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Public Enemy No. 1: Spare tyre

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back from my holiday and back up to one of my heaviest weights BUT very determined to get it off again. I think you know you have to do something when even your underwear is getting tight! I also have a roll of fat around my middle that I dislike very much and which HAS TO GO!

I order to achieve this I am going to:
1. Stick to my recommended calorie range
2. Keep going to my Zumba class
3. Walk whenever possible
4. Use the stairs NOT the lift (unless carrying stupidly heavy or large items)
5. Drink more water
6. Go out dancing whenever I can - its FUN!

There - take that love handle! Your days are numbered.


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MRSCAMACHO 8/13/2014 2:19PM

    Great plan!! I love the pictures! emoticon

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My Salad Life #25

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My last 'official' salad day, 25 salads later. We leave for the airport and our holiday in 2 hours - very excited!

My last salad was a version of a Greek salad (different to the one I had earlier in my salad challenge in that it also had avocado and black olives in it and chopped feta instead of grilled halloumi) that I shared with my husband for lunch. We had it with crusty bread (great for mopping up the juices), some tzatziki and roast vegetables from last night's dinner.

It was very good and I had the lion's share as my husband was also having sausages with his. I'm about to go and use the recipe calculator to find out what calories I've just had - hopefully not too many!

I will be back on here again after I come back from my holiday. Probably from the 11th of August as I'm going straight to my parents when we're back from Spain to see my sister, her husband and the little ones. Auntie Immy may even have some gifts for them...


My Salad Life #24

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I had a tropical fruit salad for breakfast this morning: chunks of mango, pineapple and raw coconut with a little lime juice for added zing.

In spite of this refreshing salad I am feeling tired and a bit washed out this afternoon. Think I may head over to the park to lie in the sun for a bit.


My Salad Life #23

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I had lunch out with my Mum today so chose to have a slice of focaccia pizza with a '3 salad' bowl in a very nice vegetarian restaurant in town.

My 3 salads were a potato salad with French style vinaigrette, a grated broccoli and cauliflower salad and a very yummy apple and raisin coleslaw. I'd like to try making something like that myself some time.

I've decided to call a halt to my Salad-a-day plan when I leave for my holiday on Thursday (although I may well try some new salads when we're away) but as we're visiting my husband's family first I don't want to cause my mother-in-law any dietary problems. She used to get quite panicked about me being vegetarian! I also want to relax and enjoy my holiday without any worries.

Thursday will be my last salad day and brings me nicely up to 25 days as well. Eating salads has made me feel great. I think my skin is looking really good right now. When I come back from my holiday I'm planning on going back to salads and have actually bought a wee plastic storage box for work. It has clever little compartments for keeping some ingredients separate before you are ready to eat your salad - a great way to avoid squishy lettuce.


My Salad Life #22

Monday, July 21, 2014

I had an early salad lunch today because I was meeting my friend Karen at the blood donor centre during her lunch break. I call my salad 'Green Couscous salad' and it is 1 portion of couscous (60g dry weight) cooked and then with lemon juice, fresh coriander, avocado, raw courgette and some green pepper added with seasoning. I ate it with a spoonful of tzatziki as well as I was worried it might be a bit plain and dry otherwise.

Giving blood was a new experience for me. I had tried to do this years ago (1996 according to their records) and had failed the iron test. After that I'd not been able to for a while because of getting piercings in my ears as well as a couple of tattoos and travelling to exciting countries like India. Now, however, its been a long time since all of that and I felt I wanted to try again. I was sorry for Karen as she often gives blood but got turned down this time because she's got an appointment at the out-patients this week and they have to be careful until after she's seen the doctor. However, I was deemed good to go (no iron problem this time!) and led through to be hooked up to the needle.

I am not good with needles so was really proud of myself for managing to do this without feeling faint. I did feel a bit weird, but that was more being a bit scared and finding the whole experience a bit odd. Now I've done it once I know I could do it again.

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SHOAPIE 7/21/2014 10:59AM

    emoticon emoticon

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