never got to see her on christmas.. she gave me 50$ towards shopping!! Great day!!

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BALDWINJ_03 2/7/2012 11:16AM

    That is fabulous!!! CONGRATULATIONS and keep up the hard work!!!

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MOMOF4CHANGES 2/6/2012 8:20AM

    Good for you! You must be so proud of yourself and rightfully so! Congratulations and keep it up! That's a great idea. Would definitely motivate me!

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BEARCLAW6 2/6/2012 8:16AM

    Now there is motivation! Great job!

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ADZY86 2/6/2012 7:32AM

    That's amazing.Well done you. It's great to follow your journey. Really inspiring.

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 2/6/2012 4:32AM

Sounds like a great news!!

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XSENCIX 2/6/2012 1:40AM

    that's a great idea !! I never thought of saving money for a shopping trip

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SLFGOLF 2/6/2012 1:01AM

    Woohoo!! WTG on your weight loss. Always nice to see progress. This is what helps you get through those times when you want to give up. You will have a lot of fun with your shopping spree later.

Keep it going. You are doing great. emoticon

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WOUBBIE 2/6/2012 12:57AM

    So happy for you! You're making great progress. Seven steps closer to babeliciousness!

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