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Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally Friday is here!! I know the weekend will fly by but I love them and the warm weather is quickly coming to an end.

DH and I are getting ready for Indy this weekend. Other than that I think we have planned a nice day of riding and lunch for Monday too. We are trying to figure out how to do it alone but his friend will be bored so will probably tag along.

I still need to plan my food for Sunday though. I'm pretty sure the drag strip won't have vegan options. So I need to figure that out at some point. It just gets frustrating to have to do that to go anywhere.

I start my new journal this weekend. I'm going to update my page with my new goals. I need to not only have goals but an action plan to make them happen.

Well I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and their nice long weekend.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning! I love waking up before anyone gets out to pollute the day. It has been so nice to be able to open all the windows of the house and get it aired out. There is no better way to sleep than with the gentle night breeze blowing through the window caressing you as you sleep so soundly. I am sad thought that it is darker longer in the morning and gets darker earlier at night now. Yes, I know it's time for that but I really enjoy the summer.

I started accumulating soup recipes yesterday. I think soups will be my lunches most of the winter. They are easy to make and easy to freeze. So I'm hoping this will give me some variety in my lunches for the winter. I just might have to check out a crock pot cookbook and see if I can find anything that will work. I'm starting to really enjoy cooking. If you knew me you would know how amazing that really is.

Have a great hump day!



Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Monday! emoticon

Yesterday turned out to be absolutely perfect. We had great weather for riding and we rode literally all day long. It was AWESOME!!! After the Harley/Buell Shootout (which we left early) we found Lake Geneva. That is really beautiful. I guess I didn't realize it was a tourist area as much as it is. It was like walking downtown Chicago where no one speaks English. I found it difficult to eat there but thankfully I packed some snacks on the bike. The old country roads of WI are better than just about any road in IL. So for that I love riding in WI.

This week I'll be preparing for next weekend when we are going to Indy for the NHRA race. I'm pretty excited about that to he honest. I'm hoping we spend the night so we can ride 2 days instead of 1. My husband is right, it's all about the riding for me. I need to find a way to make DH happier on these rides. I know he just goes along because it's easier. I want him to enjoy himself as much as I do. I'll have to work on that.

I hope everyone has a great week. Summer is quickly coming to an end. Cram in all the outdoor fun you can in the next few weeks. Pretty soon we will be wearing coats and sweatshirts.




Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today is my favorite day! I love Sundays. It's because we ride all day. There is nothing like being on the back of my husband's bike riding all day long. It's absolutely my favorite day. Now if I can just figure out how to make it last longer than a day. LOL

It's time to start my new journal. I've made my new goals. They are actually the goals from my last journal since I didn't do anything I planned. This time I'm going to concentrate on making positive changes in me as a person and in my lifestyle.

Personal Goals
1) Improve my relationship with DH. Be mindful of his wants and needs. Think before I speak. Bring back date night - go out at least once a month. You have to start somewhere.

2) Put others before me. Life doesn't have to revolve around me. I need to be ok with not getting my way 100% of the time.

3) Think before I speak. Speak kind words. Watch what I say and how I say it. Not everyone cares about my opinion. Be a better listener.

4) Start going back to church.

Diet & Fitness Goals
1) Eat clean whole foods. Stop depending on processed foods.

2) Stop unhealthy snacking at work and at night. All choices must be healthy and vegan - no processed sugar.

3) Concentrate on serving/portion sizes. I want to measure everything.

4) When I go to eat ask myself....Why am I eating? How much am I eating? Slow down and listen to my body signals. Am I full?

5) Increase cardio to 45 minutes. I'm using the HIIT program from SP to increase my intensity.

6) Use journal consistently. If I can't take my big journal with me then use a small notebook. Write down EVERYTHING!!

I know these are a lot of things to concentrate on but they are all things I need to work on. So hopefully at least 80% of them are accomplished with this journal. It gives me 90 days to really work on making myself better.

Have a great Sunday!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SUNNIEDAES 8/24/2008 10:58AM

    Hi Kelly,

Happy Sunday to you! I love your list of goals, both personal and health wise. I'm very happy to know you are planning to return to church. The Lord is my strength on this journey to better health. He is my sustenance when I want to eat something unhealthy. Congrats on attaining veganism, I'm not there yet....still working on vegetarianism. A huge congrats on losing the smoking habit. That's a really big one Kelly! With all of these changes, you really are becoming the healthiest you can be. I wish you continued success on your quest.

Have a wonderful day riding with your hubby.

May you be blessed greatly today, Bonnie

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Can you believe it's almost Labor Day? If feels like the Summer just started and here Fall is right around the corner. Let's live it up and make the most of the next few weeks. Pretty soon we will be wearing coats and sweatshirts again.

I've been slacking this week on journaling. I haven't entered my food into my writing journal in a couple days. I used to obsess about it. I will need to carry over my goals from this journal to the next because I just didn't do any of them.

I'm having a battle in my mind lately. I'm battling between not gaining weight and adding muscle. I want to be healthy and look great. But I'm still stuck in that old mentality of my weight being a certain number. When I got down to under 100 lbs last year I was thrilled but everyone else thought I lost too much weight. Now that is the old anorexic in me wanting to weigh as little as possible. I was in the process of quitting smoking and I was terrified of gaining weight so I just didn't eat a lot of calories. I love working out and I love the way my muscles look when they are nice and cut. I know to be healthy I need to probably gain a little weight and if it's muscle it's not bad. But I can't get my head to understand that it's ok to weigh 110. I've tried to just concentrate on my body fat percentage but I still feel that is high. It's only 14% so not that's not high. But then I think that for my weight it is way too high. UGH!! Why do I do this to myself?

My DH and I are going to check out an RV today. I'm hoping I can handle the confined space. I wish I could find someone that would rent one but it looks like either we buy one or figure out something else.

Tomorrow we are riding up to Union Grove, WI to Great Lakes Dragway for the Harley/Buell Shootout. I can't wait. This will incorporate all my favorites (riding, drag racing and motorcycles). Plus I'll be with my DH and his friend which is always a hoot.

Lately I've been thinking about going back to church. I know I've been searching for something and that is the one thing I've cut out of my life. I haven't gone to church in a few years now simply because I would rather ride on Sunday than go to church. Honestly, I miss it. I liked going to church. I've been trying to mellow myself out and become less stressed. I work out until I'm just flat exhausted but yet I'm still high strung. I was much better when I was going to church and I felt connected to God. I know you don't have to go to church for that but sometimes I feel like you need a tune up. I just don't want to hurt my dad's feelings by not going to his church. His church is over an hour away and they only have services on Sunday morning. The church they used to go to has Saturday night services that would more fit my schedule. I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

Have a great weekend!


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