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Beginning at the beginning--AGAIN!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

well, this has been quite an eye opener for me. where to begin?

I feel as though I need to get my thoughts down and really "own" them, instead of burying them. so here goes:

I discovered SparkPeople about a year ago, and told lots of people about it. had just joined a new gym for the first time in a few years, and was psyched to be on the journey. tried not to get discouraged when the scale seemed to barely budge even though I was tracking my (balanced, healthy) diet and working out. then the trainer at the gym put me on an eating plan and I stopped logging in at SP. hurt my shoulder and tried to deal with that setback -- couldn't follow my workout routine as before due to doctor's "rest" orders, but I still persevered. then at some point, I feel I really lost my way, and began reading up on a lot of different eating programs. [nutrition is a hobby, almost my major way back in college] all the different "theories" of nutrition overwhelms me--low calories, low carb, whole foods, high fat, etc.--and I literally jumped from one eating plan to another to another looking for the RIGHT one. of course, I would still get emails from SP but at this point I was no longer logging in or reading articles, etc. then the other day I decided to weigh myself and start fresh. I looked at my SP goals, and realized that it had been almost a whole year since I began, and I easily could have been ENJOYING life at my goal, but instead had barely improved from my original starting point. So I hopped on the scale expecting it to read 152 (like the last time I checked it) but it was 156.5 lbs. YIKES! Now I was feeling dejected, beating myself up for my foolish behaviors--and promptly ate my way through the day. :-(

so then I decided to read some success stories, and I found some encouragement in other people's journeys. I really thought
if lots of other people could be successful, even with different approaches, then I needed to dig deep and remember what worked for me in the past, face my demons and start again!

I'm hoping to find some support here. my husband means well, but isn't always helpful. I need to be accountable to someone. and I'll take any encouragement people are willing to give me. I don't want to be this tired, unhealthy, unattractive, undisciplined anymore.


Enjoying the changes!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Donated blood today--first time I didn't get lightheaded/faint. Feel good.

Really like that little progress chart as I SLOWLY drop the pounds. Reinforces that I am making progress. And when I click on my weight report I see that I am right on target!

Journaling my food is SO IMPORTANT for me. I think I have finally lost that "all or nothing" mentality; the food choices I make are for my health, and my pleasure--and if I CHOOSE to indulge in something, I see the "cost" and adjust my intake and exercise. Love this sight!!! I tell everyone about it. What a blessing it has been for me.

Workouts are tough but I really look forward to them--and to the break on Wednesdays. :-) (As the weather warms I can walk, but no class is good for my body--to recover-- and my head.)

Hope to post more in the future.


Rude Awakening :-O

Monday, March 05, 2007

Had my fitness assessment today at the gym (just joined). Thought my starting weight was 158--turns out it is 161. Puts my BMI in the "obese" range (I'm only 5'1"). Took measurements, and did some flexibility tests, cardio assessment, etc. Took front and side photos [did I mention how UNphotogenic I am?]. Anyway, all of this was a wakeup call. Instead of being depressed, I'm just very motivated to chart my PROGRESS as I experience it. :-)

Trainer and I agreed on a good plan: High Energy Step Class & some stretching/balance moves on M & F, 30 minutes cardio (elliptical, etc.) then Strength Training Class on T & Th, and 45 min. cardio on W & Sa; Sundays are rest. W & Sa can be walking outside in nice weather, at the gym in bad weather. The gym is a big motivation for me--at home, always find other things to do instead of workout. :-) Of course LIFE HAPPENS and there will be interruptions to the planned schedule. But then I can make myself workout at home so I can log it in my fitness planner!!

Getting bloodwork done tomorrow to (again) check thyroid levels; doctor may have to up meds again.

Tracking my food is a BIG help in this journey--really makes me aware of what I put in my mouth.

Now I just need to make all of these changes a regular part of my routine. Routine is good.