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A Grand Event

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's been busy in our household as my daughter and husband welcome their son into the world.

Eating off track and fast foods, very puffy and gained back a few pounds. Annoyed more than discouraged. It was a "grand" event, so much in love with grandson. Looking forward to routine this week, back to my workouts and meal plans.

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NELLIEC 2/27/2011 11:14PM

    How adorable!

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No progress, working through it

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The clouds have lifted. Literally. The sun has been shining, windy cool days. Fatigue is done, and feeling my old self. This is the first longer recovery since Christmas. Just have to roll with the punches. No progress last week, bummed but that's okay. Did have to push a bit through work out at Curves. I get concerned about the tireds but I felt good afterwards, and later in the day took a walk. It's not just the workouts, it's also being able to accomplish things during the day. Sunday I spent the day sewing and things around the house. Monday, I worked out, walked , grocery. Put a pork shoulder for later meals in the crock. Made brownie bites for daughters. Steak Valentines dinner...laundry...simple every day things for some but mean a bunch to me.

Today feels good. Plan to get more things done around the house, work on daughters taxes, and time for me to sew. Later will walk.
Didn't sleep well last night, so will plan a power nap. That 15 minutes of rest in the day to keep myself from another bout of fatigue. Need to be as fresh as possible...grandson will arrive any day :)

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NELLIEC 2/15/2011 5:06PM

    It is nice to feel those clouds lift! Hooray for your grandson's visit!!!

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Relaxing Day

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling much better today. It's one of those ME kind of days that I feel good and want to do something creative. I plan on playing with my cross stitch, decorating a cloth diaper for a burp cloth.
Put some things together to be ready for the hospital...when daughter gives me the call :) Camera battery on charge...keep my phone charged. My meds together. Book to read for down time or maybe some stitching.
Need to take some time to meditate and pray. Things have been a bit rushed lately or little things bothering me. Looking to see where I can improve, what I can do for my girls. Our lives are so blessed.

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NELLIEC 2/10/2011 1:59PM

    Awwwwww, nice picture. It sounds like you are prepared and taking time to be with God will help things all around!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hit the tired (crash) kind of day. Tried to push through but by 10 I knew that I needed to rest. Nice 2 hour nap. It made the difference. Able to work on chores and take a walk.
The crashes are not as bad as they used to be. Crash, fatigue, zero energy. It's rock bottom. Recovery could last for days. Last week I felt great, when I feel good means getting more done, better workouts. Then the long drive for the weekend, lack of sleep in hotel, workout on Monday. I can't keep going like I used to, but at least it's not the long recoveries anymore.

Daughter came over last night. They stayed over Saturday night with husbands family. Husband went out for a while to spend time with his Dad
( parents are divorced ) The mother in law sat to herself reading magazines and didn't participate in any conversation while daughter visited with husbands sister. Only when husband came home did she join in with everyone. Same old. Feel bad for my girl, proud that she handles it so well.

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LIVEN2BPINK 2/10/2011 10:44AM

    Thankfully she has adjusted to it, very proud she realizes she is not the problem. I also realize that a good part of how the mom behaves, she may not even know or think of how she affects others. No one wants to talk to her about it.

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NELLIEC 2/9/2011 6:27PM

    I suspect your daughter is used to it by now, even though it does sound difficult!

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The Weekend ( How people can make you Feel)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

It was good to see my daughter. Last trip there until graduation! I was wiped out after the drive. Hotel was fine but for the late night wake up and the early morning wake up. Made for a very tired me. Didn't get home till 10pm.

The shower was very nice, a few more things off her registry and the most repeats of any shower. If people would use the registry there wouldn't be that problem.
My stance was to feel my way as a guest, not really knowing daughters husbands family. Haven't really seen them since the wedding 5 years ago. I end up staying quiet and to myself. Not a big fan of Daughters husbands family. I searched very hard on the long drive home over a couple of things that were said. Sometimes people just don't think on how their words might be perceived, could be thoughtless or just from ignorance on how words or actions could come across. Or it could be just me thinking too much. That didn't change that there were a few things that bothered me, and I can just be thankful they live 4 hours away!
One thing though. I am crafty, love being creative. The Mom, who is not has previously said that she could not do things like that ( to son in law) My daughter told me and I deliberately decided to wait to do anything. The point was on how sensitive the Mom was....SO I Concentrated on getting things the kids would need. Well, she got a purchased handcrafted blanket and purchased picture with a prayer for Xmas. Both items I liked but daughter did not. The room is already decorated. They have a small place and it's all decorated.

Then At the shower she gave them a framed cross stitch piece she made herself. This I know is a considerable achievement. A basic border piece ( pink flowers) with a long saying inside. Can't recall what is said now. You know it's well meant, but where to put something that doesn't "fit" either in place or decor. Awkward position for the kids. My concern is that I don't want to be in a competition of any kind. When I make something I will have consulted with my daughter and it will be something she wants.
It's just something I "sense" The baby bag I gifted my daughter was inspected for "approval" by the sister. The Mom's sister ignored me until I greeted her, she seemed okay after that. Goodness I don't even know these folks but they act like they don't like me. Makes one think...perhaps too much. Because I KNOW that it really doesn't matter. I know I am a good person. I've learned you have to shut the door on these kinds of things. They don't know me and whatever is going on is one sided.

On my drive home, my daughter called me. Concerned that I was driving home at night. I found myself repeating several times I'm FINE...well from some TV Show, Prob Dr Phil LOL! That the "I'm Fine" from a woman is the #1 LIE After I hung up I had to admit..... I certainly wasn't being truthful. Talked with my husband when I got home and I feel better. Otherwise Keeping my thoughts to myself :)

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NELLIEC 2/6/2011 9:16PM

    I figure that people are more concerned about themselves than about how they are affecting others. A lot of times, something that comes across wrong is because the person is oblivious to how it seems.

So the best approach is to show caring about them, just as Jesus would.

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JENN03275 2/6/2011 10:04AM

    My mother is always trying to tell me that only we can allow ourselves feel that way. People may be insensitive to how you they make you feel but we are in control of those feelings. I try really hard to follow that but something I certainly have yet to master!!

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