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Great news

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Iíve been bummed about not being able to lose weight these past few months. I had a lot going on, too. I got some good news though. Iím pregnant. The hub and I stopped trying, but it must have happened just before we stopped. He was a little unsure at first and didnít trust the test I took at work so he went out and bought a new test and it popped up right away. He was a little weird at first because it was a surprise, but weíre both excited about it now.

Iím movin on over to Baby Fit, but Iíll still be checking in on Spark.

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BYEFATNANNY 12/2/2010 3:16PM

    Congrats!!! emoticon

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L3_803 12/2/2010 1:09PM

    CONGRATS!! emoticon

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KEELYDEUS 12/2/2010 10:46AM

    Congratulations! That's such exciting news! :)

emoticon emoticon

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SAASHA17 12/2/2010 10:19AM

    oh Congrats Lissie....Yay


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Been a while

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I haven't blogged in forever. I've been so busy at work and just not motivated at all. The past month and a half I haven't been scrutinizing my food intake like I was and I've been slightly more lax in my exercise. Oddly enough, I haven't gained a pound. I don't know what it is, but I guess I'm just stuck at this weight. I'm sure my weight will go up a bit soon due to my son's Halloween candy. I begged my husband to take it to dice. So we've both been snacking on it.

Still no luck trying to conceive. But my hubby is thinking we should maybe stop since weíre switching daycare. I think itís heís punishing me because heís not getting his way. Right now his mother watches our son and she drives me crazy. She lets him play with anything he can get his hands on, safe or unsafe. Some things include a can opener, my husbandís magazine collection, headphones, bottles and cans he pulls from the recycling bucket, etc. She also leaves messes and doesnít clean them up. Read my prior blogs for more of the gory details about her and her personal habits. I donít want to hate her, but Iím starting to have a deep resentment toward her and its not getting any better. So weíre going with a woman who does home daycare from her home. My husband was supposed to tell her a month ago to start looking, but he didnít. Now heís trying to delay it because he doesnít want her to be out of work. Iím not going to budge on it at all, though. He doesnít listen to me about anything and Iím putting my foot down. Bottom line is that itís for safety and better for my son. If it means weíre pushing off having another child, oh well. Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get it off my chest.

Things arenít the greatest right now at work. There were layoffs recently so my boss has been working harder to keep in good favor of the firm. Things have been ridiculously busy. I have barely been able to keep on top of things. Plus, Iím worried that I may at some point in the future lose my job. I love working here, and I donít want to lose my job. Its been a worry of mine for the past few months.

Iím guessing that these frustrations are killing my motivation to do what I should. I still choose the better options for the most part, but I just donít do it as vigilantly as I did before. I donít get much of a workout in anymore. I tried so many times to get up early to work out and I hit snooze instead. I need to find motivation somewhere because the holidays are coming up and I donít want to gorge myself and hate the way I look come New Years.

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SAASHA17 11/9/2010 10:18AM

    oh Lissie. hope things get better soon and u know now is the time to workout and motivate urself. I realise when I workout, I feel better esp what with the stress that comes with work etc etc..

hope things work out about day care and eveyrthing

Manasa emoticon

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So not feelin it today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Woke up this morning late. Had a surprise visit from aunt flo, too. Rushed around to get ready only to wait because the trains weren't running. I had to take 2 busses and the el to get to work. I was an hour late. I hate being late.

Now I'm sitting here waiting. Another attorney is in (probably gossiping) with my boss. My boss is a very busy lady and the other attorney has spent more time in my boss' office than her own the past two weeks. UGH!

I really just want to go home at this point.

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THEQUEENBEE333 8/24/2010 9:13PM

    Hang in there. I had the same type of day, just different things. Tomorrow is a new day, count your blessings - that will make it seem a little better and help you get through it! Have a good Wed.

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SAASHA17 8/24/2010 1:20PM

    hmm..sorry about aunt flo...esp when ur not expecting it. I am due any minute and i hate the mood swings associated with it...I wish it wud come already...hehehe

Well i have a coworker who sucks upto my boss ALL the time...Argh..and he is such a complainer..he doesnt hesitate to "tell" on me or others..I mean seriously, this is not

Anyways hope u have a better rest of the day and take care...

I need to go running at night now as I couldnt sleep early what with the heat...its 98 now...argh...and again from thursdays its gonna go down to 70s..weird weather...

Take care lissie


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I haven't had the time to blog in a while

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I knew its been a while since I blogged. I didn't realize its almost been a month. Argh! I keep trying, but I usually have to close out of it and get some work done. Well my boss is out today so I have some free time. Finally I get to blog. emoticon

I've been cooking a lot lately. Either modifying recipes or creating my own. Not to shabby, if I do say so myself. I've also been cooking for my son. It seems like I'm always in the kitchen anymore. I don't mind at all because I crank up my ipod and dance around when I cook so I get a bit of a workout in, too. I've actually been on the lower end of my calorie range a few days. Plus, my hubby has been raving about my food so that gives me a boost.

I think (fingers crossed) that I've finally broken free of the few month plateau I've hit. Its either that, or I'm on the right dosage of levothyroxine. I dunno which it is, but i'm happy nonetheless. I've gone down about 4 lbs.

I've stepped up my exercise routine as well. This could also be adding to the weight loss. I've been doing strength training every potty break at work. I do 20 calf raises, 10 wall pushups, 10 tricep dips, 10 lunges (for each side) and 10 squats. Its not much, but I do this about 4 times a day. I've also found some great isometric exercises I can do at my desk. Trying to get in a routine with them. I've re-inflated my core secrets ball and I've been hopping on that a few times a week.

I've been trying to wake up early to do a workout DVD, but that just doesn't seem to happen. I instinctively hit snooze on my alarm, or turn it off. It's not conscious, as I'm not fully awake, and I just can't seem to stop doing it. I tried putting it across the room, but then my hubby turns it off. I just don't think I can get that in 3 days a week. I've been averaging about 1 or 2 days. Oh well. I've been getting my cardio in by walking.

I've finally convinced the hubby to want to have another baby. He wanted one, but he was opposed to the idea because he was worried about finances. We both make decent money, but he was more concerned about daycare and him not being able to buy stuff for himself. We're not actively trying, more along the lines of if it happens, it happens. I know its not going to help my weight loss efforts, but I'll at least be eating much healthier than I did with my last pregnancy. I really hope it happens soon.

Just two more weeks until vacation. We're going to South Carolina to visit my Dad. It should be fun. The car ride there, not so much. Its 15 hours and we are going to try to do it overnight. That way, my son will sleep and he won't be fussy or driving us nuts the whole time. He's ok in the car for short trips, but since he'e been walking, that's all he wants to do. Cross your fingers that it goes smoothly. I can't wait. It feels like its been forever since I've had time off. I took off around Christmas, but I stayed home and didn't really do anything. We haven't been anywhere since before my son was born, so this vacation has been a long time coming. I just can't wait.

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BOOKAYB 8/18/2010 11:53AM

  Wow, busy-busy!!! The vacation sounds wonderful!! We haven't had a vacation since our kids were in elementary school (they are 27, 26 and 23 now emoticon). The youngest is getting married next may in Hawaii - can't wait!!! Vacations are absolutely necessary! Good luck with the baby, too! Wxciting times for you! emoticon

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SAASHA17 8/18/2010 11:35AM

    congrats on the weight loss. Yay on the cooking..

Good luck on the trip with ur kiddo...

take care

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TJSMAMA 8/18/2010 11:28AM

    I have been so slack on blogging lately.

I have found that cooking keeps me on track. I love to cook. I just wish I had more time to do it.

Woooo! Hoooo! For breaking you plateau. I am so happy you stayed on track. That is awesome. Usually when I hit a plateau I go right off track.

If you wait until you have money to have a baby you will never have one. TRUST ME. We waited then I decided everyone else makes it work we can too. Its amazing how it works out. Good Luck!!! We tried for two years and never got pregnant. We stopped trying and said if it happens it happens and guess what it did!

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Changing one meal made a huge difference

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I never imagined that changing one meal every day would make that much of a difference in my nutrition. I ate a Jimmy Dean D-Light Turkey Sausage Muffin every morning with a glass of oj and a banana later on. I didn't pick them up when I was grocery shopping, So I ate cereal instead. Wow! For the last two days I was actually under my calories. Not under the maximum, under the minimum. Normally I'm at the high end or over in calories. I ate a skinny cow ice cream sandwhich to make up for it. I am so happy about this.

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BREW99 8/3/2010 9:03AM

    I find that I lose weight easier when I mix things up too. I think our bodies get used to one thing and then a sudden change makes our bodies happen. ^_^ Have you tried to incorporate some greens into your breakfast? It's super fast and yummy!

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TCAMPBELL3 7/22/2010 6:39AM

  It's a great idea! Sometimes if I need to "nosh" on something at night time..i will take a whole grain cereal (no milk) and jjsut pick onthat. Just a thought...but changing that one meal means so much! Way too go!!!!

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CAIRBAIR79 7/21/2010 12:05PM

    I love, love, love cereal!! Rock on, lady! =)

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SAASHA17 7/21/2010 11:25AM

    good going:)

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MAMAOFTWINS 7/21/2010 11:07AM

    Great job!! emoticon

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