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the scale is not my boss

Monday, June 17, 2013

wow ,its been 4 weeks since i weighed and made a pact with myself not to weigh but use my clothes as my form of measurement.all is well for gets scary at timeswhen I dont know what is happening with my body scale wise.

i want to be one of those people who exercise just because its what they do and how they live.

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LOVINGAFRICA 6/18/2013 3:29AM

    You can do it, Teamie!
Good for you for kicking the scale habit. It is so exciting to 'shop' through old tight clothes again and have them fit.
Bless you

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Hate the phrase "CHEAT MEAL"

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I have heard this phrase for so long that it drives me crazy to think that by eating something that is not so healthy could be considered cheating,I call it living. Hear me out. The main reason that so many of us fail at changing our lifestyles healthwise is that the minute we eat outside the heathly food zone we are made to feel guilty and worthless and ultimately the feelings grow and we think "well I might as well go the distance and eat my heart out". A lot of people have said that persistence is the key word not motivation. Constantly having to sike ourselves up in order to do what is beneficial for our well being is not living ,I certainly could not last.Imagine siking yourself up to bath and to wake up everyday.Really that would be torture.

This time around if I feel like eating white bread I will eat it but negotiate with myself to only have 1 slice and not make a big deal about it.The minute I start to feel guilty about it I mess the whole healthy eating program.

If I could join together all the times that I been motivated to gym and eat healthy ,I would have been slim by now.My programs were always broken up by some episode of binge eating which made me quit.Yesterday I felt like something out of the healthy range and told my self I will eat it and get back to my healthy lifestyle at the next meal..I am not making it a habit though but I certainly am not going to feel like I have cheated.

There are some people that are totally committed to eating clean and it has become a lifestyle for them but I know that once in a while they will eat what they crave for and still get back on the program. I want to be that kind of person.As a point of information,I unconsciously go for fat free milk and mostly whole wheat bread now.I cannot stand full cream now as I feel its too rich and I habitually reach for whole wheat bread in the supermarket.

My greatest achievement would be to not constantly think about food ,what to eat and what not to eat. I want to be able to unconsciously chose clean foods and also to eat fries when I feel like it and then go back to my clean eating without feeling like the world has come to an end.

I am blogging these thoughts so that when my spirits are low I can come here and read these blogs as a reminder of my overall goals. emoticon

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SHAZG321 10/22/2012 11:35PM


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LITHETHA 10/10/2012 4:37PM

    so true guys ,Onwards ,forwards we go.

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 10/7/2012 1:35PM

    I also am not a fan of that phrase...
One of the 'popular' Spark topics in the email today was someone asking about having a cheat day...
I just don't get it.

We all have a mental attachment to the word cheating...
You hear about someone cheating on their spouse - That is a BAD thing!
That is something we get all up in arms over!

Cheating during a sporting event is cause for being eliminated or banned.

Why in the world would anyone attach that word to themselves and to fueling their body?

A healthy lifestyle includes indulging and/or enjoying something whenever you feel like you can fit it in.

We all need to enjoy our lives.

It sounds like you have such a good mindset and that is key to staying on the path of healthy living!

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DELERIOUS64 10/7/2012 11:21AM

    So true, I'm one those people that's committed to eating healthy MOST of the time. Not all, I am human. One thing I don't see talked about often enough of is forgiveness. So you splurged and ate 1, ok 2 huge brownies or had a bad day(s). That doesn't mean you failed, it just means you're human. Brush yourself off, forgive yourself and move on.

This lifestyle change does get easier. Just like how you think whole milk is too rich now. Other things will start to fall into place too. I used to love deep fried anything, now just the thought of it makes my stomach turn. Now if only the same thing would happen with chocolate...

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CANES4EVER63 10/7/2012 8:26AM

    I completely believe that you should give into that craving, if you don't, then you'll most likely binge on that craving a few days later and eat a lot more of it than what you would have if you had just allowed yourself to eat that small amount in the first place.

And that's great that you are allowing yourself to have those treats every once in a while, that's definitely on the right step towards a lifestyle change!

Keep up the great work!

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EWL978 10/7/2012 6:21AM

    Keep on keeping do your best, what you believe and there's no one on earth who should judge.

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LIFETIMER54 10/7/2012 5:23AM

  Keep going forward and try very hard not to look back (easier said than done) but we just have to keep on plugging each and every day..... emoticon

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i think I can

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

When I think how totally hopeless I felt about 12 days ago, I cant believe it. I have started a journal to record all I eat and how I feel for that day and my mood when I eat etc. I find that slowly there emerged a pattern of feeling bored and tired in the early evening and late at nght after dinner resulting in a carb fest.

To counter this I have decided to cook double portions each night and when I come home from work I just eat my supper and start cooking for the next two nights.I think it is presently keeping me sane.I am also making an effort to sleep by 10pm to avoid late night snacking. It is such a struggle .I am not a sleeper at all.

I think I can do this ,slowly but surely I am building my confidence to believe I am able to lose the weight. I am scared to be slim truth be told ,I cannot seem to picture my self at my 60kg goal weight and I dont want to .If I dwell on that then the journey seems I am keeping myself in the here and now.Keeping things simple is what I need to do.

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SHAZG321 10/22/2012 11:34PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Can I really do this?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am sitting in my bed ,after having a slice of toast with butter,my 10th slice and feeling sorry for myself.I ate an apple in the morning and bran flakes with skim milk followed by another apple and 4 slices of bread with jam and tea.then I had two more slices of toast and another apple and youghurt with more bran flakes.later for dinner I had a full plate of rice with veggies and chutney sauce and later another 4 slices of toast and cool drink.

What is wrong with this picture? I was bored and kept flipping through the tv channels.I am also anxious about meetings I have to prapare for in the upcoming week.I have to travel for work and I hate it.This past Friday I went to an interview for which I must have failed because I couldnt answer a third of the questions,I mumbled through some answers despite the interviewers' best efforts to give me hints to the answers.Last week I ate half of my son's birthday cake and so the whole week followed with a domino effect of bad eating. My hubby also found out that he has to take better care of his health or be on chronic medication for life.I am trying to be strong and he is kinda in denial.

I identify the triggers of my bad eating but why can I not stop eating. I feel like someone should give me a sleeping pill that will make me sleep through what I am presently going through and wake me up when things are looking rosier.

I can sense some self doubt going through my head and I feel worthless and doubtful that I deserve to be or that am meant to be slimmer.I feel like such a failure.Can I suceed at this journey? Is there a point where I can fully say I can fully come out of this victorious?

I have read people's spar pages for motivation and nothing seems to work.

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LITHETHA 9/23/2012 5:42AM

    i woke up feeling like I should forget about yesterday and start on a clean slate and on track with my eating. I heeded your advises and forgave myself for the binge session.I feel renewed.

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MPLSLINDA 9/22/2012 7:26PM

    Once binging starts, it is so very hard to stop. It can feel like trying to stop a runaway train. So first, give yourself a bit of grace and acknowledge just how hard this is. Be gentle and forgiving. Extend yourself loving compassion for the place you're in. Then breathe. Go for a walk. Even just a short, casual walk with your son and/or husband. Take a bath. Call a friend. Write in your journal about what your hunger might be trying to tell you. Try to wait out a craving by 5 minutes. Drink water. I know that in the middle of a binge, these all sound trite. And your binging does not want to be stopped. It will continue to yell in your ear until it has exhausted itself and loosens its grip. Know that you are not alone.

You sound like you're stressed and feeling anxious. For me, the only thing that works to relieve stress and manage anxiety is to exercise often and exercise hard.

Finally, I agree with Crissa1669 and what she says about motivation. Motivation will get you started. But it won't carry you through the long haul. What you do after the excitement fades and you settle into the long haul is what will get you to your goals. Small steps every day. Tracking your food. Exercising. Pushing yourself to go 5 seconds longer or to do 1 more rep or to let yourself feel a little bit hungry. Those little actions, over time, add up to big results.

I wish you all the best. Hugs!

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CRISSA1669 9/22/2012 5:37PM

    This sounds like a rough time, I am sorry. I hope that I can help to encourage you that you are well able to do this but it is ONLY you...perhaps you can look at things in a different way. What about taking motivation out of the equation....don't get me wrong. It is great when you are motivated whether by a person, a particular weight goal, a trip and prize..whatever...these are all fine and good. But the reality is, it is not going to be motivation that is going to get you through the majority of this journey, it is going to be straight out eating less, moving more and doing it consistently. No magic pill, outfit, no song and dance just hard work. I believe that motivation is optional in this journey, it is not a requirement. YOu will get out what you put in and it's going to take some work. And you have to decide what price you are willing to "pay" to get to whatever goal you have. I understand the feeling of being out of control when it comes to food, I understand the complete lack of self control to stop stuffing my face....because let's face it, food tastes good. But so many times we are not eating for hunger we are eating to fill THAT space and if we are going to win this battle with obesity we've Got to replace that. Don't overwhelm yourself starting out, start small. I am the biggest advocate for planning and accountability. Use the tracker to track your food.....use it faithfullly, track everything. Then when you see what is going in your body you can make decision as to how many more carbs, fats etc you have left for the day and then YOU can decide what else will go in...I found the tracking put me in the driver's seat. Then start to move, whether walking, gym whatever you decide to do..just DO SOMETHING and do it faithfully. Ok, sorry, I don't mean to write a book on your page. I just wanted you to know that it's NOT hopeless, this can be done one day at a time!! But your path and where it will lead is ONLY up to you. I pray blessings for you in this. Chin up, you are certainly not alone in this :)

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Getting back up on my feet

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I have dusted my sorry self after falling off the wagon and ready to embark on nother leg of this lifelong journey.I am conscious to challenges along the way and wary of all obstacles.What I can say is I will never leave this journey no matter how many times I fall.

I need all the encouragment I can get to keep at it

Here is to the first 10 lbs coming off.

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SOUTHPONDCAMP 9/8/2012 10:37AM

    keep going....we all hit roadblocks.... :)

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TEENY_BIKINI 9/7/2012 10:26AM

    You go girl!


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LITHETHA 8/27/2012 5:33PM

    thanks keeping that in mind

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LABRATIAM 8/25/2012 8:51AM

    emoticon Great attitude!

We all fall or fail but in trying we can learn so much about ourselves and those around us!

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