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P90X - Day 46 - Lean Program

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Evening!

Day 45 - Yoga X
I'm really loving Wednesdays now. I don't even realize that it's 93 minutes. The time goes by pretty quickly. I'm getting better at the balance poses. I still can't do the twisty under leg pose. I don't know what it's called but they do it along with right angle pose. Today I was able to do one side for a very short amount of time. Taking from one of my friends blog (thanks PHOENIX130). I'm finding Yoga as a balance to my workouts. I look forward to Wednesdays and the stretching it provides. I love the deep breathing and how relaxed I am when I'm done. Namaste..... emoticon



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LILMAHOGANY 2/25/2011 3:28AM

    is cool yoga is going good for you. is a great feeling to look forward you your workouts 93 minutes wow that is a long time amazing you can fit it in

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P90X Day 45 - Lean Program

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Evening! emoticon

Day 45 - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and ARX
Bring it? I BROUGHT IT!! I increased my weights. I did push-ups on my toes....not all of them but a good majority of them. I love this workout. I like feeling strong. My upper body looks ripped. I've always had a good upper body but really I'm loving my shoulders. I'm looking forward to picture day.

My food today was good. I ate my weight in veggies. emoticon 99% were raw which was surprising. I made chili for dinner tonight. LOVE the crock-pot!! Unfortunately it was a bit too spicy for Paul and he couldn't eat it all. I'm hoping he will be able to sleep tonight.

The best news of today? I talked to my friend Carl. He is finally on US soil. His tour in Afghanistan is over and he is on his way home. emoticon Carl is one of my best and dearest friends. It was so awesome to talk to him today. He's taking a short vacation then going to start looking for a job. That is probably more scary to him than being in Afghanistan.

Have a great night! We are blessed to live in a free and safe country.


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BUTSWEETER 2/24/2011 10:00AM

    Teehee, the job front is pretty scary! Best of luck to him. I'm also excited to see your progress pictures!

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MBSHAZZER 2/23/2011 3:55PM

    Doing GREAT, Kelly! :D

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DORSVENABILI 2/23/2011 9:25AM

    You are AWESOME!!

I love my crockpot too! - I want to get back to using it once a week or so. I had been using it on most Sundays to make something for later in the week. that works out well.

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P90X Day 44 - Lean Program

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Afternoon! emoticon

It's pretty much been raining all day here. It's fine though. I still enjoyed my day off.

Day 44 - Cardio X
I don't feel much from this workout until the last 20 minutes. When you start the Kenpo part and then the Core Synergistics part I'm loving it. The beginning is Yoga and yes it's a workout just not cardio (at least for me). I really pushed today but my HR never got above 162. I've been wearing two HRMs for some time now to compare calories burned. Today my Polar F4 said 202 and my Sportline said 419. The Polar has the chest strap so you would think it is pretty accurate. I'm not so sure. At no time during all of P90X has my calories burned been over 300. Most times it is in the low 200 range. Good thing I'm not in this for the calorie burn. My arms look amazing and I'm loving it. I feel like a bodybuilder every time I pass a mirror in my house. emoticon emoticon

My day off has been quite productive. After my workout and some computer time I went for a massage. I went someplace completely different. It wasn't a spa or nail place. It was more of a spiritual place. Insight Awareness has yoga, acupuncture, massage and all kinds of classes on meditation etc. It's more of a place my friend Angelique would like. It's more like the places I visited while in NYC. What I liked about this guy is he is the first person who hasn't tried to hurt me. Usually when I go for a massage these people feel like they have to dig at all my tight spots until I'm in tears. This has been my typical experience. So today I was delighted to have a wonderful massage by a man who got at it when necessary but didn't try to kill me. emoticon I was so relaxed when I came out. Only to be confronted by my husband with family drama.

We were supposed to meet my family for lunch. My dad "forgot" all about it and thought we were meeting for dinner. I just told them to do what they could and we would meet when it was convenient. What a buzz kill. LOL I haven't used that expression since high school. But I was determined not to let anything get in my head and ruin my relaxed state of mind. I went home and changed clothes and Paul took me to the mall. We had a little bit of time to kill before the family could all make it so I went to the Gap to see about some interview tops. They were having a sale and I did pretty good. After that I got a Calm at Starbucks and went off to meet everyone for lunch. Ruby Tuesday's salad bar was calling my name. It's funny now going with my family. My sister is trying to make her kids make healthy choices on their own instead of dictating what they can and can't eat. My niece, Olivia loves all things fried and dipped in butter. She did pretty well today though. We all got the salad bar with a few exceptions.

After lunch Paul and I went to Costco. I may never have to go to Walmart ever again. You have no idea how much I hate Walmart. It's always so crowded and the people are just awful. Today we stocked up on everything from laundry detergent to paper towels, from spinach that will only last me a week to a bunch of produce for a party Saturday night. It was a great day. They always try to up sell us to the Executive membership. It's funny because it doesn't really get you anything. Yes, 2% back is nice but only if you spend more than $2400/year. So it's not for us right now.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to have for dinner. It's a toss up between a smoothie or some grilled veggies. Well I need to get it figured out. Paul isn't eating dinner tonight. I think he ate too much salad at lunch.

Have a great evening.


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1) YAY you for not letting your family take you down after such a relaxing experience!!

2) YAY you for making such a healthy choice for lunch and being an inspiration to others!

3) TOTALLY agree with you about WalMart! Cannot stand that place - you can't even get your cart down the aisle at the ones here where I live. I LOVE Target and of course, Costco! We really try to only get things that we will truly, truly use and not throw a bit away!

Okay now a question for you. I've seen you and others mention this P90X and how much you enjoy it (when it's done, I'm sure! :-)) Would it be okay for a beginner or should I wait until I've lost more weight and built up some strength with my weights, etc. I'm not even close to "in shape" but I'm working on it. I can't afford the gym so this sounds like it could be good but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew cuz Heaven knows I'll quit if I'm overwhelmed or worse, intimidated!

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your day with me, Kelly! :-) ~ Molly

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DORSVENABILI 2/21/2011 7:23PM

    The massage sounded wonderful! Good for you!

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MBSHAZZER 2/21/2011 6:56PM

    Sounds like a great day off! My niece loves all things fried and cheesy too. Unfortunately, she is also enamoured of short shorts! LOL!

Enjoy your evening!

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ATHENA130 2/21/2011 6:09PM

    Glad you enjoyed your day off! Heart rate monitors still aren't accurate as they are using a formula and making an estimate. I have noticed with my Polar F4 that it is sometimes reporting lower calorie burns - I think it's because the battery is low or the chest strap is moving or it's not getting a reading for some higher impact moves.

The massage sounds awesome! Sorry to hear about the family drama right after. But it sounds like you didn't let it bother you which is awesome!

LOL on hating Wal-Mart. I do too! Of course, they are different here in Canada (different stuff) but the environment is the same. I don't go there unless I have to which isn't very often anymore. My mother loves them...I have no idea why. Whenever she is in the US, she has to visit every single one she can find! It's really annoying.

Have a great evening!

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P90X Day 43 - Lean Program

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good Evening! emoticon

It's been a cold and rainy day here. There is still some snow remaining but I'm thinking it will be gone by the morning. Although I heard a nasty rumor that we might get a couple inches this week. You know it will happen.

Day 43 - Core Synergistics
I really pushed today. I did the banana rolls without pushing off with my hands. emoticon I also really pushed to do most of the push-ups on my feet instead of my knees. BRING IT! I actually worked up a nice sweat by the end.

Today was kind of a lazy day. I went to Kohl's to see if they had any interview clothes. I love a good sale but just couldn't find anything. I then went to Dress Barn. They had absolutely nothing I liked or that fit. Then I went to the garage sale that is TJ Maxx. I had no luck at all. UGH! I'll be at the mall tomorrow for lunch with my family so I'll go check the Gap for tops and JCrew for a suit. I was just trying to avoid paying an arm and a leg for the clothes. I have one suit but no tops to go with it. So maybe I can pick up a couple different tops and make it for now. IF I get this job I'll need a few more suits to wear on a daily basis. Although there I go again jumping ahead of myself. I don't even know 1) that I'll even get an interview and 2) what their dress code will be. emoticon I tend to do that. I over think everything and by now I'm already past the interview and on to working there and buying new clothes. SLOW YOUR ROLL SISTER!

Tonight for dinner I'm making a lentil stew. We had no clue what to eat tonight. This was fast and easy. It's cooking now and should be ready by 6pm. We have a nice fresh loaf of Panera bread to go with it. I stopped buying bread in the store. There are like 6000 ingredients most of which I can't pronounce. Panera has great bread with few ingredients. Yes, it's expensive but no more so than Ezekiel or any other super healthy bread. Plus we freeze half the loaf for next week. BONUS!!

Tomorrow I have a massage at 9:30 then lunch with the family. I can't wait to see everyone. I love spending time with them. It's just too bad it's always at a restaurant.

Have a great night! If you are off tomorrow enjoy your day.


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BUTSWEETER 2/24/2011 10:04AM

    I hope the rain is washing away the snow! Shopping for suits is my second least favorite retail activity next to shopping for special occasion dresses. It's like every single suit you try on is cut for a specific body shape, and it's never yours! Good luck, hopefully you can catch a good sale!

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MBSHAZZER 2/21/2011 7:51AM

    Kelly, good luck with your interview! I know what you mean about the shopping... I can never find anything when I am looking for something specific!

Hope you enjoyed the Ruby Tuesday salad bar! We don't have RT here, but we do have Sweet Tomatoes, which is the HUGEST salad bar you have ever seen; plus, soups that are all labeled if they are veggie or not! DELISH!

Enjoy your day off!

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SWEETLIPS 2/20/2011 7:49PM

    You caught me on your journey with P90x - after my conditioning now, that is next. sounds like you are bringing it and well!! Are you vegan? And what do you do for energy?

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MORRIS1989 2/20/2011 6:34PM

    You do jump ahead but, it is in a positive way there's nothing wrong with that. At least you do think positive hope you get the job. Best Wishes to you! emoticon We are suppose to get 3 inches of snow I hope not. P90X I have one but, I haven't used it yet. emoticon

Comment edited on: 2/20/2011 6:37:00 PM

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P90X Days 40, 41 & 42 - Lean Program

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Sunshiny Morning Sparkles!! emoticon

This morning is a beautiful sunny day (so far). I opened my curtains so I could workout with the sun streaming in the windows. I'm not sure how my neighbors liked it but I'm thinking it was far too early for them to even notice. It was 6am.

Day 40: This was Legs & Back and ARX. My energy was still a bit low but I pushed through the workout. One thing I have learned with age is that you can't let your period sideline you. It is those intense workouts that actually make the pain and pressure much more tolerable. Who knew!!?? ARX was a bit difficult but I pushed myself to do more than I thought I could and am happy I did.

Day 41: KENPO X - I am loving this workout. It's an hour and goes by in the blink of an eye. I'm not nearly as sweaty as they are in the DVD...again I think they boost the temp in the rooms so the people sweat like monsters....but I kept my HR between 60-70% which is good. I'm still not showing a lot of calories burned though. It was odd that my HRM said I burned more calories on the Legs & Back and ARX workout than I did for Kenpo X. Not sure how accurate it is but I'm going with it. It seems consistent week to week.

Day 42: Today was X Stretch. To me it's a lot like yoga in its stretching component. I like the way he starts at the neck and goes all the way down to the ankle. The only thing he leaves out is my IT bands. Today they felt unusually tight. So a little more stretching will be necessary. I might ride my recumbent bike later today but it depends on how much time I have.

This has been a pretty good week. I had a meeting with a recruiter that seems to be promising. The job she was talking to me about is so interesting. It turns out that one of my old bosses works with the guy. So he is selling me to him. We had a great working relationship. He left for much of the same reasons I want to leave so we are on the same page. You know what they's more about who you know. Hopefully this will give me an in that others won't have. I have all the necessary experience. I just need to work on the polish. I've been working in a big corporation so long casual leaning more toward almost casual....I need to check out the wardrobe and see what interview clothes I actually have/need.

Eating has been off this week. Can you say cookies? I found a box of cookies when I was cleaning out the cabinets. Did I toss them? No!! Of course not, that would be wasteful. I opened the box and have eaten 3 every day all this week. UGH! Why can't I resist sweets? Even after my vegan junk food post I didn't toss the crap. I really have to do this. I feel puffy.

This is another long weekend. My company is closed Monday. It's odd to me how we celebrate Presidents but can't celebrate our Veterans. Oh well! I'll take a random day off in February. So Paul and I are going to clean out this room (spare bedroom/computer room) so he can begin remodeling. All of the crap here is mine. The desk is full of crap. The closet is full of crap. Luckily I'm in toss out mode and ready to purge all the useless crap from my life and home. This stuff has been tucked in drawers and closets for years and I've never once missed it. Clutter be gone!

Monday I have a massage scheduled at this spiritual healing center. I'm pretty excited about it honestly. Then I'm meeting up with my family for lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. SALAD BAR!! It's one of the only salad bars in the area that is really good. After that I get to go to Costco this week. Usually Paul goes for me but since I'm off he is taking me along. We need new house phones. I'm hoping they have a nice set there that isn't $$$.

Well have a great weekend fellow Sparklers!


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DORSVENABILI 2/19/2011 2:24PM

    It IS a beautiful day!

I know I've said this before, but I'm wildly impressed with your work-out routines. I hope to get there some day! My husband got hold of P90X, but hasn't started it. He used to lift weights but is currently quite out of shape (bless his heart) so he might have a hard time. I thought about starting it in the summer, but now I'm focused on the running, so I'm not sure. May I ask, what do you do for the bar thingy? My husband says there is some sort of suspension bar involved that we don't currently have and we're worried about our 1950s plaster.

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ATHENA130 2/19/2011 10:10AM

    It sounds like you are doing great! I am glad you are loving Kenpo X - it was one of my favourites. I wouldn't worry about not sweating like they do - it doesn't mean you aren't working hard. I'm one of those who sweats a lot doing even simple thing so workouts are even more so.

That job opportunity sounds promising and that would be a good fit and it's great that you know someone so you can get more info and have them sell you. I hope it all works out!!

Have a great weekend!

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