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Wow I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged…

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well actually I can because I have been ignoring it. This is what I do. Things are going good and I am on here all the time. And then things start to go south and I stop showing up. That whole process makes absolutely no sense at all. I really need to keep up with this every day…good or bad. The last two weekends have been rough rough rough for me food wise. Two weekends ago was full of junk food and fast food and this last Sunday and Monday I just ate like crap. Yesterday I tried to get things going smoothly again and I went to Caribou for my morning coffee and they had bakery items for $1. Now really…did I need that French Toast Muffin after all the crap I had eaten? Ugh. But anyways, I didn’t let it ruin the rest of my day. For the most part I made better choices the rest of the day and got in a great workout last night even though I felt like crap. It was my own fault I felt like crap since I had eaten like crap for the two previous days.

I started my half marathon training a week ago. I hung up my schedule on my fridge, in my food cupboard and as the background on my computer. I’m hoping it will deter me from eating crap because as I am looking at my food I will also see the runs I have to do and hopefully it will help me eat better. I’m not sure how this training is going to go. I have been having a lot of knee pain and now it’s moving towards whole leg pain. I finally mentioned it to my chiropractor and he wants me to go to physically therapy so I start that on Friday. But other than that little setback I really like the new running clinic. It is much more organized than the last one I did and we have different pace groups that go out so that is really nice because I don’t feel like I have to keep up with people who run way faster than I do.

Hmm…other than that not much is new. I spent the majority of my last two weekends driving around various neighborhoods and looking at houses. This Friday I am actually going out with my realtor to get IN some houses so I am excited about that. Oh and then Saturday is V-day which I will spend alone…again. Man I miss my college girls. It seems like we were always single on this spectacular day so we would all get together and have some drinks and all make some food, watch bad movies and just hang out. Loved it. Ok pity party is over.

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SILLIANGEL 2/11/2009 12:46PM

    Good call on coming to SP good and bad. I find that even if I'm not feeling like blogging or posting on the boards, I still like to read other peoples' blogs and comment on them because it gives me motivation and also lets them know they are still on my mind.

Also, Vday is just a greeting card holiday aimed at selling candy and flowers and depressing the single folks of the world. Don't let it get you down. You can't ALWAYS be happy in love! Hell...I haven't had a good boyfriend on Vday in YEARS! Maybe ever... haha.

Can't wait to see you on Monday!!

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NVR2HEALTHY 2/11/2009 12:34PM

    Ah a few minor detours, you're not lost! Back in the groove I see. Happy to hear you're going to PT. You know I've never cared for V day, I think it's all a hype.
Although, hanging with friends watching movies sounds like fun. You should rally some locals together and start a new MN tradition.

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BLESBEY 2/11/2009 9:23AM

    you seem to have a plan set out for yourself, so that is the good attitude that is gonna help you reach your goals.........good luck emoticon

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I'm about to come unglued....

Friday, January 30, 2009

So I figured I would blog. I live in a house with 3 guys. Not a big deal, I actually have no problem living with guys. Well let me restate that, I have no problem living with guys that are respectful of their roommates and are clean. When I first moved in the house the guys I lived with were great. Everyone did their part of cleaning and hanging out and it was a good arrangement. Shortly after I moved in one guy moved out (which was planned) and another guy bought a condo so I got two new roommates. Now here's where I start to be the mean person that doesn't come out very often but ugh...she's coming out now. These two are good for nothing around here. They never do any cleaning, taking out the trash, etc. And it is SO annoying. I hardly even talk to them because their personalities and mine just don't mix and I get annoyed every time they are around me. My mood instantly changes.

Anyways, last week I got home on a Thursday night and I walked in and our house just smelled. So I left a note on the fridge asking them to clean their old things out of the fridge because something stunk and to throw it away because tomorrow was trash day, hint hint. Late Thursday night I went back upstairs and netiher of them (my one roommate who I actually get along with was gone for the week) and thrown anything out or taken the garbage out. Apparently later in the night someone must have taken the garbage out because it was out on Friday morning...but they didn't take the recycling steps.

Well I've pretty much had it because still no one has cleaned out the fridge. So I wrote everyone an email this morning and asked them to clean their things out of the fridges because they now both stink. And I also said I wasn't much for making rules but we needed to come up with some sort of agreement for cleaning because I didn't think it was fair for 1 or 2 people to clean when there are four people that live here. Ok so that all went fine..

Then I emailed my one roommate who I share a bathroom with and said we also needed to come up with some sort of arrangement for cleaning that because I was sick of being the only one who cleaned it. Here is his reply:

"If you really sick of it why did you wait so long to say something.? You can just say something and not be all pissed about it. Cause i can alwase say that I wipe the sink and toilet ball , spent ten minutes in the bathroom, never use the trash can, don't have my stuff all over.....blah blah blah."

UGH....this kid drives me crazy. I don't think he has ever lived with roommates before and if he has I don't think he has ever lived with a girl before. UGH!!!! I just want to reply and be like - the reason I never said anything to you is because I can't stand talking to you because I think you are a pompous ass and try to avoid you at all costs.

Ugh. I am still just as fired up as before I started writing this blog.


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SILLIANGEL 2/1/2009 12:53PM

    Oh man I went through the same thing a couple years ago and it was AWFUL. I was the only girl and they treated me like their mommy and their maid. YUCK.

Good luck hun, that's a tough spot. Try not to let it stress you too much!

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MRSTUCKER812 1/31/2009 12:01PM

  I hate roommates! Did it once and never again! Everyone lives differently and most of the time laziness is involved. Ugh! I feel your pain, and I can't believe you live with all guys. I would probably go friggin crazy! Someone needs to come up with a plan to keep the place clean and orderly and everyone should chip in, and if they have a problem with it then there will be problems personally.

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SEPPIESUSAN 1/30/2009 7:54PM

    Hi! Thanks for writing on my blog...I just checked out your page and subscribed to your blog, hope you don't mind! I have had uncomfortable roommate situations too and it's AWFUL...when you're at home, you just want to relax, not feel awkward because your roommate isn't doing what they should be doing. Eventually you will be in a different living situation, but until then, maybe you could channel all your frustrations in your workouts?!

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XSOLA_FIDEX 1/30/2009 4:34PM

    Girrrrrrrrrrrl.. I feel your pain!
I once shared a house with 3 men (my hairdresser, his boyfriend, his nephew). They weren't the cleanest things around. I used to be the only one that cleaned anything! Good for you for standing up and trying to make a change! The only thing that I got out of taking care of the house at that time was I got my hair done for free. I miss getting my hair done for free... LOL
I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!


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NVR2HEALTHY 1/30/2009 4:06PM

    You've approached the roommates diplomatically. Setting up a cleaning schedule is the best solution, I'd advise posting the schedule maybe even put little stars next to their name. TEE HEE HEE. I'm sure their juvenile behavior is an incentive to find & purchase a new home.

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DAMIENDUCKS 1/30/2009 11:42AM

    Sorry you've got such a toxic situation to deal with...I don't really have any advice (even though I've lived in a similar situation in the past...I just ended up moving out post haste), but I agree with you 100%--your time is just as valuable as theirs, and there's no reason you should be shouldering a majority of the burden of keeping the place inhabitable. Hope you can come up with some sort of arrangement that works in the end.

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APRILCORRINA 1/30/2009 11:10AM

    Roommates can be so difficult! A time or two I have contemplated renting out our basement or something, but I’ve always abstained in favor of my sanity. Before April, Chester had probably similar habits to those guys, but luckily (for both of us!) he really helps out well. But then, he has motivation.

I’m sorry to hear that your situation is so crappy! Good for you for being proactive and looking for somewhere else to live. I think if a person wants to have roommates, they need to learn to be considerate. Yikes!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday was not such a pretty day for me. I was hungry ALL day long it was so ridiculous. I think it was probably more mental than physically being hungry but who knows. All I know is I am so glad that I packed my lunch and snacks because MULTIPLE times I considered going downstairs to DQ and getting ice cream or walking over to Caribou and getting an Apple Fritter. But I survived the day with my snacks I brought…but then I went to HH. Ugh…I know I said I wasn’t going to have a crack ho mojito. And I didn’t. But I had something called a Donkey Rush which is basically all sugar…rum and sugar. And of course I had to order off of the HH menu for food so I got chips & guacamole and two little sandwiches. Not much of a meal so of course I was hungry still. On my way home I had to fill gas and this is where it always goes bad. When I am hungry and have to fill gas I usually end up leaving the gas station with at least 4 doughnuts, candy, maybe chips and eat them ALL before I get home which is only like 2 miles away. So I compromised with myself last night…I was obviously hungry and craving something sweet sweet so instead of getting all the items I usually get I said I could get one sweet treat. So I had the Holiday station rice crispy bars with chocolate on the top that I absolutely love. Was it good for me? No. But was it better for me than my normal routine? Tons.

I just wasn’t motivated last night so I didn’t go running. So instead of having my rest night tonight I switched it to last night and I will run tonight. I am eating out for both meals today so we will see how that goes. Dinner will be fine because I am eating at a Mongolian Grill and I absolutely LOVE those and they are so healthy for you too – well can be if you put the right things in your bowl. But for lunch today I am getting together with coworkers and we are eating at Eddingtons. Has anyone ever been there? It’s a soup and sandwich place and their soup is amazing. I already scoped out the soup schedule and the one I really want that they have today is either Wisconsin Cheese Soup or Chicken Tortilla…ugh neither of which are good choices. I should really go with the good ol Chicken Noodle. The other bad part about Eddingtons is that they have unlimited breadsticks…iyiyiyi….Who picked this place?!? Oh wait I did.

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B~ROSIE 1/30/2009 5:47PM

    I'm with Fishlips on the Crack Ho Mojito! LOL I'm a big believer in giving in to my temptations or they stay in the back of my mind and I over do it. You can do this! emoticon ~ b

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FISHLIPS76 1/29/2009 1:32PM

    LOL, I am very curious about this, "Crack Ho Mojito," sounds very interesting (and potent)! It sounds like you did a great job of making yourself STOP to think about your food choices yesterday, which is a huge step. I know that in my case, sometimes I have to give in a little bit to my cravings, or they taunt me until I am left with zero control. Have fun tonight on your run!

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JENONTHEROX 1/29/2009 12:22PM

    There are a few Mongolian Grills around here too & they are deeelicious! Have a fantastic workout tonight!

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STEFANIE822 1/29/2009 10:32AM

    Great job yesterday!! Resisting temptation is SO hard but you did it!! When I was reading the part about the gas station I swear I was having visions of myself. I used to ALWAYS do the same thing...a cream soda, some sort of cookies and a ton of other crap. I would hurry up and try to finish it before I got home and throw the trash in the outside garbage can so my boyfriend wouldnt know that I ate it...yuck. Writing that just now just makes me feel gross. Just to keep myself from doing this, I always pay outside even if I have just makes it easier.

Good luck with your meals today. Just keep up that awesome determination you had yesterday and Im sure you will be fine!!!! Have a good run tonight...:D

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NVR2HEALTHY 1/29/2009 9:37AM

    I wonder if your urge to eat yesterday was due to anxiety. House shopping, evening plans, etc. You are becoming emotionally connected, which is a big step. Talking yourself through the impulsive urge to binge is the correct approach. WooHoo! "You've come along way baby" Have you tried any of the salads or wraps at Eddingtons? It's been a few years since I've been there. Mongolian Grill does have a great selection. "Be wise bubble eyes" emoticon

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FRIZGIRL 1/29/2009 8:40AM

    Hey! I think you did great yesterday! You didn't have a "perfect" day, but you made many healthier decisions, and I think you should celebrate your successes! Give yourself a high five! Good luck tomorrow at the soup place. I love soups because even when they're bad for you, they're not nearly as bad as say, getting fettucini alfredo somewhere! Just watch out for those breadsticks! And that Mongolian grill place sounds AMAZING!!!! I wish we had one near me!

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210...ugh...210...woop woop

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That's what was running through my mind this morning. I weigh in on on Wednesdays and so this morning I stepped on the scale and it said 210. I was instantly frustrated. I was expecting to see at least a 208 and really hoping for a 207. The scale has been showing under 210 for most of the week. So where did my thoughts go...hmm...I think I am going to have a doughnut for breakfast. Because that is going to solve everything....right.

So while I finished getting ready for work I thought about it and I should be happy...I am happy...with this number. I ate a can of soup last night for dinner...can you say sodium and water retainage. I had an entire week without binging and I exercised every day I said I was going to. I got out and ran when it was below zero on Sunday morning and I ran laps last night at the gym. and I FEEL GOOD. I am happy with that number simply for the fact that it went down. A week ago I weighted 213.4 so seeing 210 is a GREAT thing. I had control this week and I had a pretty decent week for food. I have many many things to be excited about and seeing that number 210 is one of them.

It's amazing how we can change our minds if we just STOP and think about things for a little bit. Same with binging...if we have an urge to binge I strongly encourage you to just STOP. Don't reach for that trigger food when you get that instant urge....just STOP and think first. Work in pauses...any time you feel like binging...and explore what is going on.

On that note, I already got a new realtor! It was my first day working with this guy yesterday and things just weren't going the way I wanted them to and I realized I commited to him as a realtor more because he was a friend of my BIL. I really wanted to work with someone else I interviewed so I am. I am the one spending a crap load of money on a house and I want this to be a good experience so I am going to pick who I want!

I know my exercise plan for tonight was to run outside but gotta tell's cold here. So instead I am going to do 3 miles on the track in the gym and then I am going to Happy Hour tonight. The rest of my weekend is going to be challenging because I have HH tonight, dinner and Grey's tomorrow night, T-wolves game and going out afterwards Friday night, my sister's on Saturday and the SuperBowl on Sunday....iyiyiyi... I can do it though! I will make smart choices!

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FRIZGIRL 1/29/2009 8:42AM

    You are doing awesome!! And 3 lbs in a week is healthy! Keep it up and you'll be at your goal in no time!

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AMY-ABLE 1/28/2009 2:07PM

    sounds like you have some fun coming your way! Have a great time!

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DAMIENDUCKS 1/28/2009 1:46PM

    I like your attitude--the number on the scale may not have been what you were hoping for, but it's still wicked good progress! Sounds like you have a busy weekend coming up--have fun!

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    Your first paragraph sounds exactly like me, all of the time! You are really strong though, and way to keep the positive attitude about your weight loss. I admire you for that.

Do you find it 'easy' to run? I can't do it very long, I usually go for a minute and walk for a few minutes to catch my breath. I'd like to run longer so hopefully I get used to that part.

I hope the new realtor works out! It's awesome that you follow your instincts.

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NVR2HEALTHY 1/28/2009 10:48AM

    You're awesome!

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Good day

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honestly, if my employer ever tracked how much time I spend on the Internet at work and not working…I would probably be fired and it would not be a pretty thing. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind getting fired because I highly dislike my job…but I am just happy that I have a job with today’s economy and I have definite job stability. Anywho, I get my work done and am usually looking for more to do so why can’t I be on here?

So some exciting news…I found a realtor! Actually I really liked both of my realtors but the guy I met with last night kind of talked me into choosing him before I even realized I was agreeing to it! Luckily I liked him the hard part will be to tell the other lady I went with someone else. Glad I didn’t sign anything with her on Saturday! I am going to start looking at houses THIS Friday! Woohoo! He is supposed to be sending me searches of my criteria this morning but so far I haven’t received anything…waiting waiting.

Yesterday was another good day for eating but I didn’t plan very well. Well that’s not entirely true as I planned that I would most likely be hungry with what I was packing for the day but I seriously didn’t have any other groceries to take with me! So I caved and had a chocolate chip pretzel from Target when I was grocery shopping. Not making excuses but I honestly didn’t have time to get anything else because I had to get some groceries right after work and then I had to meet the realtor and then go to the gym so by the time I got home from work it was after 9, chatted with my roommate for a bit, made a sandwich, did the dishes, packed my food for today and by that time it was 10:30 and I was exhausted! I don’t know what happened to met getting 8 hours of sleep every night…that went out the window! Went to bodyflow and pump last night so it’s definitely important to get some cardio in tonight which is what I have planned. I will have to remember to change my Friday plan as I am now going to be looking at houses.

I honestly think that this whole blogging thing is helping me. I haven’t had much of an urge to binge except for that one time last week I think…wow a week w/o binging…I’ll have to go back and check my dates! Speaking of binging. When I was grocery shopping last night I bought a carton of frozen yogurt! For those of you who don’t binge you have no idea how big of a step this was for me! When I started binging I basically couldn’t have any groceries in my house because I would eat them all in one sitting...but I feel like I actually am getting back control now and I KNOW that I will not eat this carton of frozen yogurt in one sitting…I will eat it in normal portion sizes like a normal healthy person does. Yep yep..

Ok I swear that I had something else super important to share but I don’t remember right now so I suppose I should do some work!

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    Buying your first house? That is very exciting and luckily for you the market is perfect for buying! You're going to have a lot of wonderful options and with how desperate people are, you could probably get a huge steal on an amazing house. Good luck and enjoy it!

Good job on the frozen yogurt. That's a big step! You blogging is also helpful for 'us' least for me it is motivating because it helps me to realize that others are going through it just like me.

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MAXFOCUS 1/27/2009 2:24PM

    It is wonderful that you are continuing to blog and that you find it is helping. Congrats on gaining control of your portion sizes and eating. You are doing great!


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NVR2HEALTHY 1/27/2009 10:50AM

    I use to be an ice cream junkie, yep yep. This may sound like I'm playing the blame game... but I thinks it's because my mom use to ration ice cream, she'd allow only 1 scoop and it's like she knew how many scoops were in the carton. Anyway, I finally broke my addiction to ice cream. WooHoo! I make a blended frozen fruit protein shake with either milk or orange juice, it's my healthy addiction. It's loaded with fiber, protein, all sorts of nutrients... so yummy!

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APRILCORRINA 1/27/2009 10:46AM

    Unfortunately, I DO know what it’s like to not be able to have certain foods in my house because they mean a binge session (ice cream, Cocoa Pebbles, the list goes on). I’ve been working on having “normal person” portion sizes too, so I know what a victory that is!

Good luck with the house-hunting, I know what a headache it can be! But it’s fun too, so hopefully you’re enjoying it!

Also, I’m impressed with your back-to-back bodyflow/bodypump. I know how brutal that pump class is (I haven’t been in a while—I’ve been much less enamored since I injured my back there). See you tonight at cardio?! Looking forward to it!

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